Chaos Rising.

Okay I wasn't happy with how my first version came out so I've re-written it and this time I like it a lot more. In the end, my portrayal of that battle was beyond disappointing so here I hope to rectify it.


The Hogyoku has fulfilled Aizen's greatest desire to have an equal, but it did its job too well. As Ichigo rises as the new force that threatens the world, the Soul Society must now fight against the very hero they had their hopes pinned on.

AU with Character Death, Evil Ichigo

Disclaimer: All characters are property of their respective creators.


Ichigo x Harem (Rukia, Tatsuki, Yoruichi and Harribel)

"Normal Speech"

"Kido/ Zanpakuto techniques"



I must confess that on the day the Winter War broke out, the thought of dying never entered my mind. As Aizen and his arrancar stood above Karakura town, the feeling that ran through me was not fear of them, but fear of the day itself. As I fought against Tia, the feeling continued to grow, until finally it became crippling with Ichigo's 'death'. I only wish that I had died at that moment, for it would have saved me from the madness that followed.

Excerpt from the journal of Yoruichi Shihoin, Commander of the Reconnaissance Division and member of the High Council.


Chapter 1: The Day we wept Crimson Tears.

October 10th 2011 – First and Last day of the Winter War.

As the noonday sun shone over Karakura town, Kisuke Urahara tinkered within his lab, while his childhood friend Yoruichi Shihoin was curled up in her cat form in a patch of sun, enjoying its warmth. The peace was shattered though, as a wave of reiatsu crashed down upon them, accompanied by the rumble of an explosion and the screams of people in pain. Bolting outside the pair of them looked on in horror as smoke rose in the distance, drifting across several dozen figures in the sky above them. Feeling for their reiatsu, Kisuke's back stiffened as he discovered that Aizen and his arrancar had attacked earlier than any of them could have anticipated.


High above Karakura town, Aizen smirked as he looked down at what had once been a tall office building filled with workers, but after a cero from Ulquiorra, was now nothing more than a pile of rubble with corpses strewn around it.

"Excellent Ulquiorra," he said with a sinister smile as he cast his gaze around the town. "The Gotei 13 will be drawn like moths to a flame now and provide some of the necessary materials for creating the King's Key. You know where you are needed; ensure that you do not fail me." The Espada and their fraccion bowed to Aizen, before disappearing and reappearing at the areas they were designated to hold and prevent anyone escaping.

"Now Gin, Kaname, all we have to do is wait," Aizen said as he closed his eyes, feeling the hum of reiatsu in the air as the people below scrambled for their lives.


As they watched the arrancar spread out over the city, Yoruichi looked over at her childhood friend his fists clenched and teeth gritted in a rare display of anger. His features calmed though and she could almost see the wheels in his mind turning. She was brought out of her thoughts by the arrival of Uryu, Chad and Orihime.

"Welcome everyone," Kisuke said his voice taking on the same tone as when he first faced Aizen over a hundred years ago, as he turned to face the group of teenagers. He could see the fear written plain as day on their faces as they realised that their hometown had become a battlefield for a world they didn't even belong too.

"I have no time to explain what is happening now, but you must trust me and follow my instructions to the letter. The three of you are to concentrate on gathering your friends and bringing them back here," he said gesturing to his shop. "Aizen's forces have already surrounded the town and made escape impossible, your best hope for now is to take shelter in the basement and wait to see the outcome of this battle."

"But Urahara-san," Orihime piped up, her voice shaky in the wake of the coming battle. "This is our home too; we want to help in some way."

"This is not time the time for that Orihime," Yoruichi said as she reappeared fully clothed in her human form. "None of the arrancar up there would even feel threatened by you three, but any of the smaller mindless hollows that they bring will. Just trust us and take care of your friends first."

Uryu and Chad's faces turned grim when she finished speaking, but they knew that there was no other option for them. Orihime though had tears building in her eyes, but wiped them away as the three ran off. As they rounded the corner, Yoruichi turned to face Kisuke.

