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The powers were hard at work controlling the massive number of universes out there. Some watching the twisted ones for their own sick amusement. On that note the power K'wilcheck held a yellow orb containing the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Other powers watch ones to renew their faith in mankind. For this reason the power Bob was holding a blue orb containing the universe of Smallville. The two powers collided and they dropped their respective orbs shattering them to pieces. Both of their eyes shot out this is so bad.

"Oh my god we are so dead!" K'wilcheck exclaims.

Bob played voice of reason. "Alright calm down we're not dead yet."

K'wilcheck just stared at him with a vacant look. "Are you high? Do you remember what the boss did last time a power dropped a universe."

Bob nodded. "The guy still cries every time I use a hammer. But we're not dead yet until we're caught maybe we can fix them."

K'wilcheck pulls out a roll of duck tape. "I got you covered." He moves at superspeed and rapidly forces pieces together and holds a green orb covered in duct tape.

Bob just puts his hand to his head. "We were supposed to make 1 blue 1 yellow instead we have one big green ball covered in duct tape that we can't pull apart now."

K'wilcheck looked at the orb yup they're dead. "Want to watch what we made."

Bob just shrugged. "Sure why not."

The slayer was having nightmares the same twisted stuff the slayer always sees ever since the slayer was 'blessed' by being chosen. The slayer sees vampires, demons and other terrifying entities. However this dream was different the demons vampires and everything else faded away as the slayer looked at this being of pure light. It was like sunlight emanated from every ounce of this new thing and it was calming and peaceful.

Joyce Summers was downstairs cooking breakfast. She looked at the clock and shouted up. "Clark, time to get up."

Clark Summers sat up eyes glazed over the one good dream he has had ever since he became the slayer and it just got shot to hell. "Be right down mom."

A blond haired girl was looking up information on the fastest girl alive. Well the supposed fastest girl alive. She could dust this person in a race. She looks for the strength record until she gets called down. "Buffy you're going to be late young lady."

Buffy closes her computer mom means business today. "Be right down mom."

Buffy Kent moves in a blur and is downstairs in the Kent farm. "Ma" kisses her mother Martha on the cheek. "Pa" kisses her Father Jonathon on the cheek. She goes into the fridge and pulls out a bottle of milk to Martha's glare.

"It tastes better from the bottle." Buffy complained but once she saw her mother's face and knew she wasn't winning this one. She got a glass and poured.

Jonathon noticed a slip in her back pocket. "What's that sweetheart?"

Buffy took the slip out. "Permission slip for cheerleading."

Jonathon just sighed. "We already had this conversation."

Buffy shakes her head no in response. "No, I talked and you mostly grunted."

"A lot of things can happen on that field." Jonathon reminded her.

Buffy just rolled her eyes. "Dad it's cheerleading not wrestling. The only thing I'm going to be grabbing is poms poms and the girls' ankles it's not like I'm going to lose control and launch her into orbit…well maybe if it's Cordelia."

Jonathon looked at his daughter. "Buffy I know high school is hard but right now you just have to fit in."

"But I'm sick of fitting in." Buffy shouted. "I fit in all last year just trying to be normal. Do you have any idea how hard it was to watch Xander get dragged off and tied to a stick in his underwear with a big red S painted on when I could have stopped it without breaking even breaking stride. I am sick of being hidden I just want to get through high school without being a complete and utter loser."

Buffy sighed hearing the bus start to drive off. She grabs her backpack and sees it drive off so she runs to school in her own way.

On the bus Pete Ross is thinking of ways to spend the $10 he just made off two of his best friends.

Xander Harris just stared at him in disbelief. "I can't believe you bet against Buff."

Pete just smirked. "Girl has been my best friend since the sandbox but it's a statistical fact that if she moves any slower she'd be extinct."

Xander just turned to his only other friend on the bus Chloe Sullivan. "Help a friend out in math. And get a book from the library."

Chloe just smiled. "Still can't find the witchcraft book you checked out."

Xander just shrugged. He only checked it out to look at the semi nude pictures. "No go."

"Fine, but you so owe me." Chloe responded.

Xander smiled. "'I'll sell you my soul."

"You already did that for a doughnut in second grade." Chloe replied hiding a smile.

Joyce drove Clark to school new town, new school. Clark rolls his eyes he hates this place he really does. He went from California to Hicksville no wait Smallville. Clark gets out the car and sighs as he thinks to himself. 'Where are you when I need you Will?'

Joyce stopped Clark and gave him something a cross with emeralds in it. "Clark I have a good feeling about this place try not to get kicked out on your first day."

Clark puts the cross around his neck. "Don't worry mom I left the last of the napalm in Hemery." Clark reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pair of glasses and flattens his hair. "How do I look?"

