Tara looked up and smiled at the guy she'd liked since the beginning of middle school. Gavin was dancing with her at Morp and it couldn't have been more perfect. He'd kissed her cheek, which made her smile widen. He was everything she could ever want. Now she knew that he liked her too. That fact made her feel giddy inside.

Everyone says Prom is supposed to be the best night of your life, but for Tara, Morp was the best night of her life. Gavin had sang to her in front of everyone and then he asked her to go to Morp with him.

Maybe, Tara finally was Radio Rebel. She was the girl who could speak her mind and inspire others. She was the girl who was fearless. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

She smiled at Gavin and leaned in. He closed the distance between them. It was a soft, gentle kiss that Tara had always wanted. They swayed to the music, kissing, and being truly happy.