Director's Entry: #312 November 4, 2022

A year. It has been a year since the exposure of V and the fall of Parliament. I have been left alone in this world with a chance to begin and end the Revolution, but have I the strength and ability to do so? I can only hope. He didn't leave me much choice in the matter before he died. No 'just in case' directions nor secret orders to help me.

I truly begin my leading role tomorrow, or perhaps I should say later today. I'm nervous about it all. Nervous, but not afraid. No, I've lost my fear a long time ago. Today, I'll become the leader that they expect me to be. They hope that I could lure V from his hiding place and be his ultimate and sweet downfall. Such a pity that they'd think something like that, then again... It's not gentlemen I'm spending my time with. One look at a decent girl and their guns stiffen.

Typical thing of men and yet I spend my time with them. Any company is better than no company. Thing is, though, most of the women in this Revolution are with the Rebels. Not like I'd want to talk to them anyway with their mindless word from the horse and chicken alike. My only problem is that the Fingermen treat me like a revered goddess. It's not entirely a bad thing, I suppose, but it does get quite annoying after a while.

Any woman in the right mind would be basking heavily in the limelight. I must not be of proper mindset then. Doesn't matter or won't matter soon anyway. As soon as this Revolution is over, the women will come back like the sniveling dogs that they are and beg for forgiveness which will end up with them being raped or forced to be slaves for the rest of their pitiful lives. I'm not the one to pity others anymore though.

I can't seem to care for others as I used to. I think it goes with the loss of my fear or perhaps when I found that he died. In a sick way, I miss him. I shouldn't, but I do. He was the cause of all of this and almost fought the entire country to ruins because of his stubbornness. My mother would have said that it was his vendetta against the country, but I know better. He fought with all he had because he thought he could change human history by killing many people.

Something I might have to do now. People I once knew will all perish. I am mocked by V's presence day and every night. I toss and turn, expecting the white porcelain face to come for me as he had for the others. He won't come, though. Not personally. No, he was too much of a gentleman to do such a thing to someone who he think had nothing to do with his trouble at Larkhill. He's the only human I'll ever pity even after all we've been through and what he put me in, but... things had to change, I suppose.

Had that inspector come to me, I would have told him the evasive history of V. I could have told him who V was before he put the mask on, before he was the sole survivor the cruel experiments, before my jealousy placed him in the hands of those he eventually killed. Sometimes, I regret what I've done. I still miss that certain way he smelled when I slept next to him and the way he treated me as if I was on his level of understanding, but he was so handsome and strong that I feared other women would catch his eye. Being a well-known actor and firm political activist against the reign of Suttler, he was the apple of the eye of many, so, out of fear, I had the Fingermen take him away where no one could ever have him.

I should have known though... I couldn't keep the world away from him. That Evey woman fell so daintily into his lap and I've been seething and grieving ever since. I will not stop until I have him back. I've read the remains of the reports from Larkhill about him and studied every scene of crime where he struck ever so gallantly. I do believe I've found a way to get him back.

That woman will die and this time, he'll be mine forevermore. If only Suttler could look down and smile upon me, but he has to look up to me now. Sorry, daddy, but it's time to finish what you've tried to stop. I, Evie Lisa Suttler, will reign supreme for years to come.

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