"Do you think we'll ever see any of them alive again?" she asked nervously.

"I don't know Yoruichi," Kisuke said as he looked at where Aizen and his lieutenants stood. "I don't know what's going to happen anymore." He turned his gaze downward again when Tessai walked out of the shop towards them.

"It is done boss, Jinta and Ururu will find Kurosaki-san's sisters and bring them back here," the tall man said with uncharacteristic sadness in his voice.

"It's time we leave then," Kisuke said as he walked back to the shop, grabbing a box from his workshop before returning to Yoruichi and Tessai again. "Many of my plans may not have been ready in time," he said solemnly as he handed Yoruichi the box, "but I was at least able to finish this armour for you. It should allow you to fight without breaking your bones against the iron skin of the Espada." Nodding her head, she donned the protective gloves and greaves and the three of them disappeared into the distance.


"They have arrived," Aizen said with a smile as he felt the reiatsu signatures of the Gotei 13 Captains and Lieutenants appear. He smirked when Captain Commander Yamamoto, along with Captains Unohana and Komamura appeared in front of him, together with Lieutenants Kotetsu and Sasakibe.

"How nice to see you again Captain Commander," Aizen said with a smile. "I assume you've come to watch me ascend to the heavens today?"

"Not today Aizen," the grizzled veteran said as he stood firm, his cane grasped tightly in his hands. "Today the Gotei 13 will put you down and restore peace to the world."

"Oh?" Aizen said contempt rich in his tone. "Do you truly think yourself capable of such a feat? As it stands, we outnumber you."

"Well then, we're just going to have to change that won't we?" said a jovial voice appearing near the captains. Turning their heads at the new arrivals, Unohana and Aizen had a small smile on their faces at who had arrived.

"Ah Captain Hirako, it's so good to see you again," Aizen said, his tone condescending. "I trust that you've done well in exile? And you brought Kurosaki-kun along too; this is turning out to be quite the party now isn't it?"

"A party you say?" Shinji said sarcastically, his face smiling but showing no humour. "I have to say then Sosuke, you throw a terrible party." He shifted his attention to the captains when Yamamoto looked towards him.

"Shinji Hirako," Yamamoto spoke slowly, "can we consider you as allies for this battle?"

"No," Shinji said, scoffing at the old man's tone. "We're Aizen's enemy, that's all."

"Working together against me?" Aizen said bringing their attention back to him. "That's good, because if you don't…" he said as his reiatsu flared slightly around him, "you won't survive long enough to see my new world."

Before any of them could utter a retort, Ichigo charged in bankai already released, clashing with the madman, his eyes burning with hate and anger. The start of the Winter War had come.


Along the northern border of Karakura town, Coyote Starrk stood with his companion Lilynette Gingerbuck and the ninth Espada Aaroniero Arruruerie. His eyes were closed as he left the task of keeping the humans inside the area to Lilynette and Aaroniero.

"Someone's coming," Lilynette said, rousing him from his reverie. As he opened his eyes, he took in the forms of Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake, as well as Lieutenant Nanao. Yawning loudly, he doubled over as Lilynette elbowed him in his gut.

"What the hell, Lilynette?" he ground out, massaging his stomach.

"Stop being so lazy Starrk," she said with a huff. "Aizen's expecting a lot from us today."

"Yes Starrk," Aaroniero said as he observed the captains before him. "This will be most intriguing, wouldn't you say Captain Ukitake?"

Startled that the arrancar knew his name, Ukitake's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the ninth Espada. "Why would you say that Espada-san?" he asked in confusion.

"Ah forgive me Captain, I forgot I was wearing this mask," Aaroniero said as he removed his mask, shocking the soul reapers into silence as he bore the visage of the late Kaien Shiba. "What's the matter Captain? Don't you remember me?" Aaroniero said with a smirk.

