Phoenix: Yes, I know the title sucks. Shut up. -_-

Dahvie: Why am I getting spanked first? No fair!

Phoenix: Because this is my fanfiction and I said so.

Chapter description: Dahvie has been pulling a lot of pranks on Jayy, Sally, and Drew lately. Jayy is the one getting the meanest ones. The three of them are sick of it, so Jayy decides to punish Dahvie in a very childish way for his very childish actions; A hard spanking over Jayy's knees! Dahvie sure isn't gonna like what happens!


Dahvie giggled as he hid in Jayy's closet. He had managed to set up a water balloon full of baby power, water, and red food coloring on top of the man's door, and was waiting for him to walk into the room. Dahvie heard Jayy's footsteps come up the stairs and hid himself better. SPLAT! Jayy sputtered and coughed, wiping the mixture from his eyes. "DAHVIE FUCKING VANITY!" he yelled and stormed out of the room to go hunt down the man. Dahvie burst out laughing and didn't notice that Jayy had come back and swung the closet door open. Jayy was soaked and his hair was flat against his face with pink goo in it. The sight caused Dahvie to laugh even more. Jayy grabbed him and yanked him out of the closet and down the stairs. "You. Fucking. Ass." Dahvie shrank back slightly, though he was still grinning.

Sally came into the room, took one look at Jayy, and sighed. "Dahvie?" "Yes." Sally sighed and went to go find Drew. A few minutes later they heard her scream, which sent Dahvie into another fit of giggles. "DAHVIE! NOT COOL! YOU KNOW THESE FUCKING SNAKES CREEP ME OUT!" Dahvie laughed more. Jayy sighed and went to go take a shower, leaving a laughing Dahvie in the livingroom. When Jayy got out, Sally and Drew were waiting for him in his room. "Uh, guys, I love you, but why are you in my room without me inviting you in?" he asked. "We need to do something about Dahvie." Sally said. "Yeah. He put some of those cigarrette bomb things in my blunts!" Drew said, huffing in annoyance. "Yeah, I agree, but what can we do?" Jayy said as he pulled on some pants. "If he wants to act like a child, he should be treated like one!" Sally said.

Jayy stopped and thought for a moment, a few drops of water falling onto his shoulders. "You're right, Sally. And I kow just what to do." he said, shook his hair out, and looked at them. "What?" "I'm gonna spank his sorry ass." Sally and Drew stared at Jayy like he had three heads. "Are you insane, Jayy? You know he's not good with pain!" "Exactly, Sally. Which will make sure he behaves." Drew nodded. "Yeah, and he's better with pain that you think." Sally sighed. "Two against one, huh? Alright then. Just make sure I don't have to watch." she said, getting up to leave. Drew followed her. "Tell Dahvie to come up here. Just don't tell him why." "Got it." Drew said and went downstairs with Sally. Jayy grabbed one of his plain black belts and his handcuffs, attaching the cuffs to his jeans. Just as Dahvie came in the room, Jayy set a chair in the middle of the room.

"You wanted me?" Dahvie asked. "Shut the door." Jayy commanded flatly. "Um, okay?" Dahvie replied and shut the door. Jayy motioned him over to the chair. "Yes?" Jayy crossed his arms and fixed Dahvie with a stern glare. "David Jesus Torres, the three of us are sick and tired of your pranks. They've got to stop." Dahvie winced at Jayy using his full name. "But, Jayy, I'm ju-" "No buts! Your pranks are starting to go too far! You've even glued me to the fucking wall! Since you're going to act like a child, you're gonna be punished like one!" Dahvie gulped. 'He's not gonna...?' he thought. Jayy grabbed Dahvie's wrists and put the cuffs on them so Dahvie's hands were in front of him. "Jayy! What're you doing?" "Making sure you won't try to block." he said. Jayy grabbed the man by his ear and sat down in the chair, pulling Dahvie over his knees.

"J-Jayy!" Dahvie squeaked as he was adjusted so that the palms of his hands were on the floor. Dahvie squirmed, trying to get away. SMACK! Dahvie yelped in pain as Jayy's hand slapped his left ass cheek. He yelped again when the right cheek was hit. Jayy started a quick, steady rhythm of spanking, making sure to hit a different spot every time. Dahvie yelped and whimpered. "Jayy! Stop! That hurts!" Jayy said nothing and smacked harder. "OOOOOWWWWW! JAYY STOP IT!" Dahvie cried. "I'll stop when you've learned your lesson." Jayy said sternly, making Dahvie wince. Dahvie cried out when Jayy started smacking his sit spots. "Jayy please stop! I'm sorry!" Jayy ignored him and continued. Dahvie started kicking his legs and squirming. Jayy put his free arm around Dahvie's waist to keep him still. Dahvie squirmed even more.

