The Potion's Apprentice

Summary: A young Japanese witch has sent a formal letter to one certain Potion's Master requesting an Apprenticeship, and is more than a little surprised to find an acceptance letter awaiting her at home upon her arrival. Hopeful at the chance of furthering her knowledge, she boards the Nippon Express to London, before boarding the Hogwarts Express to her final destination...but it will it be as simple as that, or will her age cause problems among the students and teachers?

Anime/Manga/Book: Harry Potter/InuYasha

Pairing: Severus/Kagome

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rated: M for Mature Content


"Halled, and walled, with garnet and with topaz," A voice softly spoke in the classroom for which she'd been asked, "The Temples of my family!" The voice was strong with vigor, "Deep in scarlet velvet and in black, come lay with me..." A girl with black hair tied back into a ponytail atop her head, held with a single black ribbon, read a scripture aloud from the book in hand, "Entwine and sweat and softly moan before the Fire; Beneath the Veil of candles," deep blue eyes danced over the words, memorizing each for the beauty that it was, coated with hidden passion as she read the words from the page, "Lit to show the Way," a smile graced lips shaded a delicate petal pink, "But slightly, darkly..."

"Beautiful, Kagome..." Golden eyes twinkled with a glimmer of love, "Hallowed Be Thy Name...Unto the music of ghosts; Unto the ringing of bells within the Shrine...please...continue,"

"All-hallowed in the rapture," Kagome spoke once more, "Of the Legend of the Vine," no longer did she look at the book, "Saved from bleak mortality," no longer did her eyes dance across the page, "By drinking from the Chalice," a smile lit a fire across her face, "Of the twice-born; blood turned wine..."

"Wonderful! That was from The Feast of Flesh and Spirit, by Ly de Angeles, in case some of you were confused as to what we were reading," The woman stood tall, long white hair fell in pigtails to her knees, bangs framing her face, " the Light and Dark were joined for a while; just long enough for each of Them to remember that their purpose was not to hate each other, nor disdain each the other...but to love each of the other simple because they were not each other. Thank you, Kagome, please...take a seat."

"Yes, InuKimi-Sama," A boy beside Kagome stood, as Kagome took her seat.

"Yes, Miroku?" InuKimi spoke gently to the boy who sat at the same table as Kagome, now standing and waiting to ask his question.

"What happened? If Dark and Light are meant to love one another, what happened?"

"...Somehow, it all got so messed up, so complicated, so confusing; they were never meant to be enemies, but sadly, we became lost in aggression, war and power."


"..."InuKimi smiled sadly, "Sit Miroku,"

He did as told and sat down in his chair next to Kagome.

"The answer is simple; because, despite our magical wisdom, we are still human. Human's, no matter how much magical blood they may possess, are so easily blinded by such trivial matters. Money, Power, Rank, Blood, doesn't matter if your magical or non-magical...if you're human, you are susceptible to the cry of Greed." The class was silent as the woman, InuKimi, stepped around her desk and moved before it. "Now, tomorrow is graduation day for seventh years, and your letters of apprenticeship have been sent out to your first, second and third choice Magister Artium, I wish you all good luck. Turn in for the night, and I will see you each bright and early."

The class stood and bowed, "Goodnight Headmistress,"


" ─upposed to get our acceptance letters after graduation. But seriously, I'm too nervous!"

Kagome smiled, reading the book in hand as she listened to a few girls behind her.

"Hey, Kagome!"

She glanced up and watched a girl with reddish/orange hair tied up in pigtails run up to her. "Hello Ayame, can I help you?"

"Which Magister's did you send your three letters to?"

"I...only sent my apprenticeship letter to one person."

Ayame opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a cackle behind her.

"Didn't you know Ayame?"

"Know what, Kagura!" She snapped.

Kagura walked over and sat down beside Kagome, glancing at the book in the quiet girls hand, she sighed, "Always studying..."

"Yes,'s a past time."

