This was just at the beginning of Beyond the Portals, I skip a big part of the story because I only describe the game then.


Beings of light

It was early in the morning when Maja started to awaken. Her eyes opened slowly, looking at Jado, who was still asleep. He is so sweet... she thought. She went to the kitchen. There, on an old table, there was a note. Probably Jado's. He had been practising how to write love letters. Who is the happy one? Maja thought. Maybe it's me.. She took the letter and started reading.

Hi Maja...

I love you.. and that will be always that way. But if you don't love me, what should I do?

There were stripes and scrapes on the rest of the letter. Maja looked at it, her heart warming up from these beautiful words. Thanks, Jado, she thought, dizzy from all the love he had for her. Thanks.

It was time to go, to work at the plan. Maja was lightly excited about everything. The fact Jado loved her, the plan what was about to start. I'll let Jado sleep. He doesn't have to do anything now. First... I have to steal the ancient starship...

Rallen and Jeena

Commander Grant was behind his desk. 'Rallen, step forward please. You're getting a new partner because I've seen that you didn't go well with the others here.' Rallen blushed and said: 'Yes Commander...' Rallen hoped on getting a girl as his partner. A girl who sees him like he really was. Not the tough NPP officer who defeated the Krawl and had money. No. The nice orange haired boy who was pretty, nice, and reckless.

The Commander's heavy voice made Rallen shiver. 'Rallen, I'm assigning you a new partner. She's waiting for you at the NPP Weapon Centre. Please go and pick her up.' Wow, Rallen thought, She. It's a women. I hope she is nice. He thought about it a little longer while walking. Once at the Weapon Centre, the only girl there was a pretty, pink-haired young girl, with bright blue eyes. Rallen never had seen someone that beautiful. 'Uhmm hi.. I'm Rallen.. Your new partner...?'

The girl turned around. Her bright eyes enchanted Rallen. 'You are Rallen? Hi. My name is Jeena...' She shaked Rallen's hand. Then, her communication device ringed. 'Should we go? I think that the Commander has a mission for us already.'

Her voice sounded like sweet ringing bells and she smelled like a ton of roses. Wow... Rallen got dizzy seeing this wonder of nature. 'Uh.. Yes. I think we should go..' he said.

Commander Grant was still behind his desk. 'The Service Bay is attacked by Krawl!. Go there to stop the Krawl attacks. Come on!' Rallen shouted: 'You can count on us, Commander! IKU ZE!' They raced off to the control panels on the ship.

The ancient starship

Maja went to where the ancient starship should be. There was someone inside. Oh no... She went closer and made some noise to get the person close to her. When he was, Maja grabbed him with her hair and went inside. She tried to look evil and angry. The person she was holding was an old man with red hair and a beard. She throwed the man against a pillar, so he went unconsious. Then, she runned to the control panels. For purpose, Maja left a crystal cube and a Geo behind.

Upon reaching a giant pink portal, streching out to the far outsides of Nanairo, the old man began to awaken. At first, Maja didn't notice at all. But when the man started to walk, she instinctively threw a strand of hair towards him. The man did grab the Geo but not the cube. Maja got out Makadoros and it fired a huge blast of fire towards the man. The ancient ship was getting sucked inside the portal...

Maja was relieved. That was over. But now, what do I have to do with the old man? Maybe I should explain to him, she thought. No. Then Krux will see through me. I have to hide him and the ship somewhere where Rallen will find indications how to defeat the Krawl. Thinking so, the ship went over to the planet of Nox.

Maja was afraid that the old man would awaken soon. The explosion caused by her Makanoto was just behind him, so he did not get killed. She had to do something. Maybe... maybe she actually had an idea. Makanui! Get out and lay on the old man. The cute little Makanui did as she said and curled up on the old man's breast. He was about to wake up, but then suddenly fell asleep again.

Next time: The Fake Jado Fight... How should it work out?