"Joanna Elizabeth McCoy! Sit your behind down right now!"

The seven year old turned around to look at her father, scowling in the process which earned her a few snickers and a full out laugh.

"But Daddddddy! I can't see anything!" she whined, as Leo pulled her down onto the seat.

"You can't just stand on the chair, Jo. The people behind you have to see as well!" he said, as she sat down.

Joanna huffed and sunk lower into the seat, scowling at the family in front of them. Leo sighed as he looked down at her, before glancing at the stage.

"Don't worry, Jojo. When it's time for her to come out, I'll hold you up," Christopher said, as he glanced at the program in his hands.

Joanna turned and looked at him, "Really?" she asked, as her eyes twinkled.

Christopher set the program down and looked at her, "Really. Can't miss Andrea getting her degree, can we?" he asked.

The little girl shook her head, her brown curls bobbing against her face. Leo shook his head, rolling his eyes at how spoiled his daughter had become since meeting his friends.

"JIM!" she suddenly shouted, making both men look up.

Jim made his way through the crowds of people, who were still looking for seats, smiling his killer smile at the young ladies who gawked at him. But when he heard the seven year old calling his name, all the attention went on her.

"Jo-Jo Bean!"

Joanna quickly scrambled off her seat and dashed out into the aisle and into Jim's arms. She giggled as he picked her up and placed a noisy kiss on her cheek, much to Leo's annoyance. Ever since the vid-chat Leo had with Joanna on her Christmas, which Jim lurking in the background, she became obsessed with the young Captain. While Christopher was considered "Handsome", Jim was "Drop Dead Gorgeous", according to Andrea's report.

"And how is my little nurse in training?" Jim asked, as he sat down in the seat between Chris and Leo.

"Good! Daddy yelled at me for standing in my seat, but that's because I can't see anything. Andy's getting a fancy paper thing and she's going into space with you and Daddy.." she said, as she sat on his lap.

Jim nodded, "That's right! And I can boss her and your dad around!" he said, grinning.

Leo was about to comment on the matter, when the rest of the Enterprise crew made their way over to them. They took their seats and Joanna made her way down the row, giving saying "Hello" and "You're nose looks bigger in real life, than in vid-chat," which Scotty scowled at.

When the Pomp and Circumstance began to play, Joanna made her way back to her Jim and he pulled her onto his lap. The graduates began making their way out of the main building and across the lawn to their seats, as faculty guided them.

"I see her! I see her!" Nyota squealed, pointing to the small cluster of students that made their way to the back row of the seats.

Jim raised his hands to his mouth, "ANDY!' he shouted.

In the distance, a woman in red turned to face the crowd, her eyes searching for the source of noise. Jim waved his hands up in the air and she smiled, waving back. Then she spotted Leo and blew him a kiss, which made him smile. Once the graduates were seated, the Dean stood at the podium and began his speech about the future and of the graduating class of 2260. After a series of long speeches, to which Joanna became fussy over, it was finally time for the students to receive their diplomas.

When it was Andrea's turn, the entire row stood up and watched as she made her way across the stage.

"Andromeda Rose Pike," the woman read, smiling.

Andrea made her way up to the woman and shook her hand, thanking her as she handed the diploma over. She nearly jumped when she heard the screams and shouts from the crowd. Looking out and couldn't help but laugh, as her family cheered for her.




Andrea covered her mouth and shook her head, as she made her way off the stage and back to her seat, waving at the group who put her on the spot in front of thousands. When the last student received their diploma and took their seat, the Dean made his way back to the podium.

"And it gives me great pleasure to say, Congratulations Class of 2260. Good luck and Godspeed,"

It was a sea of red, as caps flew up into the air and the sounds of cheers filled the summer air, as the graduating class from San Francisco State finally found their freedom and started the next chapter of their lives. As the students were ushered back up to the campus, their families made their way off the lawn and up into the courtyard.

"I can't let you walk, Jo. You'll be trampled!" Jim said, as Joanna wiggled in his arms.

"But.." she started, before Jim looked at her.

"No buts. Your father will kill me if you got hurt," he said, shifting her from one side to the other.

Andrea made her way through the sea of red, stopping to give hugs to her classmates and exchanging contact information with ones that she would miss the most. She yelped when a arm slung around her shoulders, and turned to see the smiling face of Chloe.

"Holy shit, we are fucking graduates," she said.

Andrea giggled and hugged her, "And you're the newest member of Starfleet," she added, as the blonde rolled her eyes.

"And you're going off into space, leaving me all alone ya bitch," she muttered.

Both girls laughed and made their way through the crowd, "Hey I see my brother. Are we still on for tonight?" Chloe asked.

Andrea nodded, "Yeah! But you can come by whenever!" she said, as Chloe started towards her family.

Once Chloe was out of sight, Andrea continued making her way through the crowd, searching for her own family. When she finally reached the edge of the courtyard, she could still see people arriving from the lawn.


Andrea turned around and smiled as Joanna waved at her, before turning to Jim. Setting her down, Joanna made a mad dash towards her, ignoring the shouts as she ran. Kneeling down, Andrea scooped her up into her arms and spun her around.

"Joanna, what did I say about running?" she asked, settling the girl against her hip.

"You said not to do it," Joanna answered, grinning.

Andrea couldn't help but laugh, as she carried her over to her family. She gave Joanna her diploma to hold, which the seven year old clutched tightly to her chest. Setting her down on the ground, Andrea took her hand and walked over to the group that waited for her.

