A/N: Ok I am rewriting this story. I have redone the draft and plan to go in a better direction. Hope you all enjoy the new start. And I apologize for all the mistakes.

In the basement of Fangtasia there was a simple iron door that was closed shut. The coldness of the air filled the entire small square room that held a whimpering female. Her hair was thick and tangled yet the blackness was not dull. She was in the Fetus position as her bright green eyes stayed shut. The dryness from her lips proved that she was indeed thirsty. But the whisper filled her ears as she spoke. "Someone...please." It was a cry for help that never came, she knew after three years it did not matter that she screamed. The monster hated her and his blonde sidekick enjoyed seeing her lay in her own filth. Trish did not remember how she became in this predicament but all she knew was that she had a family she longed to see, yet she feared the monster that held her captive.

Trish knew she was nothing to him just a toy for him to play with and food supply. As chills ran over her body from the cold cement floor as the blood puddle around her slowly became crusty and dry. Trish's body was to sore to move since she was beaten because she refused to eat. Her mind was set on dying so in her head starving herself gave her the power, the power to control her life. Well what she thought. As the door slowly opened the creak it made did not cause Trish to jump back like she normally did. The girl was tired and weak but the familiar voice of Ginger filled her ears.

"You...you up" the uncertain and worry expression filled the blonde fangbanger's words.

Trish always knew that Ginger was a fangbanger. The typical fangbanger was usually a woman or male that was similar to a hooker but only allowed vampires to screw and drink them. Slowly Trish allowed herself to rise, the soreness made the black hair beauty bite her bottom lip. Slowly her eyes landed upon Ginger. The blonde wore short jeans that were to tight giving the skinny woman a camel toe and a muffin top. Ginger also had a metallic bra that barely covered her breast. She gave a whole definition to slut with just her looks. But Ginger's blue eyes and wrinkly face; from all the cigs she smoked, just stared at Trish. Trish was much shorter only standing at five foot and three inches. Unlike Ginger she did not have six inch heels but no shoes but she did have vampire bite marks on her ankle. The blue trash-bag shorts stuck to her body because of the sweat and blood while the white shirt was covered in old blood and dirt.

"Mr. Northman...Wa-wants you to bathe."

Trish could tell that Ginger was nervous speaking to her. Of course she would be, Trish had been here for three years and Ginger was forbidden to come near her door. Though Trish use to call out and scream for her before realizing that it was no use, that Ginger was one of them. Not making a sound or expression Trish looked at the wall that held the chain. It was a rusty brown chain yet it was enough to keep Trish from going to the door. In the past when someone would open the door Trish would make a run for it, hardly ever did she make it up the stairs but only twice she did succeed. The chain was connected to the black metal collar that fitted Trish's neck. It would only open from a key; the key Ginger held in her right hand.

Slowly Ginger walked toward Trish and reached to unlock the collar.

"Please don't run"

Trish looked at Ginger with pity in her eyes, oh how she envied the woman. What was the different between her and Ginger? They both were females, both lived with the two vampires, both were the feeding supplies yet Trish had the lashings while Ginger still had her own house. Trish just did understand what got her into this predicament.

As both girls headed up the stairs and entered a dark hallway. Ginger led Trish to the bathroom that only the employees or Sherif and his child Pam used.

"I'll be back to check on you...also if you need anything Pam said for you to write a list and I'll get things you need. Like pads, make-up, shampoo or whatever. See you in a bit" Ginger winked at Trish as Trish gave the blonde hair bimbo a glare.

"By the way the sun is almost down so hurry" and with that she closed the door and the click from the lock filled Trish's ear.

Looking around the white wall bathroom that had a red carpet it seemed a bit warm from the steam of the water filling the bathroom. Slowly taking off her clothes she threw them in the trashcan before stepping into the warm water. At first it did sting the fresh bite marks that she had on her ankles but she just longed to be clean and fresh. It was privilege to be clean; Eric would tell her. So as a punishment she would go weeks with being dirty if she broke one of his rules. Making a face as she thought of the blonde hair monster she wanted that creature dead. Yet she longed to escape and be free. To be free of his grasp.

Washing her skin nearly raw Trish slowly allowed her eyes to fall on the pad. Thinking Pam's idea was stupid until she seen the pencil. The wooden pencil. A small feeling of hope filled her heart as Trish quickly jumped out the bathtub and wrapped a white towel around her wet frame. Taking the pencil she held it tightly as her reflection in the mirror stared back at her. Fear, worry, and hope were all in her wide green eyes.

