Many years ago, there was a dark evil that shrouded the world. The evil came from one source of power—the Black Mage. Fortunately, many heroes gathered and rose up to the challenge of defeating it. They could only, however, manage to seal him. Now, in present times, the mysterious creature has broken out of his seal and sent monsters everywhere to claim the world once again into his hands. But new heroes will arise and conquer the Black Mage once and for all.

Alex rose from his bed, stretching, and yawned. It was dawn, and he was about to go train. He got ready to go out, and picked up his sword and shield when suddenly, a girl kicked down the door of his mushroom house.

"S-Sarah? What are you doing here so early?" Alex stammered, shocked to see her come in so wildly. Michael appeared too, shaking a little nervously, as he always did when he thought he was in some kind of trouble.

"You were taking too long to get ready, so we came here to get you!" Sarah replied. She walked over to Alex, grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the house, stepping on the broken door on the way out. Michael apologized about his broken door, and was quiet for the rest of the day.

The weather was beautiful, with the sun shining down, few clouds in the air, and a slight, refreshing summer breeze to keep cool.

"Where are we going?" Alex asked, struggling to pull away from Sarah, but she refused to let go and tightened her grip. Michael looked at Sarah questioningly, also wondering the same thing.

"We're going to train, obviously. We need to practice, practice, practice for the fight with the black mage! And I'm determined not to lose!" She responded proudly. Sarah was a spearwoman, and she was very prideful of herself. Michael was a page and he was always nervous or worried about something. He was very cautious, but will always get the job done. Lastly, Alex was a fighter and always remained neutral. He would step into the middle of an argument; show that both persons both had decent points, and breaks up the fight.

Michael sighed. The three of them had been training every day all day for two weeks now, and he wondered if they would ever get a break. Alex heard him, and suggested that instead, they would help people that were in need. Sarah grunted, shaking her head. But Michael looked thoughtfully, and said "Sure. I'd rather do that than just fight monsters all day."

They walked around Henesys, asking around for anyone that needed help. Finally, an old lady asked for help.

"I need 25 slime gels, and one pig's head to make the medicine needed to help my son. Please hurry!"

As the trio made their way to fight slimes, Sarah complained, "Why couldn't she just get the gels herself?"

"Didn't you see how frail she was? I mean, she's just an old lady for crying out loud!" Alex pointed out. "Still, slimes are so easy to beat…" Sarah muttered. Michael silently agreed with her, though he'd prefer helping out people than just killing monsters.

A few minutes later, they had finally gathered all the slime gels. "Great! Now all we need is one pig's head." Alex said enthusiastically. "That's just disgusting. Poor pigs, no wonder they attack people." Michael sympathized. "Do you eat pork?" Sarah asked. "Well yes but-" "Then you're going against your words."

The group finally arrived at the pig farm, but something was wrong. There were no pigs to be seen anywhere.

"Where are they all?" asked Michael nervously. Sarah suggested that maybe they all ran off, but Alex and Michael weren't convinced. They continued walking cautiously, until…

BANG! A pig charged into Michael and knocked him over. Alex and Sarah swiftly turned around to see what was going on. "Look out!" Michael shouted, but it was too late. Pigs had rammed into Alex and Sarah as well, and they tumbled to the ground. The pigs snorted and grunted as they all started piling up on the three warriors. "I can't move!" Alex muffled. Soon, due to lack of oxygen, the group had gone unconscious.

When they woke, they found themselves tied to a tree with ribbons from ribbon pigs. Their hands were also tied behind their backs. The three tried to struggle out, but it was no use. The ribbon was too strong to break through. When they looked up, there were slimes and pigs alike, gathered around. And there was a slime much bigger than the rest, that stood out to them.

"Greetings all pigs and slimes alike, and prisoners." The giant slime looked at the warriors with a glint in his eyes. "I am king slime, ruler of the slimes and helper of the pigs." The crowd of monsters cheered.

"Blrblrblrblrblrbrubblersoblr!" The slime was making strange noises that the threesome couldn't understand. " I wonder what he's saying…Maybe they're going to eat us." Michael whispered, a chill running through his body. Alex and Sarah looked at Michael doubtfully. "They might kill us, but I doubt they'll eat us." Sarah spoke truthfully. Alex gave her a look of disapproval. He knew she may be right, but he didn't want Michael to be more scared than he already was.

