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Chapter 1: The suffering begins!

Life seemed like it was over for a young Pokemon trainer, a few hours after his dream of being a Pokemon master was totally destroyed by his most powerful rival Paul Slate. He was a cruel and vile trainer and he was willing to give the lives of his Pokemon to achieve his goal. He would do anything to win, even if it cost the lives of his Pokemon. That was the difference between Paul and Ash.

Ash lost everything in that fight. People thought it was stupid that someone would give everything for Pokemon. Ash did not think so; he was always caring and would give his life for those who needed it. His best friend, a yellow electric Pokemon named Pikachu, would testify to that. He had always trusted Ash and he would follow him to the end of the world.

The fall of the young trainer was very painful and it was the worst defeat in the Lily of the Valley Conference. But the worst pain came from the betrayal of his friends.

It was as if he had lost his family.

Ash was in a room with Pikachu, who had recovered from the severe beating that Paul just given. That loss had taken away all hope of winning the Lily of the Valley Conference and therefore to become a Pokemon Master.

He sighed deeply because people did not understand. Even his friends had said how strong Paul was. The hardest parts of becoming a Pokemon Master letting your Pokemon suffer.

"Pikachu, I never will put you or my other Pokemon in danger, you guys are the only thing I have. It's not worth putting you guys through to win. I'm sorry for not realizing that earlier." Ash said, with remorse in his voice.

"Pika pika pika pika pika pi pi" (We know you're not like Paul, Ash. We are your friends, so we'll always be there for you.) said a smiling Pikachu.

"I want you to know that it was my fault that we lost today, not you guys. I should have seen through Paul's tricks. I'm starting to think Paul was right about one thing: that I'm a loser and I don't deserve to be your trainer. Or any other Pokemon's trainer either" said Ash as tears filled his eyes.

And at that point Pikachu was shocked, and he was really worried about him. He was so worried that he wanted to thunderbolt him, but the sadness and loneliness in Ash's eyes was too much. Then he heard something that would alter their lives forever.

"It is amazing how that idiot cannot do anything right." said Misty

"Yeah I've traveled so much with him, at first with you and then with the other girls. I can't understand why Ash is still so weak." said Brock with annoyance in his voice.

"I bet that the fool thinks that we support him. What an idiot. Thank Arceus I never believed in him." Max said, shaking his head.

"What? I think he's a great trainer and I believe in him." May barely got out through her laughter.

"The good news is that I just talked with Paul, and he offered me to train and help me. Good thing we're done with Ash because he lives in a dream. He thinks only the best of everyone... he'll get nowhere in life." Dawn bragged.

"Wow Dawn you are lucky, we had to go through all those years pretending that he had skills, when it was all a lie." said Misty with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Tell me about it. I'm his mother and now I have to go back to Pallet town embarrassed by him. Why can't Ash be as good as Gary or Paul?" said Delia with resignation.

At that point Pikachu was angry, and understandably so. He wanted to electrocute all as them. He could not believe that those people who knew Ash so long, that those people were more cruel and selfish than Team Rocket. Team Rocket were saints compared to them! Ash had risked his life so many times for them, and that is how they repaid him?! Then Pikachu realized that he was not the only one that heard the conversation between the others. He looked to Ash and what he saw broke his heart completely. The Ash, who was always smiling and was cheerful, was now gone. Ash's will to live was gone. He wanted to die.

"So I'm worthless Pikachu! Well if you do not want me anymore as your trainer then I'm leaving!" said Ash as he ran away with tears in his eyes

"Pika pika pika pikapi" (Oh Arceus! Don't let him think I would do that Ash!... Ash! Ashhhhhhh!) screamed Pikachu fearing the worst for his friend.

The young trainer ran into the woods as fast as he could. For life was no longer worth living. To Pikachu and the other Pokemon there was no option. They had to help him for they loved their trainer so much. as they caught up to him they heard him screaming:

"WHY ARCEUS? WHY? WHY AM I SO PATHETC THAT MY OWN MOTHER HATES ME!? I HAVE NO FRIENDS AND NO FAMILY! I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE! PIKACHU AND THE OTHERS WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT ME! IT'S CLEAR THAT EVERYONE'S HAPPY WITHOUT ME!" Ash screamed out loud. Then he fell to the ground, and cried. Even when Pikachu and the other reached him he didn't stop. Pikachu approached his friend and could feel page anguish radiating out from Ash. The feeling of suffering was so intense that for the first time in his life, Pikachu felt genuine hatred. He just couldn't understand how those people could do this to someone as special as Ash.

