Chloe stood in Smallville High with Xander and Buffy. When Clark cleaned up a town he did it extraordinarily. Clark as it ends up not only killed Willow but also killed the anointed one leaving no in charge and a vampire civil war leaving no one in power like a chicken without a head. The whole summer he was gone has been a complete lull. The most exciting that happened is Flutie got a job offer at a college in Metropolis with help from Lionel Luthor which sadly means vice principal troll man as Xander calls him or Snyder got promoted. Also they get their school rings today which Chloe is currently looking over hers.

"Nothing says welcome back to hell like a ring that looks like it was jacked from P Diddy."

Buffy had a quiet smirk. "Come on Chloe can't you go a day without a story besides I think they look nice."

Chloe rolled her eyes she saw more sturdy material in capsule eggs. "I think we'll be lucky if the glue holds out till graduation." She leaves leaving Buffy and Xander there as they walk up.

"You sure you're going to do this?" Xander asked.

Buffy shrugged innocently with a smile. "I'm here aren't I?"

Xander had an innocent smirk seeing Buffy go against her parents. "I believe Pa Kent's exact words were. '$350 dollars is a lot of money to spend on something you really don't need.' "

Buffy rolled her eyes. "You know what everyday on that farm I do work that would make most girls my age disgusted by themselves at getting their hands dirty. So once in a while I think I deserve something nice and shiny with the money I earn so drop it."

Xander put his hands up innocently. "OK withdrawn so I take it you didn't see Clark last night."

Buffy shakes her head no. "He should be in today. Like right over there" She point over and sees Clark coming over with a red shirt and jeans. "Hey Clark"

Clark hugged her. "Buffy"

"So CK how was your summer?" Xander asked.

Clark rolled his eyes nothing like a summer with his 'father' to make him appreciate his life on the mouth of hell. "Blind dates so many blind dates daughters of my dad's clients... might knpow a couple girls for Kennedy."

Buffy was shocked. "Oh so that explains the lack of calls."

"Yeah I was walking the streets for most of my summer so…"

Buffy put a hand up she know Clark and his father don't get along but the bright side is as of next Summer it's his choice and he'll likely happily sever the connection for good. "Don't worry about it. So what did you do last night?"

"Tess met me at the edge of town and we caught up on the summer also caught up with mom and unpacked." Clark replied. "As much as I want to catch up I have to get my roster for the year."

Clark went to the principal's office and Buffy decides to forget to tell him about the new principal.

Buffy put the money down and saw the school ring. She puts it on and feels a surprising calm and happiness from it.

Cordy was next in line and saw Buffy holding up the line. She avoided them all summer. "Do you mind?" Buffy rolled her eyes and turned around.

Buffy smiled at her and got right in her face. "So sorry to keep you waiting Cor. We all know you have the very important job to impress a member of the football team before you hit the dreaded age of nineteen when you will have to start living off your looks and hope you can land someone smart enough to at least tie his own shoes after daddy cuts up the platinum cards when he realizes what a pathetic waste of space his daughter truly is."

Cordelia glared at her and Buffy didn't back down. Xander quietly gulped well this is one hell of a way to start the new year. "OK let's take a break before someone says something they'll regret."

"Sick freak" Cordy shouted.

"Vapid whore" Buffy countered.

Xander walked Buffy away from the fight. "Like that" Xander looked down at his finger and realized in all the excitement he lost track of his own ring. He went back and almost swore he saw Cordelia upset until he saw some jock come up to her."

Jonathon was working on his old motorcycle as Buffy came in with the ring on her finger.

"Buffy how was your day?"

"Can't complain" Buffy replied.

Jonathon looked at his daughter. "Weren't we supposed to fix the garage door?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Yeah god knows I can't do that in seven seconds."

Jonathon looked up and saw the school ring. "And I thought we agreed that you wouldn't buy that ring."

Buffy smiled and played with the gem on her finger. "No we agreed it was my choice and I chose to buy the ring."

"That's because I thought you would make the right one." Jonathon countered.

Buffy's eyes flashed red for a minute. "Yeah how dare I spend a little money on myself when I save you guys thousands by not having to hire hands. I give back Lex's truck despite the fact I had no wish to." Martha came in anyone on the farm could have heard the argument.

Buffy rolled her eyes not in the mood to deal with both of them. "I'm going to the library we're studying…" She turned to her 'father' "You know like normal kids."

Jonathon looked to his wife. "What was that about?"

"I think our daughter is going through some very normal teenage rebellion." Martha offered.

"I liked when it was just dealing with heat vision." Jonathon quipped.

Clark, Kennedy, Xander and Chloe are in the library for a rare night of not researching. Over the summer they all got a book they had to read and now here they are cramming all they can so they don't get stuck with Mr. Burton's dreaded 2500 word essay if you fail this test.