"Kagura, tell me!" Ayame frowned.

"Oh," She grinned, "Kagome sent all three of her letters to some Potions Master in England."


Kagome laughed, "That's a silly question, I love Potions, I want my apprenticeship to be in Potions, and I want to be taught by the greatest and most outstanding Potions Master alive,"

Kagura laid her head on Kagome's shoulder, "...but I thought he was a user of the dark arts,"

"Don't you remember what Headmistress InuKimi said?"

Kagura frowned, "No..."

Kagome rolled her eyes and turned the page of the book she was reading, Witchcraft Theory and Practice, "The Light and Dark were joined for a while; just long enough for each of Them to remember that their purpose was not to hate each other, nor disdain each the other...but to love each of the other simple because they were not each other."

"Oh, that...of course I forgot, I'm graduating tomorrow, why would I want to remember more stuff? I myself sent my apprenticeship letters to three Dragon Breeders around the world."

"Oh?" Kagome smiled, "Good luck, Kagura."

Kagura smiled, "Thanks,"

Ayame frowned, "What if he denies your apprenticeship?"

"Then I will just talk to him in person,"

"Bed girls~"

The girls turned to see another female with brown hair tied up in a high ponytail, "Yes Sango-Sempai,"

Kagome stood up as Kagura got up and left to the bedrooms. "Sango, are you excited?"

"More than anything!"

Kagome laughed, closing her book. Sango was the same age as the rest...or...most of the graduating seventh years, eighteen; in fact, she would be graduating along with them. The only difference was she would be taking an apprenticeship under InuKimi, which was a rare honor indeed. That was enough for the entire female populace of Nippon Magic Academy to respect her, in that, they all called her Sempai. "Well, I'm off to bed, have a goodnight, Sango-Sempai,"

"You to, Kagome,"

Tomorrow was a big day for them, Kagome wasn't really excited about the graduation portion of the day; she was looking forward to the acceptance letters portion of the day. Placing her book inside her trunk, she would probably not be reading anything again until she left the academy anyways, since tomorrow they would be busy with the graduation ceremony for seventh years, the letters, the graduation dinner, and then Career Counseling...yes...the overbearing fun that was Career Counseling. Then the day after that was the big return home, making sure everything was packed, that she was ready, they were ready, he and she were ready, and that the train home didn't leave without them. Yes, sadly, there would be no time for reading, not until she was back at home.

Kagome sat down and smiled when a black kitten with pale blue eyes nuzzled against her hand from where it laid on her bed. It turned slight onto its back, ushering for her Mistress to pet her, which Kagome was more than happy to do.

Lying back on the bed, she smiled as the kitten curled up against her, "Good night, Yoru," she whispered softly as she pulled the blanket over her and let sleep take her, excited for the day to come.


(Graduation Day)


The students of Nippon Magic Academy were all seated at long tables that surrounded the seated seventh years, these students were not sorted into houses; they were all treated as equals, so there was no point of sorting. That said, this school had not been founded by four wizards and witches, it had been founded by one man named Inu no Taisho, and one woman named Midoriko over a thousand years ago, and both had died a hundred years after they'd founded the school.

Both still had a long line of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, which led to InuKimi. She'd married a grandchild of the founder's, Inu no Taisho, named after the founder himself, and even had two son's, one who had graduated two years ago, now twenty, Sesshoumaru, and one who was one year away from graduation, seventeen years old, InuYasha. The children of Midoriko were ones shrouded in mystery, for they were lost to the world of Magic. Midoriko had left the Academy pregnant, and had her children in a Muggle town, whatever happened to them, was a mystery in its own.

InuKimi glanced over the seventh years who were dressed in their schools Scarlet Isadora Tunic's, girls in black front wrapped skirts, the boys in black cotton pants, the sleeves of their Isadora's which started out fit around the arms fell loose and about eight inches wide, stopping an inch above their fingertips. The students all wore the same type of black back laced boots with red velvet inside. Their robes were full length reversible, black/scarlet, and were worn by all the graduating students, the red on the outside with the black hidden on the inside.