Recovering quickly, Kyoraku tried to rouse his friend from his shock, knowing that they couldn't afford to black out in this situation. He was aided though by a shrill voice appearing next to them.

"Don't let the idiot fool you," Hiyori said as she flash stepped into view with Lisa next to her. "The lieutenant you knew died all those years ago, this 'thing' is merely copying him."

"A thing am I?" Aaroniero said as he drew his zanpakuto. Without warning he charged at Hiyori, only to find himself crossing blades with Ukitake.

"I will not allow you to tarnish my former Lieutenant's image," he said in a serious tone as he pushed Aaroniero back, the pair of them flash stepping away. With a nod from Kyoraku, Nanao followed after them, Hiyori already flying in their direction.

"Keep them safe for me Lisa-chan," Kyoraku said as he turned his gaze on Starrk and Lilynette. Lisa looked at him out of the corner of her eye, giving him a slight nod, before rushing to catch up with Nanao. "Now that everyone else has gone, do you think you could ask her to leave," he said pointing at Lilynette, causing the young arrancar to sputter in rage.

"Why should I?" Starrk asked curiously, silencing any protest from Lilynette by placing his hand on her head.

"I won't be able to fight at my full power if I know that she might get caught in the crossfire," Kyoraku said tilting his hat up slightly.

"That's okay," Starrk said as he drew his sword and held it at the ready, "If that's the case, then I'll do the same as well." He then charged forward, his sword clashing in a shower of sparks as their blades met.


On the western border of Karakura town, Ulquiorra turned his gaze towards the area, where he felt Starrk and Aaroniero fighting. Looking over their opponents levels, he was confident that Aaroniero would lose, while Starrk would be hard pressed should each of his opponents focus on him alone. He was struck from his thoughts by Yammy's dim-witted comment.

"Eh, whatcha looking at Ulquiorra?" the giant tenth Espada asked, looking in the direction of his 'ally'.

"If you had bothered to practice discerning reiatsu signatures, you wouldn't need to ask me Yammy," Ulquiorra replied in a dead tone. "Starrk and Aaroniero have begun fighting, as has Aizen-sama."

"Eh? So the soul reapers were stupid enough to go after them and ignore us?" Yammy said as he cracked his knuckles. "We should go and kill them while they're distracted. I still owe that orange-haired bastard and that hat wearing freak."

"Hat wearing freak? My, my such harsh words, Espada-san," Kisuke said as he appeared before them. "One might think that you didn't like me from the way you said that."

"YOU!" Yammy roared in rage as he charged at Urahara, only to come crashing to his knees as Ulquiorra backhanded him in his stomach.

"Out of the way Yammy," he said condescendingly. "The last time you tried to kill this man, he wiped the floor with you without even trying. I will be your opponent this time Kisuke Urahara," he said, drawing his zanpakuto from his sheath.

"I see you're not going to be easy, that much I know. Isn't that right Espada-san?" Kisuke said in his jovial tone. As the pair disappeared in a buzz of sonido and whisper of flash step, Yammy struggled to his feet once again.

"Ulquiorra you bastard," he panted as he started to charge after the two of them, only for a large spiked mace to strike him square across his jaw, sending him hurtling into the ground below.

"Hmm, looks like I overdid it," Love said as he was revealed with his shikai active, standing in mid-air.

"Of course you did," Rose said as he appeared next to him, both of them looking down with a grimace at the crater Yammy's body had made. "I hope there was nobody near there when he landed." They inclined their heads slightly to the side, as a bala came speeding out of the dust cloud below them. "Then again maybe not," Rose said as he drew his sword.

"You bastards really pissed me off," Yammy said as he charged at them in blind fury.

"He seems to like repeating himself, doesn't he?" Love called out to his friend as the dodged the wild attacks of the enraged Yammy.


