"Tina, you won't BELIEVE what came in the box from Kurt today!"

"Blaine, are you crying?" Tina asked incredulously.

"I, uh… maybe?" Blaine lied. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve on the other side of the line as his friend laughed at him.

"You so are! What in the world did that boy send you to turn you into a blubbering mess?"

"Can I come over? You've got to see this."

"Sure, come on over."

Blaine gingerly packed his prizes back into the box. The cardboard was starting to show some wear, but neither of them felt like retiring it quite yet. When it was more tape than box, one of them would hunt down a suitable replacement.

He pulled into Tina's family's driveway and carefully clutched the box to his chest as he got out of the car and ran to the Cohen-Changs' front door. He was just about to knock on the door when Tina flung it open and ushered him in.

"You have my attention, Blaine, let's see!" she said excitedly.

Blaine grinned and lifted the flaps proudly. First he pulled out the silk flower bouquet and showed it to her.

"Oh my gosh, it's exactly like the bouquet he gave you last year! That's so romantic that he remembered!"

"Oh believe me, he remembers everything. We both do. We're kinda sappy like that."

"I hate to tell you, but there's no 'kinda' about it. You two are the sappiest saps that have ever sapped, and that's coming from ME." They both chuckled over that one; Tina and Mike had known to be nauseating themselves from time to time.

"So, is that what had you tearing up?"

"No. Well, yes, but that was a trickle compared to the river this next thing triggered." He slowly lifted a soft parcel from the bottom of the box and unwrapped it. Tina was intrigued, watching with bated breath as the fabric within was uncovered; Blaine was treating the package as if it was a gallery unveiling, and really, Blaine felt like it should've been in a gallery.

Tina gasped. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked excitedly.

"A Kurt Hummel original Sky Masterson costume? If that's what you think it is, then you are correct," Blaine said, beaming with pride.

"Oh my GOD, you are going to look AMAZING, Blaine! All of the rest of us are going to look like crap compared to you!"

"Well, that's if Artie lets me get away with it. He has HORRIBLE taste in clothing – some of the stuff he was going to try to make Rachel wear for West Side Story was truly appalling."

"Oh, he'll let you wear it. If not, we'll just organize a protest with the rest of the cast. Go – put it on! I wanna see!"

Blaine grinned and practically ran into Tina's en suite bathroom. As soon as Tina heard the click of the lock, she grabbed the notebook from the box and picked up a pen.

Dear Assho – I mean Kurt,

How DARE you make such an amazingly fabulous outfit for Blaine and not even think about the rest of us! If we didn't already know he was gonna show us all up with his amazing talent, this outfit would definitely have us convinced! You're such a jerk, you know that?

Just kidding =) Seriously, his costume is INCREDIBLE, I hope you know that! I've SEEN Guys and Dolls on a professional stage and this suit is WAY BETTER and I am absolutely GREEN with envy! I'd ask you to make something for me, but even YOU probably couldn't do much with plain ol' mission brown =(

"Tina, what are you doing?" Blaine called from behind her. She hadn't even noticed that he had stepped out of the bathroom.

Tina spun around and her jaw dropped. She began fanning herself with her hand. "I don't know if that's gonna work, Blaine," she said sadly.

Blaine frowned. "Why not? I think I look pretty good." He twirled in the mirror, checking himself out. He stopped halfway around and wiggled his butt, grinning with satisfaction at how it looked in those pants. I'd do me, he thought.

"That's the problem! Sarah Brown is supposed to be able to resist Sky for a little while! DAYUM, boy! Now all you need is some black and white wingtips and spats and you will look perfect!"

"OH! I even have some wingtips!" Blaine turned back to the mirror, noting how well the outfit fit him everywhere in every way. It was absolutely perfect. Kurt always did know his body so well...

Tina took advantage of his distraction to grab the pen and scribble down a few more words.

Ho. Ly. SHIT. Blaine just tried on his outfit, and if he were straight, I wouldn't be writing in this notebook right now – I would be way too busy getting ALL up on that. But, alas, he only has eyes for you.

"Are you writing in our notebook?" Blaine said, peering over Tina's shoulder. He scanned Tina's contribution. "TINAAAAAA," he whined. "You're going to give Kurt the wrong idea…"

"What? That we're going to have to put chastity belts on all the gay and bisexual men between here and New York because of you?"

"Yes… I don't look THAT good…"

"We'll just see about that. You. Over there," she ordered. "Now, make like Madonna and strike a pose."

When Blaine didn't immediately jump to follow her orders, Tina glared at him, and Blaine shuddered. "You've been hanging around with Kurt too much. You've got his bitch face down to a tee."


"All right, all right!"

Blaine stood up against his closet door and posed as Tina directed him to. After many clicks of her cell phone camera and many different poses, she finally got what she deemed the perfect photo. Blaine noticed her tapping out a message and asked her what she was doing.

"Sending this to Kurt, of course, what do you think?"

"What? Tina…"

"Shut it, Anderson."

Moments later, a message came through on Tina's cell phone. She opened it, and the two read it together.

Hello, you have reached Kurt Hummel's phone. Kurt cannot respond to your message at this time because he is dead. He died of heat stroke. One should not send him photos that cause him to overheat or things like this happen. He hopes you are happy.

Tina grinned as she sent a reply stating simply, MY JOB HERE IS DONE.

Blaine went back into the bathroom and changed back into his street clothes, taking great care to fold the pieces in such a way as to leave as few wrinkles as possible. Wrinkling such an amazing outfit felt blasphemous, somehow.

After bidding each other good night for the evening, Blaine went home and upon entering his room, he immediately took out the notebook and settled down to write.

October 30, 2012

Dear Kurt,

I am stunned. Simply stunned. You have created some beautiful things in your lifetime, but this? Perfection. And to know that you made it just for me? I'm honored. I am going to LOVE wearing this.

In fact, I am going to find out tomorrow how much I am going to enjoy wearing this outfit – I didn't have a Halloween costume yet. Now, now, now, I know what you're thinking. You're cringing thinking about Halloween parties and spilled booze and sweat stains and all sorts of other nasty demises this outfit could suffer from, but I promise, it'll be okay. My aunt and uncle have to work tomorrow night, so I'm taking my seven year old cousin out trick or treating, and it will be fabulous. I can put her in a flapper dress and it'll be amazing!

I know you won't receive this 'til after Halloween, but I still had to send you my very most favorite Halloween movie ever, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Watch it and think of me. I'm also sending you your favorite guilty pleasure Halloween treat. You tell everyone you don't like candy, but I know you – you wait until everyone leaves and then you eat all the little mellocreme pumpkins out of Carole's bowl of Harvest Mix. So this year, I am sending you your very own bag of just pumpkins – that way no one has to eat pumpkin-less Harvest Mix, and you don't have to eat the Indian Corn that I know you think is unnatural (I agree – candy corn with chocolate instead of whatever flavor the white is just doesn't taste right).

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween, Kurt. I can't wait until next year when we're together and can host a fabulous costume party in our own place and then declare ourselves as the winners of the costume contest we'll hold because we'll both have been dressed by you and we'll inevitably have the best costumes in the whole place. It'll be a blast.

Boo! I love you!



A/N: No worries, this isn't abandoned. I had a partial update stored in my folders for awhile now, and it just wasn't writing itself. Hopefully, even though this isn't my best update ever, you will like Kurt's gift to Blaine.