When Wilson sends them through the fence, he flings his arms up and hunkers down to prevent any head injuries. He's a doctor after all.

But then he finds that he doesn't have the strength to sit up. Wilson's voice barely registers in the background. The weariness in him is bone-deep, the sleepless nights and the roiling emotions that threaten to engulf him any moment every day now just overwhelming him, leaving him boneless and unable to move and trapped in his own aging body.

His leg throbs from a night and more spent curled up in the front seat of a sports car, his elbow tingles from a whack on the car door, his neck twinges at the abrupt halt.

It's nothing compared to the types of pain he's felt before, but he suddenly feels like crying. All he can think is what am I supposed to do because there really is nothing he can do. All he can do is pretend that he is having fun with Kyle Calloway and enjoying this side of Wilson that he's supposedly been trying to unleash all these years. God, they even raced Death. This should be his dream come true, having Wilson finally let loose and stop caring so much about consequences and others and actually have some real fun.

Then Wilson is there, like always, yanking open the door and checking to see if he's okay and being a mother hen in general. And all House can think is if you die, I'm alone and he doesn't know how the hell he'll be able to go on, because everyone that has remotely mattered is leaving in one way or another. Including Wilson.

But this is Wilson's trip, Wilson's journey and Wilson's fun. Wilson's itinerary.

So House finally opens his eyes, and injects some of that sarcasm into a voice he doesn't think he can quite trust to come out unweak. "My leg still hurts."

It comes out okay. Wilson grabs the backpack and drops it onto his lap. "Come on," he says, already walking off, excitement and defiance thrumming through his veins.

It should be exhilarating, but it isn't.

House tightens his grip on the cane, head down and eyes on the ground. The leg won't support him if he steps into a pothole. And he can't ruin Wilson's trip.

They continue on.