At the southern border of Karakura town, Tia Harribel listened to her fraccion argue amongst themselves about some inconsequential matter, while Zommari stood with his back to them watching Aizen's battle. While Szayel was mercifully silent, the horde of fraccion with him, were anything but peaceful. Hearing a whisper of wind behind her, she looked over her shoulder at the soul reapers that had just appeared three men and four women of varying heights and statures. Each of the men was wearing a white haori, while three of the women wore an armband on their right arm.

"Quiet," she said crisply, her voice silencing everyone present, as they too turned their attention towards the soul reapers. Looking at the men, one was short with white hair, nothing more than a child in her eyes, while one had a sickening white visage and a smile that reminded her of the times Szayel had found something new to play with. The last man however, had an 'air' about him that seemed to broadcast that he was better than everyone else. Scoffing at the idea, she watched as her fraccion got into a heated debate with three of the female soul reapers. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as Szayel and the clown-faced captain left the area, while Zommari had fixed his gaze on Byakuya.

"It seems as if I will be forced to fight the child," she said in a neutral tone as she looked the young captain in his eyes.

"You should know that appearances can be deceiving Espada," Toshiro said as he drew his sword and held it before him. "Matsumoto, I'll leave those three to you, Hinamori and Kuchiki," he said without looking at her.

"Of course Captain," Matsumoto said as she, Momo and Rukia disappeared with Harribel's fraccion following.

"I too will take my leave of you Captain Hitsugaya," Byakuya said as he followed after Zommari.

"Aww and I just got here Little Byakuya," Yoruichi said with a smirk as she appeared before them.

Byakuya didn't stay though and disappeared even quicker, the whisper of 'wretched hell-cat' carrying over to the three. Chuckling to herself, Yoruichi turned to gaze at the female Espada before her.

"Sorry Espada-chan, but you're going to need to play with me as well," Yoruichi said as she dropped a hand onto Toshiro's head, ruffling his hair. "After all I can't let our young prodigy show me up."

"Get off Yoruichi," Toshiro said in a huff, as he swatted her hand away. "Honestly, how does Kurosaki even deal with you?"

"It doesn't matter if I need to fight one of you or both of you," Tia said as she drew her zanpakuto, "for the result shall be the same." Rushing at the pair of them, she locked blades with Toshiro for a moment, before sending him hurtling into the ground below with a kick, as Yoruichi charged in with a haymaker aimed at her face.


Along the eastern border of Karakura town, Grimmjow and Nnoitra's bloodlust rose as they felt the battles going on around them.

"Bastards keeping us waiting," Grimmjow said as he looked to where Ichigo and Aizen clashed. As much as he wanted another shot at the orange-haired reaper, he was in no way foolish enough to go against Aizen's orders again, especially after his arm was nearly taken from him.

"What's the matter Grimmjow," Nnoitra said with a grin. "You so eager to get killed that you can't wait for the soul reapers to show up?"

"Shut it Nnoitra," Grimmjow spat at the lanky, fifth Espada. "Keep it up and I'll kill you before the soul reapers get here."

"Eh? You think you could actually get a shot on me kitty?" Nnoitra said as he looked down on the sixth Espada, his tongue darting out of his mouth as he licked his lips like an animal.

Ignoring the squabbles of the other two Espada, Baraggan sat on his throne with his fraccion gathered around him, his head leaning on his hand, appearing unconcerned with any of the events going on around him. He cracked an eye open though, when Captains Kenpachi and Sui-Feng arrived with Ikkaku, Yumichika, Yachiru, Tetsuzaemon, Renji, Kira, Omaeda and Hisagi behind them.

"Plenty of people to kill," Kenpachi said with an evil grin as he looked over all the arrancar before him. "Now if only I could choose which of you to kill first?"

"Let me make that choice simple for you, soul reaper," Nnoitra said as he charged at Kenpachi, his zanpakuto levelled with the man's neck. As they clashed, Kenpachi was forced away from the confrontation leaving Sui-Feng to look on at who was left.

