"Kurokami-dono, we've been walking around for a while. Maybe we were just tricked." Wanizuka spoke while rotating her stiff shoulders. They have both been walking for nearly half an hour and more than being tired, Wanizuka was starting to get inpatient due to nothing actually happening.

"Fun is just around the corner." Medaka simply said coming to a full stop.

Not having notice Medaka stop until a couple of steps later, Wanizuka looked back to see her senior's smile and reddish brown eyes looking past her. Slowly she turned around once more to see what caught Medaka's attention…and then she saw it.

"What…is that!" she exclaimed while retreating behind Medaka without even realizing it herself.

"It looks like our host set up some fun obstacles along the way." said Medaka stepping closer to that which Wanizuka seemed to instinctively retreat from.

What stood before the two girls was none other than an Oni, or an Ogre if you prefer. Dark red skin, balding yellow hair, small yellow and black horn right between the eyes, large protruding fangs, only a small piece of tiger skin covering its lower half, large wooden club in hand and of course, standing over 15 feet tall. The beast's bloodshot eyes focused only on Medaka, completely ignoring Wanizuka's presence and after a few seconds of glaring at her, it released a powerful roar that sent every critter in the area running for their lives. However didn't budge, actually she took a defiant step closer and showed her own intimidating and overwhelming aura.

In Wanizuka's eyes, two complete monsters were about to fight…and she was right next to them.

Medaka's group wasn't the only one encountering supernatural entities.

Shiranui's group soon found themselves in a rather large clearing and before they knew it, several ethereal entities began popping out from the shadows all around them.

"…" Torai said nothing as she studied the situation.

"Oooohhh! I knew something was going to happen." on the other hand, Shiranui couldn't help but comment on the situation "Alright Kudaki, I'll leave this to you!" she proudly shouted while rummaging through her bag for more food.

"It's Torai-senpai." Torai calmly said, not taking her eyes off the ghosts and getting into a fighting stance as they grew nearer.

"What are you to Hitoyoshi-kun!" Emakue shouted all of a sudden toward Munakata of all people.

"…" Munakata, however, ignored her completely.

The two walked in silence for a few more minutes. While Emakue kept glaring toward Munakata, the later kept ignoring her presence.

"Stop ignoring me and answer!" Emakue suddenly shouted once again but unlike before, she even went ahead and grabbed Munakata's sleeve making him stop in his tracks and calmly turn to her.

"We…are friends." Munakata simply stated slowly so she would easily understand.

"You supported him when he ran for president! You even went as far as fighting Kumagawa-san! Is he really just a friend to you? Maybe! Maybe you're actually in love with him! You want to steal him away! Go to some secluded place in the mountains! Do evil things to him! Turn him! Make him hate women and love men! Making him love you! Force him to do naughty things with you! Then you get married! Adopt a child or two! Buy a house! You'll force him to be the wife in the relationship! You'll make it so he can't leave the house any longer! You'll be jealous and hit him! You'll punish him! Make him cry! Then you'll cheat on him with another man! You…" just as sudden as the random rant came up, a pause followed suit. Emakue quickly released Munakata's sleeve and reached out for her for the blades of her kitchen knives "Maybe I should just kill you now and protect Hitoyoshi-kun's innocence!" she mumbled with an insane look in her eye.

"…" Munakata on the other hand simply stared at her the whole time until he finally turned his back to her and started walking again "You're over thinking things."

Hearing those words made something snap inside Emakue's head, however before she was able to do anything, her eyes met with Munakata's…as he body slammed her to the ground. He wasn't attacking her, even Emakue noticed that for the second they hit the ground a large number of spikes made of ice rushed past her previous position.

"Ice!" Emakue shouted, completely forgetting about her former threat.

Ahead of them they finally saw a figure who's face was covered in the shadows. It was a woman, a rather attractive woman at that. Dressed in a white yukata with light blue flower patterns, her visible skin was a light blue and the ground she stood was completely covered in snow. It was only then that she noticed how the temperature had dropped considerably.

"Yuki-onna…" Munakata mumbled to himself as both got to their feet and readied themselves for battle.

Kikaijima was in awe at what had happened before her eyes. One moment she and Hanten were silently walking through the dark woods and the next a large group of huge bats appeared. But it didn't stop there. It all happened a little too fast for her to even react.

