Clark watched as the vampires stormed in just once he'd like to know how a normal thing went. He quickly escorted the parents of Smallville into the annex usually used for study hall as he and Jonathon quickly barricaded all the exits.

Clark quickly locked up the last way in. "Alright everyone stay in here."

Snyder looked at him and went for a window. "You don't tell me what to do Summers."

Clark yanked him from the spot and pinned him against the wall. "You want to get through this do as I say. Lock the place down no one gets out no one gets in."

Snyder slides down when Clark releases him. "Consider yourself expelled."

Jonathon looked at Snyder with a glare. "As far as I can tell you nearly fell and Clark was nice enough to help you down." Jonathon turned around and saw Clark going for the front door. "What do you think you're doing?"

Clark looked at him. It should be obvious shouldn't it? "There are ten out there at least not to mention one of them is Lois. Someone has to stop them and I won't leave Kennedy to do it alone."

Jonathon looked at Clark knowing who Lois is thanks to Giles. "Son this girl makes a habit out of killing slayers and your mother is here."

"I know" Clark said opening a side door. "That's why I'm going out through here and to the library for weapons."

Buffy opened her eyes and to her surprise she sees that she's laid out on the couch in her loft. She gets up and checks her shoulder well the scar is still there but the ship is gone from the little she can remember. She looks herself over and sees the explosion has left very little clothes god bless skintight bra and panties. It seems like whenever she wears something really tight it acts like a second skin and picks up her invulnerability.

Buffy got her eyes to focus and saw waves of blond revealing the guy she chased off earlier. "What are you doing here?"

Oliver innocently shrugged. "When you hear an explosion your first reaction should be run to it and make sure the beautiful girl got out OK."

Buffy looked at him and feels like an idiot of course he would come back if he heard an explosion like that. "Guess I owe you a thank you then huh."

Oliver shakes his head no. "I could never turn away from a beautiful face."

Buffy looks away slightly at the compliment and sees a change of clothes. "Tell me you didn't go ooh Buffy has girl parts."

"Just grabbed the first thing I've seen in here." Oliver assured her. "I'll be downstairs."

Oliver went down the steps and Buffy got changed quickly into jean shorts and a light blue shirt as she came down stairs. "So, why didn't you take me inside my house?"

Oliver looked at her. "Because you looked a lot worse when I first found you skin was falling off your body was burning not exactly an impression you want to leave with ma and pa. I was going to take you to a hospital but… Humpty Dumpty kind of put herself together again."

Buffy smiled gratefully. "So, can I at least ask for my hero's name?"

"Oliver Queen" Oliver replied as his face distorted and in a blur he grabbed and bit Buffy. Buffy whimpered in pain but eventually she was able to fight him off as she threw him out the window to the ground below.

Oliver smiled getting to his feet as Buffy jumped down. "It's good I like it when my food struggles."

"You've been biting me." Buffy answered making it obvious how he's moving like her.

Oliver smiled running his finger through his lip. "Yep, you smelled funny I knew you were different didn't think it would be this good."

Buffy rushed him in a blur and Oliver quickly grabbed her by the throat.

Oliver smiled and shoved her to the ground holding her there by her throat. "Kid I am seven hundred years old… did you think you could win." Oliver unloaded in a flurry of right hands on Buffy's face as she started to bleed. Buffy saw Oliver with a far off look in his eyes as he held his stomach. "Oh… what are you?"

Oliver held his stomach and to his and Buffy's surprise Buffy sees someone grab Oliver and throw him at the wall hard. Oliver decides to fight another day he was going to use this power against the slayer but the effect doesn't last too long and this hangover feeling isn't worth it. He quickly runs but at a normal vampire speed as eh flees the farm.

Buffy looked up groggy and too her surprise her savior was Lex Luthor of all people. "Lex, what are you doing here?"

"Lab said there was an explosion at your farm I wanted to make sure you were OK." Lex replied. "Buffy, what the hell happened here?"

Buffy thought quick won't her dad be proud of her as she started. "There was a thief obviously. He was roaming around in the storm cellar he lit the fertilizer and... boom. I caught him on the way out."

