Buffy walked into her storm cellar and was taken back seeing the ship had come to life. She sees the most beautiful light as the voice from it calls out to her kryptonian name again. She recognizes it from her nightmare. "Jor El? With the whole hourglass speech you gave Lara I thought you were dead?"

"I am his memory, his will. I am to fulfill his promise and guide you all the days of your life. You are the last daughter of Krypton. When you traveled through the cosmos, you carried the hopes and dreams of your people. They now live through you, Amara. It is time."

"Time for what?" Buffy asked.

"Time to accept your destiny." Jor El ordered.

Buffy looked at him. "You mean the one where I rule with my power."

"That is correct." Jor El replied.

Buffy shakes her head. "I won't do it you hear me."

"You have accepted your kryptonian heritage have you not Amara."

Buffy nodded. "I accepted that I'm a kryptonian… doesn't mean I'm ready to follow you blindly."

Buffy watches as images of Clark and the Kents appear on screen as the ship continues. "I know your thoughts my daughter but it is time to let these people go and embrace your destiny."

Buffy rolled her eyes and walked the other way. "My destiny is whatever I choose it to be not you. Thanks for the talk pops feel free to stay silent for another 16 years I don't need a babysitter."

The ship fired a beam of energy that hit Buffy in the back. "Your destiny is too important to be cast aside you will return to me tomorrow Amara the mark on your back will remind you of where you come from and the great destiny you have at hand that is too important to be sacrificed."

Buffy reached up the top of her back and felt the letter S and a diamond just great. She has to talk to someone about this but not her father… maybe Clark.

Buffy walks into Smallville High and sees Clark working with the others. "Are you busy right now?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Mostly I'm just witling sticks. So what can I do for you?"

Buffy looked at Chloe, Kennedy, and Xander. She frowned she's too scared for their safety to tell them now. "I have to talk to you in private?"

Clark got up and followed her out of the room. Kennedy can't believe this Buffy bats an eyelash and Clark just follows her. "What do you think they talk about?"

Chloe thought about blabbing that Buffy has powers but keeps her mouth shut. "Not a clue."

Clark walked into an empty classroom with Buffy who nearly forcefully shoves him onto a table. And Snyder calls him a degenerate. "OK Buffy you got me alone what's up."

Buffy turned around and started lowering her top. Clark fearing another red k incident went to cover her up until he saw the burned S on her skin. "Who's the soon to be dead man that did that?"

"That would be my father the already dead guy that I don't think you can kill him again." Buffy replied.

Clark looked at her and shrugged. "I mastered killing people for the second time remember."

Buffy rolled her eyes and shouted. "Not like this!"

Clark backed up and saw it in her eyes Buffy is afraid. "I'm sorry it's just I'm not used to seeing you scared like that."

Buffy nodded in understanding. "Its fine it's just the ship wants me to leave tonight and considering what it did to me I don't want to see what it can do to you or my parents."

Clark looked at her. "So what are you going do about it?"

"Blow up the ship." Buffy answered like it was obvious.

Clark shakes his head that just screams bad idea to him. "No... horrible idea."

"Jor El is only in the ship if I can blow up the ship I can stop this before it starts." Buffy pointed out.

Clark shakes his head. This has gotta be one of the dumbest things he's ever heard. "Buffy… no."

"Clark I'm trying to save everyone from me. For all I know I could get brain washed and lobotomize you into my own personal Pinky in our plans to take over the world." Buffy countered.

Clark frowned it's not like Buffy is wrong but that's not what worries him. "Buffy we don't know the first thing about your ship. For all we know there could a fusion bomb in there capable of taking out all of Smallville? That thing has traveled galaxies I wouldn't want to sit there and hit the delete key on a whim."

Buffy glared at him the worst part was he's right. "I don't know what to do Clark. Don't hate me for being scared." Buffy ran off and Clark simply sighed grabbing his coat. It will give Snyder something to tell his mom tonight.

Lois paced the floors of the penthouse Oliver had secured for them. It was a nice place but she's more on edge and excited for a rematch with Clark. Most slayers are Teutonic British bitches listening to whatever their watcher says like they're god but Clark was a street fighter which makes him much less predictable and much more dangerous. Lois walks down and sees Dru playing with her dolls leaving Tina Greer chained up. "Now Dru those flunkies worked really hard to get you that food."