Clark looks up and sees Buffy come in with a smug grin on her face. Something isn't right here.

Buffy smiled and sat across from Clark. As everyone went on Buffy just rolled her eyes and stated. "Guys this is boring hey why don't we go out to a bar, hey my treat."

All four heads rose kind of in shock.

Xander had an innocent smile. "Well Buff as much as I'd like to see a Kent girl drunk I'd rather not spend my entire junior year writing a paper."

"Same here" Kennedy added. "As tempting as it is I'd rather not get sent to an equal sex boarding school where I have to hear how evil I am for liking girls everyday."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Well you two are boring how about you two."

Clark chuckled not believing this. "Well as tempting as it sounds Snyder is holding burning down the Hemery gym over my head so I don't want to give him any more ammo."

Chloe looked at Buffy confused. "You might be able to go through academic hara kiri but the rest of us are stuck and where's the book?"

Clark looked up and realized where he left it. "I'm sorry I think I left it in the stacks I'll go get it."

Buffy smiled watching Clark go as her eyes flashed blue and she followed Clark up. "I didn't know you had a birthmark. It's cute."

Clark's eyes shot out as he practically glowed red blushing. "D-did you just x-ray me."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Buffy countered.

Clark looked at her. "Buffy what happened to you today? All day you've been very different."

Buffy looked at Clark. "Well maybe it's a new year and a new girl maybe I'm just tired of being the little home grown farm girl with a secret. Look you guys can go all geek of the week but I'm out of here."

Clark just watched Buffy leave there is something just not right about her and he doubts it's just growing up and a rebellious change since she was the same Buffy earlier?

Clark walked the streets that night and smiled. "I was wondering when I'd see you again."

Tess walked out of the alley and looked at him. "You seemed distracted I was going to let you get your head on straight."

"I saw a different side of Buffy today. I think something's wrong with her." Clark answered.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Tess asked.

Clark shakes his head. "No offense but I think if you cross Buffy right now she might put you in an astray she's over the whole all demons left alive thing. So is the world ending you usually show up for something like that."

Tess shakes her head no. "The Order of Aurelius is still killing each other. But fact of the matter is you made a power vacuum Clark and I fear for Smallville when it's filled."

Clark watched Tess kind of twitch. "Are you OK…? You're shaking."

Tess nodded. "Hungry and cold."

Clark laughed and wrapped his jacket around her. "Let's get out of here before you eat a girl."

"Like I'd eat some Joe Schmo with a slayer right here" Tess countered.

Clark talked to Xander the next day seeing if he could get a feel that something was different about Buffy.

Xander innocently shrugged. "I don't see anything that different about Buffy so she's a little more assertive what's the big deal."

"Xander it's a lot more then her being assertive." Clark replied. "She's turned into a completely different person over night."

Xander stood there in shock he might have said he was right but all the blood left his brain.

Clark looked over to see what Xander was looking at and stared in equal shock seeing a blond girl they barely recognized as Buffy. Her hair was done differently as opposed to the long flat or ponytail it usually is. It's more a perm for about the three seconds he looks at it. Before his eyes drop down to her black top and leather pants.

Xander looked at Clark once Buffy was gone. "So I'm an idiot what do you got?"

"No idea, but right now Chloe needs to see me something about an award winning story." Clark replied as they walked for the Torch.

Clark and Xander walked in and saw Chloe with a smile putting the paper to finish.

"What are you so happy about?"

Chloe puts her ring up as proof of something. "This piece of school spirit is a $350 dollar piece of crap. They were using meteor rocks in replacement of rubies."

Xander looked at her. "You're losing your edge Chlo. Meteor rocks are green."

Chloe held a new rock for Clark and Xander to see. "Not this batch note the red vein."

Clark looked at the rock he never did ask Buffy what those rocks did to her.

Clark walked up to the Kent Farm and quietly knocked. He sees who opened the door and had a sigh of confusion. "Giles?"

"Clark what are you doing here?" Giles asked.

"I need to talk to the Kents." Clark replied easily enough which he does as Giles opens the door for him. Clark came in and saw Martha taping up Jonathon's ribs apparently she's been having trouble at home too. "Did Buffy do that?"

Jonathon looked at Clark. "Don't even think about going after her."

"Thought never crossed my mind." Clark replied honestly he'd never hurt Buffy ever. "Take it she's been going through some changes."

Martha sadly nodded she wonders what happened to the girl she once knew. "She brought a whole bunch of high tech junk and pushed Jonathon into the tractor. We'd say something weird was going on but with Buffy everything has sort of happened to her overnight."

Clark looked at them and thought it might be weird. "It still could be. What can you tell me about the meteor rocks that came down with Buffy?"