"Like you're going to get beat up and have your lunch money stolen until you start fighting back." His mom responded.

"Good then I'm dressed the part. I'll see you later." Clark finished.

Clark took a walk past the it girls of the school from the looks of it he hears a snotty brunette say apparently they'll let any freak in there. Clark just blows them off and goes into the principal's office. Clark knocked on the door and heard a voice say come in.

"Mr. Summers please take a seat."

Clark took a seat and read the plaque on the desk. ''B. Flutie"

Principal Flutie started reading Clark's transcript and now the fun should start. "Clark Summers, born Kale Lehane Sophomore. All the way from Hemery in Los Angeles. Interesting record. Quite a career."

Then to Clark's shock Flutie ripped his transcripts in four. "Welcome to Smallville High Clark. You get a fresh start here. Were not interested in what's on a piece of paper. Do you know why that is Clark?"

Despite it being for good reason Clark knows his transcripts suck but he just says his first thought. "You need someone to join the football team."

Mr. Flutie replied. "Because what's past is past. We don't care even if it says…" He stopped to read a bit of the ripped sheet of paper.

Clark could see the wheels turning in Mr. Flutie's head not good.

"Mr. Flutie…" Clark said.

He cut in, "All students are welcome to call me Bob."

Clark started again, "Bob…"

He cut in again, "But they don't."

Clark started back up, "I know that my transcript is 'interesting'"

Mr. Flutie said, "Oh we don't care about that." But he went about to frantically tape the pieces of paper back together, "Do you think the word interesting gives it justice?"

Clark was upset at the time he should have just staked Carmilla but he wasn't thinking straight. "It wasn't that bad."

"You fire bombed the gym."

"I did. I did. But that gym was full of vampi…uh asbestos. And it was just a big health risk I was saving lives."

Mr. Flutie said, "Clark don't worry. Other schools may say watch your step or we'll be watching you. But we're different here in Smallville. We want to service your needs. And help you to respect our needs."

Flutie printed up his schedule. After he picked it up he thanked Mr. Flutie. Flutie smiled at him as he left before trying to find out anything else about the new student he can.

Buffy was walking past the principal's office when a new student came out of it. Buffy looked him over he'd be a lot cuter without the glasses. At this point however her legs went weak and instead of walking over to say hello she collided into him. Clark tried to catch her but she was a lot heavier than she looked and they both fell to the floor.

Buffy wondered what happened and when she rolled off him she saw what caused it. The cross he was wearing was made with meteor rock. For all her strength those rocks are her only weakness. She was also intrigued by the fact that there was a Star of David under it. Buffy got to her feet and heard the laughs of Cordelia and her friends.

"Good for you Buffy finally found the guy for you."

Buffy rolls her eyes. And Dad wonders why she jokes about making her a bimbo in space. Clark offers her a hand up. But Buffy replies. "I'm allergic to the meteor rock."

"I don't have any rocks on me." Clark answered.

Buffy gets to her feet. "The cross on your neck you got hosed mister."

Clark sighs and pokes out the stones and throws them away. "Thanks for the tip."

Buffy goes to shake his hand. "Buffy Kent"

Clark just shakes it. "Clark Summers"

Buffy points at the two symbols on his neck. "Isn't that hypocritical"

Clark had his fingers on the Star. "It belonged to a friend she died."

Nice going Buffy dig up trauma. "I'm sorry."

"Did you kill her?" Clark asked.

Buffy shakes her head no obviously.

"Can you bring her back?"


"Then don't be because you have nothing to be sorry for." Clark answered. "Now I have to go to the library so I'll see you around Buffy."

Clark went into the library and looked around. There doesn't seem to be anyone here. He keeps looking around until a British man sticks his head out and Clark backs up startled.

"Can I help you?" The British man offered.

"The principal sent me here to get books for class I'm new." Clark answered.

The British man smiled. "Mr. Lehane"

"Summers" Clark corrected he wants to know why his birth name was so important for the transcript. The only thing he wondered about his birth parents was how his mom stayed sober long enough so he wasn't named Jack Daniel Lehane.

The British man nodded. "Of course and I'm Rupert Giles." Giles went under the desk looking for something he came back up with a book title 'vampyre'.

Clark took off his glasses and messed with his hair changing it back to before he got to school. "Guess here's no reason to hide anymore. How did you people find me?"

"You know who you are Clark you have a destiny we couldn't very well ignore you." Giles replied.

Clark glared at him. "I don't need a watcher. And after last time I sure as hell don't want one." Clark turned and went to the door as fast as humanly possible.

Clark went outside of school he still has a couple of minutes before first period so he stepped out to catch his breath. Stupid England council and their stupid tea drinking twats. He did the slayer thing he didn't like how it ended up. He collected himself and he went into English without a book so this should be fun. Luckily however he's not alone as he sees Buffy enter the class. He waves at her.

