Buffy looked up at Tess cradling Clark's body in her arms. He can't be dead. Buffy feels the wind do a number on her hair as it swiftly picks up. Tess looks into the sky and groans a tornado just what they need right now. She also sees a group of vampires coming their way Willow likely sent them to collect Clark's body. "Buffy we gotta go."

Buffy shed a tear and turned around with glowing red eyes. "Tess get down."

Tess quickly ducked and Buffy blasted the group with heat vision and they combusted to dust. She could have sworn Clark said she had a problem pulling the trigger. "Thanks" Tess looks to Buffy and saw she's frozen and panicking with her eyes moving left and right. "Buffy whatever you're seeing it's not real fight it." Tess tried but rolled her eyes in frustration seeing the tornado picking up all three of them.

Buffy is just carried by the wind too scared to move away as she's put back into her metal box.

Kennedy was walking with Chloe and Xander as they moved quickly into the library. Giles said he needed to see all of them in an important matter regarding Clark. Kennedy was calmly walking up the stairs when she's swiftly grabbed from behind. Chloe and Xander turn around and see a vampire has her. However before either could react Kennedy did by quickly moving her head back and catching him with a headbutt and stepped on his foot forcing him to let her go.

Kennedy turned around and kneed him in the stomach and clotheslined him in the back of the head knocking him out as she quickly led Xander and Chloe inside.

"Kennedy how did you do that?" Chloe asked.

Kennedy looked at her handiwork it didn't feel like adrenaline it just felt natural. "I don't know."

Buffy watched as the metal box started its final steps to lock her in for eternity as she heard two voices and a planet shaking apart.

"Put her inside, Lara. Our time has passed. The hourglass is empty."

"What if they don't love her?"

"Lara, her destiny is set. As is ours."

"Goodbye, my sweet Amara."

Buffy regained her focus it wasn't fear it was love. Her parents loved her enough to send her off the planet that looked like it was about to blow. She watches as the tornado leaves and she looks down and realizes she's 50 feet in the air without any rope. "Huh, well this is new."

Buffy wills herself into the tornado and spots Tess easily enough with all the screams she's making. She grabbed the ensouled vampire's arm and threw her out of the tornado with a little more joy then she should probably feel as she sets her sights on trying to find Clark. She sees him about to have a face to face encounter with the windmill over a tree and quickly flies through the tree breaking it in two and grabs Clark as the windmill is obliterated on her back. Buffy takes him and flies down to where Tess is.

Tess got up cracking her neck among other things getting sucked into a tornado was a new experience after 400 years. "Us girls have to have a chat."

Buffy is feeling for a pulse on Clark but gets nothing and starts mouth to mouth getting air into his lungs. "Not now"

Clark was looking around and saw he was in his old room in LA and saw he crashed through his old window. OK this is just weird. He watches as his door starts to creek open and stands arms up ready to fight until he sees the door open completely revealing Willow in a pink fuzzy sweater and a skirt it was Willow, his Willow. Clark ran up and hugged her.

Willow simply smiled. "I missed you too." Willow could see that Clark wasn't letting go. "Um, Clark Oxygen becoming an issue."

Clark let her go. "Of course I'm sorry… it's just…"

"I know." Willow assured him cupping the side of his face. "Clark you can't stay here you have to go back."

Clark looked at her and shook his head. "I don't want to."

"Well you have to the world's ending big guy and it needs you."

Clark looked at her seeing the perpetual smile she had when they were together. "I can't beat you."

"Damn straight" Willow replied. "But that evil, skanky, gay thing you can beat her and you know it. You're just too scared to let me go."

"But I let you die."

Willow rolled her eyes see this is the one thing she won't miss his perpetual guilt trip. "Clark why do you blame yourself about what happened to me?"

"I let you die. I should have gotten there faster."

Willow walked up behind him and hugged him wrapping her arms around his chest. "I loved and I was loved in return that's more then most people ever get. I never blamed you not once, you came for me, that was all I ever wanted. Now you know and now you have to go."

