It's going to be dark by the time I reach District 12. My parents will probably be asleep as they are such early risers. I could have dozed off myself for part of the trip if I didn't have to stay on alert. Those sea green eyes were watching my every move. From the moment I sat down on the train he had his eyes locked on me. Like a hunter studying his prey. He should know better. I am Violet Mellark. I am nobody's prey.

I have kept my distance during the whole trip. A few glances in his direction but I did not give him the satisfaction of meeting his stares. Stares are nothing new to me but his were more intense than usual. It wouldn't take a Capitol scientist to know what he was thinking.

The one time I rose from my seat to go to the lavatory his hungry gaze almost made me think he was going to follow me. I did manage to note exactly what he looked like on the way. He was older than me although most people would guess only by a few years. Green eyes, dark brown hair complimented by lighter streaks of brown, wearing a dark jacket and black pants. He was striking enough for me to know women usually come to him. I imagine all he has to do is give them a sly smile and they're falling all over themselves to please him. I have never been one to fall for any man let alone one that doesn't even have to try. Maybe that's what he find so intriguing about me.

We are just a few minutes away from District 12 when I notice he throws a large leather bag over his shoulder. I smile knowing that will only slow down my pursuer.

The familiar voice announces over the speaker that we have arrived. We must now disembark and that the next stop is District 13. Such a cold district. I have never gotten used to sleeping underground. Fortunately my family and I have never had to spend more that one night at a time there.

My luggage is going to be sent over in the morning to my parents' house. My father had that arranged for me since I was coming in so late this time. He's always thinking of me. He didn't even know how it would give me an advantage this time. With nothing to carry my body will be free to make a run for it as soon as I need to. I have a feeling I will need every piece of luck I can get to make it to the Victor's Village without being cornered by this one first.

I can feel my face burn as I rush to be one of the first passengers off the train. I'm pleased when I see through the window that he's been stopped by an older couple and is now caught in conversation. I tuck my hands in my pockets and set off in the direction of home.

I am nearly all the way home when I hear faint footsteps behind mine. It took him long enough to catch up. I don't need to turn around to check if it's the same man on the train. There is no doubt in my mind.

I quicken my pace and listen to see if he quickens his. He does. So I start to jog in the darkness. This must have annoyed him as I hear him groan and his feet noisily shift along the road in my direction. Carrying that large bag has made it difficult to keep up to my pace.

I run around the last corner and see the street lights of the Village ahead. He would be a fool to try anything once I reach the lights. But then again he did follow me all the way here.

My heart is racing as I reach the flowering bushes that enclose the neighborhood I grew up in. I don't enjoy this feeling as much as I thought I would. Chasing me down like an animal. I'm better than this. I am the daughter of the Mockingjay. Maybe I should remind him of this.

I stop just past the bushes and turn to face my pursuer, my cheeks flush from my sudden physical exertion. Just as I think he's going to run right into me he skids to a halt a few feet away. Ha, not as fearless as he though he was.

I knew I would make it here before him. I could have easily made it all the way home if I kept going. I don't know if it was because of his age or the bag but he's breathing quite hard.

As he attempts to slow his breathing down he takes a step closer to me. I meet the look in his eyes. I swallow and take a step backwards. I know exactly what that look means and he's crazy if he thinks I'm going down that easily. He's about a head taller than me but I've got my mother's fight and quick wit, which comes in handy in times when I could be attacked at any moment like this.

He doesn't even seem to realize how close we are to my parents' house. The closest house is actually my father's old house. Once in awhile guests stay there but I know no one is staying there right now. I keep that thought in the back of my head.

A bundle of nerves is taking over my stomach as he takes another step closer. A wicked grin widens over his golden-tanned face. Now I'm not sure if I should stand my ground, keep backing up or just run for it. I weigh my options and decide it would be safest to be in my father's old house.

He's almost within an arms reach but he has stopped in front of my invisible force field. His eyes narrow and have turned from thinking something sinister to longing for something he desires. I'll have to pick the right moment to run or he'll have me in his arms before I know it.

I decide it would be fun to taunt him. "I think your odds of catching me would be better without that bag." He ponders this for a second and moves his hands to pull the bag off his shoulder. That's when I bolt for the house.

"Damn you," he yells at me. I can't help but let out a victorious laugh. He starts after me but I have already put a good amount of distance between us. I sprint down the lit road and veer in the direction of my father's house. It's the darkest house without as much as the glow from a night lantern. I smirk knowing I could probably find a million places to hide inside. It would take him ages to hunt me down.

I'm nearly vibrating by the time I reach the door and I almost can't turn the doorknob. But I do and get inside before he can reach me.

I smile at my victory and turn to face the door. I could lock it but this game has gone on long enough.

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