Hitoyoshi Zenkichi's right foot crashed against Kumagawa Misogi's face at full force! As the body of the back haired one flew back, one could hear the bones in his face cracking from the impact.

"『That wasn't very nice Zenkichi-chan. To bully the weak like this…Hitoyoshi-sensei would cry if she saw you like this.』" Kumagawa said with his usual smile as he stood up, showing no sign of damage from the last attack.

Kumagawa spoke as if Zenkichi had been bullying him, however just looking at the scene as a whole, one would only believe the opposite. While Kumagawa stood without even so much as a scratch on his body, Zenkichi was barely able to stay up having three large screws imbedded deep into his left leg.

"…" Zenkichi said nothing, he merely leaned against the brick wall behind him and glared at Minus.

"『How impolite, you should speak up when spoken to, Zenkichi-chan.』" provocation always flowed so easily from Kumagawa's lips and that time was no different "『How about I take the other leg then? Your kicks hurt so much, I rather not get hit again.』" his trademark smile always hanging on his face as he strolled calmly toward the injured Zenkichi.

A few hours before

"A test of courage? Don't people usually do those things during summer vacation?" Inquired the new Student Council President after hearing the proposition from the most unlikely person, Najimi Ajimu.

"Indeed, but it doesn't really matter when it is done, as long as it is done properly." Answered Ajimu in a rather matter of fact tone with Shiranui Hanten standing behind her, looking out a window.

"Well it doesn't matter, I don't have time to play around like that." Zenkichi said while shifting his gaze back to the big pile of paperwork on top of his desk.

Ever since the election Zenkichi's free time had grown shorter and shorter, as opposed to Ajimu who, having no longer her former goals seems to be enjoying her school life more and more. It annoyed him at times, seeing everyone else enjoying their school lives through the window, however when Medaka's figure appeared shooting through the field with a smile on her face, it all went away.

"That's quite a shame. Even Kurokami Medaka was more than willing to participate and asked me to invite you at all costs." when those words left her mouth, Zenkichi's eyes shifted from the papers, right back toward Ajimu.

Within seconds Zenkichi was already leaving the student council office, closely followed by the rest of the members while the new general affairs manager voiced her opposition into deaf ears.

Later that night

"Welcome everyone, to the Slaughter Woods!" Ajimu stood on top of a stage with plenty of Halloween like decorations. She smiled as she surveyed the participants of her little game. Kurokami Medaka, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, Kumagawa Misogi, Naze Youka, Shiranui Hansode, Emukae Mukae, Kikaijima Mogana, Akune Kouki, Wanizuka Shori, Kudaki Torai, Munakata Kei. Along with Hanten they had a total of 12 players, a perfectly even number "We will soon begin drawing lots to pick the pairs."

"I'm surprised to see you leaving your duties so soon, Zenkichi." Medaka said tilting her head ever so slightly.

"A little down time with the rest of the council will do us good." said Zenkichi already realizing he was tricked by Ajimu.

"『Neglecting your duties already, such a shameful president.』" instigated Kumagawa with a smile.

"Agreed, such a slacker. The council would be doomed had I not sacrificed myself and joined as the ." Naze responded after hearing the Minus' words.

"Hahaha slacker, slacker." Shiranui cheered on.

"I still do not agree with this waste of time!" shouted a disgruntled Torai.

"I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun… I must pick Hitoyoshi-kun…" muttered Emukae.

"Slaughter…woods…" muttered a somewhat fearful Kikaijima.

"Don't worry, she's probably just trying to scare you. It's just a game." reassured Akune while patting Kikaijima's head once.

"Hmm…I…I'm also scared!" Wanizuka said, trying to be reassured by Akune as well but receiving little to no attention.

"Why…am I even here?" questioned Munakata.

"Now then, everyone take a number from this box. No cheating or I'll get mad~" Ajimu said with a smile that sent shivers up everyone else's spines.

Slowly each participant began taking a number from the small white box. It was obvious that more than a few were hoping and praying to end up with a particular participant, however what people failed to realize was Zenkichi's own Devil Style, something even Zenkichi himself forgot. Due to Devil Style, the probability of one of them coincidently picking the number that he or she wished dropped to zero, but could also lead to some interesting pairs.

After a while the results were as follows:

Pair 1- Kurokami Medaka and Wanizuka Shori

Pair 2- Hitoyoshi Zenkichi and Kumagawa Misogi

Pair 3- Shiranui Hansode and Kudaki Torai

Pair 4- Emukae Mukae and Munakata Kei

Pair 5- Kikaijima Mogana and Shiranui Hanten

Pair 6- Akune Kouki and Naze Youka

And as for the reactions…

"Suitable." said Medaka with a nod toward Wanizuka.

"I don't know if this is good or bad luck…" muttered Wanizuka while forcing a smile toward Medaka.

"Ah…Kudaki?" asked Shiranui quite rudely and obviously disappointed with her own luck.

"That's Torai-senpai to you! And I'm no thrilled with the prospect of wasting my time with one of the school's number one troublemakers." Torai harshly stated.

"I'll be in your care, senpai." Akune said with his own hansome smile and a small bow toward Naze.

"Keh, I don't like pretty boys." Naze said as she walked further away from Akune, much to his dismay.

"…" Emukae glared toward Munakata without saying a word.

"…" Munakata returned her glare and silence.

"…" Kikaijima was at a loss for words.

"…" Hanten never really showed any reaction.

"Of course this would happen. Maybe I should go home after all." Zenkichi could only stare at his partner with a solemn look on his face.

"『Don't be like that Zenkichi-chan. But I have to agree, maybe you should go home right now.』" Likewise Kumagawa simply stared back at Zenkichi with a smile as he spoke.

While the pairs got acquainted with eachother, Ajimu proceeded to elaborate on the rules. The first thing she did was take out a large map of the area.

"The game is quite simple. I have placed a box inside an abandoned house in the middle of the woods." she spoke nearly sounding like a teacher while using a ruler to point to the location of the abandoned house "Your objective is, of course, to retrieve the box before anyone else. The first person to open the box wins. You will all start in different locations at equal distances to the house." She finally paused for a few seconds to see the reactions of the players but none of them seemed to even be paying attention to her, until she spoke up again "Whoever wins gets one wish fulfilled." and the moment she dropped that bombshell, everyone's attention was completely turned toward her.

"You're already planning on making every girl here wear a naked apron…aren't you?" Zenkichi said to Kumagawa along with sigh.

"『I'll never deny that. But I see how the appeal of such a thing would be lost on you.』" Kumagawa's poisonous words left the smiling lips straight to Zenkichi's ears who clearly was affected by them.

"That's why you'll always be Naked Apron-senpai." Zenkichi said with a growl as he moved his face closer to Kumagawa, never breaking eye contact.

"『My my, what a great Student Council President we have now.』" Kumagawa responded with his smile but pressing his forehead against Zenkichi's own.

"For some reason the way you say that pisses me off." He said quite angrily.

However before any further arguments could be made, Ajimu's hands quickly reach for their faces, easily separating them and even sending both flying a couple of feet in opposite directions.

"Enough, any further interruptions and I'll have to punish your two…personally." was all it took from Ajimu to make the two of them keep their mouths closed along with the rest of the participants "Moving one! Each pair will begin in different places, each at equal distances to the house. However, I should warn you that these woods are plagued with various monsters and ghouls. So enjoy the test of courage, everyone."