Daughter Distraught prologue

General POV

Pathetic. That's what she was. Simply pathetic. Lucia sighs softly lost in her thoughts while professor snape drones on and on about polyjuice potion that she honestly doesn't care about. "Damn" Why couldn't fate favor her for once? Just once? She just had to be the daughter of Voldemort. Yea like that is going to get her well liked at this crack pot school. Even worse the Slytherins see her as a princess of the dark arts. She's far from it. Even her father gets frusterated with her lack of improvement in her dark arts lessons with Lucius Malfoy.

She jolts out of her reverie as a note lands on her desk. She looks over to see who sent it and finds her 'Brother' Draco half smirking at her nodding to the note. With yet another sigh she opens it reading his chicken scratch hand writing. "Hey Luce wanna go to Hogsmead later?" Dipping her quill in her ink well she scribbles back " I cant I have a essay for transfigurations I have procrastinated on that's due tomorrow so I'm pulling an all nighter" after she finishes writing it she sends it back across the desk to Draco. He frowns reading it then shakes his head with a slight smirk and mouths to her "If you fail that paper your father is going to be pissed."

She nods an I know at him before going back to taking notes for the class until the bell rings and she jumps out of her seat to go to the black lake to meet Lucius to apperate home to begin her second half of her lessons. Dark arts training with her father. After apperating to the Riddle mansion Lucia gives a shiver of fear knowing her father is going to be pissed just by seeing her much less hearing she's failing three classe having not getting the time to do her homework due to her training.

Taking a breath she heads inside her second home and up to her fathers office. After getting there she knocks afraid that she's disturbing him. "Enter" Voldemort says from inside thinking it is one of his followers and sighs disappointed to find it's just his worthless offspring. "Lucia your late. Again. What part of punctuality do you not under stand?" Lucia shivers afraid of that cold tone in his voice as she looks at his snake like face while he pets Nagini. "I'm sorry father it wont happen again." Voldemort chuckles softly. "Of course it won't I'll make sure of it. Come it is time for your lessons." He says rising from his desk chair gracefully leaving the room while lucia thinks "Great another crucio session."