"She tastes funny." Dru replied.

Lois put on her game face and took a bite. She does taste funny. Lois spits it out almost like she drank poison and points at the guard. "What the f… Hey you."

The guard looked at her. "Yes Ma'am"

Lois grabbed the flunky and pushed her right next to Tina's inaudible screams thanks to the gag. "You smell that what is it?"

"A terrified child." The vampire offered.

Lois smashed his head into the wall making a hole. "Smell harder."

The vampire did as ordered and caught on. "Oh"

Lois threw him to the floor. "Yes, oh, as in oh you tried to feed my weak little sister a mutant."

The vampire begged for mercy as Lois put her foot on her throat and saw a little girl now chained up to the pole whimper. "Please lady let me go."

Lois smirked she was going to slit his throat and see what happened but now she got a much better idea. "Change that…" She picks up a phone and wraps her little sister in a blanket. "What do you say Dru Chinese or Italian?"

Drusilla smiled like a playful child her big sister always looks out for her. "I want a treat."

Lois smiled taking out a phone with her other hand. "411 pizza stores please."

Kennedy was muttering under breath this is supposed to be Clark and Tina's job how the hell did she Chloe and Xander get roped into it?

Clark came in and took his jacket off and looked over the room. "Whoa you guys did all this to cover for me?"

Kennedy nodded adding sugar into punch. "Yeah it's amazing how much more you can get done when you have a partner isn't it?"

Clark rolled his eyes somehow he should have seen that coming. He gets it it's just the last girl that helped him fight that wasn't a demon or an alien was Willow and that speaks for itself how badly that went. "Thank you all of you and I'll try to be more open about letting you fight demons I know those instincts but mine have always been more for protecting people."

Kennedy put her arms up victorious. "Finally so where did you run off to?"

"I spent all morning looking for Buffy." Clark answered honestly.

Kennedy put her head up. "And you can't outrun and catch a farm girl?" She just tuts in disbelief. "Some damn slayer you are."

Clark glared at the other slayer. "She can move pretty fast when she wants to."

"Oh I'm sure." Chloe replied.

Xander stuck his head out and ran back in. "Clark lose the jacket Snyder's coming."

Clark tosses off the jacket and grabs supplies mixing the punch. Snyder comes in and sees Clark hard at work with his friends sitting at the table just watching. Snyder looked at Summers with a smile. "And where would Ms. Greer be?"

Clark pointed out. "You just missed her. Everything is done except for the punch so I sent her home to rest up for tonight."

Snyder walked out fuming as he headed for the door. Clark sighed and put his jacket back on. If only finding Buffy was this easy. "I'll be back tonight thanks guys for everything."

Chloe smiled at least one of them is honest. "What are friends for?"

"If they're us to be put to work like dogs." Xander quipped.

Buffy went down to the caves for a moment's peace she hasn't been down here all summer and well quite a bit has changed since then. Mostly all the guys in Luthorcorp exploring the cave like they own it.

Lex walked in and saw Buffy exploring the cave he could have sworn he had this place sealed off. "Buffy… what are you doing here?"

Buffy looked at him. "I come here from time. It's a lot noisier then I remember."

"Well I hate to be the one to tell you this and take away your sanctuary but as of July Luthorcorp now owns this little piece of land." Lex answered.

Buffy nodded and looked around well she's not going to get any answers here. She calmly walks towards the cave exit as her whole body starts to burn. She turns around and sees an octagon made of meteor rock. Buffy smiled seeing them encase it in lead. Maybe she's not as far gone as she thought. This whole thing started with a kryptonian metal key. Maybe it will end with a meteor rock key.

Clark was setting up with the others after waiting for Buffy at the farm all afternoon but no sign of her. He didn't want to be here but right now not much of a choice for appearances sake though he really doesn't have that much to worry about if the ship is as tough as Buffy very little can hurt it.

Cordy walked up to him and looked him over. "So what's on your mind it's not a grrr thing is it?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Nothing like that"

Cordy looked at him. "OK well then please explain it to me."

Clark looked at her. "It's complicated."

"Puny blond built like a brick wall." Cordy quipped.

Clark looked at her. "Fine not that complicated. I'm just worried about her."

Cordy looked at him. "Is it more then that?"