"The rest of you are to kill the others, but leave the old man to me," she said as she sensed the greatest amount of power hidden within Baraggan. Nodding at her orders, the others charged at the arrancar, some engaging their opponent in the air while others dropped to the ground. In the air Kira met the overzealous Abirama, Yumichika against the horrific Charlotte, Hisagi against the arrogant Findorr and Renji against the cocky Ggio. On the ground, Ikkaku faced off against the giant Poww, while Tetsuzaemon met the quiet Tesra and Omaeda quivered before the brutish Nirgge.

"Don't forget about me!" Grimmjow yelled as he used sonido to get behind the petite captain. His fist was halted though by the shikai of one Kensei Muguruma.

"You don't mind if I have this one, do you Captain?" Kensei called over his shoulder at her. Gathering his reiatsu into his zanpakuto, he let loose a blast of reiatsu, knocking Grimmjow backwards into a nearby building and rushing off after him.

Sensing the arrival of two others behind her, Sui-Feng kept her face impassive as Tessai and Hachi joined her.

"It's been a while Tessai-san," Hachi said inclining his head at his former captain, "and you as well Captain Sui-Feng."

"Hachi-san," Tessai said returning the gesture in kind, before looking at Sui-Feng. "We're here to help Sui-Feng-san, whether you want us too or not."

"Do as you want," Sui-Feng said unemotionally, "just don't get in my way." The three of them were silenced as Baraggan stood, flaring his reiatsu around him and smashing his throne to retrieve his axe-like zanpakuto.


As the battle wore on, the Captains attempts at minimising damage to the surrounding city was quickly foiled as the arrancar showed that they were more than prepared to use their full powers against them. Forced to respond, it wasn't long before Kido and Ceros flew across the town, destroying their surroundings amid the chorus of screams from stragglers that were left behind. Below the Urahara shop, Orihime knelt with Ichigo's sisters as the roof above them shook under the strain of the explosions above them.

"It'll be okay," she tried to reassure them. "Kurosaki-kun won't let anything happen to us." Nodding their heads, the twins tried to ignore the battle that was going on above them.

A fair distance away, Tatsuki stood with Chad, Mizuiro, Keigo and Uryu, the five of them deep in discussion about what to do if Ichigo failed.

"We'll need to get away from here as quickly as possible," Uryu said pushing up his glasses. "We can go as far as possible underneath them all and then exit at one of the emergency exits within this area."

"What about after that?" Tatsuki asked her voice hard as the roof shook once again. "We need provisions and the like if we're going to go into hiding."

"Urahara-san should have the needed supplies upstairs," Uryu said glancing at the ladder. "We'll collect what we can now and make ready to leave if needed."

Nodding in agreement, the five of them made their way to the shop, gathering what they could in the event of an emergency.


Dodging a Cero from a battle somewhere in front of him, Shinji clashed with Gin again as the two fought, neither putting forth much effort as they still felt out their opponent.

"Ichigo-kun is starting to get tired, don't cha think Hirako-san," Gin said with his creepy smile on his face.

"Heh, the kid always surprises you when you least expect it Ichimaru," Shinji said as he threw Gin away from him. "And on a day like today, I'm more than willing to be surprised."

As the two re-engaged, they felt a wave of reiatsu crash over them, bringing a halt to all the battles around them. Looking to its source, they found Ichigo and Aizen in the middle of a vortex of power, a glowing purple sphere within Aizen's chest drawing their attention.


Even as everyone around him looked on in confusion, Ichigo's eyes widened as he watched the Hogyoku fused to Aizen's chest, pulse steadily, the flickering lights within it distracting them both.

"Ah so it is finally taking affect," Aizen said smugly, staring at the small sphere. "It is time I show you what true power is Ichigo Kurosaki, for now it seems that the Hogyoku finally understands…" his speech was cut short though when two bright purple beams shot out from the Hogyoku, striking Ichigo in his heart and head. "What is the meaning of this?" he said as the beams stayed connected with Ichigo. The Hogyoku pulsed faintly and sent a stream of light over both links towards Ichigo.