Buffy looks over the guy and he's tall black hair beautiful blue eyes. She feels like she knows him and then it hits her wait a minute. "Clark!"

Clark just nods. "Nice to see you again Buffy."

Buffy was just looking him over as her face heated up. "You've changed what happened to the glasses look."

Clark just smirked. "It was a secret identity didn't work out like I planned."

Buffy took the seat next to him and the two shared her book.

Cordelia came in to her least favorite class English. Why is she here everyone in this school already speaks English. This is nothing but 45 minutes of her life that she won't be getting back. She comes in and sees one of the most gorgeous guys ever. 6 feet tall black hair red T-shirt showing how built he was. Hello salty goodness but why is he hanging out with a space case like Kent. Well she can fix that.

"Hey gorgeous why are you sitting with that farm girl freak."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Well considering you called me a freak earlier I think this is a nice spot."

Cordelia jogged through her memories. She'd remember calling this guy a freak. Maybe she saw him earlier and called him a genetic freak. But then it hits her. "The geek in the glasses no way, I refuse to believe someone can go from yucky to yummy with glasses and messing with your hair."

Clark just shrugged. "I am what I am."

Clark goes through history next no Buffy so he had no book. He asked his teacher who's a person to get caught up with and his teacher mentioned Chloe Sullivan. Clark goes two more classes before he has lunch. Clark takes the time to find Chloe and he finds her outside with Buffy and two guys staring down 4 people in Letterman jackets.

Chloe just looked at them. "I always knew jocks were dumb but you guys take the cake you're supposed to go after freshmen you lugheads."

"Chloe give them a break I mean look at them they're missing the master moron." Xander added.

One of the jocks smiled. "Usually we do but we beat them so bad last year when we stuck Harris up we decided to do it again."

"I'm new here is it cool to take a side or is this something Harris has to do for himself."

Xander turned to Clark and smiled. "4 on 2, I wouldn't mind a little help."

Clark stands besides Xander and Pete with Buffy and Chloe behind him. Buffy hates this she can end this before anyone here can even blink. One of the jocks takes a swing at Clark intending to teach the new guy a lesson but Clark ducked it and countered with a punch to his stomach driving the air out of his lungs. Another one takes a swing at Clark but he catches the jock's arm and wenches it behind his back in a hammerlock. Another one runs at him and he throws the captured jock into the other one causing them both to fall over from an involuntary headbutt to the guys gut.

The last jock just realizes it's not worth it and scoops up his friends as they flee. Buffy was amazed at that. A good guy that stands up for people he doesn't even know and she can definitely see what Cordy saw in him as her face heats up again. However this time it's worse as her eyes heat up. She looks over at the trash can and it lights on fire.

Clark sees it and takes a water bottle off of Chloe and puts it out. If word got out he probably would have gotten blamed for it. "OK what was that about?"

All four just shrugged they had no idea. Buffy might have an idea but no way is she telling the new guy her secret before her friends.

"I meant the jocks." Clark added.

Buffy sighed in relief. "A proud Smallville tradition take a freshman hang him up in his boxers and paint an S on him to make him a scarecrow. Only Xander was such a good scarecrow last year they decided to do an encore performance. And I just realized you don't know who any of these people are. Clark Summers meet Xander Harris, Chloe Sullivan, and Pete Ross."

Clark turns to Chloe. "So Chloe my history teacher said you were the one to find to help me get caught up."

Chloe nodded. "Yeah that's me meet me in the torch after school I'll get you caught up on everything."

"The Torch?" Clark asked.

Chloe nodded. "It's the school newspaper. I run it."

Before the conversation could continue Cordelia came out and rolled her eyes when she saw Pete's usual puppy dog reaction to her. "Not to distract from your free falling popularity but I thought I'd let you know that gym has been canceled today due to the extreme dead guy found in Harmony's locker."

Clark and Buffy both looked up, "What?" they asked at the same time.

"Some dead guy was stuffed in Harm's locker." Cordy repeated.

"Dead, not just fashion dead like you blame us of being?" Chloe asked.

Cordy rolled her eyes. "I wasn't talking to you Sullivan but yes, dead dead."

"How did he die?" Buffy asked.

"I don't know." Cordy answered.

Clark thought to himself about the watcher. "Were there any marks on the body?"

Cordy just looked at him appalled. "Uh morbid much."

Clark just turned to the others. "Nice meeting you guys but I have to go."

Buffy looked at everyone. "Same here I have class."

Clark sneaked into the gym and locked the door. He saw the body covered in a sheet and walked to it. Clark took the sheet off and saw a pale blond haired guy his height and smiles in relief. 'Not my jurisdiction.' Clark turned the face around and saw the puncture wounds on his neck 'Damn it my jurisdiction.' He puts the sheet over the body and a voice asks.

