Buffy looked over to Clark who was in relative calm. She'd be freaking out if she had heard Giles say this is her last night on Earth. Tess was thinking of new plans maybe fight whatever is going to kill Clark herself after all 400 years is a long time she's lived long enough. Speaking of Clark Tess picks up his scent as she starts to calm and instantly turns around.

"How much did you hear?" Tess asked with a heartbroken look on her face.

"More then enough" Clark answered looking at the floor. "So I guess that's it then huh I die the next slayer is called? Were you ever going to tell me?"

Tess frowned not wanting this for Clark. She'll stop it no matter what. "I didn't want to say it out loud."

Clark turned to Giles. "Will you train him or will it go back to being girls?"

Giles frowned he didn't know what to say? "Clark I don't know what to say."

"Does it say how I die? Will it hurt?" Clark asked.

Giles didn't know what to say he was hoping for a way around it. "Consumed by a flame from the past"

"Willow" Clark realized.

Tess tried to hold him but he pulled away. "Don't touch me."

Clark turned to Giles hurt. "Were you even going to tell me?"

Giles was cleaning his glasses. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to… that there was some other way…"

"Here's one I quit." Clark answered simply. Willow can't kill him if he doesn't go out.

"It's not that simple." Giles pointed out. "Willow apparently has some sort of power that brings Sunnydale's worst nightmares to life and can very easily open the hellmouth if she wishes to. If you don't fight her it could mean the end of the world."

Clark rolled his eyes at his 'watcher' in disgust. "You know what the worst part is I actually thought you were a decent person ends up you're no better then Wesley all you do is hide behind your precious books and send people off on death missions and don't do anything by yourself. When Moloch brainwashed me I wish I had killed you."

Jenny actually swallowed at that. It's how she found about Clark he nearly killed Giles. A demon got into the computers and was brainwashing students through computer code to kill each other. Clark was hypnotized by Moloch to kill Giles before he could stop Chloe from coming to him. Clark got close but this bizarre gust of wind knocked him into the book cabinet and when he got up he was himself again.

Buffy frowned she knew Clark better then he thought. "You don't believe that."

Clark just clenched his fists. No… he doesn't truth be told if something came up for Buffy he probably would have done the same thing not to scare her. "No… I don't."

Giles frowned he really hates this job. "Clark if you don't fight Willow."

"I DON'T CARE!" Clark shouted. "I don't care." He repeated to himself more then anyone. "I'm 16 years old. I don't wanna die."

Tess watched Clark leave and got a new idea in her head. That will work and she'll do it tonight so Giles can't stop them.

Clark was laid back on the bed not sure what to do as a duffel bag hit him in the face. "Ow"

"Get dressed and get packed." Tess ordered. "We're leaving."

Clark looked at her. "And where are we going?"

Tess shrugged she hasn't thought that far ahead. "I don't know we can go to LA in a few days I know of a hotel we can stay until this is finished. We might have to kill a ghost though."

Clark looked blankly at the duffel bag. "So that's it huh just quit?"

"Would you prefer to die at the ripe old age of sixteen?" Tess asked.

Clark shakes his head no. Of course not he's sixteen his life is supposed to be just beginning not coming to a tragic end. He knows Willow has to be stopped but can't someone else do it. Clark doesn't say a word and just starts packing.

Buffy was walking back to the Kent Farm with her father. "So if Clark died were you even going to tell me you could have stopped it?"

Jonathon frowned he didn't want Buffy involved. "No because I know you sweetheart. You're one of the kindest people I know you'd knock Willow around but at the end of the day she would kill you."

"You don't know that!" Buffy shouted. "Maybe I can kill her if it means saving Clark."

"Maybe but I'm not about to take that risk Buffy." Jonathon shouted.

Buffy rolled her eyes in disgust as Jonathon instantly regretted what he said. "So you just send Clark in my place. Drop dead dad."

Buffy briskly walked ahead of him not wanting to talk to him right now. Buffy walked through the fields and back to the barn only to find herself stuck in a metal box. She repeatedly slammed herself against the walls looking for a way out but finds nothing as a metal ceiling starts to close in trapping her here as she literally bounces off the wall to no effect. "Somebody, help, HELP… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" Buffy shouted in terror as she was pulled through the box.