Clark looks at the window. "I don't want to."

"I know, but the world needs you and so does she."

Clark watched Willow leave. "She who?"

Willow went for the exit and quickly turned around. "What the heck one for the road?" She jumps into Clark's arms and they share one last kiss with each other enjoying their taste as Willow pushes Clark out the window.


Willow simply waved goodbye with a smile. "I'll always be with you Clark, always."

Clark looked into Buffy's eyes before he sat up and spat out about a pint of water from his lungs as he gets refocused on the world. Clark turned around and saw Buffy kneeling down next to him. "What happened?"

"You were dying I was flying we both went through whole new things." Buffy replied. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you from dying but some idiot hit me from behind."

Clark looked at her. "Did I really die?"

Buffy nodded. "Yep the sky howled and everything. Why didn't Willow turn you?"

"I've been injecting my blood with Holy Water ever since Willow died. She bit off more then she could suck." Clark replied.

Buffy simply nodded. "So are you OK with…"

Clark had a small smile. "Yeah, it actually did me a lot of good." Clark turned to Tess. "We have to make a pit stop at your apartment."

Tess simply nodded having a good idea what Clark wants.

Xander ran into the library followed by Chloe, and Kennedy. "Barricade the doors."

Giles looked at the three. "What are you three going on about?"

"Vampires lots of vampires" Chloe replied as she turned to Xander. "Also the death of the age of chivalry"

Xander shot her a look not particularly amused. "You shoved me first also Kennedy was holding her own and then some."

Giles had a distraught face but quickly hid it. That's why Kennedy just stepped aside when they asked to come in she's a potential and its instinct for them to protect themselves. But if she's a slayer now then that means… it means Clark is dead.

Jonathon loads a shotgun and saw a car driving into school knocking down the door. "I think the vampires just figured out a way to break through any barricade we set up."

The car sped in and stopped short of the library as everyone hears a banging on the door. "Let me in you freaks."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Aw that's worse then a vampire."

Chloe opens the door and Cordelia came running and started shouting. "OK what is going on around here? It's like Alice in wonderland meets A Nightmare on Elm Street. I think I hit Barney the Dinosaur on the way here. This nightmare world is getting worse."

Giles frowned. "We have no way of knowing how to stop it unless we can kill Willow she's the one tampering with the seed of wonder." Everyone watches as the floor starts to shake.

Xander is the first one to say it. "Now what?"

Willow was on top of the roof of Smallville High chanting and smiled feeling a familiar aura coming her way. Her plan was to destroy the hellmouth and bury the town but she wants Clark dead before that. She sees the three coming at her and sees what Clark has strapped to his back and just smiled hopefully he puts up a better fight this time than that last pitiful performance.

Clark walks to Smallville high with Tess and Buffy at his flank as a blue barrier goes up cutting the two girls off.

Buffy punched the barrier but it had no effect. "He's all alone in there now isn't he."

Tess' face turned demonic as she growled and repeatedly punched it... good barrier "Until the spell comes down"

Clark slowly approached the steps as all the vampires came out for him. Clark simply looked at them while taking his weapon off his back as they all came for him.

Buffy flew into the barrier like a torpedo and bounced off it. She looked over and saw Tess looking kind of relieved. "What are you so happy about?"

"I'm never happy." Tess replied.

Clark stood there getting reacquainted with the grip of his axe as he twirled it in his hands in circles waiting for the vampires to attack. The first one rushed and Clark swiftly cut his head off with little effort. Another one ran up and got cut across the chest as smoke shot out of the wound.