When the streams came in contact with Ichigo, he reared his head back and let loose an ear-splitting scream of pain that carried across the entire battlefield, as well as to the Urahara shop. When she attempted to rush to his aid, Rukia found herself restrained by Rangiku and Momo.

"Calm down Rukia," Rangiku yelled at the smaller shinigami. "If you go to him now, who knows what will happen to you."


"Oniichan," was the simultaneous cry from Karin and Yuzu as they leapt to their feet and rushed towards the ladder. They were stopped though when Chad and Uryu stood in front of it, preventing any of them from leaving.

"Move!" Karin yelled at them, as tears began to build in both hers and her sister's eyes.

"We can't let you leave Karin," Uryu said gravely. "Whatever's going on outside, you'll only make the situation worse by trying to see Ichigo now."

"But, but," Karin tried to argue, only to feel a hand grip her gently by her shoulder. Looking up at the owner, Karin found herself with a similarly tear faced Tatsuki.

"We need to trust him okay Karin?" she said gently as she guided the two of them back to where they were seated earlier, plugging the twins ears as Ichigo's scream of pain continued to echo throughout the chamber.

Gritting his teeth in frustration, Uryu glanced up the ladder, dreading what his rival was going through that could possibly cause him such pain.


Back outside, the assembled soul reapers and arrancar had moved closer to the commotion and now watched on in horror, shock or glee as Ichigo's throat grew hoarse and he grew silent. While none of them knew what to make of this event, they all continued to watch on in fascination as Ichigo's reiatsu began to flare around him as his body shook in agony. It then began to shift in colour, going from a royal blue, to black tinted with red, before finally settling on white with a purple tint.

None were more horrified though, than Kisuke and Aizen as they continued to watch the process in horror.

'What has the Hogyoku done?' Aizen thought as his lungs strained to take in air, the overwhelming amount of power around him crushing the life out of him. 'The purpose of the Hogyoku is to manifest the desires of those around it, but what desire of mine has it fulfilled by mutating the boy. Unless it…oh no…what have I done?'

His fists clenched in anger and his whole body shaking with rage, Kisuke looked at Aizen, pure malice written across his face. 'You tried to conquer that which holds to no reason Aizen and now you might have just brought the world to an end.'

When his reiatsu finally died down, Ichigo fell to his hand and knees, an occasional tremor wracking his body as it recovered. When he stood up though, many gasped as he now towered over Aizen and had two obsidian horns that grew from his temples, before angling forward. When Ichigo opened his eyes, Aizen took a step back in shock as he stared into two jet black eyes with purple irises. Smiling at the man's discomfort, Ichigo bared his teeth in a feral grin, revealing the fangs that were hidden within.

As Aizen took another step back, his eyes widened betraying his fear as Ichigo disappeared from view, reappearing in front of him with his hand cocked back. Before his stunned allies and enemies, Ichigo thrust his hand clear through Aizen's torso, his hand exiting the man's body violently as it tore through bone and muscle with ease. Twisting his hand viciously, Ichigo pulled it out with the Hogyoku held tight.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Aizen reached out weakly to try and take the glowing sphere back from Ichigo, but found his arm in a vice-like grip.

With an insane grin on his face, Ichigo placed the tip of Tensa Zangetsu to Aizen's forehead. Without a word, a white Getsuga Tensho tinted with purple,ripped through the Aizen's body, bisecting him from head to groin. As the one half of his body fell to the ground, those with weaker stomachs emptied their contents on the floor below at the sight and smell of charred entrails. Tossing the other half to the ground, Ichigo smirked at the sickening squelch the body made as it landed.