Jonathon hugged his daughter not caring if she wanted to or not. "It's OK you're safe now. You're alright."

Tess stared at Clark who was asleep in the passenger's seat as they came up to the welcome to Smallville sign. He had to sleep now as she couldn't exactly take the morning shift.

Clark looked around a foggy wasteland not even being able to see the ground. He walks north until a black raven lands on his shoulder pointing south and making noises for him to go that way.

Clark sighed well at least it's not talking this time though that could have been from his brain literally melting form the spell. He punched the crow away wwith his other hand and it hit the floor but flew back up and landed on Clark's shoulder again calling at the south.

Clark rolled his eyes in frustration. "Alright, we'll go south."

Clark turned around and watched as a pyramid shot out of the floor and kept going up by the time it was done he couldn't even see the top anymore. Clark silently turned to his shoulder and glared at the crow. "This is because I punched you isn't it?"

The crow just nodded as Clark sighed and started his way up. A couple hours later he had made it to Smallville or at least what was left of Smallville that wasn't on fire. Vampires are pillaging the city and little kids are being pulled away from their mothers whom are being torn apart. Chloe's dead body lay at his feet. He sees a vampire run up to grab her for her blood and Clark runs up to punch him but instead goes right through the vampire Clark fell to the floor as the vampire rips into Chloe's throat. He can't help he's not there. He sees a vampire run forward and tackled Cordelia to the floor and started biting her.

Clark looked away in disgust. But he turned around and saw Willow feeding on Buffy. Clark ran up to her in a fury but each punch went through her head, he kept swinging but it was no use. Willow dropped Buffy's body and looked to Clark and smiled before running off in Buffy's traditional blur that Clark could barely see. Clark shouted in anger as the world turned white.

Clark shot up from the passenger seat and saw they were still in the car. "Tess turn around."

"What?" Tess said in general confusion she thought they had a plan here.

"I said turn around." Clark repeated. "I'm going back to Smallville."

Tess' eyes lit up in panic. "Clark… if you're in Smallville you can die."

"If I'm not there my friends will… Tess turn the car around please. I'm not beyond tucking and rolling."

Tess frowned and made a u turn. If Clark's going to die he'll do it with her fighting at his side. Tess drove them back to her motel room and just quietly sat down with Clark. "Maybe I should bite you. I mean I have a soul and maybe if I sire you then."

"Refusing to see a vampire as a demon is kind of what led me to this mess in the first place." Clark pointed out.

Tess held her head. "I know, I know it's just you're going to die tomorrow. I feel like I should be doing something waking up every supernatural contact I know trying to find a way out."

"Can you just stay with me?" Clark asked the sadness clear on his face knowing the consequences of his actions. "I just don't want to spend my last night scared of my fate."

Tess hates this she feels utterly powerless. It doesn't matter if it's as slayer or vampire she can't save anyone. "OK" She starts making the bed. "So you're just going to let Willow kill you?"

Clark shakes his head no. "It's not exactly plan A. But if Willow does what I think she will I might just take her down with me."

Tess pulls out the comforter and sheets as they both get into bed. Clark wraps up Tess in his arms and holds her in his arms as they share some tender kisses both just pushing tomorrow from their mind. Tess looked at him with a happy smile just to give him her support even if she's far from happy.

Clark woke up early the next day and watched Tess in bed sound asleep. It was nice just holding her all night. Clark watched her sleep they kissed and held each other all night it wasn't what he was expecting but it was what he needed to get him through the night. He really likes Tess but the whole slayer vampire thing still confuses him and she knew it too and anything else beyond what they did last night would have just felt like pity. Clark went home to get a change of clothes for the day at school.

Clark came downstairs and saw Joyce reading the paper. Clark didn't say a word and just hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. The first woman in his life that has ever given a damn about him and for the longest he figured the only one that would.

Joyce smiled and wondered what brought that on. "Well this is an interesting way to start a breakfast."

"Can't I just miss you?" Clark asked genuinely.

Joyce was touched but now she's kind of concerned he was out all night but that happens. "Clark are you alright. You were out all night without even a call."

"I'm fine mom. It was just a long night." Clark assured her. No reason to tell her of the bullet focused on him. "So what's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you want to make for yourself" Joyce replied he broke the rules he can make his own breakfast.