"Sonorus," InuKimi whispered, pointing her eleven and a half Black Ash wand, twisted with dragon heartstring. "My beautiful, and beloved seventh years, please stand," Her voice loud from the whispered spell, she smiled as they all stood. "Today, will be the last day for which you walk the halls of Nippon Magic Academy as a student, from here onwards, you'll will be a Witch, a Wizard, an Apprentice, and you will continue to grow, but as a student, your journey ends here. Teachers, stand..."

Behind her, stood twelve adults, each dressed similarly in robes; four women, eight men, not including herself which would have made thirteen.

"Transfiguration instructor, Taisho-Sensei," She watched her oldest step up, and smiled proudly, he looked so much like his father, long white hair that fell to his knees which he kept in a loose braid over his shoulder, and golden eyes. He wore white robes of silk instead of the customary black. "Dark Arts instructor, Naraku-Sensei," Completely opposite of her son, a man with crimped black hair down to the middle of his back, and crimson red eyes stepped forward next. He was a friend of her husband's, and had gone to school with him as well. "History of Magic instructor, Myoga-Sensei," A short man dressed in the teachers black robes, with a sharp pointed nose and grey hair haloing his balding head where his pointed hat was set much like a crown on the bald spot, step forward. "Charms instructor, Kaguya-Sensei," A beautiful woman with long black hair let loose down to her ankles, with violet eyes, stepped forward, and dressed in scarlet and black robes, unlike the rest of the teachers who were dressed in black, with Sesshoumaru being the exception.

She looked over the students, so proud of them, she couldn't help but smile. These students had been with her for seven long and wonderful years, and now they would be leaving to live lives of their own, lives that she had hopefully helped them to attain.

Returning back to the task at hand, she continued to call names, "Ancestral Apothecary instructor, Kaede-Sensei," She watched another woman step forward, her hair was black also, but was kept in a tight bun atop her head, brown eyes, and dressed in black robes as she was supposed to be. Her sister also worked at the school, she, her sister, and Sesshoumaru were the youngest among the staff at Nippon Magic Academy. "Astronomy and Divination instructor, Totosai-Sensei," Another old man stepped forward and smiled, gray hair tied up in a tight bun, and old eyes half lidded with a sleepy expression. "Magical Creatures Study instructor, Jakotsu-Sensei" Like Kaede, he too was a younger sibling of another teacher at Nippon Magic Academy, he had an older brother who also worked along side the. His hair was clipped up in a purposely messy way; black eyes watched the students caringly as he too stepped forward.

InuKimi wouldn't tell anyone this, but Jakotsu was her favorite among teachers, in his charming, boyish ways, though...thankfully he swung the other way, so her husband never worried over her fondness for him.

"Flying coach and instructor, Menomaru-Sensei," A man with long teal colored hair and red eyes stepped forward, donning his black robes, and gazing over the faces of his students throughout the year, he too smiled. "Potions instructor, Tsubaki-Sensei," This woman had black hair, long, to her elbows. Brown eyes glanced to InuKimi; a small smile graced her lips before she stepped up. "Dueling coach and instructor, Bankotsu-Sensei," The older brother of Jakotsu, stepped up and grinned, with his black hair tied in a braid down his back to his hips and bright blue eyes looking out at his students, he was swollen with pride as he took in how his students had grown. "Wandless Magic instructor, Kikyou-Sensei," The older sister of Kaede, with her long black hair falling to her hips freely, and brown eyes staring into InuKimi's, she stepped forward with a blank expression on her face, her eyes moving from InuKimi's to Kagome's, but her expression of vacancy never changed. "And finally, Ancient Scripture Studies instructor, and Headmaster, Inu no Taisho-Sensei."

Inu no Taisho stepped forward to the podium and smiled, "As well as your Magical Defense instructor, and Headmistress, InuKimi no Taisho-Sensei."

