Saw- Together

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Warning: T Rated. (This will probably change in later chapters, haven't decided the content yet.) This is also a slash fanfiction featuring Adam/Lawrence. Meaning gay relationship stuff... you have been warned!

Authors Notes: This story stands as a standalone sequel to my story Saw: Alone, if you read it. But if not, then your not really missing out. This chapter is VERY short, but this is just a 'setup the scene' kinda thing.


"She left me."

"Um... what?" Adam blinked, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Alison." He sighed through the receiver, the other man obviously didn't get it. "My wife, Adam. She left me... just-up and left, took Diana with her." Adam wasn't even sure who this was on the other end of the phone. Though he had a pretty good idea.

"Lawrence? Aww man, I-I'm sorry..." The silence came naturally, but was filled with awkwardness. He honestly didn't know why he'd call him. After all they'd been through- they were friends, weren't they? Then why did Adam not care? He really didn't get why he called him at two in the morning to tell him that. He wasn't sure what the best thing to say in this situation was. Lawrence, on the other end of the phone sounded equally stuck for words. 'Well, this is hella awkward' thought Adam, closing his eyes- he just wanted to go back to sleep. He was laid in bed, cell phone up against his head and one hand pressed against his sweaty forehead. He silently thanked the ungodly hour Lawrence would call as it disturbed him from one of his endless bad dreams. "Look Lawrence- can we talk about this tomorrow, I'm really tired." It wasn't really a question; more like 'See ya later'.

"Not really..." Lawrence answered quickly, just as Adam was about to press the end call button and cut him off. Adam exhaled heavily, making no secret of his annoyance. "...Adam..." He said, his voice breaking into a shaky whimper. Now, Adam was scared. Sitting, up he was at full attention, rubbing his eyes open.

"Hey man, are you alright?" He hoped he'd say yes so he could quit worrying but that didn't seem likely.

"I-I... I screwed up..." 'Yeah, no shit?' thought Adam. "The sad thing is; I don't care... God help me, I don't care!" Lawrence uttered a laugh of disbelief. "What is wrong with me Adam?"

This conversation was making Adam uncomfortable, he had little experience with talking to anyone like this. 'Should I comfort him- what?' But Lawrence seemed like he just wanted to get this off his chest, to confide in a friend without really needing anything from it.

"Lawrence, do you need me to come over?- or something." Adam finally spoke up. It seemed like Lawrence was waiting for Adam to say something and he wasn't really very good at this consoling thing. Plus he was very aware of the phone bill that would follow this lengthy- mostly awkward silence filled phone call. He was already awake now and doubted he'd manage to fall asleep with this trouble on his mind.

"I-I'd like that." Lawrence whispered.

Adam sighed, sitting at the foot of the bed and started tugging on a pair of jeans that he left in a pile. "Alright... Okay. Give me a couple hours... your address is still the same right?"

"Yes." Lawrence sighed in relief, 'he just wants company, aww' thought Adam, feeling a smile creep upon his face. "Adam... thank-you." They said their goodbyes as Adam went to get prepared for his trip to Lawrences house. He'd been there a couple of times when they shared a taxi and dropped him off there. He knew the address.

Lawrence hung up the phone reluctantly. Finding it hard to turn around and look at the empty kitchen. 'Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you did this.' he poured himself coffee, watching the swirling pattern with uneasy eyes. 'Come on Adam.' He found himself downing the coffee and heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth and blonde hair. He wasn't doing anything special. After all, Adam had seen him looking far worse than messy hair. He took pride in looking decent for company, even if it was for someone like Adam. After he was done; he looked at himself in the mirror and once he was happy with his appearance, went to sit in the living room to wait for Adam to get there.

Alison had left him several days ago. He hadn't lied to Adam, but it really only just finally set in that she was actually gone, not coming back. He was alone again. His desperate need for company had driven him to call the other man. Though it took him a long time. He didn't want to seem clingy and weird calling him at eleven at night, but it kept nagging him, breaking him down, he just couldn't take it anymore- picking up the kitchen phone and finally calling at two in the morning. 'So much for not wanting to seem clingy and weird' he chuckled bitterly.

Lawrence liked Adam. Maybe too much. Definately too much to admit. His awkward smile and avoiding eye contact made him smile uncontrollably, he felt like a big kid around him sometimes. One night, they had spent an evening at a bar and as they were waiting for a taxi, Adam was blind drunk, and clung to Lawrences arm trying to remain on his feet. He buried his face in Lawrences shoulder and suddenly Lawrence felt self-conscious that people would get the wrong idea and shifted around and somehow placed Adams back against a wall so he could support himself. The fact that Adam touched Lawrence in the first place was shock enough- neither men were really very big on physical contact, but when Adam started mumbling something about being drunk and wondering if Lawrence wanted to sleep over. Lawrence started to panic, he knew he was just being friendly and didn't mean anything by it, he found himself distancing himself from his friend, not purposely, but usually began with Lawrence not letting Adam get that drunk again, and therefore cutting nights off early, and early nights led to fewer nights out together and soon enough they would go weeks without so much as talking to each other.

But now Lawrence couldn't stand it- avoiding his only friend in the world because he was concerned about where their relationship was heading. It was for that same reason he chose to keep the fact that Alison had left him to himself. It was stupid- he knew, but he didn't want to tell Adam that he was now single. He was supposed to be the all-together one, the one who had everything and kept his life running smoothly. It bothered him. If he told Adam, Adam might not see him the same way. Or try to set him up with some woman. He didn't want that, not after Alison.

He didn't miss her. He should have, he knew it, but even when she was here, he barely noticed. He resented the pity in her eyes when she saw how far he'd fallen into realms of secrecy and isolation. He had acted coldly to her. Pushed her away- it was his fault. He didn't love her anymore. Not much else he could have done. He'd cheated and lied and she stuck by him, even though her life was put in to danger during the crisis with the serial killer Jigsaw. He'd cut off one of his own body parts to save her and their daughter. They didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve them. It hurt him immeasurably to even think about them in danger. They'd be better off without him.

He chuckled, staring blankly at the television- some b movie was on but he couldn't understand what the hell they were saying, nor did he want to, he laid on his side on the couch, hugging a pillow to his chest... He couldn't stop thinking about Adam.

-End Chapter-