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Chapter 1: Learning

Danny had no idea how it came to pass, but:

"Kade Noshimori, get your butt down here in fifteen-no, no, make it five seconds!" he hollered down the hallway while simultaneously packing a lunch for himself, Gracie and his newest house guest. His new foster daughter, the sister of Adam Noshimori had been living at his place for nearly a month now. 'Foster daughter' was really code for 'permanent protective detail'. Upon his arrest, the younger Noshimori explained a most intriguing situation and for her protection, Kade was taken in.

As expected, Adam Noshimori had slithered out of most of the charges that had been put to him, including threatening an officer with weapon, conspiracy to murder and obstruction of an investigation. The only charge that stuck properly was possession of arms, and with his lawyer, they had whittled the sentence down to six months. That basically meant that Kade would have ended up in the system until those six months were up and at which point Adam would need to file a petition to win guardianship. Instead, he offered Five-0 some crucial information pertaining to Wo Fat on the condition that his sister would be well looked after.

Thumping down the stairs, Kade fell on the bottom step and landed hard on her knees and wrist with a strangled cry. Dropping the peanut butter where it was, Danny hurried to help her up. Accepting his hand, she levered herself up while he surveyed her with careful eyes looking for any signs of injury. As usual, she ignored him and sat down on at the island next to Grace who was sitting with her math book open. In the last two months, Kade het yet to speak with anyone but Kono and even then she had only muttered a 'yes' and 'no' in response to her questions. With a loud huff, Grace erased her answer for the fifth time with a look of pure frustration on her face. Glancing down, Kade let a small smile appear on her face as she studied the problem. With a finger, she pointed out Grace's mistake.

"I forgot to carry the five, that's it?" Grace looked at the page in mild annoyance, "Thanks Kade." With a nod, the smile slid off Kade's face and she continued to stare at the counter.

Selective mutism was apparently not uncommon among those who suffered a great trauma or abuse as children (Kei witnessed the murder of her mother at age five and since then had been carted around from Yakuza member to Yakuza member until the death of her father). From what Danny had been able to gather from the mumbo jumbo in the pysch eval, Kade had a mild form of Asperger's and was quite high functioning in terms of her IQ but only in the areas of mathematics and science; her reading and language skills were sorely lacking. Unfortunately that meant she could give them little to no information on the Yakuza, her brother, father or Wo Fat, but also meant they had little to fear from her. Sliding a plate of waffles over to Kade, Danny smiled at the nod that he received in return. Up till a few days ago, she had avoided even looking at him. This was an improvement.

"Alright, so once we drop this little miss-" he ruffled his daughter's hair, "to her mom, you and I are taking a field trip to HPD, is all your stuff packed?" She nodded again, "Good, Steven is going to watch you for the next few days as I am visiting Jersey."

This trip to New Jersey was completely his mother's fault. After attempting emotional black mail for months she finally said the magic words; "We lost Mattie, we don't want to lose you too." Of course Danny booked a Friday evening flight for Newark and applied for a week of off time in mere minutes of that phone call; his mother was a manipulation master. It hadn't been hardy to get time off since his boss was also his best friend and still owed him for disappearing after a dangerous fugitive a while back.

The drive to HPD was quiet, but Danny could tell that the prospect of living with a stranger worried her. Her eyes showed the fear and Danny did his best to soothe her with soft words and the positive traits of Steven J. McGarrett. Keeping her head down, she followed Danny into the HPD building, never speaking to anyone and staying very close to her temporary guardian. Like some strange covert exchange, she was handed off to the Lt Cmdr. Danny handed Steve a suitcase that held Kade's clothes and school books and gave him a quick rundown of how this week was going to go.

"She doesn't eat much, she's very quiet and has nightmares occasionally," Danny listed off on his fingers, "on Tuesdays, she gets to visit her brother in lockup and does not appreciate it when you mess up her things." The incident during her first night at Danny's place stood out vividly in his memory. It included Kade giving him a glare that seemed closer to the face that Gollum made when someone stole the ring, "Kade, make sure he eats breakfast otherwise he gets cranky, don't touch his Mercury Marquis and if he has aneurysm face make sure all the grenades and flash bombs are hidden."

Kono and Chin watched this exchange with mild amusement. Both parties seemed a little disgruntled at their respective descriptions.

"You've got a flight to catch, brah," Chin tapped his watch. It was nearing departure time and Danny needed to hustle if he wanted to remain in his mother's good books.

"Alright, call me if anything happens," Danny waved goodbye and hurried out the door.

Kade blinked. Steve blinked back.

"Dinner?" Kono suggested, sensing that they would be here all night if some intervention did not take place, "Maybe Italian?" According to Adam, Kade was receptive to Italian food, especially Gnocchi. Yes, Kono had in fact started talking to Adam. They were angry at each for different reasons, but now that everyone knew about them, certain things were easier.

"Well Kade?" Steve turned back to the girl. Surveying him with obvious suspicion she nodded once, "Alright, let's go."

Having next to no contact with Kade, Steve was unprepared for how eerily silent she was. Not a word crossed her lips during the entirety of the weekend. Steve was used to spending the majority of his time with Danny, who spent almost every waking minute speaking. Regardless, the weekend had almost deathly silent. After realizing that he wasn't about to get any conversation out of the teenager that had settled on his couch with a book (which she seemed to be struggling with), Steve went out to muck around with his dad's old car. Imagine his surprise when he slid out from underneath his car to retrieve a wrench and found Kade sitting there handing it to him.

"Hey," he sighed, taking the wrench from her and just for the sake of saying something he asked her a question, "Do you what kind of car this is?" she shook her head, "Would you like to know?" she nodded and Steve smiled a little bit, "Well alright then." They spent the morning, and much of the afternoon inspecting and fixing up the car, after that she taught her a great many more things. She seemed to absorb everything he explained about camshafts and pneumatic breaks and would point things out as he spoke about them. With a studious expression her face, the girl nodded when he looked to see if she was keeping up and would hand him whatever he was reaching for. They found a comfy symbiosis after that.

"STEVEN!" Danny's loud angry voice filled Steve's phone very early one week later. Danny had arrived the day earlier and when Kade followed him out of HPD, she actually smiled and waved goodbye at Steve, which from what he understood was the closest he'd ever get to a hug from that girl. Even Danny had been impressed. Now Steve wondered what he could have possibly done at seven in the morning. Of course he was already dressed and his on his way to pick up Danny, but now he wondered if it would be good for the blonde to drive himself.

"Yes Daniel?" he asked careful to keep his tone neutral and as un-sarcastic as possible. It would not do to irk Danny further.

"Are you the one who taught Kade how to take apart an engine, and fix a leaky toilet?"

Steve did not like where this was heading; "Yes."

"Are you also the one who explained to her the mechanics of electrical switchboards and the basics in Molotov cocktails?"



"Because she attempted all four things!" Danny sounded very annoyed.

"Well did she do it right?"


"Are you freaking kidding me?"

"Well did she?"


"I got to her before she could touch my car, find the switchboard for the building or find the gasoline," Thank God, "But she did get to the toilet."

"Does it drip anymore?"



Danny could practically feel the smugness emanating from the Lieutenant Commander through the phone.

"I'm actually disappointed she didn't get a chance to make the Molotov cocktail."

"You bastard."


Shall I continue?