Amidst the black mass of bats a woman dressed in red and black appeared. She had a smile on her face showing her fangs that were almost shining in the moon light. Kikaijima could swear that the woman called herself a vampire, however before anything else could be said…it was all over.

Kikaijima's eyes tried to register the scene before her. Hanten stood with his back to her and hands in his pockets while next to him laid an unconscious woman in a red and black dress. She didn't even know how it happened, it all happened to fast and she had several bats flying before her eyes. Either way, regardless of what that woman was, Hanten disposed of her too quickly.

"Down boy!" Naze Youka wasn't used to dealing with dogs, much less one twice her size and trying to kill her. Flames surrounded her fists as a large wolf like creature crashed against a tree next to her at full force, easily splitting it in two.

For a second, Naze actually contemplated how helpful Akune the Destroyer would have been in that situation. However the main problem was Akune himself, or rather the werewolf he had become moments ago.

Akune when he fully turned into that beast, Naze noticed an explosive increase in both power and speed, making it harder for her to keep up with his attacks. His resistance and stamina also shot up, enough to make a slash with her blade of fire have little effect on him.

He attacked her again, aiming to bite her neck…he was clearly going for the kill without holding back. As the large grey body flew through the air toward her, Naze jumped up flipping through the air until she was facing down just as the werewolf's body flew bellow her. Taking advantage of the position Naze's right hand opened and the flames around it intensified. She was quick and had perfect accuracy when she struck Akune's eyes with her palm.

"That should keep you busy for a bit." she said landing in a very Koga like pose. Her aim was simple, by using fire she would blind Akune and give her time to think up of another strategy; however things were not as simple as she planned. Suddenly she felt the large back of Akune's claw strike against her side sending her flying a few feet in the air.

Looking back while on the ground and giving off a pained groan Naze wondered if her attacked failed, however it looked like it did work, just not the rest of the plan. Akune's eyes were shut the whole time, but it didn't seem like he needed them either. Having become part wolf it looked like his sense of hearing and sense of smell also grew stronger, making for tracking Naze's location quite simple.

Akune leaped toward Naze once again but instead of being mauling her to death he only hit a sturdy wall of tick ice that Naze quickly formed between them. Quickly, and ignoring the pain on her side, Naze circled the very wall she used to defend herself and placed both hands on Akune's body. Immediately his body began to freeze and eventually the werewolf was nothing but a large block of ice.

"Now…stay." Naze said taking a few steps back and admiring the new statue "I won't brag, but it looks quite good."

But Naze's happiness was short lived. After a few steps she stopped upon hearing the sound of something cracking. She turned around and her eyes widened as she saw the werewolf easily break out of its icy tomb.

"Kurokami-dono!" Wanizuka shouted after seeing an unbelievable scene.

Kurokami Medaka and the large Oni fought to a standstill, exchanging blow for blow and ruining the surrounding area. Wanizuka considered the possibility of helping Medaka, only to immediately refuse the thought after seeing Medaka punch the Oni and get punched back with equal force.

However the fight didn't last much longer. Seeing that their power was around the same level, Medaka took it up a notch, activating her Altered God Mode. After she did so, the fight became completely one sided, Medaka ruthlessly struck down the Oni without it being capable of counter attacking or even blocking any of the blows she dished out. Eventually, after a powerful spinning ax kick to the top of the head, the Oni seemed to stop moving and Medaka achieved victory.

"That was amazing Kurokami-dono! To take out such a large beast!" Wanizuka shouted excitingly to Medaka before reaching her.

"It was strong, too strong, something seemed familiar about that strength." Medaka said grabbing her chin and looking down with a troubled expression.

"It doesn't matter now, it's do-" Wanizuka tried to say but before she could something large interrupted them.

A hand, a large red hand shot from behind them and grabbing Medaka and immediate slamming her whole body against the ground, pinning her underneath its massive size. Wanizuka couldn't believe her eyes, before her was the same red Oni that Medaka had struck down moments before, but something was different about it. Not only was it much larger than before, but it now had several black tiger like strips all over its massive body.

"Get out of here! Now!" for once Medaka shouted at Wanizuka, the serious look in her eye told her that even Medaka was worried about the sudden transformation. Sadly, immediately after Medaka's shout the Oni released its pressure on her, only to start violently throwing punches at her downed body, crushing even the ground under her. Wanizuka could only stand there in shock as Medaka received a beating like she had never seen before.