"Look at you, Miss Graduate!" Nyota whistled, giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Or is it Doctor Pike?" Jim asked, before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"They'll let anyone graduate these days, huh?" Hikaru joked, giving her a hug.

"Oh ha, ha. You're all so wonderfully funny. Where's Leo and my dad? And everyone else for that matter?" she asked, scanning the crowd.

She then spotted her father and Leo making their way towards them, while Pavel and Scotty scrambled after them, trying to keep up. She excused herself and made her way towards them, smiling.

"There's my graduate!" Christopher said, holding his arms out.

He pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head, "Congratulations, Honey Bee. You did good," he said, as she pulled back.

"Thank you," she smiled, as he patted her back.

She then let go and turned to Leo, who smiled at her.

"I'm surprised they let you out into the real world.. " he joked, which earned him a punch on the arm.

"You boys and your jokes," she said, as he pulled her into his arms for a kiss.

Scotty and Pavel stopped to offer their congratulations and gave her hugs and kisses, and together they all headed back towards the group. Spock was waiting with them, when they approached.

"I would like to offer our newest addition my congratulations on this achievement. I trust that you're ready to begin your next chapter in life," he said, looking at her.

Andrea nodded, "I sure am," she responded.

Nyota snorted, "Of course she is Spock. She's finally free from school and she's getting married in two days!" she said.

Glancing down at her hand, Andrea smiled at the sparkling diamond that rested on her finger for a year. The next day after Leo proposed, he woke up early and went out, leaving her asleep in his bed. It wasn't until she woke up, when he returned and climbed back into bed with her. It was there that he slipped the diamond ring onto her finger, before kissing her. Keeping true to their word, the first person they called was Joanna, who screamed cried with happiness as they announced their engagement.

"Two days? I thought they were married already," Jim whined, as Joanna giggled.

Andrea pointed at him, "Keep it up and I'll make you wear a dress.. " she warned.

Joanna looked up at her, "Will it be a blue dress so that it'll match his eyes?' she asked, which earned her a round of laughter.

Jim glared at Andrea, who smiled back at him, before Christopher stepped in.

"I hate to break up this love-fest, but we should probably get going. The traffic getting out of here will be crazy," he said.

The group split up, Nyota and Spock heading to her car with Hikaru, Scotty and Pavel behind them.

"Jo, you comin?" Leo asked, as he and Andrea started towards the parking lot.

"Can I go with Grandpa Pike and Jim?" she asked, clutching the diploma in her hands.

Ever since her first trip to San Francisco after Leo left for orbit, Joanna and Christopher created a close bond during her two-week visit during the Christmas holiday. Though she was not related to him biologically, Christopher loved her as if she was Andrea's own flesh and blood. He taught her how to read star-charts and how to look at the night sky, when they sat around a bon-fire in the backyard.

Leo smiled and nodded, "Go on, darlin'. But you better listen to what they tell you and don't mess up Andy's diploma. She worked hard for that," he said, nodding to the red folder in her hands.

Joanna nodded, her eyes wide. "I will guard it with my life," she said, in all seriousness.

Jim snorted as he picked her up, "Come on, Cookie. We don't want to keep Grandpa Pike waiting.." he said, walking past the older man.

Christopher rolled his eyes, "I'll make sure to leave him on the side of the road," he muttered, before giving Andrea a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you at the house,' he said, before following after Jim and Joanna.

Andrea and Leo made their way through the parking lot, hand in hand. Once they reached her car, Leo lightly pushed her against the passenger door and kissed her.

"Mmm, what is that for?" she asked, once he pulled away.

"A "Congratulations, you've graduated" kiss," he murmured, before kissing her again.

Andrea wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his, which earned a few catcalls from people that passed them by. They pulled apart and laughed. Leo stepped back and watched as Andrea removed the red gown, revealing her yellow sundress, which Joanna picked out a few days before during a trip to the mall.

"So, Graduate.. are you excited?" he asked, as she tossed the stiff garment over her arm.

"About being free from this place? Of course," she said, flipping her hair over her shoulders.

Leo grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close, "I wasn't talkin' about that.." he whispered, making her laugh.

"Oh.. you're talking about the fact that I'll be Mrs. McCoy in two days.." she said.

Leo nodded, "What else did you expect?" he asked, making her laugh.

"I don't know.. maybe a party that we should be heading to?" she asked, shrugging.

He rolled his eyes, "More like who can drink the other under the table without dying first," he said.

Andrea snorted, "I'm betting on Scotty to win. That man would survive being stranded in a desert," she said.

Leo rubbed his hands up and down her arms, "But seriously. Are you ready?" he asked.

She smiled, "I've been waiting a whole year, Leo. More than that actually, since I've been wanting to marry you since the moment I knew I loved you," she said.

"And I get to have you all to myself for three days, before we go back up and take over the entire medical station.." he said, as he pulled the car keys out of his pocket.

Andre laughed, "Two McCoys. At least my bedside manner will be better than yours," she said, as he unlocked the car.

Leo scoffed, "I have good bedside manner," he said, as she opened the passenger door.

Tossing the gown into the backseat, she kicked off her shoes and climbed into the car. Leo made his way around to the drivers side and got in, starting the car. The cool air from the air conditioner came on and Andrea sighed with pleasure.

"You only have good bedside manner when you want sex, first thing in the morning," she said, pulling her seatbelt on.

Leo put the car in drive, glancing over at her, "Well, it ain't my fault that people do stupid shit to get sent down for medical attention," he said, pulling the car out of the parking spot.