Jonathon looked to Martha and grew both kept quiet faces this was their worst fear. "They're likely just pieces of her planet."

Clark looked at the two and rolled his eyes in a way he actually respects them for what they've done. Most people would have handed her over to someone like Lionel Luthor. They chose to protect her and even when she seemingly turned against them they are still protecting their daughter because they loved her.

"There's a reason the Kents always tell the truth neither of you can lie to save your life." Clark said. "But right now I need to know about the meteor rocks. Do they have any effect on her at all?"

Martha looked at Jonathon but it was obvious he wasn't budging. Clark has kept Buffy's secret even from her friends. "They hurt her."


Martha looked over to Jonathon. "He has kept her secret for nearly six months. He only wants to help her." She turns back to Clark. "Buffy gets weak around the rocks and her veins glow green if she's not wearing red."

"What about the red rocks?" Clark asked.

Jonathon and Martha looked at each other in confusion and Clark realized they have no idea what he's talking about. Clark picked up the meteor rock from his backpack and gave it to them.

"All the school rings are made out of this stuff." Clark filled in.

Martha looked at the red rock the meteor shower the gift that keeps on giving. "If green kryptonite affects her physically then the red kryptonite must affect her emotionally."

Clark got to his feet. "This means she'll be back normal as soon as we get the ring off."

Martha got up to stop him. "Clark we tried talking to her its how Jonathon had to have his ribs taped."

Clark shrugged he sees what she's trying to do but he's not exactly powerless. "I'm a slayer Mrs. Kent I was born to take a kicking."

Clark went to the Bronze hoping he'd find Buffy there. You really can't do all that much in Smallville. She sees her there talking to a bunch of other guys. "Buffy we need to talk."

Buffy smiled and left the other boys in a hurry. "OK what do you want to talk about?"

Clark pointed to the ring. "You have to take that off."

Buffy clenched her knuckles almost holding the rock like a crutch. "One time I break the rules go for what everyone else does and even you come down on me. I figured you'd like to do something normal for a change."

"Buffy the ring is made of meteor rock it's making you act like this." Clark replied.

Buffy shrugged not seeing his point. "Well I love the way I feel and I get it now. Want, take, have it's all that matters you want to do something try and stop me."

Buffy lightly pushed Clark into the wall. Of course in Buffy's case lightly is still enough to have him seeing cartoon birdies for a minute or two. Buffy walked up to Xander whom was in the middle of a conversation with Chloe and Kennedy.

"Dance with me." Buffy asked.

Xander quickly said yes and joined her on the dance floor.

Clark got up clearing the cob webs as he looked at the dance floor and saw Buffy practically grinding Xander. Buffy smiled particularly cruel smiles at Chloe and Clark knowing what she is doing. Chloe doesn't hide her feelings as well as she thinks she does. She has a thing for Xander and Xander has a thing for her which Buffy had no problem exploiting. Clark walks over to Buffy and quickly puts her over his shoulder causing Buffy to smile as he carries her out of the bronze.

Xander just looked at a cold glare given to him by Chloe he wonders what he did.

Once outside the bronze Clark put Buffy down and looked at her. "Well congratulations Buffy this new and 'improved' you might have destroyed every friendship you've ever had."

"They're not my friends I don't trust them remember." Buffy said as Clark told her last year.

Clark rolled his eyes and turned to her. "Buffy you are not yourself right now it's the ring."

Buffy groaned this again well maybe she can take the conversation somewhere a little more private. She grabs Clark and moves in a blur as the find themselves in the library with no one in it. "You do not get the right to tell me what's better about me. Don't you have an undead girlfriend to spend time with?"

Clark looked at her with eyes growing a resolve. "Don't talk about Tess like that."

Buffy smiled seeing she's getting to him. "Hey I'm not the one who's dating the girl that sucks blood. You ever wonder if coagulated blood gets stuck to her teeth like pieces of chicken."

Clark glared at her. "I'm with Tess and I'm happy."

"But you didn't want to be with her first, did you?" Buffy pointed out. "You wanted to be with me but as soon as I showed doubt you went running for the corpse."

"Showed doubt!" Clark said rolling his eyes not believing she went there. "Buffy I asked you out there was no doubt in me. I asked you and you answered. You didn't say not today let me figure it out, or give me time, you looked me right in the eye and you said no you felt nothing."

"And now I'm saying yes." Buffy replied shoving Clark into the wall. "Forget the corpse; I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more."

Buffy saw how weak and in shock he looked and took the opportunity to kiss him. Clark realized he'll never get a better chance then this and turned them around putting Buffy up against the wall and she kissed down his neck. Clark eyes almost did roll up as Buffy quickly took his mouth as Clark finally started kissing back and Buffy moaned as he pinned her arms to the wall and worked his way up to her hands as her eyes flashed red.