Clark smirked that seemed about right. "Hey, don't you have that antique thing over the weekend shouldn't you get going."

Joyce studied her son carefully if she didn't know any better she'd say that Clark was planning to throw a party. "Clark are you sure you're OK. A lot of people have been seeing nightmares lately."

Clark nodded as he put the finishing touches on a bagel. "I'm fine mom. I'm going to head out to school. I'll see you tonight. I love you." He said while he wrapped her up in a hug.

Joyce is starting to wonder if Clark thinks he missed mother's day but it's not until this weekend. "I love you too."

Xander was in school listening to Buffy give the back story on who it was that attacked Kennedy and that it was an attempt to lure Clark out. He's taking it a lot worse then Chloe and Kennedy are. "That lousy hypocrite!"

Buffy looked at Xander and was studying the look on his face. "How is he a hypocrite?"

"Pete" Xander answered simply. "When Pete turned he wasted no time to run a stake through him. But since it's his girlfriend she gets a free pass." Xander said with venom on his breath. "What does he have to say about that?"

Clark came in and heard Xander's little tirade. "I'd say every single person that Willow has killed between then and now and all the suffering this town is suffering through now is on me. I'd say I killed Pete because I learned that wasn't Pete anymore and I'd say I'm more then paying for it now with Willow. I'm sorry I couldn't save Pete but I couldn't let him hurt anyone else either because he was your friend."

Xander rolled his eyes stupid jerk that makes Buffy have gaga feelings for him. Xander just sighed and pointed to his mouth. "Put foot here"

Clark sat down at the table. "So I take it you all know who attacked Kennedy last night?"

Chloe nodded. "I don't appreciate being lied to Clark."

Kennedy just shrugged in a twisted understanding. "Its OK Clark people hide relationships all the time…admittedly yours was a bit more complicated."

"That's one way to put it." Clark said understating the obvious and lord knows Kennedy probably had to keep her share of relationships hidden from her parents. "Hey let's get out of this musty library and go for breakfast, my treat."

Xander instantly got up along with Kennedy and Chloe as they headed out. "You had me at getting out of the musty library."

Buffy watched as the others left leaving her in the library alone with Giles. "How did he do that?"

"Do what?" Giles asked.

Buffy frowned and started to explain. "Joyce called apparently he never came home last night and you can't exactly blame him for that after what he heard you say. I was hoping he ran off but here he is."

Giles took off his glasses. "When you're met with fate you can either run from it or confront it. Maybe Clark chooses to fight his fate and try to make a better outcome."

"Doesn't mean he's doing it alone I'm going with him tonight. I'll help him slay Willow." Buffy decided.

Xander looked into the library. "Hey Buff you coming."

Buffy nodded and followed him out.

Tess looked at her clock and saw it was 2:30 in the afternoon she also saw that she was all alone. "Clark" She got up and looked around the room. No, no, no he hasn't left to confront Willow not yet. Not already it can't be. Tess rapidly gets clothes and a blanket on as she rushes out the front door in full sunlight.

Tess storms right through the front door of Clark's house if it was locked she would have just knocked the door down as she leaves the blanket on the floor and runs upstairs to his room. "Clark, Clark where the hell are you?"

Tess went downstairs and was greeted by quite the sight coming out of the kitchen as she backed away. "Whoa OK this isn't what it looked like."

Joyce came out with a crossbow in hand aimed at Tess' chest. "Then please enlighten me."

Tess frowned wondering how much Joyce knows and if this her way of protecting him. "I was just looking for Clark."

"He's not here." Joyce replied.

Tess looked around smelled the room Clark was here but he's long gone. She smashed a table in frustration. "Where did he go?"

Joyce kept the crossbow on her as she approached her. "I'm not telling you."

Tess easily smacked the crossbow out of Joyce's hands. She respects her for doing it but she doesn't have time now. "Joyce, please just tell me where he is."

Joyce defiantly shakes her head. "He was at school I don't know where now."

Tess looked at her in shock what kind of a cruel parent is she? "Seriously you sent him to school today. Nothing more important then school even if you're going…" Tess stopped oh god he never told her. "I gotta go."

