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Spoiler alert, the events of this fanfic will have parts of the end of RE: ORC revealed. You have been warned.

When you become a mercenary, you give up your ideals in exchange for money. The only truth that exists for the mercenary is that those whom get the job done are paid, and those whom fail don't. This truth is why I was not surprised by the betrayal of my squad members. Mercenaries betray their employers for a bigger paycheck everyday across the world. But nobody betrays Umbrella. Umbrella's reach is global; their influence runs deeper into the darkness of humanity than even the most powerful of crime lords. Before tonight, Wolfpack hunted down traitors and targets with ruthless precision and unquestioning obedience.

But for Beltway and Vector to betray the Wolfpack over some child they do not even know, it is unthinkable. Just a few words from that rookie cop and they no longer cared about the money. This is not some goddamn movie; people don't do such things. They have paid for their betrayal. The question now is, whom will Umbrella send to replace them in the squad? Beltway will be easy; there is never a shortage of explosive experts. Vector on the other hand was a rarity; it's not often that there are people skilled enough to earn the personal attention of HUNK.

"Lupo." Lupo broke out of her thoughts, and looked at Bertha. "I've given the child a sedative, she'll be out for the rest of the trip."

"Good, the last thing I need is to deal with a sniveling child while we're 5000 feet in the air for the next three hours." Lupo turned back to the door window of the helicopter, her thoughts drifting to her own children. She briefly wondered what they had done while she was gone, if they had missed her at all. Lupo wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't, she wasn't mother material anyways.

I don't expect this story to be very long, 3-4 chapters at most; it was just something that came to me at the end of RE: ORC, since I was kind of irked at the "speech" Leon gave to convince half of your squad to betray you. Reviews will be appreciated, since this is the first story I have resolved to keep on this site permanently, rather than chickening out and pulling it down after a couple of weeks.