HEY! This is my first fan-fic evah! I'm excited about it. So its a Roxy x CeCe fic. A.k.a ReCe. I'm just warning you now that it has some sisterly love but nothing like incest. So far its T maybe it'll bounce up to M later on. My pc kinda killed itself a lil while ago and I couldn't afford to get Microsoft Word so cut me some slack on the mistakes. I'm gonna keep updating so don't stop reading cuz it's gonna get juicy!

DISCLAIMER: Oh how I wish "Shake It Up" was mine because I would love to see Rocky and CeCe together, but obviously it's not since I'm writing fan-fiction about it.


I met her at a summer dance camp when I was eleven and Rocky was twelve. That was the first time I had ever discovered anything about true friendship and different ways of love. We were dorm-buddies. We didn't like each other at first. I laugh to myself at the memory of it...

I arrived at the campus of an old performing arts college. It was four stories high and each floor had 3 age groups in it. The eleven and twelve year old's were paired with the sixteen year old's. Two of the 16 year old's were assigned as the dorm leaders of floor three. They were there to check up on us, make sure we are at each activity on time, and just be our friends. From the first time I saw them I thought they were really cool. Our first meeting was in the third floor lobby where they introduced themselves as Reese and Dakota. They seemed really cool but I instantly liked Dakota because she had an awesome accent and a short pixie cut like me except for her hair was blonde. Ya, I had to cut my hair due to Flynn sticking gum in it that brat! So all my beautiful red curls are gone. We gathered close as they started lecturing about the rules and assigning room-mates and dorms.

"You must stay with your dorm-buddy at all times! If you have to pee in the middle of the night than wake up your dorm-buddy and bring them with you. We will be in dorm one if there is an emergency you can come and get us. You are Not allowed in our room and several other places such as the...". After a lot of dumb rules she started calling out pairs and assigning them dorms. It seemed like it took a year for my named to be called. I looked around the room and there was only one other girl that hadn't been called. She had caramel skin, brown wavy hair, and thick black rimmed glasses. She was stunning and thinking of sharing a room with her made me really scared for some reason. "Cecilia Jones" Reese called out. I stood up and weaved through the kids to get the dorm key. She smiled and stated "Your in dorm eleven with...Raquel Blue". I glanced over as she stood up looking shocked. I smiled at her as she walked toward the front. Stopping right in front of me she looked up at the two older girls and loudly sputtered,

"I can't share a dorm with a boy".

It was then I decided I hated Rocky blue and I would make her pay for the 4 weeks that we are here for. The entire room laughed. My face was hot and as red as my hair. Dakota hushed the room by threatening to make them do plies` for two hours and then strongly stated that I was in fact a girl. They told us to go inside our dorm and get settled until dinner. Rocky and I walked in silence on our way up the hall. I "accidentally" kicked her foot and she fell flat on her face but I just kept walking and chuckled to myself. As I got to our door I put the key in and looked over my shoulder. She had got up and was holding her glasses that had broken in two. "Crap" I thought. She's going to hate me! Well serves her right! I quickly defended. She had embarrassed me in front of everyone. I unlocked the door, grabbed my bags, and growled "Well when your done pouting you can come in".

Woohoo bunks! Since I was the first one in I got to chose which bunk I wanted, naturally going with the top since it's way cooler and if a robber came in he would get Raquel first. I chuckled to myself again at this thought and then kinda felt bad. Why was I being so mean to her? Now that I have short hair people get me gender confused all the time. Sure it's annoying but I know they aren't doing it on purpose. I wish I was more developed like my dorm leader Dakota. You can easily tell she's a girl. As I tried to put my finger on why she bothered me so much I started to unpack. There were two small dressers at both ends of the bunk.