Lex nodded and put her arm over his shoulder and went to pick her up to carry and Buffy quickly pulled back. It's not that she wouldn't mind being carried it's just well… she's 425 pounds.

"No, no, no boy has to carry the girl shtick I can make it to my house just fine." Buffy insisted.

Lex smiled and just put her over his shoulder. "Then can I at least help you walk."

Buffy decides not to fight it. Lex is a good friend and after what happened tonight she could use one.

Chloe and Cordy were running through the streets of Smallville. Cordy looked up at the irritating blond. "Remind me again why we're not taking the car?"

Chloe turned back but kept running. "It was surrounded by vampires and we have to get Tess not even Clark can take on this many by his self."

Chloe ran up to the hotel room and knocked frantically hoping she was home. She breathed in relief seeing the vampire open the door.

Tess looked at the two as they were about to collapse. "Why didn't you two take Cordy's car?"

Cordy glared at her. "We kind of had a problem with the dozens of vampires at parents night."

"And Lois is leading the charge." Chloe answered.

Tess went in the room and came out with a pair of handguns with suppressors on them.

Chloe's eyes lit up she has to learn magic but there's no one around to teach her. "What are you doing with those?"

"What I was sent here to do, protect Clark." Tess replied as the three rapidly went back to school.

Jonathon and Joyce paced the room and barricaded up the last side door after Clark left. Snyder was herded in here with them as well and he was panicking this wasn't disciplined or organized.

Joyce looked at Snyder. "Why don't you sit down?"

"This is my school. What I say goes, and I say this is 'not' happening." Snyder replied.

Joyce rolled her eyes and lulled sarcastically. "Well, then I guess the danger's over!"

One of the people in the room shot up. "I'm not waiting for one kid to open the doors. I'm gettin' out!"

Joyce tried to stop them. "Don't be an idiot!

Snyder glared at the woman. "I'm beginning to see a certain mother-son resemblance."

The man climbs up to the window and lifts the sash. Jonathon tries to stop him but he's grabbed by a group of people as well as Martha when she tries to help.

Joyce looked at them panicked. "No! Look, you heard what Clark said!"

"He's a student. What does she know?" Snyder replied as he takes off his jacket and goes to help the man. The two of them begin bending back the metal slats blocking the window.

Someone begins swinging an ax at the door. Joyce casts a worried look at Snyder and the other man. They get two slats bent aside.

Snyder grunts but celebrates at the accomplishment seeing the sky. "I did it!"

The man starts to pull himself through the opening. Snyder helps, but lets go when the man begins to kick and scream while struggling with something outside. Snyder watches as the man is pulled through the window and then steps down. Joyce quickly climbs up, bends the slats back and closes the sash as everyone releases Jonathon and Martha.

In the library, Giles stuffs several stakes into his jacket pockets, grabs a battle-ax from the table and heads toward the door doing his best to ignore the concerned looks of Jenny Calendar.

Jenny recognizes the crazy look and knows he's up to something. "Hey-hey-hey-hey! What are you doing?" Giles starts to push his way through the barricade they constructed when got Clark got everyone out. "There are at least three vampires in that hall! God only knows how many others in the building!"

Giles looks at Jenny. "Listen! I am the Watcher! I am responsible for him, and I have, I have to go!" He starts pushing things aside again.

Jenny frowned realizing she can't stop him. "Rupert!"

He looks back at her again.

"Be careful." Jenny pleaded.

Giles nodded. "Push these back as soon as I..."

Both were taken back as the barricade crumbled as vampire soared into the room and to the floor. Clark walked in right behind it and kicked it in the head knocking him out and staking it with what appeared to be a broken broom handle.

Clark looked at the ax in his watchers hand and took it knowing his is at home. "Oh not mine, but good enough."

Giles looked at him concerned. "Clark, where is everyone."

Clark thought about it and ran it through. "Kennedy and Xander are playing fireman, Cordy and Chloe made it out of the building so I don't know if they're alive but I hope they're getting help. My mom, the Kents, and others are locked in the study hall. I'm going to kill the vamps outside get everyone out when I do."

Giles looked at him. "Clark!"

Clark put a hand up stopping him. "Giles my mother is out there if I don't make it out I know you'll make sure she will. I just wish I knew where Buffy was right now."

