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Chapter 10: A Prophecy and past pain revealed.

In Unova:

After what seemed like a year, Ash was really enjoying the meeting he had with his parents and his Pokemon. He knows that he was facing the training of his life, and he knows that he has to heal the wounds in his soul, it is ironically because he has to face them. A re-look in the past is not something that he feels ready to live yet, but Ash knows if he did, he will never be the same as again. He thinks that his Pokemon, and especially Pikachu and his parents all hope that with the training, that that will help recover him. But the thing is that he knows that he will ever again be the same as ever. Ash smiled sarcastically, to think that he is now in the place Mewtwo was first, there is an exception that is, he only trust his parents. Ash trusts no people, even the legendary Pokemon do not trust people anymore. Ash wanted to find a way to destroy those who have destroyed him, to begin with, of course, Paul. Ash shook his head mentally, he cannot lie to himself, because then he would have the same scum, which does everything to win. Meanwhile Sir Aaron sigh deeply, he felt aura of his son, full of feelings and they are not the positive one, there was confusion in Ash's mind, he did not know what to do with his life. And Sir Aaron did not know whether the training could recover Ash, but he remained confident that he remained strong.

'Ash, my son, are you ready?' says Sir Aaron staring at Ash.

'Dad, I am ready, because I cannot escape my fate in every form.' says Ash as he sighed deeply.

'Excuse me, but do you really think that Ash is in form for your workout, Sir Aaron?' says Lucario concerned about Ash.

'Lucario honestly, you know as my apprentice that mental power training is extremely important, and we both know how Ash's mind is right now.'

'Hé I'm here, do not talk as if not even exist. And I know better how I am and I am still wanted to do the training.' says Ash a little upset that his father and Lucario do not take he into account.

'Sorry' say Sir Aaron and Lucario.

'Well, this is good that you are worried about me, but you do not have to be worried about me, but I'm ready for this training. ... Dad, I'm the Chosen One, I want to protect the Pokemon because I do that for them and mine.' says Ash seriously.

'My dear we are your parent so it is a part of the job to be worried about you. If you are not fully prepared we will not move forward with the training. But it is the first step to your recovery, you will maybe to see it with the naked eye, you will gradually feel better later. Just trust in yourself, the rest comes after that.' Marion says while smiling at her son.

'Mama I do not know if I had it seen like that, but you're right I need to improve if I do not that then I will not feel different. And I do not wanted to stay the same forever, thanks for that boost, mom.' Ash says while smiling happily at his mother.

'When you are ready love, well I leave to your father. And Aaron please do not be so hard on him.' Marion says staring at her husband.

'Sorry dear, but I cannot promise anything, even I am not sure, if Ash can handle my training, only the Pokemon and I will be with him, but otherwise only Ash, must decide what he want to do.' says Sir Aaron sigh deeply.

'I already knew that, but if something will happen to him, I cannot forget myself or you Aaron. So I will be watching everything, and when I said everything I meant everything, understood.' says Sir strongly Marion Aaron and Ash at a time.

Both Sir Aaron and Ash got a lump in their throat when Marion gave that firm gaze, they knew that no good comes of it, Sir Aaron knew that all too well. Eventually they run risks, Sir Aaron asks Ash along with the Pokemon to follow him, because they go to the place were Ash will be trained as an aura guardian.

In the laboratory of Professor Oak:

After his visit, Professor Oak came back to his laboratory and asked both Gary and Tracey, to leave him alone. The professor's conversation with Delia, the professor was very surprised at what has been happening and there was undoubtedly a connection with the disappearance of his apprentice Ash. Meanwhile his grandson and his assistant did not understand why the professor wanted to be alone, but they had the feeling that his visit to Delia's house was nothing cozy, there was something between them, but they thought at the time that was better to ignore it, so with nothing to say or do, they left the professor alone in the lab thinking what happened to the woman who was once cheerful, quality and kind, but she was now totally different, a cold, cruel, ruthless woman. The professor now knows that Ash is not Delia's child, but he asks himself of Ash aware is of this secret, but maybe Delia had held it for herself, making it almost impossible for Ash to now about this secret. The professor is starting to get curious if there is a connection, between Ash's disappears, the disappears of the legendary Pokemon and the disobedience of the Pokemon from Pokemon trainer.

