The characters don't belong to me. The song Daite senorita is sung by Yamashita Tomohisa. It's my first fic in English therefore there can to be some errors. I just hope that they aren't too many. *a bit scared* Don't be too hard with me, ok ? ^^ I often used the translator of Google to help me, I'm still not bilingual. Well, enjoy the fic. =)

Daite senorita

As they were together, all three, the rest wasn't important for him. Actually, Nobuta wasn't here anymore but it wasn't very serious. She will manage to be popular by herself now, him and Akira had helped her enough in order that she can cope alone. Besides, between his two friends, Kiritani prefered to have Kusano on his sides. He didn't know the reason of that but he was really happy to have found... his best friend.

The two teenagers were walking on the beach and after having fun in the water, they were completely soaked. Akira chased his friend who tried to escape by laughing merrily. After a long chase, Shuji stopped and bowed by putting hands on his legs to catch his breath. His best friend joined him quickly except he wasn't tired whereas he had run as much as him.

« Ah... aaahh... I... I don't believe it... why are you in so good state ? You are tireless or what ?

- Shuujiiii-kun ! I am more resistant as you. »

Akira couldn't help bursting out laughing. It made a long time that he hadn't heard the funny voice of his friend. Moreover, Kusano came near of Kiritani and hugged him out of the blue, without saying anything.

« What... what are you doing ?

- I'm warming us. »

Indeed, they were soaked, however, there were other ways to warm up than to hug a classmate !

« You don't need to do that, baka. »

He just wanted to make fun of Akira by seeming to be in bad mood and he pushed back him.

« Kon kon...

- What ? »

As usual, Kusano made a big smile and finished his sentence.

« Actually you are happy to see me, no ? »

By hearing this sentence, Shuji turned his back on his friend. He had to move, he had been forced to leave the friends he had in his previous school. Of course he was sad of not seeing them anymore but he hadn't showed it. He will have new friends in his new school, it does not mean that he wil forget those of his previous establishment. He just wanted not to be alone, that's all. However, as long as he had Akira with him, Shuji thought that it would be enough for him. Yes, therefore he hasn't to doubt of his feelings toward his best friend.

« So what ? »

Kusano's eyes showed his surprise.

« Akira shock ! »

Shuji seemed to be disappointed of Akira's reaction.

« You thought that it would be the contrary ? »

Without bothering to answer, Kusano threw himself into Kiritani's open arms. And so, the both guys fell on the sand.

« Happy ! Happy ! Akira happy !

- Well... please, can you get up ? »

Akira didn't move, it seemed to show that he agreed except that he was still clinging to Shuji and didn't want to release him.

Unwilling to be too hard, Kiritani didn't push back his friend, he tried to get up but it was hard.

« That's it ? You can release me now ?

- No ! »

Decidedly, he always found Akira tiring with his childhish behaviour.

« You don't intend to stay clinging to me all the time ?

- Akira loves Shuuji-kun ! He likes him very much !

- Don't speak in a way so ambiguous ! »

Without realizing it, Shuji had quite violently thrown his classmate on the sand.

« Sorry, I didn't want to, I am... »

He didn't have the time to finish his sentence because Kusano had kissed him. He was so much surprised that he responded despite him to the kiss that he had found, very pleasant. At the time where the kiss stopped, Kiritani touched his lips with his fingertips, looking lost.

« Akira... what was that ?

- Kon kon. Akira has already answered to Shuuji-kun's question !

- In this case, can you repeat what you told me... please ?

- Akira has better than that ! He has learnt a nice song he wants to sing for his Shuuji !

- are sure ?

- Yep !

- I am curious to hear it. »

Now that Kusano had the full attention of his best friend, he took off his uniform, his shirt and his tie, making himself bare chested. He wanted to add a sensual side to his personality by undressing himself. Furthermore, to see the look almost embarrassed of Kiritani when he saw him bare chested hadn't no price. Kusano took a rather serious look, approached his friend with an angelic smile and turned around him by not quitting him from his eyes...

Kenkka no kizuato wo nagame anata wa iu aitsu to tsurumu nowa mou yamena to ?

Staring at the scar let by the fight, you say : « Can you stop to struggle with those people ? »

A charming look animated Akira's face which seemed so much different at this time. Shuji was flabbergasted, he couldn't look away, his gaze stayed on his classmate.

Wakatterutte onna nante, otona butte gaki atsukai, mou yame ni shite kurenaika ?

You are a young, woman, you act like an adult, and treat me like a child, can you stop doing that ?

He took one of the hands of Kiritani and gave it a kiss in the same way as a perfect gentleman. He continued his walk around Shuji and when he was behind him, he put his arms around his waist and put his head against his shoulder.

Daite daite daite señorita, tsuyoku, tsuyoku, tsuyoku hanasanai de.

Hold me, hold me, hold me, lady, stronger, stronger, stronger don't release me.

He quickly slid his hands on the chest of his friend before bringing them under his t-shirt to really feel his skin under his fingers. Then, he released his hug to join his hands to Kiritani's.

Kazaate kakkou tsukezuni soba ni oite yo.

