Breathing heavily for a few minutes, I started the engine once more. It wasn't the fact my brother was Dougie Poynter, that really famous guy in the band mcfly and has had 7 number one singles. Man what am I kidding that is what this is all about you know you were a mom I don't think you'd let you r daughter idolise her brother, which if you're wondering I did I had about 5 poster of him on my wall , but I mean leave that fact out to the only other person in your life.

Sighing I slip in blink-182's cd take off your pants and jacket, had hum along to track 3 first date.

A few hours later I slip in mcfly album radio active, and sing the words to the first track, thinking is it possible what mom was afraid of? That I could actually meet Dougie Poynter? Maybe but I doubt it, why would anyone famous talk me.

Soon after that I had arrived at my destination, so London's ….. London I suppose but if you're looking for a flat in London If it say "light and airy" I think they no roof or windows!

What am I goanna do I've got no place to stay, no money, or no alternative, I mean I could go back to my mom's but she'll just give me lip about how she was right, that London would not suit me, and I was wrong.

I got out my car and looked at my neighbourhood, this is worse than where I lived in Essex, I walk up to my door and put the key into the lock, half way before the key goes fully in the door falls off in already rusty hinges and fall straight down on the floor in a cloud of dust displaying the apartment to me.

Staring in shock with my mouth wide open I whimper in shock and walk forward's still staring in front of me, not caring what I trod on. When you first walk into the flat there is no walls door furniture or bathroom or even just rooms the whole floor is covered in plaster and parts of wall which explains why there no walls, the precious owners must have knocked them down.

I said out "there is no way in hell I was staying here" walk back over the rusty red door and in one swift move picked the door up and slammed it close.

Running fast the loud crashing noise persuaded me to turn around. My whole body shacking scared of what I was going to find behind me. I slowly turned my head to the left my back still facing the place where the noise had come from. It must have been so loud that the neighbours were coming out there houses shacking their fists at me.

I slowly turned around to face my house. The whole building had fallen down! I gasped in shock. And stood to see that the rusty red door was the only thing standing, mocking me as my mind started to shut down out of pure shock things went fuzzy and black the next thing I knew my head had hit the floor…

To be continued…..