Kennedy and Xander ran for the library knowing the hose was out of water. Kennedy quickly rushes ahead and punches a vampire in the head and throws it to the floor as Xander stakes it. She knocks them down and he finishes them off. Kennedy turns around and got sucker punched in the face and stumbled to the floor by a vampire. Xander lunged at him but the vampire easily punched him and knocked him down.

The vampire smiled looking at Kennedy. "Bad luck little girl."

The vampire shouts in pain as he goes up in flames and Kennedy is left in shock seeing the image of her ex girlfriend Tara standing over the ashes with a fireball in her hand.

Tess approached the school with Chloe and Cordy as the three girls surveyed the mess. Tess looked as five vampires tore apart a human body and got a drink from it. Tess watched one of the five run after her and she smiled as she slid between his legs and elbowed both of his knees causing him to kneel.

Tess slid back up with one hand on the ground. As she hopped up she ran to the vampire and jumped at it. With her legs around the demon's neck she pulled the vampire back to the floor in a head scissors and staked it. All four wasted no time and rushed her.

Tess rolled her eyes out of frustration more then anything as she stands idle waiting. Tess smiled and moved her fingers getting feeling in them as Lana taught her to treat each fingernail as a weapon. Tess moved fast and used her fingernail to slit the throat of the first vampire to reach her and quickly grabbed the arm of the second using her feet to kick it in the stomach as she broke its neck with her hands. Tess watched the third one approach and quickly kicked it in the knee as something broke causing the demon to shout out in pain as Tess jabbed him in the face wobbling him back and connected with a punch with her other hand stunning him him.

The vampire tried to throw a punch but this time Tess hooked his arm with hers and punched him in the stomach three times before kicking the back of his legs out leaving him kneeling as Tess got her arms around his neck and broke it. Tess quickly pulled out her gun and shot the last one in the head and watched him drop.

Tess threw Chloe a stake. "Be a doll and take care of these." She quickly put Cordy in a headlock. "And you come with me."

Clark roamed the hallway and worked with stealth. He's already decapitated two without even being seen all that's left is one more. He silently approaches as he hears something behind him and turns around seeing Buffy. "Buffy, what are you doing here?"

"I just got here and all the lights are out, what's going on?" Buffy asked gasping for breath.

Clark nodded and whispered quietly. "I'm clearing out the hallway there's two left. Why don't you lead the way you pretty much taught me how to fight anyway?"

Buffy got in front of him. "No problem, just give me that ax."

Clark gave her the ax and Buffy led for three steps before Clark staked her as she turned into Tina and then dust. Clark wasted no time and threw his ax at the last vampire embedding it in his nervous system as he calmly walked over and staked his last foe as he walked back to the door and saw Martha and his mother. "OK, everyone out now." Jonathon nodded knowing he can take it form here.

Tess walked in with Cordy wrapped in her arms and saw Lois with four others. Lois smiled seeing the redhead with a meal in her arms. "Merce!"

Tess smiled her arm clenched around Cordelia. "Lo!"

"I'll be damned!" Lois walks up to Tess and they greet each other with a hug and a laugh. "Haven't seen you since World War II. Not counting that five way us girls had with the immortal behind Ollie and Spike's back."

Tess dropped the smile. "And what did I tell you about that legs?"

Lois shrugged innocently. "That if I ever reminded you you'd light me on fire."

Tess shakes her head in disapproval. "I taught you to always guard your perimeter. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should have someone out there."

Lois rolled her eyes. "I did. I'm surrounded by idiots that work for top dollar. What's new with you?'

"Everything." Tess replied.

Lois nodded and got right down to business. "Yeah. Come up against this Slayer yet?"

Tess nodded. "He has a gift with his tongue, he's not too bright, though. Gave the puppy dog 'I'm all 'tortured' act. Keeps him off my back when I feed!" She laughs with Lois.

Lois laughed at the insanity of it. "Oh man, we should really eat less Stephanies this year, or at the very least send a fruit basket as a thank you. It's never been so easy to snatch up a teenage girl."

Tess gives Cordy a squeeze. "Preaching to the choir… morning snack"

Tess grabs her by the hair and top and holds up her exposed neck. "Wanna bite before we kill her?"