"Maybe it's time to investigate more about you Ash, something tells me you are more than Chosen One. The Pokemon not listen to their trainers, and the legends have disappeared from their places of origin and I have the feeling that they are with you, something is going wrong here and I'll find what it is." says Professor Oak mentally to himself.

Therefore, the professor decided to delete the image of the now Delia Ketchum and decided to concentrate on the legend of the Chosen one. The professor has a hunch, that there is more to this legend and it will definitely connect with Ash and it maybe will give him the answers to some of his questions.

Back to Unova:

Ash, Sir Aaron and the other Pokemon, after leaving the sanctuary. Sir Aaron leaded them, to an unknown corridor, both Ash and the Pokemon sighed deeply, the place was really large. It is although almost one week that Ash and Pikachu got away from Ash's supposed friends, it was rather uncomfortable, but the discomfort was "comfortable". Ash never thought he would live in a place like this and that his real parents were really the people that he always wanted in your life. Ash admire his father from the moment he find out of the legend of the great Sir Aaron, and his mother's smile was a smile that gave Ash a warm feeling, his real mother was not only beautiful, but she also has courage, determination, and she also has a heart of gold, that Delia never had. The relation he had with his foster mother were not exactly very encouraging to say, Pikachu and other Pokemon noticed the uneasiness of Ash, but decided to remain silent. Only Sir Aaron knows how to get Ash's mind restored from all the damage that has done to Ash. Pikachu and the other Pokemon know that with the help of Sir Aaron, Ash, their friend and protector will be fine. It might take days, weeks, months or even years, but the Pokemon can wait faithfully until Ash is recovered from all the damage. As Ash, the Pokemon and Sir Aaron finally reached their destination, the same place which Ash will be trained to be an aura guardian. As the doors open, everyone was surprised to see the large room but there was nothing, but then absolutely nothing in the room. Ash and the Pokemon ask to themselves what was so special about this room, while Sir Aaron smiled intensive to himself, after all this is the perfect place for his child to train his aura powers and also let him know and learn about his true powers as the Chosen One. So, this room will be the perfect to train Ash's power.

'I guess this was not what you expected Ash.'

'Pap, well if I am very honest with you, I expected something else, not just an empty room.' says Ash confused.

'Ash it maybe a simple room for the view of normal human beings, but not for aura guardians as me and soon you too.'

'How? I do not understand, in my opinion it is just a single room, unless there is more than it seems.'

'There is more indeed more to this room, so let me explain Ash. As I said aura is the essence that all humans have, but we develop some more than others.'

Ash said nothing, because Ash was fascinated by the explanation of his father. As long as Sir Aaron saw Ash smile with interest, he knows that Ash wanted to know everything about aura, so he decided to continue with his explanation.

'People who developed aura, can perceive the emotions of other people who are close to us or not, it is like being psychic, but it goes beyond Ash. We can enter the minds of people, in their deepest dreams and can even create our own world as a kind of mental map.'

'It means that we can create something in this room.' says Ash amazed.

'It is Ash but you still are not able to do that, but I'll give you an example of what you can do in this room.' says Sir Aaron while smiling at Ash.

Sir Aaron release his aura, the aura was so pure, transparent, and extremely powerful. Ash was more than surprised by the power of his father, thanks to Lucario and Queen Ilene, he knows about his father's powers, but seeing it with his own eyes was something else and the other Pokemon with the exception of the legendary were also impressed. As Ash and the Pokemon saw the room transforming, it give them the idea that they were not even in the castle anymore, as the light vanishes. It was for Ash and the Pokemon like they were in another place, they were now in a beautiful garden, this was one of the most beautiful places that Ash have seen, the first was the sanctuary, when Ash looked at his father, Ash saw that he was deep in thought.