I opened my bag and put my teddy and blankey on my bunk then climbed back down, threw all my clothes in the dresser, and took out all my food and stashed it in my bottom drawer. Lastly I took out my toothbrush, shower supplies, and- oh god! Mom must have put these in here! I quickly grabbed it out of my bag and made sure no one was around. They were tampons. Yes, I know I was way too young to use them for what they are normally for but I've been using these for when I get stressed out or work to hard because I have terrible non-stop nosebleeds. These were the only things that seemed to help. I stashed them with my food and then got really bored since I had nothing else to unpack. I looked at my pink watch and then on the schedule that was hung up on the wall. It was ten minutes till dinner. Where is that nerd it's almost time to eat.

I went back outside the dorm to see what was taking her so long but when I came out her bags were on the floor by the door and she was gone. I dragged her bags inside, closed the door. I kicked myself for being so rude and headed to the hard-to-find cafeteria because it's in a whole separate building. As I went in people were already were seated and eating. WOW this place is huge! There's a giant stage in the front that the older kids were going to dance on later tonight. In the back it's a whole restaurant built like a buffet. Buffet and ballet, could it get any better! :D

I grabbed a huge pile of food and went to sit where our age group is. Dakota and Reese were there too. But my dorm-buddy wasn't anywhere to be seen. I smiled at Dakota and started inhaling all of my food. I have to eat a ton since we are gonna be dancing non-stop starting tomorrow. No matter how much I eat I still remain tiny! After I start on my second plate of chicken Dakota says "Hey, sorry about what your dorm-mate said". I felt my face blush a little.

"Its okay, my hairs short because my dumb brother put gum in it. Did you get gum in yours too"? She chuckled a bit and said

"No I just like it short". I suddenly felt embarrassed again. Will my embarrassment never end in front of her? Snapping me out of my self-anguish Dakota asked if I was getting along with her at all. I shrugged my shoulders and said I hadn't seen her since I got assigned the dorm. Reese snapped her head up from texting and growled,

"Wait you haven't seen your dorm-buddy since you've been here"! I kinda got scared and mumbled no. Before Reese could yell at me some more Dakota objected,

"Why don't you find older girls to help you look for her"?

"We'll help". I heard two girls simultaneously suggest. I looked over to see older blonde twins that look suspicious if ya ask me. I glanced over at Dakota and she nodded reassuringly so I slowly got up and threw away my food and put away my plates. I went back to the table and the two girls were standing, holding hands and ready to go. I walked alongside them as they skipped out of the building. The shorter one of the sisters said "Your really cute, you've never been here before. How old are you?" I told her it was my first time here and that I was going to be twelve in November. "Well if you ever get scared you can come sleep with me in dorm three" she smiled.

"Thanks". I mumbled turning red. The taller girl shoot me a mean look and whined "What about me Kate"?

"Don't worry Emma we have 28 nights". She winked and tickled her sisters side. Wow I wish me and Flynn got along that well. It only took a half an hour and about a dozen death stares from Emma to make me start worrying. Kate went off to the bathroom and I was left alone with her. She narrows her eyes and folds her arms over her chest. "What are you trying to pull? Flaunting yourself all over my Kate. That's what your room-mates for".

I blushed "um.. i don-

-"And if you don't find her we'll all hate you, even Reese and Dakota". My chest tightened at her words. Soon I was struggling for air and then I felt a warm gush rush down my face. Pretty soon my pink and white striped tank top and plaid skirt was drenched from my pouring nosebleed. I felt dizzy and saw a fuzzy Kate walk out with a smaller girl holding her hand. I staggered back and forth. "Omigosh! Are you oka-

I woke up to see two brown teary eyes staring down at me that almost made me have another whole bleeding episode. I was so relieved to know that those eyes belonged to my lost dorm-buddy.

End of chapter 1

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Okay so here is a little of whats going on in my head. Reese is played by Kathryn Prescott, Dakota is Lily Loveless (couple from skins 2nd gen.) The twins Emma and Kate are played by the Fanning sister's Elle and Dakota. (yes I know they aren't twins but if you look at their recent photo shoots they could be! And who doesn't want to see them be loving twins? teehee I'm gonna let my mind wonder a lil

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