"Aizen-sama," was the simultaneous cry from Tosen and Zommari, as they charged at Ichigo in a blind rage. As the pair surrounded him and swung their blades with all the strength they could muster, Ichigo only grinned at their attempt. As the blades seemed to strike Ichigo, the three of them were engulfed in a dome of reiatsu, shielding them from everyone's view. The sounds of clashing blades echoed across the battlefield, accompanied by the sounds of ripping flesh.

When Ichigo emerged from the dome, his hands were covered in blood and the dismembered corpses of the two hung in mid-air around him, before being incinerated by a wave of his reiatsu.

As the others looked on in shock at his brutality, Gin hastily signalled to the other Espada to follow him as they retreated from the battlefield in silence.

As silence settled on the battlefield, Captain Commander Yamamoto approached Ichigo seemingly unfazed by the actions of the young teenager. "Ichigo Kurosaki, on behalf of the Gotei 13, I want to thank you for defeating the traitor Sosuke Aizen. I must ask now that you hand over the Hogyoku to me."

Ichigo looked between the Hogyoku and Yamamoto, causing several captains to stiffen as an uneasy feeling crept up their spines. Holding his hand out with the Hogyoku resting in the palm of it, Ichigo held his hand there as an invitation to Yamamoto. When the old man reached out for the sphere though, he found his arm in Ichigo's vice-like grip as a maniacal grin spread across his face.

"What is the meaning of this Kurosaki," Yamamoto said, his voice unshaking in the face of everything the teen had done.

Ichigo only grinned wider, as he flared his reiatsu and before the horrified eyes of the Gotei 13 and its allies, started to drain the old man's reiatsu. Frozen in shock, nobody moved a muscle as the old man's skin seemed to tighten and shrivel up the longer Ichigo held him. After a few minutes, he dropped the withered husk to the ground. Ichigo smirked at the body below him and thrust his zanpakuto into the air, opening a senkaimon and disappearing into it.


As if freed from a spell, everyone broke into action with Kyoraku, Ukitake, Unohana, Komamura and Sasakibe rushing to the Captain Commander's side, while those that knew Ichigo, gathered around Kisuke, hoping he had some idea about what had happened. They watched on as Yoruichi grabbed him by the front of his jacket and shook him violently.

"What the hell just happened Kisuke?" Yoruichi yelled at him, tears running from her eyes. The blonde shopkeeper reached up to grab his hat, crushing it in his hand as he averted his gaze toward the ground, teeth clenched in anger.

"This is only a guess," he said slowly, sorrow and rage warring within him, "but I think the Hogyoku granted Aizen his greatest desire, to have an equal to himself. It chose Ichigo as the most likely candidate and then twisted him into what defined Aizen and someone he would be able to relate too. It must have misunderstood him though, as it created someone who surpassed him in every possible way."

"What the hell are you talking about Kisuke?" Yoruichi shouted, continuing to shake him. "You said that the Hogyoku had the power to overcome the barrier between shinigami and hollows, not fulfilling people's wishes."

Kisuke looked into her rage filled eyes and sighed, "That was just the lie I told to hide its true power from everyone."

Letting go of his shirt in shock, Yoruichi looked around to see similar looks of sadness on everyone's face. Rukia was bawling her eyes out into her brother's haori and despite his distaste for such an act, couldn't bring himself to stop her. Elsewhere Ukitake and Kyoraku had tears in their eyes as Unohana announced there was nothing she could do, the normally smiling captain hiding her face from view.

Sinking to the floor, Yoruichi held her head in her hands as she digested the information. Wiping her tears away, she stood, her eyes filled with determination once more. "What do we do now?" she asked.

"I don't know," Kisuke said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "First we need to…" he was cut off as a senkaimon opened above them and a bloodied soul reaper collapsed out of it.

"You need to help us," he whispered to everyone gathered around him. "He came and started cutting through us without warning. We tried to stop him, but he just kept going." Closing his eyes, the soul reaper finally passed out from blood loss.

"It looks like we're going to the Seireitei then," Kisuke said as he put his hat and sheathed his zanpakuto.


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