Joyce saw that panicked realization and ran for the blanket taking it before the redhead could. "What Tess?"

"Just give me the blanket Joyce." Tess ordered her she's not beyond torturing her.

"No, you and Clark have both been acting weird today and I want to know why." Joyce stands tall holding her ground with the 400 year old vampire.

Tess just shakes her head and looks for something to use as a sun shield. "I have to go right now please just give me the damn blanket back."

"Just tell me!" Joyce shouted.

Tess growled as she turned to game face and snapped. "If I don't get to Clark before the sun sets he's going to die."

Joyce just had a blank look in her eyes not sure how to feel. "No Tess no I just saw him today he was fine."

Tess shakes her head. "It's not going to be a heart attack or anything like that. A vampire is going to kill him tonight and he knows it. I have to find him. Please if you know where he is you have to tell me."

Joyce just shakes her head uncertain. "No, no, no Clark is a part of me. He's fine he was here this morning we had our usual spat whenever he is out all night and he was fine."

"He was protecting you from the truth." Tess corrected her. "Please if you know anything?"

Joyce shook her head not sure, god how can she not know. "He… he went to school but that got out already. He's wearing… he's wearing… oh god I can't remember how can I not remember." Joyce asked with tears starting to flow.

Tess took the blanket off her and put it around her head. "I'm going to find him."

"Well wait I want to go with you." Joyce said getting a jacket.

Tess stopped her with a hand on her stomach. "You'll just slow me down I'm sorry." Tess had a mad laugh that calmed down to genuine sadness. "You know for 400 years I've wondered the earth without a purpose and now I'm running out of time. If I can find him I'll get him home to you."

Joyce watched as Tess leaves. She immediately grabs the phone and calls Clark but gets his voicemail. "Clark it's your mother just call when you get this please. I reaaly need to talk to you." Joyce hung up the phone and looked at a picture that was right next to it in a frame. It was a picture of a 5 year old Clark with a smile on his face with Joyce's arms wrapped around him. Joyce sat there and cried from what Tess had told her.

Giles was in the library stocking up for his own little war with Jonathon and Jenny watching. Clark isn't going to fight Willow tonight he is.

Jenny was looking at what Giles had translated. "So Clark meets the anointed one and he takes Clark to the old flame that will consume him."

Giles simply nodded that was how it would go but he'll stop it. "Yes, and the skies will allegedly howl in fury at his death."

Clark walked in and heard that last part. "So I'm looking for a kid and he'll lead me to Willow?"

Giles looked up and looked at him right between the eyes. "Clark, I'm not gonna send you out there to die. Now, you were right. I-I've waded around in these old books for so long, I've forgotten what the real world is like. I-it's time I found out."

Clark nodded he hopes he does. "You're still not going up against her I let Willow come into the world it's on me to take her out of it."

"I've made up my mind."

"So have I."

Giles shakes his head in fierce denial he is not sending a 16 year old to his death. "I made up my mind first! I'm older and wiser than you, and just... just do what you're told! Giving orders it's the only thing I'm good for anyway remember?"

"That's not how it goes. I'm the Slayer." Clark pointed out until he rolled his eyes seeing Buffy come into the backdoor apparently he didn't lose her as well as he thought.

"Clark please, please don't do this." Buffy pleaded.

Clark frowned and was fighting just to stay standing. "Buffy you think I want to die. I wanted to grow up. I wanted to see who I'd be in ten years. But I don't get that choice if I can't save myself I can at least save all of you."

Buffy looked at him she's not backing down from this she's her best friend and maybe more. "Well I change fate and I say I'm going with you."

Giles wasn't listening he saw the incredible person his slayer was and he stopped prophecies before. "I don't care what the books say. I defy prophecy, and I am going. There's nothing you can say will change my mind."

Clark smiled inside genuinely touched. "I know. Alright we'll do it together all three of us."

Jonathon frowned but saw that Buffy made her choice. Clark grabbed a couple stakes because one way or another this won't take long. "Ladies first."

"Huh, and here I thought you were a boyscout." Buffy quipped as she took the lead with Clark behind her followed by Giles. Clark took a couple steps before clenching his hands together in a double axe handle. When they're at Giles desk he struck Buffy in the back of the head as hard as he could as the kryptonian was knocked over the desk as a result.

