A story from the young years of Maja to the Maja from now. She reminds her past thanks to some memories that she reminded. Please tell me what you think about it!


Maja's life story

She didn't feel well. Maja sat on the ground, the night stretching out above her head. She looked at a little Komainu playing in the high grass, thinking about her twin sister. They where exactly the same, but Maja knew that there was one difference. Her sister had no living hair. She thought about her home planet too. It was named Nox, and it was a dead planet with a hollowed out core. The Krawl devoured it long ago. Maja thought of her mother, who died long ago. She closed her eyes. Tears began to drop down from her cheeks. 'No. I cannot cry now,' she thought,

'Not when the other High Krawl are around.'

And the flashback began...

Birth: Maja and Paris

'Maja. We're calling her Maja, right? Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful kid.' Maja's mother was looking at her. She was, just like Maja now, a young women with a light purple skin. All over her body were purple markings. She had living hair, but it was different then Maja's. Maja(now) was in a hidden corner, looking at her mom. 'And the other one, how should we call her?' Maja's father was there too. He also was purple, but he had no living hair. 'What about Ziara?' asked mother.' No. She needs a name that fits her. I think we call her Paris.' replied father.'Oh yes, what a wonderful name!' mother screamed. Paris looked to Maja with an evil grin.

Maja and Paris. Maja was thinking about how Paris did to her, and she wished that she never had to see her again. Her eyes felt heavy. She was tired of thinking. But she couldn't stop it. Her flashbacks came back. She had memories of when they where two years old.

2 years old: First impression

The family of Maja lived in a little house in the city of Nox. In the house is it very simple. Wood. With a little metal for the windows. It was just like a hut. Inside...

Maja tried to stand. But it didn't end very well. After one time she began crying. Paris, however, had no problems with standing. She laughed at Maja. Maja muttered some not-so-nice words. Mother was busy in the garden. She grabbed a water can with her hair and said: 'Maja, using bad words is not the solution for a big problem. Say you're sorry to your sister.' 'Sorry,' said Maja. But from her inside she was jealous. She burned inside. Maja (now) looked at the scenery. She felt a little sad. But Krawl aren't supposed to have feelings. So she wiped the sadness away.

Ohhh. Maja was getting sick. Her sister ruins everything. But she had to be alive. Maja wondered if she survived the Krawl attacks on their home planet. If she did, Maja would do her very best to avoid her. But if she died there, Maja would never forgive herself. After all, she was still her sister.

5 years old: Paris' and Maja's birthday

It was our birthday then, Maja(now) thought. Maja the five year old girl has become 6 today. Paris too. They didn't invited school friends, because on Nox, you can't go to school, because there was no school. So they just play with each other. They got two presents, because there were only their mom and their dad. But then something happened. When Maja's parents where not looking, Paris began making mess with Maja. Paris had a pluche duck that she didn't like. Maja loved her plastic doll that she has got. Paris began to try to get the doll from Maja. And then, it broke...

Maja's eyes opened wide. Her flashbacks were so clear, like she was there. 'Maybe,' she thought, 'Maybe I can see what I want to see.' This time, she closed her eyes on purpose. Her thoughts vanished and she wanted to see her 16 year old time, when she and Paris were separated...

16 years old: The big breakup

Maja was outside. Her mom wanted to give her lessons so she knew how to use her living hair. Paris went to aunt Mailly, her favourite aunt. Aunt Mailly was preferring Paris more then Maja. It looked like everyone did.

But that didn't matter. Maja stood outside and muttered. ' Mom, are you sure I have to do this...' 'Yes darling, you have to. Everyone of our species have to know this, exept for the ones who doesn't have this living hair. Now, concentrate...' Mom had a vase in her hands. 'Try to grab this vase. Maja concentrated. Her hair came up, but it didn't grab the vase. On that moment, Paris came back from Aunt Mailly. 'Hey there Maja. So, is it going well with your hair-brain training? ' she laughed with an evil grin at Maja. 'Yeah, you're lucky you don't have living hair.' 'Ah-ha-ha! Hair brain!' shouted Paris. Maja screamed: 'THAT"S NOT FUNNY!' She lifted up her hair and... beated Paris with it. This became a serious girlfight. Maja felt something within her. Her hair did what she wanted it to do. So she lifted it up again and cut Paris' shoulder. Paris wresteled against the pain and punched Maja in the face. 'How could you!' Paris screamed and she was charging another punch, when mother grabbed her with her hair. 'PARIS AND MAJA! That's not good of you to go and fight suddenly!' Paris was bleeding on her shoulder. Maja had a blue spot on her eye. From that moment on, Maja's heart went cold and dark. She wanted to kill. Her soul was broken...

Maja looked to the dark blue sky. And then? What happened next? She was 32 now. And she never knew what happened then. Now, she was in Krux' group. She was a High Krawl. The only thing she could think about is how she can kill Rallen, the young NPP Spectrobe master. Well, not anymore. Now she thinks about her past. About her life. She wanted to know more of her past. So Maja closed her eyes again, wondering how she lost her family and how she became a High Krawl.

17 years old: Krawl attack

It was early in the morning when Maja heard a strange sound. She never heard that sound earlier. So she went outside home to find out. What she saw next shocked her, but amazed her too. Hundreds of black, swirling vortexes where outside. There were monsters out there, millions of them. Formless red, green and blue creatures without eyes and without mouths. They even had no nose. The creatures moved slowly. One creature that Maja saw was red, had long arms and a weird round thing that was ment to be a head. The creature whispers at her. Weird enough, she could understand it. 'Come with us, you should be a great leader...' 'W-what?' Maja screamed and tried to get back inside home to warn the others. But she was grabbed by a creature. In a last light she saw a guy in a cape with a scary mask on. And then, everything went black...

Maja was shocked. She did not know about all this. I was grabbed by that Krawl! It raced through her head. She became dizzy. But this was her past. Horrible. But how did I get here? She wanted to know more. So she closed her eyes once again.

17 years old: What Krux wanted her to do

'Girl... are you awake? Hello..? Are you awake?' Maja was on a bench. She had been unconsious. In her vague sight she saw the man with the mask. Slowly, she opened her eyes. She screamed. 'Just be calm. Nobody's here to help you.' the masked man said. 'Listen up. You are great in our team. You want to be in the Krawl's group?' 'N-no.. I don't want to be in your group, you *really no-good word*!' screamed Maja. 'How dare you to speak like that to the mighty Krux! You will be punished. I have seen that your heart is dark and cold... A great acquisition for us.' Without further ado, Maja's thoughts became dark and cloudy. A strange energy was coming from Krux' body. Oh no. That Krux was filling her mind with darkness! Maja could have stopped him. But she thought that was the best way to take revenge on her sister. The blockade to her glory all of those sickening years, she thought, that blockade is going to be killed. And so, her mastermind came in hands of Krux. With her help, thought Krux, is the whole universe mine.

So that's how Maja was with him now! She looked at Gronos and Jado, who where playing poker on the other side of the grass field. It looks like Gronos was winning, 'cos he was punching Jado in the stomach. Then, he began to grab lots of cookies that were laying on the table So that's how. But Maja didn't want to go away. What must she do then? So, she began to set up a plan. A plan that would change the whole world. A plan to stop the Krawl and help Rallen. A plan, that alone her brain could come up with.

She would make Krux die. Take revenge for what he has done to her and to her whole family.

Are you guys getting curious of what that plan of hers is!

Next time: The plan of Maja and how she is going to work it out!