Lois looked at her carefully. "I haven't seen you in the killing fields for an age."

Tess shrugged. "I'm not much for company. You and Dru should know that more then anyone."

Lois chuckled thinking back to happier times. "No, you never were. So, why're you so scared of this Slayer?"

"Scared?" Tess asked.

Lois nodded. "Yeah. Time was you would've taken out Opie in a heartbeat after wrecking his life. Now look at you. This, uh, tortured thing is an act, right? You're not... Christ he hasn't really domesticated you has he?"

Tess glared at her. "I'm curious about what it would be like with a boy slayer. Also I saw him kill the Master and his successor. Hey, you think you can take him alone? Be my guest. I'll just feed and run." She roars and bends to Cordy's neck.

Lois holds up her hand having similar thoughts. "Easy Merce. We're all friends. We'll kill the slayer together. Let's drink to it."

They both slowly lean in to Cordy's neck. At the last moment Lois punches Tess in the face, making her stagger back. "You really think you can fool me Mercy?! You were my sire, you were my... Mr. Miyagi guts in guts out!

Tess pulled back and retaliated with a punch of her own. "Things change. I've changed."

Lois shakes her head rubbing her jaw. "Not us! Not demons! Not Scourge! I can't believe this. You Uncle Tom!" She grabs a pole from the floor. "Come on, people! Ten points for busty bimbos. Twenty points for skanky traitors."

Cordy instantly broke free from Tess' grip. "Who are you calling a bim…"

Tess instantly grabbed Cordy by the scruff of the neck and quickly fled. She can pick them off one by one with her guns but not with Lois there. Tess taught her too good on how to handle slayers and her kill count is proof of that.

Lois smiled smelling something new enter the hall as the vampires chase Tess and that bimbo. "I smell husky aftershave and power." She turns around and sees Clark. "Hello Smallville"

"Do we really need weapons for this?" Clark asked.

Lois smiled and vamped out dropping her pole. "I already have my weapon."

Clark smiled dropping his ax and flicked his wrist as a retractable stake came out. "Great minds"

"Just for the record you're not one of those whiny slayers are you? Completely confident but when I get the upper hand, 'oh god. oh god, I'm only fifteen please don't.'" Lois quipped. "Kind of kills the moment I kill them."

Clark took up a fighting stance. He's going to enjoy this more then he probably should. "Bring it on… Louise."

Lois glared at him as she growled out. "Merce has to learn how to keep her mouth shut."

Clark quickly punches her in the face no point in being a gentleman if she can kill him and quickly delivers a punch to her stomach and one to her back wobbling her before grabbing by her top and leather pants and throwing her into the lockers as she hits the floor. Lois gets up angrily and rushes him as Clark ducks a punch and lands four of his own in a row. Lois grabs his arm and shoves him into a wall. He ducks quickly, and Lois' next punch goes through the wall. Clark smiled seeing her get angry, reckless, and stupid. He gets behind her and punches her high and hard in the back and spine.

"I guess you really di get the name Louise the bloody because your writing stinks." Clark quipped.

Lois growls viciously pulling out a piece of wall with her as she hits Clark with it and knocks him down. "0 for 2 Smallville"

Before Lois can bend down to bite she's hit in the back of the head with an ax sloppily and falls down.

Kennedy smiled holding Clark's ax. He makes it look so easy to chop vampire's heads off. She turns to the other slayer. "Remember this day, because you owe me one."

Clark got to his feet and saw Kennedy approach Lois and knew what the vampire had in mind. He pushed Kennedy aside as Lois' legs didn't wrap around Kennedy's neck but Clark's sides as he grabbed her legs yes he's freakishly tall and it has it's uses.

Clark holds onto Lois' legs and starts' spinning with her building momentum as the vampire is lifted off the floor more and more as Clark throws her out the window nearly collapsing from his dizzy spell.

Kennedy looked at him and caught him easy enough as he fell. "Wow, I never thought a giant toss would actually work."

Clark regained his footing and went to the window with Kennedy and they both saw Lois was gone. Clark has a feeling he hasn't seen the last of the dirty blonde.

