Tess leaned back into Clark after a fruitful night of fighting vampires, both rested against the back of the tombstone sitting against it. Well technically Clark is and Tess is just leaning into him.

Tess looked at him. "So, why are you so happy?"

Clark looked down at her and kissed her. "Didn't realize I was showing how happy I was." Clark looked at her. "Well, Snyder got on my back about not being involved in the school, AKA, not trying out for the football team. And when he went to cause trouble he lost his footing and fell down the steps."

"How is that a good thing?" Tess asked.

Clark shrugged. "I usually hate seeing people get hurt but since he was embarrassed more then anything I got a good laugh and he left to seethe when he realized I was too far away to put the blame on me. And I got to spend my night holding you not bad considering I have to work the farm tomorrow for not telling Mr. Kent what was going on with Buffy."

Tess looked up to Clark. "I can bite Snyder if you want?"

Clark smiled and gently kissed her. "Thank you, but that seems kind of extreme." Clark took a moment to laugh at the visual of Snyder turning pale seeing Tess in her game face. "Tess, can I ask you something?"

"Sure" Tess replied.

Clark took a moment the tortures of Google and Giles the book man. "Well, I know that you're too old to have your actual name to be Tess, can I ask what it is unless it was Theresa?"

Tess looked away and quietly muttered. "I can't remember."

Clark looked at her. "How do you…"

"How do I forget my name?" Tess asked and Clark weakly nodded. "All the council cared for was a weapon. Then I was Mercy for three hundred years and Tess for another hundred."

Clark frowned forgetting moments like these that make him realize how much of an age gap there actually is between him and Tess. He smiled as an idea came to his head. "Hey I know, I can find out in the watcher's diaries Giles has."

Tess glared as her game face came out and she hopped off Clark. "Just drop it alright. I don't care about who I was all I care about is who I am now." Tess frowned great she just snapped at the decent guy who just doesn't see a dead thing. "Look, I'm sure Giles would like to know about patrol so let's just call it a night. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Sure" Clark conceded as he left leaving her alone.

Tess stood up in the hills a longbow in hand maybe she'll feel better if she kills something right before sunrise and she was going to do this anyway of course it would have helped if she didn't chase off Clark but it should still work. She sees eight cars pull up four on each side as a small army of vampires get out on each side. Tess pulls an arrow out and hopefully Oliver's lessons aren't as rusty as she remembers.

She listens as the two vampires talk.

"We can't keep doing this." The vampire started.

"Is that a concession speech?" The other vampire asked.

"No" The first vampire assured him. "But we were both lieutenants in the order of Aurellius. Now our two little groups are all that's left. We shouldn't be fighting each other we should be sharing power while fighting the slayer and these new vampires. We're not going quietly into the night; we'll make Smallville our own little slice of hell and then kill the slayer and these new vamps. But if we don't band together now everything the Master worked for will be lost."

The second vampire looked at him with a smile. "I agree let's go tell the others then paint the town red."

The second vampire walked over with a smile to his group until an arrow pierced his heart and he collapsed into his number one's arms. "KILL THEM ALL!" He ordered as he combusted into dust and one group of vampires charged at the others an unholy battle broke out between vampires.

Tess smiled watching the vampire's tear themselves apart. It would have worked better if Clark was here to kill the other leader but it still worked. When the dust literally cleared all that was left was the remaining leader and two vampires. Tess shrugged and loaded up another arrow and shot the leader right in the heart before reloading and taking down the last two ending the Order of Aurellius once and for all. Tess sensed someone sneaking up on her and quickly loaded another arrow but was tackled to the ground by someone in an apparent SWAT suit as Tess soverpowered and straddled him. Tess went to bite but heard a heartbeat. "You're human."

Ten more SWAT suit people came out of the forest and surrounded Tess as the vampire quickly got back to her feet as each officer pulled out a stun baton which looked to be juiced. "Aw fu…" She quickly kicks one in the face as the other eight attacks her all at once continually shocking her until she passes out.

Two of the men drop down with a body bag and promptly put her in it. "Let's go load her in, thirty minutes till sunrise and she has an appointment the boss insists she keeps."

Clark sat down in the library and looked at the watcher's journals all of them are even more dull as they write. That was two hours ago and dull reading has taken it's toll and knocked him out as he laid back and rested his eyes. He keeps his eyes closed and dosed back to sleep as the air seemingly strokes his hair and cups his face as he shoots up awake. He feels his face and he could have swore someone touched it. "Is someone here? Buffy, are you in here?"

Giles exited his office and saw Clark startled. "Clark, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Clark answered as he looked at the books if Tess wants to bury the past he can do that. "I'm going to head home I'll see you tomorrow Giles."

Giles nodded all things considered it was probably just a nightmare and he'd tell him if it was a slayer dream. "Yes, best not to run yourself into the ground."

"Also gives you a chance to call Ms. Calendar." Clark quipped as he left.

Buffy smiled looking at Clark gasping for breath, rookie. "Hey, I thought slayers were tough and could handle anything."