'WOW dad it is really beautiful here. But what is with this place dad, do you perhaps know this place?' says Ash as he stares at his father.

'This place is where I met your mother… and this is also where you were created Ash ... this is your real home.' says Sir Aaron sighing sadly.

Except for Lucario, Mew and Celebi, everyone was really surprised to know that they were precisely in place were Ash was make in. Ash was pleasantly surprised, the place where his parents met each other was really very beautiful. This place had an aura of peace and quiet, Ash sighed sadly he would like to be born there, to live there, but he knew the answer why that did not happen, but Ash heard that his father was sad while he spoke about the garden.

'Thank you very much dad, I see how difficult it must be for you, after all this place means a lot to you and mom.' says Ash smiling at his father.

'It is Ash, but now it's time to return and I want you to try to do the same.'

'But you told me it was unable to do that.' says Ash surprised by his dad.

'Well you can do that, I will tell you how. You need to focus on the memories you have, no matter how good or bad they are. You just need to focus on them and release them as I did, creating a replica like the garden from your mother and me.'

At this time the room returned back to completely empty, then Ash started to meditate deeply on how to release his aura. It was not so easy as he saw his father to it, although he had being warned that if he concentrated his mind on the memories they all will run free. Ash knows that all those memories are the ones that causes his mind damage and that they were the dark ones.

Suddenly the room was covered completely dark black, and the temperature was changed to chilling cold neither Pikachu and the others could believe that this image of terror and horror is a memory from Ash's mind. Sir Aaron was thinking like them, he knows that his child's mind was damaged, but he thought that it would not be this bad, this memory of Ash showed nothing. Then they suddenly heard screams, they then turned to where to cries came from and they were shocked at what they see. They see a younger Ash, screaming in pain. Ash which seems to be 7 years old, and his body is bloody from the beating you just received, it was terrified while they watch the woman that is in front of them…

'I hope it is the last time that you disobey me Ash, otherwise you know what will happen.' says Delia Ketchum as she stares coldly at Ash.

After the woman left, the young Ash curled up to a corner of the wall, and then he started to cry loudly. While Sir Aaron and the Pokemon could only watch helplessly to the scene, they never thought of that Ash had to live through at so young age, then the scene changed, it was a tangling between Ash and Gary.

'You will see, I am going to beat you Gary.' says Ash really annoyed by Gary.

'You think that will happen ... I will never be beaten ... hahahaha not even with a Pokemon.' says Gary as he smiling maliciously.

'I thought that we were friends.'

'Please do not fool me, me your friend, do not make me laugh, you are already defeated.'

And so this was Ash's first defeated by Gary Oak. Pikachu now understood perfectly, why Ash had an obsession to defeated Gary. They were first good friends until Gary totally forgot about his friendship with Ash, leaving Ash even more alone. Sir Aaron felt deep down various sensations, one was guilt, because he left his only son alone with those people, and also because he has to suffer at so early age. But the other part Sir Aaron was the pride to Ash, his son has yet shown them unconditional love, the Pokemon and anyone else who needed it, even to the people who betrayed him. And speaking of that, the scene changes yet again, in the Ash could be seen to have a fight with his first travel companion.

'It is amazing how you can call yourself a Pokemon trainer Ash, if it so hard for you to defeat the gym leaders.'

'But they are not leaders for nothing, Misty. I give my best in every battle and you that.' says Ash upset about the suitability of Misty.

'Giving your best effort is not everything Ash, you have to give everything, winning is all what matters, the rest is a side issue.' says Misty firmly.

'That is crazy, because risking the lives of Pikachu and the others Pokemon is something that I will not do to win Misty. I may be super confident, and you can think want you like about me Misty, but I will never, but then never, will risk the lives of my Pokemon for my personal benefit.' says Ash while staring at Misty.