InuKimi blushed, pushing him back into the line, she walked gracefully back to the podium, "These are your instructors, please show your gratitude, for it is their very teachings which have gotten you this far, and you will take the things they have taught you, and hopefully utilize them the way they were meant to be used."

The seventh years bowed low for a long while, and then stood up straight, looking at their instructors with bright smiles.

"Instructors, please show your students how proud you are, that they have passed your tests and have made it this far, and are ready to go further. Show them that you are ready to let them grow outside of your classrooms and learn the teachings that life has to offer."

The teachers, including InuKimi, bowed low for a time equal, if not longer, to the students, before standing straight.

"Please sit back down, everyone." The students standing all sat back down; the teachers remained standing, silently watching their students. "I will call your name, and you will walk up, take your Diploma, and then shake the hands of your instructors before returning to your seats." InuKimi took in hand a scroll and smiled, "Agasa, Toran,"


Kagome watched as the first of a long line of Seventh years was called, Toran light bluish green hair and green eyes, three younger siblings and a fierce personality. Though, Kagome assumed it came from always having to stand up for her younger siblings, or at least two of them, one was too rambunctious to need someone else's protection.

"Akiyama, Eri,"

One of Kagome's many friends stood and made her way to the front. She, and two others had come here with Kagome their first year as friends, so the four were real close.

"Fujiwara, Ayame," Her red haired friend walked up next, then some others who Kagome never really talked to or got to know.

"Higurashi, Kagome," Kagome stood and walked forward, a smile on her face, and a bounce in her step. She was one step closer to her acceptance letter. Being that she was the youngest to graduate, she would have to work extra hard at making her Magister pleased, so she had decided in her third year, when she chose what her Class of Choice would be, that she would give her all to the chosen subject and her studies. Third year was when they were told of the Apprenticeship letters, and that they would have four years to do their research and decide on the recipients of their three letters. She had waited a long time for this, and even as she had searched, researched, and looked about for three names, she just wanted the best. So, she went to her Headmaster, and asked him who he recommended as a Potions Master. In Headmaster Inu no Taisho's words 'Well, not that he's much to talk to if you're not either, in his house, or into Potions, I would definitely recommend him as a Master of his Arts...and the best alive in current...' She smiled, shaking the hand of InuKimi.

"Very good, Kagome, you have done your parents very proud, and I'm sure if they were here today, they would tell you as much too. You have done an outstanding job, and have overcome the odds against you, I'm so proud of you," InuKimi smiled caringly at Kagome.

"Thank you, Headmistress," Kagome smiled, tears stinging at her eyes. She took her Diploma in hand and bowed before straightening and stepping up to the next instructor, Sesshoumaru no Taisho, the eldest son of Inu no Taisho and InuKimi no Taisho, elder brother of InuYasha no Taisho, as well, her Sempai and Tutor while he'd been in school, he was the reason for her skipping a grade the way she did. She had skipped her fourth year and gone straight to her fifth with his help.

"Seventeen and graduating," He smirked, "Clearly you're trying to make me look bad,"

Kagome laughed, "No, of course I'm not. It's nearly impossible to make you look bad,"

"Nearly?" He quirked a brow, "Are you implying that you could make this Sesshoumaru look bad?"

"With a few good Glamour Spells gone bad, I'm sure I could."

He smiled, "Congratulations, Kagome, and good luck with your acceptance letter."

Bowing, Kagome frowned, "Don't say good luck, that's bad luck,"

"So is a black cat," He said, referring to her kitten.

She rolled her eyes, letting go of his hand and moving to the instructor next to her as InuKimi called on the next student. "Naraku-Sensei, thank you for all that you've taught me, I will do my best to use it intellectually,"

"I hope so, the knowledge of the Dark Arts can be intimidating, which is why only two schools, this includes ours, teaches it. The others only teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, so be wise and cautious with what you know,"

Kagome nodded, bowing again, after letting go of his hand. "Yes Sensei," She made her way down again, "Kaguya-Sensei, I enjoyed your lessons immensely, and will take each to heart as I continue to learn more, thank you," She took the extended hand in hers.