"Dahvie, if you don't be still, then I'm going straight to baring your ass." Dahvie whimpered and stopped moving, other than the slight jerk of his body with each smack. Jayy started switching between smacking Dahvie's ass and thighs, making the latter whimper loudly. "Jaaayyyyyy~! Please stop it!" he whined, feeling tears come to his eyes. Jayy stopped and let go of Dahvie's waist, causing Dahvie to sigh in relief. Jayy swiftly pulled Dahvie's pants down to his knees, making the latter squeak and blush. "Nooooo! Don't take those off!" Jayy ignored him and started the spanking again, causing Dahvie to cry out loudly in pain. He could feel the heat on his ass and he hung his head, hoping Jayy wouldn't see his red face. A few tears fell from his eyes as Jayy spanked him harder, causing him to whimper loudly.

Jayy stopped and picked up the belt, doubling it. Dahvie looked back and saw it, his eyes widening. "Jayy, please don't! I'm sorry!" Dahvie cried, more tears starting to fall. "You have two choices. One, you can stay over my lap for the rest of the spanking. Two, you can bend over the bed." Dahvie sniffled and thought for a moment. He'd been spanked by a belt both ways when he was a kid, and frankly it hurt less if he was over someone's lap. "O-One..." CRACK! Dahvie squealed in pain. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Dahvie cried out loudly, now full-out crying. Jayy bit his lip, knowing he had to continue, no matter how much it broke his heart. He brought the belt down over Dahvie's thighs, which made him cry harder. Jayy paused, holding the belt up. "Why are you being punished?" he asked. "B-Because I've been s-slacking o-off?" CRACK!

Dahvie squealed as the belt came down harder than before. "Wrong." CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Dahvie wailed, kicking his legs. "Try again." "B-Because m-my pra-anks were going t-too fa-ar!" he sobbed. "Correct. And are you going to do more than small, harmless pranks from now on?" CRACK! "N-No!" "Good. Now, I'm going to finish this up, and I want you to stay still for it. If you don't, then this will be finished on your bare ass. Do you understand me?" Jayy said. "Y-Yes s-sir." Jayy got Dahvie a bit further over his lap and raised the belt. Dahvie shut his eyes tightly, still crying hard. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Dahvie squealed, forcing himself to stay as still as possible. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Dahvie wailed, his legs kicking a bit. Jayy paused, taking a deep breath.

Jayy brought it down five more times, wincing at the wail Dahvie let out, then dropped the belt to the floor. Dahvie sobbed over Jayy's lap for a minute before Jayy stood him up and took him to the corner. "Stay." he said, moving Dahvie's hands so they were behind his head. Dahvie just nodded, seeing as he was sobbing too hard to speak. "If I catch you rubbing, you're going back over my knees, understand?" Dahvie nodded. "Good. You've got five minutes of corner time." Dahvie let out a small whine, yelping when Jayy smacked his ass. "Be quiet." Dahvie tried to keep silent, but a few sobs came out. Jayy didn't mind the sobs since he knew how much it hurt. Jayy quickly went downstairs, told Sally and Drew that it was over, then went back to find Dahvie just as he had left him. Jayy looked at his watch. "Dahvie, you can come out now." he said.

Dahvie turned around and shuffled out of the corner and over to Jayy. "Have you learned your lesson?" Jayy asked. Dahvie nodded and Jayy took the handcuffs off, pulling the shorter man into a hug. Dahvie cried into Jayy's shoulder as Jayy rubbed his back. "Shhhhh, it's okay, you're forgiven." he said soothingly. Dahvie hugged him tightly and cried, letting himself relax in Jayy's arms. After Dahvie's crying died down, Jayy moved away and looked the older man in the eyes. "Dahvie, I hated to do that to you, but it had to be done. You wanna know another reason I did it?" Dahvie nodded. "Because I love you and I care about you too much to let you do stupid shit without consequences." Dahvie looked up at him and Jayy smiled, wiping away his tears. "Alright, now put your pants back on and we'll go downstairs and watch a movie, okay?" Jayy said.

"O-Okay." Dahvie replied, pulling his pants up with a whimper. Jayy wiped his eyes again and led Dahvie downstairs. Sally watched them from the kitchen as Jayy switched on the TV and grabbed the remote. He sat down and motioned for Dahvie to come sit with him. Dahvie came to him and Jayy sat the man on his lap. Dahvie whimpered loudly as he tried to get comfortable. "So, what movie do you wanna watch?" Dahvie thought for a moment. "Um...Something about animals." Jayy laughed and flipped through the movies, picking a Scooby-Doo movie. Dahvie grinned and snuggled into Jayy. He fell asleep about half way through the movie, making Jayy chuckle and pet his hair. "Sleep tight, David Jesus Torres." he said quietly. Jayy got comfortable and let himself drift off. Sally came in and put a blsnket over them, smiling softly. "Night boys."