"You can do this" she whispered trying to calm herself and assure her courage.

As the golden door knob turned to open Trish quickly hid the pencil behind her back. She planned to either stab Pam in the heart with it or Ginger's throat. The girl planned to escape. Once Pam stood perfectly in the door with her tight fitted one suit red leather outfit. She looked like a blonde cat woman glaring at Trish.

"Well you clean up nice" the slur of sexiness filled Pam's words as she slowly cocked her head slightly to the right. Trish glared as she looked at the blonde hair bitch. All Trish did was raise a brow which made Pam laugh.

"Wear this...Eric wants you to look nice." As she threw the black dress to the floor and red six inch heels Trish charged at her. As a sound of desperation and anger mixed Trish ran as fast as she could with the pencil out; heading for Pam's heart. Though the blur made Trish feel a bit sick she just felt the pencil enter a hard surface so she knew it was Vampire flesh. Yet the 'Fucking Bitch' yells were Pam and not coming from directly in front her but farther back.

Thats when it all clicked and Trish realized. Slowly looking up at the six foot four viking she gulped. His fangs were fully out as his breathing was harsh and fury filled his blue dazzling eyes. Trish stepped back gripping the towel. Her heart pounding as her mouth became to dry to speak. She could not find the words. Until a whimper came out.

"S-s-s-so-so-sorry" tripping over her own feet as she stepped back Trish fell upon her butt. Yet she gripped the towel keeping it closed. But Pam's voice filled the bathroom as Eric took slow long strides to his pet.

"Your human nearly killed me Eric! That crazy bloodbag...You need to kill it. Or I will kill it."

Eric never turned to his child as he was focused on Trish. "Out"

It was a whisper that made Pam flee but bring tears to Trish's eyes. Shaking her head no she watched as Eric threw the pencil against the wall allowing the hole to heal.

His massive hand reached down and gripped Trish's hair pulling her to her feet. "Well hello Pet" his voice was deep and deadly as he reached for her neck. Lifting Trish off the ground she felt the strength he possessed as he lifted her off the ground and squeezed her neck. The struggle for air started as she scratched his arm. Her lungs refused to surrender as they fought to find air.

"Now. Listen carefully...I want you to dress and meet me in my office. If you are late then you may" he leaned closer as Trish started to feel weak from the loss of Oxygen. "See what its like to be buried alive." With that Eric released her allowing Trish to collapse to the floor. The sweet air filled her lugs yet she could not control the gasping. It wasnt until she felt a huge pain to her side as she fell flat upon the red carpet. Crying as she curled up into a ball she knew Eric kicked her in the ribs. Biting her bottom lip as she tried to open her green eyes she looked at the monster who hated her. Tears streamed down her face as a part of her longed for death. Yet her heart refused to be weak and surrender.

Once the Viking was gone Trish slowly mustered her strength and finally got herself dressed. The black dress was not leather like a fangbanger no Eric loved to see Trish dressed to the highest fashion. She was his pet, something he enjoyed showing off. Quickly running down the hall she did not wish to be late. Opening the door to Eric's office she noticed Longshadow. His black hair hung in front of his face as the scent of death filled the room. The black tanktop he wore showed off the tattoo he had upon his arm but his black beady eyes roamed all over Trish's body taking his time looking over her bare legs.

"Eric always enjoyed dressing up his play things...have you fucked him yet. Little human" the accent and cackle Longshadow had made the pitt in Trish's stomach turn but it was the weight that now pressed upon her shoulder. Eric's hand gave Trish a tight squeeze as she heard his voice.

"Ah...she has not given in to my charm yet" the Viking laughed. Trish was offended by the way everyone spoke about her as if she was never their or that she did not matter. Not that she did matter to any of them.

"Screw you all" Trish hissed as she shoved Eric's hand off her shoulder. With her action she felt her body being pushed to the ground with a kick to her rear end. Falling upon her hands and knees Trish went to stand but Eric's black boot rested upon her spine.

"I will break it if you stand up. You are beneath us my pet. You only stand with permission!"

With that Trish stayed still until Eric removed his boot from her back. He walked over to his desk leaving the black hair beauty sit like a dog by his desk.

She felt her eyes become heavy as time passed by when a few knocks came to the door. Once the door opened a few vampires stood in the doorway.

"Trish. Go in the club. Stay close to Pam" he never looked at Trish as she slowly rose from the ground but the three male vampires looked at her with hungry and horny eyes. Feeling disgusted Trish quickly fled from Eric's office. It was the grossest place beside the basement that Trish could think of ever being in. Humans were grinding upon vampires as tourist looked around with excitement. The whole idea made Trish feel dirty and beneath trash. Walking in her red shoes she didn't feel like trying to find Pam so instead she leaned in the corner not wanting nor wishing to speak with anyone.