As King Slime went on with his speech, Alex, Sarah and Michael tried to figure out a way to escape. However, they couldn't come up with any ideas except begging to be released. So that's what they did.

"Oh please let us go, please! We'll never hurt another slime or pig again! Please please please! We are so sorry!" Michael and Alex cried out. Sarah kept quiet-she was too prideful to be asking their enemies for help.

"Heh, look at those three dumb warriors down there begging for help from monsters to save them." The assassin Luke mocked. Joseph, the bandit, looked worried. "Shouldn't we help them?" He asked thoughtfully. Luke looked at Joseph in disbelief. "They can take care of their own problems." He stared back down at the warriors, with a glint of humor in his eyes. Joseph sighed. He knew he couldn't convince Luke to help someone out.

"Well I'm not waiting around for them to get killed!" Joseph jumped down from the tree and charged at the king slime. The monsters were all dumbfounded for a few moments. Then they started to run at Joseph. Joseph slashed at them fiercely with his dagger, but he was badly outnumbered.

Still watching from the tree, Luke rolled his eyes. That idiot, he thought. I guess I'd better help him out just this once. Luke grabbed his throwing stars from his bag, and hurled them at the crowd of monsters. One by one the slimes and pigs were running away or faced death. Soon, all that was left was King Slime.

"How dare you kill my friends and think you can get away with it!" King slime shouted. To the group, it sounded more like "Blrblrblrburbleoifcblurbluraw!"

"I wonder what he's saying." Joseph said. Luke jumped down from the tree and threw a star at the giant green blob. Instead of hurting it, the star just squeezed into the slime and dissolved. Luke blushed embarrassedly. He expected to kill the creature in one shot, but it did no harm at all.

'Uh guys, can you set us free now?" Alex asked. Joseph looked back at the three warriors and nodded, running over. King Slime noticed and started hopping quickly to where Joseph was heading, making a loud thud every time it hit the ground.

"Look out!" Michael said, closing his eyes. King Slime was directly above Joseph, and just as he was about to get squashed, Joseph quickly cut the ribbon and everyone jumped out of the way of the slime. Alex, Sarah and Michael all went over to Joseph to have their hands freed as well. He cut the ribbons off each one, and then turned to face the King slime.

Alex and Sarah ran towards the slime and attacked, but their weapons got stuck in the slime and they pulled back, before the sword and spear dissolved.

"If our attacks can't do anything to it, how will we defeat it?" Alex asked. "We'll need a strategy…I got it!" Michael snapped his fingers and explained that they could lure it somewhere that has cliffs, and have it fall off.

"That's a great plan and all, but Perion is the only place that has such cliffs and that's pretty far away!" Sarah pointed out. Michael shied away .

"We'll have to think of something fast, before that ugly thing kills us all!" Luke exclaimed. The slime was hopping towards them, and the group scattered before it landed onto the ground. It looked around, wondering whom to go after. It chose Luke.

Luke was running towards Nautilus. Maybe it can't swim. He wondered silently. As they neared the town, Luke slowed down a bit to have the slime catch up to him. They reached the waters edge and Luke jumped up onto the wire that was above them. He balanced on one foot and looked down. King slime jumped at Luke, and Luke slipped. He grabbed the wire with both hands and looked down. The green blob fell into the water and sank. Luke climbed back to land, and looked back once more. King Slime was finally defeated.

Everyone met back at Henesys. Alex and Michael said their thanks, but Sarah refused to be thankful. "We had everything under control." She said stubbornly. Alex elbowed her and apologized to the two thieves. "Don't mention it. Seriously, don't. I don't wanna ruin my reputation." Luke crossed his arms and leaned against a tree.

"By the way I got a pig's head." Michael spoke up, showing the head of a pig. "Great, now we can turn the quest in!" Alex exclaimed. "Well, I'm going back to Kerning. It's getting late and I've had a long day." Luke said, yawning. "I'll come too!" Joseph said. "Alright see you all later!' Michael, Alex, and Sarah said their goodbyes to Luke and Joseph.

"Now let's go turn in the slime gels and pig head." Alex said. They went to the old lady and handed them in. "Thank you very much." The old lady said, and then she left. "Wait so we went through all that trouble and no reward?" Sarah complained. "Uh, the most rewarding thing is helping people?' Alex suggested, not even believing himself. "Well I'm going home, and tomorrow I demand that we train instead!" Sarah decided for the group. They all went home and dreamed of their adventures.