'Then you will never be a master Pokemon.' Misty says almost whispering to herself.

But unfortunately Ash heard it, and he thinks that Misty is wrong, so he decided to leave after all that was nothing to do.

Pikachu was surprised to see this scene, after all he was not there when Ash and Misty fought, because if he had known about that fight, then Misty would not be alive at that time, he would have electrocuted her. Pikachu cannot believe that the betray begin then already, and so several scenes were showed with each of those traitors. Then another scene then appears, and it was a moment that destroyed the love that Ash felt for someone.

A cheerful Ash came out of a jewelry store with a necklace in his hand, he was very happy to think of the person who would give this necklace to.

'I hope you like this necklace Dawn, when I give it to you, I will tell you how I feel about you.' muttered Ash to himself.

Ash was very happy to tell Dawn how he feels about her, it was the first time Ash was in love, that made him very nervous, but something happened… Ash saw Dawn kissing with a guy, he first did not recognized him. Then Ash was in totally shock, because the guy was nobody more and nobody else then his archrival Paul.

'I guess I was never good enough for her, I guess Paul is better than me.' says Ash very sad.

And so without Dawn noticing his presence, he ran away quickly. Ash wanting to get away, but he never suspecting, that during that time his real suffering was about to begin.

Sir Aaron and all the Pokemon were speechless. Pikachu was even more than furious before, first Misty and now Dawn, he did not know exactly which of those two he will electrocuted first. As he find them, those two will wish that they never had done that, that is something that Pikachu sweared to himself. And they will pay for their treachery, he will take care of that. But things get complicated, when the aura energy of the Ash was spiraling out of control, the room was shaking like an earthquake was happening that the same room.

'Dad help me! … What is happening?! … Ahhhhhhh!' screams Ash aloud.

'Ash calm down, you should try to control your aura.' says Sir Aaron trying to help his child.

'I cannot control it dad! … I feel like I am losing it! … Ahhhhh!' says Ash right before he loses his consciousness.

'Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Sir Aaron and Pokemon say at a time.

They surrounded Ash, Sir Aaron sighed deeply again. The temperature decreased in Ash again, he had to take him immediately to his room. Sir Aaron did not know how Marion would react, when she sees he sick again. But what was certain is that he had to train Ash, because now he knows that his son has even more aura powers, but it was a miracle that he did not destroy the room. Sir Aaron was so absorbed in his thoughts that he almost did not feel the presence of Lucario that was by his side.

'Master despite what just happened, are you still planning to train Ash?' says Lucario staring at his teacher.

'Lucario, I am more determined than ever to teach my son. You saw those pictures that were in his mind. His power is there, and then it just stopped, as if the flow was interrupted. It was ones clear that it was possible from his mind to recover completely, but now it might take more time, after what we have seen.'

Lucario and the other Pokemon followed Sir Aaron, who had picked up Ash to take his to his room to rest and recover from what he went through. His training will definitely be harder than they all thought. While Ash was carried to his room, the Pokemon felt the presence of three other legends, this time it were the Gratitude Pokemon, The Master of Space and the Master of Time.

The Gratitude Pokemon is a small, hedgehog-like creature. Her body is pure white. Her back is covered with green fur and has a pink flower with two leaves on each side of her head, which resembles the Gracidea flower, several Gracidea-like flowers also appear on her back whenever it feels comfortable, but when she senses an impending danger, she rapidly hides her back. Her legs are short and her underside is plump.

The Master of Space looks like a dinosaur, he is similar to the Master of Time, though it seems to be based on a theropod, the bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs. His body is mainly a shade of light purple, although he has stripes and markings of a darker shade and a grayish-colored arm underside and waist. He has round purple-striped plates on his shoulder area, where two pink pearls lie encrusted with a gray rim encircling them and fins in his back. His arms have somewhat gauntlet-like extended formations and a purple band of coloration at the wrist. He has a long neck, a pointed white crest on the top of his head that extends to his wings, two strong horn-like tusks on the sides of his jaw, and a powerful tail.