Clark turns around and throws a hard punch to Giles face, knocking him out. He falls backward to the floor. Ms. Calendar scrambles to his aid while Clark goes to the office and lifts Buffy and puts her down on the table using his black jacket for a cushion on the table. Ms. Calendar lifts Giles' head in her hands and gets under it with her knees. While Jonathon tends to Buffy.

Clark looks at the two. "When he wakes up tell him... I don't know. Think of something cool, tell him I said it. When Buffy wakes up tell her she was my best friend here and it was great getting to know her and I... just something nice and tell her I said it."

"If you fight Willow she'll kill you." Jonathon pointed out.

Clark frowned but it's not like he doesn't know this. "Buffy has a destiny Mr. Kent and we both know that it goes far beyond fighting a couple vampires. I know I'm going to die but maybe I might just take Willow down to hell with me to protect her." Clark said as he quietly left the library.

Clark looked outside and saw a kid.

"Mr. please help me." The anointed one pleaded.

Clark wastes no time and pulls out a stake ending any threat the newborn could be. He doesn't need a mystical guide to tell him where Willow was going to be.

Twenty minutes later Jonathon was watching as his daughter struggled to wake up. Jenny used smelling sauce for Giles but they left Buffy be. Buffy opened her eyes and sat up holding her head. "Jerk"

Jonathon looked at her.

"Not you obviously." Buffy pointed out. The vampire slayer that hit her from behind. "Where'd he go?"

Jonathon shrugged. "Buffy we honestly don't know he knocked you two unconscious and left."

Buffy got up and took off in a blur he couldn't have gone that far and the best place to vampires is underground. Buffy moved through the tunnels with lightning speed trying to find Clark but he's not here she looks around and does see someone she knows as she finds Tess.

"What are you doing here?" The vampire and the slayer ask each other simultaneously.

"I was trying to find Clark." Tess replied. "Take it he shook you off too." She already knows the answer already Clark probably knocked her out so she wouldn't follow him.

"He hit me form behind about 20 minutes ago." Buffy objected still not believing he did that. "Jerk has a martyr complex and knocked me unconscious."

"You don't know the first thing about him." Tess shouted knowing why Clark came back.

Buffy looked at Tess and saw how angry she just made her. "Then why don't you explain it to me."

Tess stood there arms across her chest. "I took him out of Smallville. He fell asleep muttered your name in his sleep. Woke up and insisted we go back because I'm guessing he saw you get killed. You're why he came back."

Buffy frowned and watched Tess starting to smell the air around her. "What the hell are you doing now?"

"I'm smelling the air trying to find Clark's scent." Tess answered.

Buffy thought about that creepy and eww but potentially useful. "So if you had Clark's scent you'd be able to find him."

"Yes but I have to find his scent first and it's not here. And I have no idea where the hell to look" Tess laid out as simply as she could.

"So if you found his scent you can find him?" Buffy asked. "So like where he was 20 minutes ago."

"Yes like that!" Tess said shouting until she realizes what Buffy said and still shouted. "Maybe I should follow you then."

"Maybe you should." Buffy shouted back.



Tess looked around and saw she was back in the library and now had Clark's scent. She'll figure this one out later for now she just pointed right. "He went this way."

Clark looked up at the windmill and rolled his eyes. Well he'll survive the fall at least. He looks around and sees a river in front of the windmill oh this is going to be fun. He starts climbing up the ladder and isn't surprised to find Willow sitting on top looking to the sky.

"Thought I'd find you here." Clark said.

Willow smiled and turned to Clark. "You dusted the kid didn't you?"

Clark nodded. "I know you so well the middleman just seemed like a waste of time."

Willow got to her feet. "Well I don't take it you're going to willingly just die are you? I mean we can be snuggly again and I'm sure your British guy decoded the prophecy by now and sent you on your merry way to die all tra la la laey like Wes."

Clark pulled out a stake. "You want to keep your distance. Can we just get this done with?"

"You don't want to play guess I can't force you." She kneed him in the stomach and Clark wobbled back. "Oh wait I can."