Clark glared at her on the Kent Farm shovel in hand. "Slayers are tough but this is repetitive and monotonous. And it's your crime I'm doing the time for."

Buffy smiled and went back to work Clark's helped all this week but she still has three more. "Well at least after today you're free."

Clark nodded in agreement he guesses it worked out OK and he probably would have done what she did if it meant being forced to leave the people you cared about. "So, anymore visits from your father?"

"No" Buffy turned around and lowered her shirt a bit to show the brand and slid it back up. "But I don't think he's done with me yet either."

Clark sighed. "Or you blew him to pieces before he had a chance to interfere in your life again." Clark saw a far off look in Buffy's eyes and decided to distract her and scooped up another shovel load of dirt and rocks. "I got a better idea then re digging this, I dig, you blast."

Buffy looked at him. "Ok… that actually sounds like fun."

Clark flung a heap of dirt that was quickly blasted with heat vision. Clark dug and Buffy blasted again and they continued until they had the hole dug. "Alright, let's call it a day."

Buffy shakes her head for the fast time in a long time she's having fun with her abilities. "Come on…" She puts on her best puppy dog face. "One more… and a big one."

Clark smiled and proceeded to dig deep getting a huge pile on his shovel as he threw it in the air.

Buffy smiled seeing it and hit the pile with heat vision unaware that among the dirt spinning in the air was a tiny sliver of kryptonite. Her heat vision hit the piece of home and in retaliation it sent a trail of green light right back at her eyes as she fell down.

Clark watched over half the pile fall to the ground until he heard Buffy fall to her knees. "Buffy what's wrong?"

Buffy grabbed his arms and squeezed in a panic before she realized what it was and let go as she heard Clark wince and try not to cry out but right now her main concern is her eyes. Where's the lights, where's the shadow. "Clark, I'm so sorry it's just… my eyes I can't see."

Clark waved his arms in front of her but nothing and her parents are in Metropolis and that's a three hour drive. "OK should I take you to the hospital?"

"No, you can't." Buffy stated freaking out and digging a trench with her feet on the ground.

"Alright no hospital just stop shaking." Clark pleaded as Buffy stopped. "OK, I'm going to take you inside."

Buffy was set to warn Clark about her weight but to her surprise he effortlessly lifted her up bridal style as he carries her to the house.

Tess held her head and looked around all she saw was black. Who the hell had the gull to body bag her? She ripped her way out of the bag and saw wherever she was it's at the very least a mansion. She opens a door and sees plenty of people standing around but none look like they're here to kill her.

Tess heads north and sees a woman in a robe what the hell is this.

The woman slides her hair over to one shoulder exposing her neck. "Are you hungry?"

"I'm in recovery." Tess answered.

The woman let her hair down and opened the door for her as Tess walked into what was apparently an office of a very rich person. This better not be a rich dying person hoping for more time.

"I celebrate myself, and what I assume, you shall assume..."

Tess rolled her eyes in disgust and turned to the elderly man with long grey hair. "...for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."

The Old man smiled looking down at the book he was reading. "That sounds like a description of family."

"I wonder what that's like." Tess quipped. "What the hell do you want Lionel?"

Lionel put the book down with a smile. "Well you haven't called or written in three hundred years I was starting to worry."

Tess rolled her eyes. "And what you were afraid Mercy got up to something. You've been here for a thousand years old man. I don't think there's much that troubles you. I mean you're what fifteen, sixteen hundred years old."

Lionel looked at her playing upset. "Has being CEO of a billion dollar corporation really aged me that badly?" Lionel chuckled. "I think I've held up quite nicely for being 998 years old."

"Well if you'd ask a girl that wasn't afraid of you or wanted to be like the next Ex Mrs. Trump she'd say you're a little worn around the eyes." Tess warned.

Lionel had a quiet smirk and sat down at his desk and pulled out a remote. "Maybe I should let some sun in, get some color." Lionel pushed the button and Tess instantly backed away as the blinds split open and sunlight entered the room radiating off her face.

"No" Tess put her arms up in a feeble manner to protect herself. She looks at the sun and quickly checks herself. Why isn't she on fire?

"Necro tempered glass, A Luthorcorp R&D project that is currently being put up in that hobble of a hotel room your living at." Lionel answered. "Consider it an early birthday present."

Tess switched to her game face and wrapped her hand around Lionel's throat. "You, never do anything that doesn't benefit Lionel Luthor, you tell me what the hell do you want?"

"It's interesting you know you hear the craziest little things on the business line. Like yesterday I've heard you've been dating a vampire slayer since last year. Certainly raised an eyebrow until I realized it was a boy."

Tess looked at him. "Really you took so many other things from women and now the slayer too, what cha do cast a spell."

Lionel shook his head. "No, I sent a field team out to watch over you, can't take any chances with Lois and Drusilla in town, especially knowing what you did to them."

Tess frowned but never let go of her grip on Lionel's throat. She did a lot of unspeakable horrible things as Mercy. She spilt blood that will never wash but undoubtedly the worst was what she did to them. "That explains the unwanted grunts, not the one on one. What the hell do you want?"

