Kol Mikaelson was the Original Badass. He took what he wanted with no remorse. But he hadn't always been that way. Once upon a time he had just been a boy with too much power placed in his hands. With his family separating he slipped away. He was lost.

Just because I love Kol, and I wanted to take another look at his character, considering we haven't seen him this way :)

If you were to ask about the youngest of the Original brothers, most would describe Kol Mikaelson as; 'charming', 'psychopathic', or 'completely insane'.

And for a thousand years that's all he had been; a tall, muscular killing machine with deceptively innocent dimples and an endearing smile.

And if you were to ask any member of his family they would probably receive an answer along the lines of; 'idiotic', 'suicidal', or 'a pain in my ass', and he had been ever since they could remember.

But if you stayed around long enough, and took the time to dig deeper (mainly by getting one of the Originals drunk and asking then), you would learn that Kol hadn't always been that way like they said. You would learn that a thousand years ago he wasn't Kol Mikaelson, Original Vampire and Professional Psychopath. He was just Kol, second youngest son of Esther and Mikael, twin brother of Rebekah, and peacekeeper between Elijah and Niklaus.

You would learn that he loved the water, and riding with his older brother Niklaus in the forest. That he used to give his food to his younger brother Henrik during the winter and let his sister have most of the blankets during the cold nights. You would see he loved his family more than anything else. That he used to spend countless hours helping Elijah in the fields, and every spare minute he had helping Finn write love notes to his sweetheart, Sage.

Because Kol hadn't always been the ruthless vampire that everyone came to know.

Once upon a time, many years ago, he was just a boy.

Just a boy who lost his brother in a terrible accident.

Just a boy who was given more power than he knew what to do with.

Just a boy who had been forgotten by his siblings, too busy worrying about themselves to realise that he was slipping away.

He had no one to pull him back from the edge, no one to stop him as he succumbed to his desires.

And once he had the taste of blood there was no going back.

He killed and slaughtered hundreds. He spent centuries trying to quench the thirst, never once pausing to think about what he was doing.

He was unstoppable, invincible, powerful.

And no one stood in his way. No one tried to stop him as he continued on his downwards spiral until even his brothers couldn't control him.

Gone was the boy that would wait anxiously in the doorway, waiting for his brothers to return from the hunt.

Gone was the boy who would tell stories to his little brother when he couldn't sleep at night.

Gone was the boy who would take a beating from their father when his sister got into trouble.

In his place stood a murderer, a monster, an abomination.

No one questioned why. No one ever gave any thought to what made Kol so evil.

Because you have no idea of the pain his family had endured, the challenges they had to overcome.

You would cower in fear in the face of them. Because the Originals were all so strong, so powerful it was like nothing could touch them.

You had no idea how guilty Elijah is. You didn't see that. Because you only see what they want you to see. So you didn't know how neglected Rebekah feels or how lonely Klaus is. You didn't see that Kol is so completely lost.

Because in the end that's all Kol was. He was just a boy who lost his way.

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