"You, dear Kagome, are in my opinion, the brightest Witch of your year, so much room to grow, and such a beautiful mind, and pure heart, equally as beautiful. I hope, whatever your future may hold, that it will be one filled with many wonderful and exciting adventures."

Kagome bowed, "Thank you,"

Another name was called, this one she recognized as her friend Ayumi's.

"Kaede-Sensei, oh where to begin, you already know I love your class, my many journals filled with Ancestral Apothecary are proof enough of that, I guess, thank you. I want to be a Potion's Apprentice, and so I'm very thankful to you, for teaching me everything about the ingredients, and their uses...thank you so much," She shook the woman's hand as Kaede laughed sweetly.

"Kagome, you were one of my best students, you were always the first to raise your hand, to ask a question, to pose an answer, to even challenge me, you are an amazing girl, and as you grow into your endless and boundless knowledge, you will become an even more amazing woman."

Kagome bowed, trying hard not to cry by this point, listening as another name was called, this time Miroku's, which meant they were still on the H's. "Totosai-Sensei, I'm still waiting for that fortune of yours to come true," She smiled, laughing a little at the old man, but in kind. He'd been like a grandfather to her all these years.

He laughed too, "Dearest Kagome, I told you when I first saw you, in years to come, you must be patient. Lady fate does not roll out a carpet to just anyone, you must take the silver threads she leaves behind and build the carpet yourself. But know this, as I look into your eyes, and upon your hand," His old eyes graced the inside of her palm, "Your future has not changed from the last I saw it. Many trials will come forth, but fight for what it is you believe is right, and you will always make it through, and you will get your happy ending, you."

At this point, she didn't want to lift her head, she knew she was crying, so she said her thanks as she bowed and moved to the next instructor.

"Oh, no...Kagome, no tears," A soft, feminine male voice came from in front of her, and with a soft handkerchief in hand, her Magical Creatures Studies instructor wiped away her tears. "You are such a beautiful, tender hearted soul, we will all miss you so much. You truly know how to brighten up the halls, all you need to do is smile," Jakotsu beamed as she laughed, "there we go, today is not a day of sadness, but one of happiness, for you will be starting a new journey, and that is cause for joy. So smile, no crying, not when there is a smile to be had."

Kagome took both of his hands and bowed, her forehead gently touched the top of his hands in a gesture of gratitude, "You have no idea how much I'll miss you Jakotsu-Sensei, you always took time to talk with me, even if not about class or the lesson, and you always were there to make me smile, and laugh, even if I was having an absolutely horrible day. I will miss you so much, Jakotsu-Sensei," She looked up and smiled, "Thank you, please continue sharing your kindness with the students here,"

More names were called, this time a few she didn't know.

"Menomaru-Sensei, even though I know you had it rough with me, I wasn't always the best at listening in your class, I am grateful for your teachings," She took his hand.

Menomaru laughed out, "Kagome, there were days I wanted to tie you to your broom stick and hex it to stay in the air doing twists and turns all day."

Her eyes widened, "Seriously?"

"Oh, seriously," He smiled in kind, "But know this, you took the longest to learn, but you also perfected it, your skill is unmatched in class, you aren't afraid of taking chances, so you don't hold back on a broom. If you are going to remember anything I've ever told you, I want you to remember this, don't be afraid of taking chance, and don't hold back, give everything you have, whether in the air, or in life."

Kagome nodded, "Always, Sensei." She bowed respectfully to the instructor, and then moved on to the next. "Tsubaki-Sensei..." She stared at the woman before her, this woman had inspired her in school to become an Apprentice of Potions, and she couldn't think up a single thing to say to her. Finally, she threw her arms around the Potions instructor, not able to think of anything more fitting to the woman who had taught her everything she'd needed to know, not just about Potions, about friends, family, life...she had taken care of her over their breaks, while the others were with family.

