~Shuichiro's POV~

As I felt the darkness swallow me, I reflected on my life. Had it been spent meaningfully? However, it was too late for regrets. I saw Shinichiro, my grandfather, Shusuke, my father, Hotaru, my mother, Hisui, Kokuyo, Koryu, Ruri, Hari, Touki, and much more... But to me, the one who was the most important was my Kohaku.

I recalled the times spent as a doctor, the faces of my little patients. I thought back on the days as a child and as an adult, spent with my family and friends. My father's death. My mother's "disappearance". I remembered the bizarre moments spent with the angels and devils who resided in my home.

Strangely, I didn't remember much about the accident. All I know was the loud screech of tires, the deafening bang, and the blinding pain that seared through me.

But, what pains me most is that, in my heart, I know...

I will never get to see Kohaku again.