Now Goku was the one sitting down. Trunks was crying even more than Goten "Daddy, please! I promise I won't tell anyone about this!" he cried out, but he knew that his dad wouldn't listen. He saw how his dad went to the box and took out an axe (smaller than Goku's, of course, because Goku's is SO FREAKING HUGE). Trunks closed his eyes, ready for the pain to come. But it didn't, instead he heard his dad say "Either you open your eyes, or I tear them out" Trunks opened his eyes, and as soon as he did that, he felt how his dad swung the axe to the boy's left leg. Trunks screamed as he felt the bone break. But the bone only half-broke. Vegeta took the leg by the ankle. He looked at his son with an evil smirk "Think fast!" he said and pulled the leg, making the bone break off and he tour the leg completely off, tearing a long streak of flesh off. Trunks screamed even more. He saw how his leg fell on the ground.

Vegeta threw the axe to the box and looked at the younger Saiyan "Hand me the knife, will ya?" Goku smiled at him "Sure" he threw the knife at him. Vegeta caught it and used the knife to stab his son's right side. Trunks screamed as his dad walked to his left, dragging the knife with him, still keeping the knife inside his son's body. The kid spit out the blood that piled up in his mouth. Vegeta walked to the box and took a syringe with needle out. Goku screamed a little once he saw the needle "Needle!" Vegeta chuckled "I won't use it on you, don't worry" Goku calmed down a bit "Few…" he sighted. Vegeta chuckled and walked towards his son. "W… what's that f-for…?" Trunks asked "It will paralyze your lower body part, while keeping your nerves awake" his dad answered. Trunks eyes widened of fear "W-what?" he shouted. Vegeta injected the liquid into his son's body. He then sat down, next to Goku, waiting for the liquid to take effect.

Trunks closed his eyes and felt how he slowly started loosing feeling in anything that was lower the cut that his father made. He saw how his life ran through his closed eyes and new tears started running down his cheeks "This can't be dad… and this can't be Goku… There's something wrong with them… They would never do this!" Trunks thought and heard Goku giggling. Trunks opened his eyes and saw that his father was whispering something in Goku's ear. Goku was giggling the whole time and sometimes blushed. "This can't be them…!" Trunks thought. He saw how his dad and Goku laughed. They looked happy "How can they be happy? Goku just killed his own son and dad's gonna kill me soon… That really CAN'T be them…" the kid thought and saw how his dad stood up "Well, time to have some fun!" he said and took the axe again. Trunks saw how his dad started swinging the axe at the place where he cut his son with the knife. Trunks felt the vomit and blood that started coming up to his mouth. He spit it out and he heard a ripping-skin sound. He looked down and screamed – his whole lower body was gone. The tears started running down his face faster "You're not my daddy!" Trunks shouted. Vegeta laughed "Of course I am!" he walked to Trunk's left with his sword. He started cutting and stabbing his son's shoulder. Trunks screamed, but instead came a gurgle and his vomit, mixed with blood came out of his mouth.

The arm was hanging on the broken bone. Trunks couldn't move it, but he could still feel it. Trunks saw how his father lifted his arm by his wrist. Trunks closed his eyes, ready to meet the pain of his arm being torn off. Suddenly, he felt how his father bite off his finger "AAAAAA!" Trunks shouted. He opened his eyes and saw his father, chewing Trunk's finger. He swallowed it "You're not that bad" he said and tour the arm off. Trunk's screamed in pain. He felt how his father ripped the flesh that was on his son's chest off. Trunks felt his life slipping away "I hope this is a dream… But it feels too real…" he thought and felt his father tearing his innards out. He felt how his lungs were torn out. And finally, the heart. Vegeta grabbed it and looked his son in the eyes. He smirked "Bye-bye, kid" he said and tour the heart out. Trunks died. Vegeta bite the heart "Wow, you weren't lying, Kaka" he said and swallowed the heart piece "It really is delicious" Goku giggled "Told you" he stood up and looked at his best friend "This was fun, wouldn't you say?" Vegeta chuckled "Ya think?" he answered.

After a few minutes, the two Saiyans were sitting behind the house, near a fire. They threw the bones of their son's in the fire. They were both talking… Well, mostly Goku was asking Vegeta about him "So, how was it working for Frieza?" Goku asked "Horrible" Vegeta answered. "One time I almost saw him naked" he shivered "God that image haunts me…" he took a big bite off his son's arm. Goku giggled. Vegeta glared at him "What's so funny?" he asked "You, silly" Goku answered. Vegeta chuckled "Me? Funny? Never thought of that…" he said. They both finished eating their sons and stood up. They went inside. The fire put itself out.

"Best… Halloween… e… ver…!" Goku said as he wrote that in the book. They were the second ones to write in the book. The first ones were two twins, a boy and a girl, named Len and Rin. They were the ones that started this 'tradition'. The book was in dark room. In that room, the two Saiyans found their clothes and weapons. There were also two bookcases. On the bookcase that was near the left wall were a lot of dolls. The first one, on the top shelf in the farthest left was a doll of a girl with long green hair and a white dress. The newest dolls were the dolls of Goten on Trunks. On the bookcase that was near the right were only four dolls: the first dolls were two twins – a boy and a girl with yellow hair and blue eyes. The other two were the dolls of Goku and Vegeta. Goku made those dolls not too long ago.

Goku and Vegeta's hands were covered in blood, and there was some blood on their mouths. "I gotta say I had no idea that half-Saiyans tasted so good" Goku said happily. Vegeta nodded "How do you think Bulma and Chichi will react when they see that Trunks and Goten are gone?" "They'll probably start screaming, then crying, and then they'll start begging us to go find them" Goku answered. Vegeta chuckled "Yeah… Well… we'd better get going, before the sun comes up" he said. Goku nodded "Hai!" the two Saiyans went through the door. A few minutes later they went out of the house and started walking home. They didn't want to part ways just yet. They were talking about pointless stuff, but they were both happy. They saw that the sun rose up, but they still didn't hurry home. They stopped to look at the sunrise "Kawaii…" Goku said. Vegeta chuckled and they both started walking again. "I'm already waiting for the next Halloween…" Goku said.