"Kagome, you know, you will always be able to come back, it's not like we're saying you can't drop by and visit." Tsubaki said softly, her own arms wrapped around the child before she pushed her back gently, staring the girl in the eyes with kindness, love, and happiness. "I'm so proud of you, we all are."

"I owe it all to you, to all of you. I wouldn't be half of who I am, had it not been for everyone here,"

"Silly Kagome, you have always been who you are, we just helped you to bring it out."

Kagome bowed long to the woman, "Thank you for everything, Tsubaki-Sensei, you have done so much for me, so much...thank you,"

"I've only given to you, what you've given to me, dear Kagome. Thank you,"

Kagome smiled with love at the instructor before moving on, "Bankotsu-Sensei, I'm going to miss you too, though...I won't miss─ah!" Her head was ruffled with a hand larger than her own, " ruffling my hair..." She sighed, looking up at the guy only six years her senior, he had always treated her like a kid sister, even going as far to playfully hex students in her first year who had picked on her. Though, that was while he'd been in school, but to be honest, he had still done it after graduating and getting an Apprenticeship and then a job at the Academy.

"You take care of yourself, Kagome. Write, always write, let us know how you are doing, what's happening, what's going on, and all that other girly stuff, don't forget about us, we are all your family, Kagome, we all love you so much, in one way or another." He gently tugged a lock of her hair.

Kagome bowed, "I will write as often as possible, and I will tell you everything, from the training I receive, to the color shoes I'm wearing," She laughed as she stood. A couple more names were called, this time Kagura and Kouga, which meant they were in the O's now. She moved on again, "Kikyou-Sensei, I think, your class was probably the hardest on me, but I'm glad I didn't give up," Kagome said to the next instructor, "I think, sometimes I felt like you were purposely tormenting me, but really, you only wanted me to do my best, and for that, I'm thankful," She shook the woman's hand and was surprised to see a quirk of the lip and blinked, but just as fast, it was gone. She wasn't sure if it had been real, or if it was a trick of her mind.

"You will become a great Witch, one day...for now, you still have much to learn, so take the basics we've provided you, and start the new courses presented. You will find that school isn't nearly as complicated as life is."

Kagome bowed with a nod and made to go to the next instructor and the Headmaster, only to be stopped by a hand. She turned and looked Kikyou in the eyes.

"You really did a wonderful job, if you ever need someone to talk to, some advice, or anything, please, don't hesitate to owl me."

Kagome smiled, "Yeah, I will!" She stepped before the headmaster and held her hand out, he took it with a smile and grinned, "I remember when I first I got the privilege to meet you,"

Kagome blushed, she recalled that day well enough to remember she'd been embarrassed to the point of hiding with her face in the crook of InuKimi's shoulder as she was carried to the castle, Nippon Magic Academy, and honestly, she preferred not thinking about it. "Ah...that day, one best forgotten. You have no idea how much I owe you, Headmaster. You took me in that day, you took care of me, as if I was your own...thank you."

"Kagome, you've always been like a daughter to me. Since I found you twelve years ago, and you always will be. You are always welcomed back here, I look forward to hearing all about your life after school, Kagome, and I hope it will be as wonderful as the time I've had watching over you."

Kagome hugged the Headmaster tightly, letting go and bowing, "I owe you my life Headmaster, and for you, I will live it to the fullest that I can, until I can pay you back for all that you've done. You have been like a father to me, InuKimi like a mother, and Tsubaki has been my fairy godmother. Jakotsu, Bankotsu, all of the others, Sesshoumaru, Kaguya...they are my precious brothers and sisters, and I will cherish you all in my heart." She took a step back gave one last bow to the Headmaster, and sat down with her Diploma in hand.

"Taijya, Sango,"

'T's...! Almost done...' Kagome sighed, 'Almost...'


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