Clark laid Buffy out on the couch and ran into the kitchen to make a phone call. "OK your parents are in a cellular dead zone from what I can tell." He fills up a bowl with water and a rag slong with a flashlight from under the sink. He goes in this probably won't do a thing but he has to try something.

He turns the flashlight on and points it in her face. "Do you see anything now?" Clark asked.

Buffy shakes her head. "No, nothing."

Clark dabbed the rag and held Buffy's face as she flinched. "Just going to wash out your eyes."

Buffy lowered her head and let him while all she could do was laugh.

Clark looked down at her. "Something funny?"

Buffy shakes her head. "No, it's just with me invulnerable and you, not so much and constantly fighting demons I figured the roles would be reversed here. And I'd be the one playing nurse in a white get up?" She listens and hears nothing. "Are you still here?"

Clark reboots his brain nice picture but definitely not the point right now. "Yeah, I'm just dabbing some water into your eyes." Clark gently applies the rag and Buffy fights herself just because her eyes don't work doesn't mean heat vision might not. He finishes and points the light. "Anything?"

Buffy shakes her head. "No"

Clark sat down stumped. "So, any ideas now that I'm all out."

"We go to school… I wear sunglasses." Buffy answered.

Clark rolled his eyes. That's an even worse idea. "And what happens when the ninety pound school girl knocks down a wall by bumping into it."

"The library Clark, where all the books are, Giles lives there." Buffy finished in a sarcastic lull.

Clark stopped for a moment. "Oh, right I forgot about the fact my watcher knows." Clark lifts Buffy up and gives her a shoulder to lean on.

"Wait, we can't go covered in farm sweat we'd attract too much attention." Buffy pointed out.

Clark looked at her not good his is he supposed to help a blind girl get changed.

Clark walked into Smallville High Buffy on one arm and the other on his neck stiff from how long he had to look up while she got changed

Buffy stared blankly at space. "This is too noisy to be the library."

"I know I'm just getting my books for the day." Clark informed her as he opened his locker. He looked inside and the first thing he saw was a pink post it definitely not his.

'You look better in black' along with a symbol of a heart. Clark folds the post it and puts it into a book with the other post its, He's been getting these for a week now and he's sick of it. Buffy's problem first however, he doesn't see the harm in the little notes anyway.

Clark slams the door to his locker shut and Buffy winces in pain from the sounds of it. Pretty soon it's not just Clark's locker but every door out there opening and closing, zippers working the book bags random talking from the students it all becomes too much for Buffy as she falls to the floor holding her head. Clark looked down and became much more alert of the situation. "Buffy!"

"Take me home!" Buffy pleaded. "We'll call Giles there."

Clark helped her up and held her close and to Buffy's surprise she found something to channel in on as she listened to Clark's heartbeat in desperation to tune out the world but it didn't work for long. To her surprise she found herself listening in on Chloe from the torch sounding she's getting ready to ask someone out on a date. With how nervous she is.

"Come on she's been you best friend for three years and since that meeting went kaput from vampires and since she's been on the farm all week just go hey Buffy, I know your secret, no that's dumb. Hey lightning legs, no dumber."

Buffy hears the torch door open and Chloe instantly drops what she's saying and says. "Hey, Xander how's it going?"

Buffy took a moment to collect herself as Clark goes to the door and the noise suddenly stopped. Chloe knows at least part of her secret so that's something. What is she going to do?

Clark and Buffy made it to the door as they're stopped and Clark sighs seeing why. He looks up which is a rare thing for him and sees Larry from the football team.

Larry smiled and looked at Buffy he never realized how beautiful she looked especially in those shades. "Kent, are you doing anything tonight?"

Buffy thinks she's rolling her eyes, maybe, she's not really sure if they work right anymore. "Even if I wasn't, I wouldn't go out with you."

"Funny, you had no problem kissing me a couple weeks ago now you're back to that freak." Larry countered

Buffy groaned stupid red kryptonite. The shame of that and the naughty dance with Xander to get a rise out of Clark will never wash. "Leave, me, alone."

Clark shoves Larry aside with his free hand and quickly rushes Buffy down the steps and out the door as Larry enters the stairway and sees them leave.

Larry just shakes his head in disgust. "Hey, you want to spend your time with that freak, be my guest sweetheart."

Larry turned to go back in but to his confusion the fire hose unrolled itself from the side. Larry looked at it in confusion as the top of the hose started to rise up. "OK, who ever is doing that, you're not funny."

The hose just as quickly dropped as Larry just let out a sigh he hates this place. He then watches as the middle of the hose rises and drags the steel nozzle across the floor until the hose is swung like a flail and the nozzle collides with Larry's face as blood flows from his mouth where it hit and he tumbled down the steps hearing a couple bones break on the way down. A girl's laugh is heard echoing in the hallway as something lifts Larry up by the hair. "Don't, ever, call my boyfriend, a freak!"

The invisible girl smacks Larry's head to the floor and opens the door following Buffy and Clark.

Author's Notes

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