Without seeming too proud, just come near to me.

Akira is happy ! Shuji wanted to see him again ! Akira thought that Shuji was still kinda closed on his feelings but it wasn't the case ! Kon kon !

Daite daite daite señorita, tsuyoku, tsuyoku, tsuyoku hanasanaide.

Hold me, hold me, hold me, lady, stronger, stronger, stronger don't release me.

Kusano tightened several times his hands interlaced on Shuji's. Immediately after, he put his back against his friend's chest and held his arms before moving them on his bare chested which was warming little by little.

Anata no sono kuchibiru ga jirettai no yo.

Your lips are so much enticing.

He turned and brushed against Kiritani's lips and began to step away but it was just lost ! Shuji was exhausted, he had grabbed one of the arms of his classmate to bring back him toward him and kissed him as soon as he was close to him. Then, Shuji pushed his best friend on the sand by giving kisses on all his body, he hadn't control on himself anymore..

Mukashi no otokoto ore wo kasanete wa, tameiki majiri de warate miseru.

When you compare me with your previous boyfriend, you sigh and smile.

Akira groaned feeling Kiritani's lips moving on his skin. His voice became therefore a bit breathless whereas he was continuing to sing seriously by closing his eyes for better enjoying the feelings which were going all the way in his body.

Wakatterutte otoko nante, shinjitenai to iitaindarou, moo raku ni shite ageru kara.

When boys say they understand, they actually want to say they don't believe you, I'll make things easier now.

Shuji paused and looked his friend smiling, he smiled too before taking one of the hands of Kusano and to pose it on his cheek. When he pulled it away, he gave it a little kiss and took off his uniform to be also bare chested.

Naite, naite, naite Señorita, ore no, ore no, ore no mune de zutto.

Cry, cry, cry lady, in my, in my, in my heart forever.

At the second where he saw the beautiful muscular body of his Shuji without his clothes, he trew himself into his arms. We could say if he had a last wish, it had come true so he could die now. Obviously, it was just a joke, as if he wished to disappear when his Shuji shared the same feelings as him !

Hitori de gaman shinaide soba ni oide yo.

Don't try to cope all alone, come and be with me.

This sentence was truthful in his eyes but Akira knew that Kiritani had changed since they first met. Kusano certainly liked him since the beginning although he was too stupid to realize it right away.

Nemure, nemure, nemure, señorita, ore no, ore no, ore no mune de zutto.

Sleep, sleep, sleep lady, in my, in my, in my heart forever.

Shuji had still his companion into his arms and sucked out his neck with in a mad way which was pretty surprising but not unpleasant for Akira.

Kon ya mo kitto yume no naka jirettai no yo.

I bet that you will make me crazy in my dream again tonight, it's annoying !

Kusano was actually lying on the back on the beach while his companion undid his pants and downed his boxer to access of the sex of Akira. As soon as he was under the eyes, he licked him up and down and engulfed him almost entirely. He didn't go too fast, realizing comings and goings in order to not distract his friend on his song.

Daite daite daite señorita, tsuyoku, tsuyoku, tsuyoku hanasanaide.

Hold me, hold me, hold me, lady, stronger, stronger, stronger don't release me.

Akira wanted more, much, much more. Unfortunately, doing that on a beach wouldn't be pratical at all so he hadn't the choice to hold back his desires at least for now.

Kazaate kakkou tsukezuni soba ni oide yo.

Without making the proud, just come near to me.

Kiritani's friend finally came into his mouth and it didn't disturb because he swallowed all the sperm that he had into his mouth. Akira stood up right away and licked the few drops of semen remaining on the face of his lover who looked at him, laughing.

Daite daite daite señorita, tsuyoku, tsuyoku, tsuyoku hanasanaide.

Hold me, hold me, hold me, lady, stronger, stronger, stronger don't release me.

Kusano took the two hands of his classmate and posed them on his cheeks before to letting them to fall on his chest. Kiritani devoured with his eyes the bare chested of his companion since he had taken off his uniform. Akira loves Shuji and not Nobuta, he had realized that when Kiritani was forced to move and that he thought not to be able to see him anymore.

Anata no sono kuchibiru ga jirettai no yo.

Your lips are so much enticing.

At the end of this sentence, Akira stuck his forehead on Shuji's, they were both burning inside and outside as well. Kiritani joined his lips to these of Kusano to exchange a warm kiss.

Thereafter, Shuji sat on the sand while his boyfriend laid by putting his head against his legs after putting back his clothes. They were still shirtless because they liked when the wind touched their skin naked, fortunately they weren't in winter ! To summarize, the two boys were happy.

« Akira loves Shuji !

- There, you are repeating yourself...

- But Shuji loves Akira right ? »

Kiritani took a false mocking look before answering to the question.

« I really must be stamped to love a baka like you !

- I'm taking that as a yes ! »

The two teenagers were laughing merrily. Kiritani stroked the hair of his Akira and they stayed in that position without being concerned about the time which was passing, enjoying the scenery in front of them.

* Yes, we can live like that, wherever we are ! *