Clark shakes his head. "No"

Clark watches Chloe come out with Joyce. Joyce looked at her son wondering what was going on in that head of his. "Well I went to meet all your teachers and they had conveniently stepped out."

"You remember what I said about Snyder right?" Clark asked.

Joyce nodded. "I'll be sure to act most surprised."

Joyce felt a hand touch her shoulder and saw Snyder. Wow Clark's right he really is like a little troll. " Hi I'm Joyce Summers."

"I'm Principal Snyder I need to talk to you about your son."

Cordy watched in confusion as they walked off. "So are you going to be grounded for this?"

Clark shakes his head no. "All he has is that I fire bombed my old school and she already knows exactly why I did that."

Clark sat talking with Chloe, Xander, and Kennedy he can't wait for this night to end he'd rather be out there looking for Buffy but on the bright side if she does do it he hears you don't feel a thing on ground zero. He sees Snyder come out with a happy little smirk on his face and his mom pissed… genuinely pissed what did he say to her?

Joyce looked at Clark never being so disappointed. "Get in the car now."

Clark looked at her following her. "What did he say?"

Joyce glared at him. "He said he caught you and Buffy in the library last week… I don't have to explain what."

Clark stopped her figures Snyder would equate kissing with sex thankfully he didn't see how Buffy flew home after they left. "OK it's not what it sounds like I'm dating Tess."

"Oh that's music to a mother's ears." Joyce quipped not believing her son was capable of this with two different women.

Clark stopped her. "OK first me and Buffy are just friends. Second all we did was kiss. Third…" He started whispering. "It was slayer related and I had to get something off her that was poisoning her mind."

Joyce looked at him that figures. "Sorry I didn't believe you."

Clark shrugged he's pretty sure he would have been upset with him too. "Don't worry about it."

"So how serious are you and Tess. You've been dating since May?" Joyce asked.

Clark scratches his head well this just got a whole lot more awkward then it should have been. "We're not… bible studying yet."

Joyce was relieved to hear that awkward substitute not withstanding. "Good… take your time to meet the lord."

Both Summers cracked up as windows started breaking and vampires hopped in one by one finishing with Lois.

"What can I say Smallville I just couldn't wait to see you again." Lois finished.

Kennedy and Xander ran right for the fire hose and turned it on.

Kennedy held the hose straight and looked to Xander does he even have a plan he just dragged her to the fire hose. Sure the pressure will slow them down but it will barely hurt them. "What was the point of this?"

"Clark now!"

Clark silently did a sign of the cross and mumbled in Latin not sure what to say on public school. Lois rolled her eyes and quickly put a vampire in front of her as the simple fire hose became the equivalent of a vampire flamethrower as three vampires go up in steam.

Clark looked out and saw Vampires all around the school. He turned to Xander. "Get the girls to the library right now. Mom everyone else come with me."

Clark handed Kennedy a stake "Once the pressure goes get to the library you can't fight them all."

Kennedy smiled seeing Clark has finally opened his eyes as she blasts vampire under the table with holy water.

Buffy walked out to just above the storm cellar she's thankful her parents are at Parent's night as she can blow this up in peace. If the meteor rocks burn her then this should be the equivalent of a self destruct. She looks at the key and was still not sure what to do.


Buffy looked up and saw a charming young man a little older then her with blond hair.

Oliver simply looked at her. "Your zipper's open."

Buffy looked at him but simply let out a chuckle. "Who are you?"

Oliver walked over and looked at her. "Just a traveler. You now you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders."

Buffy looked down. "More or less… look I don't know who you are but could you go away. I'm not like my best friend. I'm not looking for a stalkery person."

Oliver shrugged not having a problem with it. "OK I know where I'm not wanted."

Buffy watched Oliver get on his motorcycle walked closer to the ship as the brand on her back goes off. Buffy falls to her knees and crushes the lead box revealing the meteor key as her skin burns up. She misjudged how lead would be needed but soldiers through immense pain as her veins glowed green. Buffy wills up the last of her strength and shoves the key into the ship as it starts hovering above the ground. Glowing bit of flares as an explosion rocks the storm cellar obliterating it.

Author's Notes

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I hated Martha's pregnancy so I just decided it to skip it here. Since one of Martha's things was she could never have a baby everyone knew how it would end.