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I knew that I was doomed from the start. As soon as I could understand what was happening around me, I knew.

It wasn't coincidence that my brother's death would fuel the political rage of my parents. It wasn't coincidence that of all the children of rebelling parents were sent to God-fearing foster parents except for me.

I used to believe in such things, but now... I see a bigger part of the tapestry. More so than most can at this day and age. Of course, there's still something wrong with this country. The Revolution needed a leader after the Parliament blew into bits.

A Civil War has broken out into this country. One could take a map and literally draw a line along the length of the nation and come up with the Rebel's claims and the remaining Fingermen's. Nearly a perfect division of the country. Both sides struggle something fierce though. Both sides remain without a true leader.

I may not believe in coincidence, but I still believe in bad luck. I sit, safe and warm despite the Gallery's bone chilling tendrils seeking my flushed flesh. I sit while the rest of the world is in ruins and rations dominate their lives. I wanted to help, but I wasn't who the Rebels needed.

They needed him. He could plan and strategize better than the generals I've read in his extensive library, but despite all of his planning, he couldn't stay alive. I hate him for that. He not only left me alone, he left the entire country to fend for itself. It surprised me that he didn't make a plan for after he died. There were no further instructions to the country or even me.

Blind. That's what has become of the Rebels. They cannot see like I can. The Fingermen are just the same. The only difference is that they have the machine power whereas the Rebels don't. Is it coincidence that the Fingermen haven't used their power to wipe out the Rebels? No. I know why. They're waiting for him. They want to take out the instigator before they take out the followers.

They believe him to still be alive yet hiding, waiting the opportune moment to strike. The Fingermen haven't attacked because they at much too busy trying to find weaknesses in their system to prevent him coming again, but that's opening them up for attack.

While their backs are hunched over every nook, they are left blind to their true opponents.

The Rebels know that they could easily attack their oblivious menace, but I know why they won't. They also wait for him. They wait for the leader who would know what to do of things go wrong or what action to take next. They are building their army, strengthening every member, training them because that's all they have is man power.

I know all of this, but they don't. This is history's quietest war for the time being. Even the world is holding its breath for a leader in both sides to take place. I already know who will lead the Fingermen. It's only a matter of time before she takes her place upon the ill-received throne while the humble council chair of the Rebels will remain empty.