Buffy was in shock watching Clark work. He might not be much of a fighter but you give him an axe and you head for the hills. Clark spun the axe and effortlessly cut off four legs before using his slayer strength to shove the bottom of the axe which was wilted to a stake through two vampires' hearts. Clark took some more swings and Buffy watched in awe as one of the vampires caught the axe handle and Clark swiftly kicked him in the side and brought the axe down taking his head off and jumping in the air decapitating the last two with one sweep and Clark went into the building. Buffy turned to Tess she was not turned on by that. "That was jeepers I mean, how come he never did that before?"

"He was broken." Tess answered. "I could see it in his eyes I know he broke prophecies but that was before he came to Smallville." She turned to Buffy. "I did everything I could to try to keep him away but he insisted on fighting Willow and for whatever reason dieing has seemed to do him a world of good it gave him his fire back."

Chloe helped barricade the door against the army of vampires until something grabbed her leg from behind and was quickly shot off by Jonathon.

Xander ran over and hugged Chloe. He simply looked at Buffy's dad and nodded gratefully. "Now when do we learn to use those?" Xander doesn't want to imagine a world without Chloe in it.

Willow eyes were raven but quickly turned into their normal green seeing Clark kick in the door and stare at her blankly like she's just another vampire. Willow simply pointed at him and scolded. "I did all of this for you. I wanted you back I wanted us to be a family me you and the little guy."

"No, you did all of this for you. I was just a choice mate." Clark replied.

"Semantics" Willow replied. "Remember when we went to the carnival I took you to cheer you up after the rest of our 'friends' thought you were a freak. We had so much fun that night you were happy because you just turned into the slayer you threw your glasses into the trash and burned them and we played carnival games all night you were really good at the rifle game you won me a giant stuffed crocodile and at the end of the night you kissed me. It was the first time I've ever been kissed by anyone and then you apologized for being so blind earlier. We stopped being friends that day and became something a lot more."

Clark smiled thinking back on that it was the best day of his life. "Yeah Willow loved that crocodile she said it kept the frogs away." Clark wasted no time and kicked Willow in the stomach. "Fortunately you're not her."

Clark swung overhead and Willow quickly ducked and caught the axe on the second approach with the two staring each other face to face.

"Stop!" Willow ordered.

"Get a new trick that one's getting old." Clark replied with a headbutt knocking Willow back.

Willow turned to her vampire face and kicked Clark's hand knocking his axe out of his hand and it went down the roof. Willow went to kick him again and Clark caught her leg and threw her into the wall. Clark walked over to her and Willow jammed her steel heel into Clark's leg as he shouted out in pain. Who knew you could get impaled by a shoe. Willow kicked him with her other foot and Clark fell to the floor facing the vampire.

Clark dug into his sleeve and pulled out a stake. He waits for Willow to get close to him and he waits for the right moment using his one good leg he trips her legs causing her to lose her balance as Clark catches her when she falls and quickly stakes her. Willow looked at the result and used the last of her strength to cup Clark's face in her hand as it turned to dust along with the rest of her.

Chloe looked out the window and saw Buffy and Tess staring at a blue forcefield as it fell. She watches as Buffy looks up to the roof and disappears in a blur. Chloe's face lit up in shock what… just… happened.

Xander stood next to Chloe and just saw Tess standing there. "What…did Tess do something funny?"

Chloe shakes her head no. "I just reached a decision about magic. I think I'm going to do it. Learn it could be useful if something like this ever happens again."

"Here, here we could use a Glenda on the team." Xander tried his own hand at magic… He ended lighting the book on fire.

Chloe simply smirked and walked away with him. "Great now go on this great voyage because for some reason you doubted the woman that floated in on a bubble. hate that movie."

Buffy and Clark came in followed by Tess.

Jonathon looked at them. "The hellmouth is closed."

Buffy looked into the distance but regained her focus. "Yeah it's been a wiggy day. Clark died and everything."

Giles took a closer look at Kennedy he's going to have to keep his eyes on the girl over the summer he decides as he turns to Clark. "Are you alright?"

Clark thought about it. Yes he died yes it was creepy but ironically being so close to death inspired him to fight to keep living. "Actually yes, I put a lot of demons to rest and not just the ones I hit with my axe."