The two broke apart and Clark quickly threw the ring in the trash.

Buffy had her hand over her mouth. "Oh god Clark I'm so… sorry."

Clark put his hands up. "It wasn't your fault Buffy it was the ring."

"Yeah… the ring" Buffy finished weakly. "I gotta go home I have a lot of apologies to sort out."

Clark tried to stop her but she took off in the sky. "That is so not fair… You know I can't fly."

Clark walked into Tess' apartment the benefits of having your own key. He looked around and she's been renovating since the summer. Bigger bed bigger fridge, more shade to get around in the daylight. Clark looks at a frame and pulls it to him wanting to take a look at it. He smiles it's not what he was expecting. He sees the picture that he drew of Tess framed inside so she must have really liked it.

"Clark what are you doing here?" Tess asked not that she doesn't already know she wants to give him a chance to come clean.

"I wanted to talk to you." Clark answered holding the picture. "You framed this."

Tess smiled a bit embarrassed but she likes it. "Yes it's the first thing you ever gave me and I think the only picture out there that doesn't have the devil's favorite demon right next to it. So what do you want to talk about?"

Clark put the picture next to him down considering the frame was heavy enough to hurt if Tess threw it at him. It's how he believes flowers became the go to apology gift. "Tonight I might have…"

Tess smiled a little bit enjoying watching him squirm but not entirely happy about it. "I think the words you're looking for are I kissed Buffy."

Clark frowned and put his hands up. "For what it's worth I had a good reason."

Tess listened as Clark explained his night and what the ring had done to Buffy. "I won't eat her and I won't hurt her. You were just concerned about the ring and wanted to get it off her. So what was so important about the ring?"

Clark shrugged. "I don't know someone must have hexed it."

Tess looked at him well Clark can safely cross defense attorney off his list of jobs for the future. Tess has been old enough to know that of someone is keeping a secret it's for a good reason. "You have to learn how to lie. Goodnight Clark."

"Goodnight Tess"

Buffy laid down on her bed not believing this. Red kryptonite she did not see that one coming. And although she'll never admit it now she enjoyed her powers no remorse no regrets just do what you want to do the whole thing was freeing. Though now she owes big fat apologies to Chloe, Clark, and Xander. Thank god Kennedy wasn't foolish enough to cross her who knows what she would have said. Buffy hears a knock on her window and gets up easily seeing who it is as she climbs out it and joins Tess on the roof.

"Guess that answers whether or not I'll be invited in." Tess answered.

"What do you want?" Buffy asked.

Tess sat down on the roof. "Well you kissed Clark."

"He told you that?" Buffy asked.

"He didn't have to I could smell you on him." Tess pointed out. "I'm assuming that bruise on the back of his head came from you."

"It was the red rock." Buffy said in a whisper.

Tess looked at her well there was no denying that. "From what Clark told me all that did was drop your inhibitions. Part of it was still you."

Buffy frowned. "You know what the worst part was?"

"You enjoyed it." Tess replied in less then a second.

Buffy was taken back. "Yeah, how did you know that?"

Tess looked to the sky. "Being a vampire at first was the same way. No one could touch me and I was the best at what I did. Being the slayer in my human life showed me how to fight and what to avoid that got so many baby vamps killed by the council. Then my soul came back and I got the crushing reality of everything I've done… nearly drove me catatonic… sometimes I wish it did."

"What changed?" Buffy asked.

"I saw Clark in… Smallville one guy who lost the will to fight but he still soldiered through and he saw the best in me. He made me feel like I can do something important with the rest of my life." Tess answered. "He pulled out the best of me and I'll always be grateful for it."

"Do you love him?" Buffy asked looking at Tess' face as she quickly got to her feet.

Tess rolled her eyes she came here to yell at her but seeing her eyes she can't do it. "That's not important."

Buffy got to her feet she thinks she understands Tess now but she doesn't like it any better. "Yeah well you got any advice?"

Tess hopped off the roof and was dangling by her hands. "Sorry I have nothing. That's something you're going to have to sort out with them."

Tess dropped off the roof and left the farm as Buffy stayed out there and stared at the stars. She can see why Tess is with Clark now. He doesn't see her as a monster he sees her as a woman and a fellow soldier in their war to save the innocents from demons. Clark maybe he sees something in Tess about himself and how lonely life is usually as a slayer. Maybe that's they're together. Buffy decides to do what people usually do in Smallville and repress it and step aside… for now. She doesn't want to lose Clark and she'd rather be his friend then risk losing him completely.

Author's notes

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Buffy on red K kind of came out as a cross between S6 Buffy and Faith. No inhibitions and just doesn't care in general about those around her.

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