I wrote this a long time ago and just found it so I decided to post it. It was a spur of the moment thing and I did as much editing as I could, but I'm sick so sorry if I missed anything.

It may also be a little OOC, but I tried to keep it as close to their basic personalities as I could.

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In the dark of the night, I followed Yoru into an alley way, hearing someone groan quietly I gasped, my hand covering my mouth in shock as I saw Ikuto struggling to stand. The sight tore at my heart, but I'd never admit it.

"Ikuto-kun, are you okay?" I ran over to him, placing a hand on his arm. He glared at his Chara who'd simply been trying to help him in coming to me. I was glad he did.

"What happened?" I persisted, he pushed my hand away from him, trying to stand up straight but failing.

"I'm fine, leave me alone" he snapped, his blue hair covering his eyes, but I didn't need to see them to know he was lying.

"Don't lie to me, what happened?" I snapped, trying to help him stand properly only to be pushed away.

"I said leave me alone. Why don't you just go hang out with you boyfriend?" Ikuto snapped and I felt my eyes go wide. Boyfriend?

Ikuto smirked in a way that made anger fill me "Isn't he your boyfriend? Kiddy king I mean? Or is he still hung up over that purple haired chick? Perhaps he's fallen for the blonde? Rima wasn't it?" I felt my face heat up in anger.

Here I was trying to help him and he's being a jerk!

"Why do you do that?" I yelled he didn't seem shocked at my personality change; he must be used to my yelling by now.

"Do what?" my fists clenched my skirt as I glared at him.

"Push me away every time I'm trying to help you? Don't you see that I hate seeing you hurt?" I screamed in frustration. He does it all the time, and I was at my breaking point. He, however, finally seemed shocked at the direction the conversation was taking.

"Maybe it's because I don't want your help" he snapped, walking away from me with the help of the brick wall.

"I know that's not true!" I felt tears in my eyes. He paused.

"I know that isn't true because you're just like me! Sometimes I think that it's better if they hate me, Ikuto, but it isn't! It isn't better when they hate me, and when I found my friends I realised that! Why can't you see that I can help you?" my voice became a whisper.

"I don't need your help" he said, but I could tell his voice lacked the conviction from before.

"Yes you do and you know it! If you didn't why do you constantly wind up injured? Why do you push people away? You need help and I've always been here, waiting for you to let me. You don't and it's so aggravating because I worry about you!" I screamed, tugging at my hair.

"Amu—" I shook my head.

"No, if you don't want my help than fine! Have it your way!" I yelled, turning I ran away from the alley way.

"Amu, no—I'm sorry, Amu!" I only stopped when I heard him try to follow me out, collapsing to the ground in tears. I turned around, I'd run almost to the end of the street, but he was now out on the path, kneeling on the ground with his head in his hands and I could tell he was crying.

He wasn't the type to cry, so I knew this was bad…I knew this was terrible. Why had I run from him? I'd always been the persistent type, so when it comes to him why am I always so ready to give up?

I slowly walked back to him, pulling out my handkerchief I knelt beside him, pulling his head up I ignored his shocked look as I wiped his tears away.

"I'm never going to hate you, Ikuto, and I don't like it when you try to make me" he looked so much younger than normal with the tears running down his face, you'd think he'd look older, but right now he was so vulnerable. Right now, he was a true sixteen year old boy. He was my friend.

"I-I'm so—" I cut him off, placing my hand over his mouth.

"Don't be…I do understand. I pretended I didn't care about anyone, the entire school thinks I'm the 'cool and spicy' chick, but I'm not. I just didn't want to hurt, so I made them hate me, I made them think that I wasn't a normal girl. I met the others, Ikuto, and it helped me. I want to help you to. This has to end. I don't want you protecting me anymore, I can handle myself, obviously more than you can right now" I told him and he sighed, his hands shook but he grabbed the handkerchief from my hands and wiped at his own face. Slowly, he rested his head down on my knees and I hesitantly brushed his hair from his face.

"I'll call my mum and tell her to pick us up. You'll be staying with me, my parents will know and this time you won't leave unless I tell you, understand?" I snapped as I pulled my phone out, the only response was a purr and smirk as my fingers brushed against his ear by mistake.

He was such a cat sometimes.

My mum answered on two rings.

"Amu? Where have you been? It's late and your papa is worried sick!" I could hear him having a mental breakdown in the background.

"Mum, it's Ikuto again…you said I could trust you and I need to help him this time. Please, he's passed out, come and get us" I whispered in fear of her saying no. She sucked in a breath.

"Where are you?" I sighed in relief.

"The corner away from the movies"

"Alright, I'll be there in ten" so I waited for my mother, Ikuto was passed out cold which severely worried me, but I kept a strong face. Tears still fell from his eyes, but I continued patting his hair away.

When she pulled up, dad was in the passenger seat, seemingly losing his mind, but when he saw the scene he surprisingly calmed down and helped me get him in the back seat. I sat in the middle and he once again had his head on my lap.

"What happened?" mum asked and I shrugged one shoulder.

"I don't know, I heard him in the alley way and he could barely stand up, we argued before I ran away from him…he hadn't wanted my help," I sighed, shaking my head before telling her what happened afterwards.

"Amu…I don't want to have to ask, but is there something going on between you two?" I looked up in shock, my eyes widening, dad practically had a mental breakdown at the question.

"I…understand him better than the others, mum…" I know I didn't answer her question, but I felt my face begin to heat up.

"Amu" her tone was warning. I shrugged one shoulder with a sigh.

"I-I don't know, mum. He's older than me, but right now he's my friend, and I know that that is all he's going to be for a very long time" in my head I remembered the words he whispered 'hurry and grow up'. I think I know what he meant now.

"Fine, he can sleep in your room on the floor, do you hear me?" I nodded my head, but didn't want to tell her that I doubt Ikuto would keep to that.

"If he so much as says something you don't like, he's gone, okay?" I also didn't want to tell her that we fight a lot, and he always says something I don't like, but I nodded my head.

"Was it his father again?" my dad asked, and I was shocked he knew, but I suppose mum had to fill him in. I shrugged one shoulder.

"Could be that or the people his dad works for, or the people that work under his dad more likely" I frowned, thinking of Easter. I swore now more than ever, that no matter what I had to do, I would take Easter down just to save Ikuto. I knew that wasn't good, because Easter was dangerous and I had more than just Ikuto to worry about, but I knew for a fact that I would…and it scared me.