The Master of Time is a sauropod-like Pokemon. He is mainly dark blue with some gray metallic portions, such as his chestplate, which has a diamond in the center. He also has various light blue stripes. He has a fin-like structure on his back and a crest on his head, resembling a dinosaur. He also has two horns on top of his head, two fang-like horns around his mouth, three spines on the back of his neck, long claws, and a short tail. The wing-like structure on his back can be used to focus the flow of time.

Mew was the first one how spoke…

'Hey guys, what was it with the delay?'

'Sorry Mew, but it was Shaymin because she was not so sure if she wanted to come.' says Palkia while staring at Shaymin.

'Well, I am sorry. … Because I do not deserve to be here after choosing Dawn over Ash.'

'Do not Shaymin, I do not what happened between you and my son, but knowing my son, he does not store any grudge to you.' says Sir Aaron as he smiled at Shaymin.

'Yes, but he is the Chosen One … I do not wanted it to be unfair.' says Shaymin sighing sadly.

'Well Shaymin if you want to fix your mistake, this is the perfect time. All our choices are alike, we cannot leave Ash this time.'

'Celebi is right, I am now here with Ash, and I choose to protect his life with my life if that is necessary.'

And so again resumed their way to Ash's room, with Sir Aaron still carrying the still unconscious Ash, with all of them with the same thing on their minds, what they have seen what Ash that to live through whit Delia and his supposed friends.

And again back to the laboratory of Professor Oak:

Meanwhile Professor Oak was walked like crazy in his laboratory, he was still searching of answer concerning the legend of the Chosen One. He knows that his apprentice Ash Ketchum is precisely the one. He has read the top to the bottom throughout the history of the Orange Islands, where Ash stopped the battle between the legendary Pokemon, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, along with the help of Lugia, the Pokemon of the seas. He had also read about his adventure in Alto Mare, where he almost lost his life to protect the lives of Latios and Latias. How Ash stopped the battle between Palkia, Dialga and Darkrai and how Ash stopped Celebi while she was possessed by the Dark Ball that Iron-Masked Marauder used. The professor finally smiled internally, Ash had done so such things for the Pokemon that he deserves the title of Chosen One. Was the professor was getting really tired, he fell almost in sleep when between the papers an ancient scroll called his the attention.

'I wonder what is this.' muttered the professor to himself. He decided to open the scroll, and what was written on the scroll was a prophecy but it was not relating to the Chosen One but to the legendary Prince of Pokemon.

'The hour is coming, as the world will change, as people that he trusted betrayed him. The pain and the elements that fill the world, wind, fire, water and the other different elements will unite in him. Evil is on earth in different sizes and formats, and only one person can stop them. The young man who lived in a hell, will rise from the shadows with a reborn pure heart filled with goodness for those how are worthy of it. With faithful Pokemon on his side, these Pokemon will protect and look after him until the end of time. But he will come with one purpose and that is to bring justice to those who hurt and betrayed him. The awakening of the Prince of Pokemon comes closer with each day that pass and no one can stop him from awakening his power. He is the savoir of humanity, and the protector of the Pokemon, the Prince of Pokemon.'

The professor wanted to sleep, but after what he had read he was left wide awake. The professor was shocked by the writing that he found on the scroll, there was someone that was even more important than Ash, and that someone was also more powerful than his protégé. The professor believed that the Pokemon were faithful to Ash, with this information obtained from the scroll further questions began to fill his mind, the professor was now more than none determined to reveal the whole mystery of this new mystery, the mystery of the legendary Prince of Pokemon.

But what Professor Oak did not know, is that the truth of the legendary Prince of Pokemon, was before his eyes. Now while people continue to live their normal lives, the legendary prince will wake up one day, and when he does that it will be felt on the earth. The prince will seek justice for himself, and he will prepare himself for the fight of his life, that can determined the fate of both humanity and Pokemon.

To be continued...