Buffy smiled until she saw that behind Giles back Clark was holding hands with Tess and the smile stopped. "So am I the only one that wants to get out of here."

Cordelia nodded in agreement. "If I never see another book again it will be too soon."

They all walked out the door leaving only Clark, Tess, Buffy, and Jonathon. Jonathon watched Clark and Tess start to leave until Clark turned around and hugged Buffy and lifted her up in the air.

"Thank you… for saving my life."

Buffy smiled and hugged him back. "Every time"

Clark put her down and walked out with Tess as Buffy walked out with Jonathon.

The next morning at the Kent barn Buffy was talking with Martha for some quality mother daughter time that they've been lacking. Of course right now Martha is wishing for a set of headphones.

"I mean I get it Tess is a fiery redhead she has unique combat methods like shooting vampires as I saw when I first met her. But she is way too old for him she's four hundred years old she could be like… twenty great grandmothers."

Martha smiled seeing her daughter so bent out of shape. "And all the while you never told Clark how you feel."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Mom it's complicated. I mean Clark is finally smiling it looks like he's letting go and opening up to people if Tess makes him happy what right do I have to change that."

"You owe it to yourself and to Clark to tell him how you feel." Martha pointed out.

"It's not that easy." Buffy pointed out. "I mean he tried to give me a piece of his heart and I pretty much ripped it out and kicked a field goal with it. He finds out he can die if he stays in Smallville yet he stays anyway to protect… how do you top that?"

Martha frowned. "Buffy if Clark wants to be with you it was because of who you are not what each of you can do. Or who's better at saving the day."

"It's so me." Buffy countered. "I mean I fly now I'm the master of land and sea."

Jonathon came out and looked at her. "You fly now?"

To prove her point Buffy simply floated up until she was taller then him. "Clark was in the tornado I saw that my parents sent me here for a reason but I'm not sure it's conquering. I wanted to help Clark I wanted to help save Smallville because I knew he could stop the nightmares that Willow made and he did by killing her. Now speaking of Clark I promised to take him somewhere so excuse me."

Buffy moved in a blur and stopped in front of the Summers house. She gently knocked on the door and Clark opened the door. Buffy looked at him in shock. "Dear god what are you wearing. It's so… colorful."

Clark looked at his clothes he still wears jeans but gone are the black jackets and shirts replaced today with a blue shirt and red jacket. "What I can't wear bright colors."

Buffy shrugged he looks even nicer in that. She looks to his face and just smirked. "Speaking of bright colors what happened to your face."

Clark smiled holding his cheek. "Yeah well mom let me sleep and when I woke up I got the third degree about not telling her I was going to die. Next time I'm meant to die I have to tell her oh and I'm grounded not that it really matters."

Buffy cracked a smile at him. "OK let's go to LA."

Buffy simply watched as Clark knelt down next to Willow's grave. She simply patted him on the shoulder. "Take all the time you need."

Clark nodded as Buffy left. "OK now that we're alone I'll admit it. You were right Will; I never stopped blaming myself for what happened to you. It was a way not to have to let go. But it's exactly what I have to do to move on, getting rid of the darkness of my past I've been carrying around. To be there for the people who need me now. To be there for whomever she is. I won't ever forget you." Clark points to his head. "'Cause you'll be with me here." He points to his heart. "And here, but now I have to say the one thing I never could." He grabs a piece of grass on the ground and lifts it placing the Star of David underneath. "Goodbye Willow, I'll always love you and I promise to be the man you know I can be."

Clark walks back to Buffy ready to head back to Smallville and then he'll have a summer with his father to keep up the façade of the loving father… ha zah.

Author's Notes

Hopefully I can make Clark and Buffy each differ a bit more sometimes it just felt like I wrote over their names with a sharpie.

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Up next: Clark might be in trouble as junior year kicks off with When She was Red.