Willow went for a kick but Clark caught her leg and easily flipped her into air knocking her on the floor of the windmill stomach first. He pulled out a stake and went to finish it but Willow rolled around and kicked him into the wheel which knocked the stake loose but didn't pulverize him due to calm winds. Willow went to punch Clark with each fist but Clark got his hands up and caught each fist with his own. Clark reacted to the opening and kneed her in the stomach once hurting her and doing it again as she fell to her hands and knees. Clark got one hand on her hair and another on her leather bodysuit as he grabbed her and threw her off the windmill as she went crashing down to the ground.

Clark slid down the ladder like a fire pole but Willow was gone already. Clark walked around nervously trying to find the red head that once took his heart. He walked closer to the river hearing noises when Willow emerged from the shadow and kicked him into the river. Clark got to his feet and punched her in the face as Willow reeled back from the blow.

Willow switched to her game face as her eyes turned black. "That's enough."

Clark stopped in his tracks completely paralyzed. Willow looked at him stuck in the water and simply smiled as she started walking circles around him. "It was brave you know, not that I was expecting anything less from you. I don't take it your watcher knew of the second part of the prophecy did he?"

Clark just stood there immobile as Willow continued. "In a world of Nightmares the slayer will confront a flame from his past and he will be consumed by it and die. The winds will howl in fury from his death. Only for him to be reborn into a new life and new purpose. If you didn't come to stop me the nightmares would have faded on their own nothing would have happened."

Clark stood with a tear running down his eye realizing that this is it.

Willow wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. "Oh don't worry I'm going to make you young and strong like me forever and ever. We'll have fun!" She bites down into Clark's throat and feels the rush as Clark makes silent groans of pain.

Willow enjoys feeding off him for a couple seconds but quickly pulls away as something happens to her. She drops to her hands and knees and starts uncontrollably coughing as smoke and steam starts pouring out of her mouth what the hell is that about? Eventually she regurgitates a good deal of Clark's blood as her mouth stops smoking. Willow walked over to Clark. "Ok what was that?"

She rolled her eyes. "Um right paralyzed." She waved her hand and freed Clark's mouth.

"Go to hell" Clark responded.

She looks at both sides of Clark's neck for a cross but nothing. She looks into Clark's mouth and sees nothing either. She lifted the sleeves of Clark's shirts but found nothing she examined further down his right arm and found what she was looking for and threw his arm back in disgust.

Clark had a quiet smile. "I tried to tell them… it wasn't drugs."

Willow looked at him and realized she can't turn him no vampire can. "You've been injecting yourself with holy water this whole time."

"Seemed like the best way to avoid getting bit." Clark replied with a crooked smile.

Willow growled. "Well I'm not usually one for clichés. But if I can't have you." Willow punched Clark whom fell face first into the water. "Then no one else will." She calmly walked away if she can't have Clark as her child she'll level the town he loves so much by opening the hellmouth which she would have done anyway for amusement. The whole world is full of small towns no one will miss one.

Buffy was walking with Tess reaching her limit. "How much longer?"

"We're almost there." Tess informed her as the winds started to pick up. Tess looked into the sky and saw something that caught her eye. "Buffy"

Buffy looked up and saw the Chandler field windmill spinning out of control as the wind picks up heavily both girls moved for Tess it was faster than she had ever run before and she was still trailing to Buffy who didn't even need to stop to breath and was just keeping Tess in rear view in case she needed to turn Clark. Buffy came up and saw Clark face first in the river and moved in a blur pulling him out.

Tess was surprised at that but quickly regained her focus. She listened to Clark's chest for anything but found nothing. "We're too late… he's dead."

Author's notes

Thanks for the reviews.

To answer a PM This is the reason I don't support Buffy/Angel. It's not the age, the necrophilia, the whole viewing her as a trophy for redemption or even the whoring in his human life which was hundreds of years ago anyway. It would be how Xander finds him in season 1. Everyone said they have this great love but if Angel cared as much as he claimed he would have done something to get Buffy help instead Xander finds him reading and has to force him off his ass to help with the threat of a cross. I mean your girlfriend is going to be as far as you know horribly murdered but hey at least you can catch up with your Shakespeare and act tortured. Buffy and Angel are both great characters individually but together they've always been a mess to me.

By the way I realized how centered it is in Buffy cannon. It adds more Smallville when I go to season 2.

Up Next: The finale of the nightmare prophecy and sophomore year.