Lois walked into the penthouse and saw Oliver puking blood into a bucket. Oliver just looked at her before quickly turning back to the bucket vowing to just break Buffy's neck next time.

Lois ran her fingers over Ollie's head while pulling glass from her hair and face. "So, how was your night?"

Snyder was watching the clean up as Police body bagged five people lost in the assault. Snyder walked over to the chief officer at the scene. "Hello, Bob."

Bob nodded. "It's over. They all got away. I got a body inside, Three on the north lawn and I got another one on the south lawn. And it looks like he was pulled right through the window.

"I told him not to go through that window." Snyder replied.

Bob looked at him. "I need to say something to the media people."

Snyder shrugged. "So?"

"So? You want the usual story? Gang-related? PCP?"

Snyder shakes his head sarcastically. "No, let's tell Mr. Luthor we can't control this mess."

Bob quickly nods. "Right. Gang-related. PCP."

Kennedy was walking out with Tara out of the building all in all this was a very productive night for her. "You know I don't get you?"

"W-what do you mean?" Tara asked nervously.

Kennedy looked at her while holding an ax not only did Tara see logic Clark is letting her patrol on her own when she wants now. "One moment you're shy girl door mat for your family. The next moment you're toasting a demon."

Tara weakly nodded. "I'm a very complicated person."

Kennedy smiled and held the witch's hand. "I'd like to find out."

Tara smiled as the two left school.

Clark was walking with Tess and his mother. "Well I hope the hellmouth doesn't keep putting special in special occasions."

Joyce cupped his face and Clark instantly pulled away. He doesn't want his girlfriend to see that. "I have a son that can take care of himself and puts the whole world ahead of him and can lead in a crisis. I'll sleep better seeing that side of you first hand again, I haven't seen it since Willow died."

Clark nodded he kept quiet on the vampire that killed him no need to traumatize her more. "Yeah, just another night in my life."

Joyce got in the car leaving them there.

Clark looked to Tess. "So according to Cordy, Lois called you Merce does that mean anything?"

"It was her nickname for me." Tess replied. "We go way back."

"How far back?" Clark asked.

Tess frowned not knowing what is going to happen now. "From her beginnings… Clark I was Lois' sire."

Clark looked at her for a moment. "No you weren't."

"I was there Clark pretty sure I remember it." Tess replied.

Clark looked at her. "Mercy sired Lois you were in the either at the time until you got cursed."

"I am Mercy Clark." Tess replied.

Clark shakes his head. "If you were Mercy everyone here would be dead tonight. You didn't help Lois you came to stop her. You are no more then Mercy then Willow was that thing that killed me last year."

Tess didn't say a word in shock she just reached up and took Clark's lips for her own in a deep kiss. She's still Mercy but Clark doesn't see her as a monster he just sees her as a brave woman.

Clark smiled as she let go. "Wow, how did you… never mind." He pulled her closer to him as they kissed again.

They broke apart again with Clark taking a moment to breath.

"Don't you have to patrol?" Tess asked.

Clark shakes his head. "Kennedy said she'd do it after talking to her girlfriend."

Jonathon Kent came home and saw Lex's Porsche driving off. OK what the hell did he miss? "Buffy, what was Lex doing here?"

Buffy frowned seeing her parents but ran down the story. How she destroyed the ship and a vampire attacked her afterwards and how Lex Luthor of all people saved her life.

Jonathon frowned and quickly got out. "You're grounded for a month and Clark is doing a week of chores for keeping this from us."

Buffy looked at him mouth open. "I'm a kid I'm supposed to do dumb things."

Jonathon looked at her yes Jor El sounds like he doesn't have the best intention but Buffy acted dangerously tonight. "Buffy, you blew up a ship with kryptonite you could have gotten yourself and all of Smallville killed. You were reckless and selfish."

Buffy pushed him aside. "Should have made sure you came in and saw my tongue down Lex's throat."

Jonathon pushed that thought aside that better be one of his daughter's smartass comments.

Buffy walked into the room and slid her top down enough to see the branded skin is still there. It will be an interesting story when she's older. She lays down and drifted to sleep thinking of the bold billionaire brave enough to fight a super charged vampire to protect her without powers.

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