"What are you doing here?"

Clark turned around ready to get kicked out. "Buffy" How did she get in he picked the lock, broke a key in it and locked the door to make sure he wasn't followed in.

Clark turned back to the body. "Do you recognize him?"

Buffy lifted the blanket and nodded. "Whitney Fordman, well it explains why he wasn't with the jock squad this morning. So what do you think made these holes?"

Clark shrugged and lied. "Killer must have stabbed him with a barbeque fork."

They were cut off by the bell ringing.

Clark just sighed. "I have to go the library get my books for the year. See ya later Buffy."

Buffy nodded. "Goodbye Clark."

Clark walked to the library why does this crap keep happening to him. He walks in completely and disturbingly calm at death. He just walks up to Giles and calmly starts. "So, I'm going through the day enjoying my classes no books mind you but not really a problem. Get to lunch find out there's a dead guy in the gym with puncture wounds in his neck. What's up?"

Giles was taken back by his casual reaction. "I beg your pardon."

"You heard about the dead guy right? The one in the locker" Clark asked.

"Yes" Giles replied.

Clark looked at him. "Well funny thing his neck has two holes and all his blood has been drained."

"I was afraid that might happen." Giles replied.

Clark rolled his eyes. "I sure as hell wasn't. I thought I'd be too far behind in my classes not dealing with the undead I thought I was done with this crap."

"Then why are you here?" Giles asked.

"To tell you that I'm done with this crap." Clark repeated.

Giles rubbed his eyes. "Will he rise again?"

"No, it was a dine and dash." Clark answered.

"Are you certain?" Giles asked.

Clark's tone completely changed to serious. "If he was turned I'd know…and why am I still talking to you?" Clark turns and walks away.

Giles started cleaning his glasses trying not to get that tone from him again. "You really have no idea what's going on do you? Do you think its coincidence you being here? That boy was just the beginning?"

Clark turned back to him. "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

"Because you are The Slayer." Giles answered. "Unto each generation a Slayer is born. One…"

Clark smirked. "Come on say the next word I dare you."

Giles sighed. "We still haven figured out why you were chosen we never had a male slayer before."

"Yeah, yeah one of a kind." Clark answered.

Giles was confused. "I really don't understand this attitude. You've accepted your duty if you've slain vampires before."

Clark just shrugged. "What part of I'm done with this crap didn't get through?"

Giles held up a finger before rushing out to collect a book, "What do you know of this town?"

"That we're only here because while mom can deal with demons the Joker freaks her out because he's human." Clark answered. "It was either Smallville or Cleveland."

Giles was taken back. "You mother knows you're the slayer."

Clark nodded. "It was either slay a vampire in front of her or get taken to the Cuckoo's nest. I made my choice."

Giles pulled out the book. "Think of it in the history of this place. I've found a steady stream of odd occurrences. I believe that this whole area is a center of mystical energy. They seem to gravitate toward here that one wouldn't normally find."

"Like vampires." Clark asked as Giles dumped books on him.

"And zombies. And werewolves. Everything you ever imagined is under your bed but swore it couldn't be by the light of day. There all real." Giles replied.

Clark just looked at the pile in his hands. "You sent away for the Time Life series didn't you?"

"Yes actually."

"Did you get the free phone?"

"The calendar"

"That's nice" Clark had his fill of the books so he dumped them back on Giles. "OK first of all, I'm a Vampire Slayer. Second I'm retired. Hey I know why don't you kill em?"

Giles smiled at the outrageous question. "But I'm a Watcher. I haven't the skill."

Clark shrugged not really caring about that answer. "Take up a crossbow like that Artemis chick in Star City."

"A Slayer slays. A watcher…"

"Screams like Princess Margaret and sticks a knife in his slayer's back before he's even sired." Clark interrupted.

Giles sighed he knew this wouldn't be easy after the last one. "Clark we're all ashamed of the behavior of Mr. Wyndham Pryce and we all were relieved when you staked him before fighting Carmella. My job is to prepare you."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Prepare me for what? For getting kicked out of school? For losing all of my friends? For getting the one person that didn't turn her back on me killed. Go on. Prepare me."

Giles stared at him not sure what to say. Clark sighed and walked out. Giles was still lost for words before settling on, "Damn" and going after him.

Chloe came out math book in hand. Her journalistic nature got the better of her so she couldn't help but nose in on that entire conversation. And if it's true it would be worthy of a Pulitzer. "What?"

Author's notes

I'm not sure what I was on when I came up with this one or why my muse insisted I write it.

I don't hate Willow it's just her and Chloe were so similar at the beginning it came down to flip of the coin.