"Trish Howard is that you?" It was a southern accent that made Trish look. She didn't recognize the voice of the red head lady that wore a bright yellow dress. She stood out like sore thumb.

"Its been. Years since I seen you" the woman kept speaking as she walked in Trish's direction. The message on Trish's face was clear confusion as she finally spoke.

"Who are you?" It was a simple question that had a soft southern accent. Almost like velvet or the true southern-belle voice.

"Maudette Pickens!...Don't be stupid girl. We both came here because of them" Maudette looked at the vampires as she bit her bottom lip. "Yet I thought you moved. Sookie, Lafayette, Jason...especially Jason. We all thought you were gone in another state or somethin."

"I don't know who any of yall are...and I would not ever come to this bar to bang a vampire" Trish snapped. Maudette glared at Trish.

"You have not changed. Always rude little girl. Yet" Maudette slowly looked curious as she leaned closer to Trish. "You lived in" before she could finish Pam showed up stepping inbetween the two women.

The blonde hair was smiling at the red hair woman as Trish kept trying to look at the girl. The one who called herself Maudette. It didnt make sense but Trish wanted to know what she was going to say. She wondered if it explained why she was trapped with Eric and Pam.

"In where?...Where Maudette!" Trish could not help herself she wanted to know, or needed. She had to know it was on her mind but Pam gripped Trish's wrist making her gasp in pain from the tight grip. But Pam's pale cold blue eyes locked upon Maudette's eyes.

"You will go buy you a drink"

"A Drink" Maudette repeated.

"And you will forget that you seen Trish...You seen no one of a familiar face"

"I did not see anyone."

And with that Maudette was gone and Trish felt the grip release as Pam glared down at her. But Trish's mind was else where. Why would Pam do that and it started to click.

"how do I know her? What are yall keepin from me? Help...HELP...SOMEONE HELP ME!" Trish screamed loudly in the bar as Pam's mouth dropped. No one would have ever expected Trish to do such a thing but she did not stop.

"My name is TRISH HOWARD PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!" Trish refused to be unseen and unheard. She wanted out.

A man looked at Trish and quickly gasped. "Thats the woman on the news three years ago...the missing girl!" Quickly everyone reached for the phone and tried to make their way to Trish but Pam's fangs were out as she hissed and growled at anyone trying to step close. Other vampires smashed phones as humans started to panic and make their way to the doors.

"SHUT EVERYTHING" Pam ordered as her deadly eyes flashed to all the exits. Humans trampled over each other as vampires sped to complete Pam's orders. Pam looked at Trish and growled but it was Eric who held Trish's attention. He stood perfectly in the middle of the floor as a woman ran into him. He forcefully ripped her spine from her abdomen area before throwing it to the ground. Humans screamed in horror as Eric walked closer to a terrified Trish.

She was trapped between the wall and Pam as Eric's bloody hand pulled her wrist to where now her warm body was pressed against the coldness of his.

"You have crossed the line Trish" making a tsking noise as he gently moved the hair from her face his eyes watched as her tears fell down her cheeks.

"Pl-please. Don't hurt me" Trish cried out. She looked at him with her green orbs that leaked tears. Sobbing was all she could do as Eric pushed her into Longshadows direction.

"Bring her to my home...for I can fix this crap"

It wasnt before long that a screaming Trish was forced inside a trunk of a car. Crying was doing nothing but making her over heated as she waited for the trunk door to open. As she waited what felt like two hours she knew the sun would soon be up so she had to take her only risk and run. Longshadow slowly opened the trunk door and to his surprise Trish was no longer crying but clawed at his face. She dug her nails into his eyes as he screamed from pain.

"Fucking CUNT" he yelled as he threw her onto the stone driveway. Quickly Trish scrambled upon her six inch heels and nearly fell back down but took off running. She seen the sunset afar and knew she could make it. If she could make it pass the gate then Trish knew she could be free. Running as if her life depended on it; well in her case it did.

Closing her eyes she couldnt help but smile as she ran. "I'm free" she whispered and the wind blew in her face as she felt joy rush over her. It was as if she was flying instead of running. Slowly opening her eyes since she felt a grasp upon her frame. To her horror Trish was up in the air. Allowing a scream to escape her mouth she slowly looked up at Eric right before they flew into an open window before the sun landed upon them.