But Pikachu was not alone in the suffering of Ash, as all the Pokemon around the world felt his pain and sorrow. The pain that consumed Ash was their own pain, their guardian angel who protected them at all cost was broken and the cheerful and friendly Ash had died today. A few of his Pokemon friends like Charizard, Squirtle, Pidgeot did not hesitate a second to leave everything they did because the pain of their friend was so intense, they would find and protect Ash, because no one messes with Ash and get away with it.

In the Hall of Origin, where the legendary Pokemon live. Arceus had been watching over Ash since his birth. He had always thought that young boy had the purest heart of all people. He was the Chosen One for good reason. And that made it impossible for Arceus to understand why those people had betrayed Ash. Arceus wanted to destroy the people who had destroyed the life of the Chosen One. But he knew that that was not what the Chosen One would want. Yet there were signs of grief, pain and especially the desire to die. The thought of Ash dying made Arceus shiver. He had decided that nothing would hurt him ever again.

"I guess we all know why we are here?" asked Arceus seriously at the other legendary Pokemon.

"Arceus, we know that the aura of the Chosen One is dissipating quickly. We must not lose him Arceus." Suicune said overcome with anger.

"I know some people are stupid, but injuring someone as pure as Ash is just dumb, even for them. I would like to end their lives." Mewtwo said angrily while worrying about Ash.

"The soul of Ash is broken and by that of his "friends and family." That was incredibly cruel under such conditions, but we cannot do without Ash." said Latias while she worried about what might happen to her protector.

"It is true, we must find a way to get the Chosen One away from the abyss because if we lose him, the Pokemon on Earth, including myself, then do not have the desire to continue living." said Lugia extremely concerned about Ash.

"It is true Lugia; Ash has already rescued each of us once. He risked his life for me and the Tree of Beginning. So I have no doubt that when Ash is gone we do not want to live anymore because Ash has achieved a lot." said Mew grateful for knowing Ash.

"Are you all ready to leave the Pokemon dimension to be with Ash? Would you would be willing to live on Earth together with Ash?" Arceus asked seriously at his colleagues. While he waited for the answer, Arceus asks himself whether this can do to save the life of Ash.

While the other legendary Pokemon were surprised by the offer of their father, they closed their eyes and thought of every time they got into trouble. The only ones who were there for them was Ash, who risked his life for theirs. There was no doubt in their decision, so Celebi decided to speak for everyone.

"Father, we have decided, so I speak for everyone here that we what to be his Pokemon.

"This is our way to show our gratitude to him and so we can keep him safe against those who have him have hurt." said Celebi about their decision.

All over the globe it was raining, and it was raining the hardest on the forest where Ash lay crying. Ash had passed out from crying so had and was soaked. He had developed a high fever from the rain and Pikachu was going crazy not being able to do anything about it. If Ash had been conscious at the time he would have been attempting to kill himself. So he did the next best thing and tried to bide from the fever.

"Pika pika pika pikapi pikapi pikapi pika" (Do not dare not die Ash! Do you hear me; I will not let you die. Like it or not like you will stay with me! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME ASH KETCUM!) Pikachu yelled as he beat his paws off of Ash's chest.

But it seemed that his trainer would not listen, as his fever got worse by the minute. In the spirit of Ash, he couldn't carry on anymore. All he wanted is for Pikachu and the rest of his Pokemon to find a truly effective trainer, and that this trainer would raise them to be good and protect what he believed in. Pikachu fell over on Ash's chest and began crying.

Just then Pikachu felt the presence of two beings, one was a Pokemon and the other was a human.

"Pika pika pika pika pi pi pika chu pikapi pikapi pikapi" (I'd leave if I were you, whoever you are. I will not let you come closer to my friend. Ash will not be hurt again while I live) said a very angry Pikachu who would do anything to protect his best friend.

"Pikachu calm down, I do not want to harm Ash. After everything I went through, I would not want to hurt any case." said a voice from a bush.

Pikachu then saw clearly who the Pokemon and the human were. Pikachu was shocked, as it was Sir Aaron and his Lucario.

"Pika pika Pikaaaa pikapi" (Arceus, what is happening here? Lucario, Sir Aaron, how are you here?) Asked a surprised Pikachu.

"Pikachu, we will tell you later how we are alive. But our first worry is Ash. You know I understand what you say, you can speak normally." replied Sir Aaron.

"It feels good to know, because otherwise I would lose my voice. But our focus should be on Ash because it's very bad." said Pikachu concerned about his friend.

At that moment, Sir Aaron touched Ash his forehead and he felt different things. First, that his temperature is quite a bit higher than normal. Second, he felt that Ash wanted to die and that he was also mentally wronged. Sir Aaron could hear every word that his 'friends' had said about him.

"Ohhhhh my son, what have they done to you?" asked a concerned Sir Aaron.

To be continued...