I do not own "Unwind" but the story I wrote does contain some actual events that have happened to me. Neal Shusterman, by some off chance that you are reading my FanFic, please know…I FREAKIN LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORIES! ^-^ Ok continue on…

Unwind: Bri's Story

Hi. I'm Bri, and I'm an Unwind. How did I become an Unwind? Well…it's a long story.

See I was a mistake. An accidental child, but storking wasn't around just yet. My mom had me at sixteen, but she decided to keep me, even though everyone told her to abort me. Abort…such an ugly word… Well my mom divorced my dad, and my mom found somebody else. A jerk who hated me before I was born…you could tell what kind of life I lived up until I was about ten or eleven. That's when my mom finally divorced him.

Well, I think my mom, decided to live out her teenage years now since she didn't get to live them out when I was born. We'll teens fight, and me and my mom…we were like polar opposites! When I was twelve the Heartland war broke out, and it didn't end till I was 16. A four year war and they couldn't freaking agree on anything, so what do they do? They decide to establish storking and unwind. Unwind…a word as ugly as abortion. The day Unwinding was announced, my mom and I got into a very bad fight. She took my phone and my laptop, so I couldn't call my dad. I locked myself in my room, and even though I got many death threats from my mother, I was not opening that door for anything.

I cried into my pillow, but I didn't let any noise out. I was not letting my mom hear me cry. That would be showing a weakness. I turned on my radio, and listened to a ton of music. I started singing a part of a song, when I heard her.

"Bri Marie Aldridge! That better not be music I hear in there!" My mom screamed through the door. "Leave me alone! You are not any kind of mother to me!" I screamed. "What! When I get in there you are fucki-"I turned the music up so loud it was killing my ears, but it was better than my mother's voice.

That's when I heard it: the news broadcast. "Great news! The Heartland war has finally ended!" I sat straight up in my bed to listen to the news. Even my mom had gotten quiet. "The pro-life the pro-choice teams have finally reached an agreement that from this moment on will be known as the Bill of Life."

I frowned confused. 'The Bill of Life? What one earth?-' Then my mom screamed for me again, but I told her to wait, which made her even more mad. The broadcast continued:

"Yes I realize some of you may be confused, but don't worry! It'll all make sense in a minute. Here are some of the terms of the Bill of Life." Some shuffling could be heard and I realize that the spotlight was being handed to someone…no wait…not just someone…the President of the United States? Yes it was him, but what could he-?

"As you have heard, the Heartland War is in fact over" He pauses for a second to let that information sink in. "As to the agreement of the pro-lives and pro-choices, I have signed a bill that will help put this war behind us. The terms of this bill go as followed: 1. Human life may not be touched from the moment of conception until a child reaches the age of thirteen." I frowned. Were they talking about…murder?

"Oh don't worry, this will all be explained to you soon… 2. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, a parent may choose to retroactively "abort" a child but, only on the condition that the child's life doesn't "technically" end. 3. This process by which a child is both terminated and yet kept alive is called "unwinding", and yes unwinding is now a common and accepted practice in society today."

I couldn't listen anymore. I hopped up and started packing my things immediately. All those years my mother wished she could go back and abort me…well now she has her chance…I have to get out of here and fast.

The station announces out a number to call if you wish to have your child unwound. God why did I put it up so loud! I shut the radio off, but that only made my stomach feel like it dropped 10 feet…because I could hear my mother dialing the phone.

I didn't pack much, just enough for me to live off of for now. I opened the window and jumped out. As soon as my feet hit the ground…I was running.

Me: *frowns softly* Yes some of these events are true. Like my mom marrying a jerk, and us getting into a huge scary fight. *sighs*

Connor: *awkwardly pats my back* Hey…it'll be ok. You're an unwind just like all of us. *gestures to Risa and Lev*

Risa: Well…Lev was originally a tite…

Lev: I said don't call me that!

Me: *rolls eyes* Look Lev we know you've changed, chill.

Lev: *Crosses his arms and sits next to me along with Connor and Risa*

Me: Well guys…how about a review for us unwinds? The more reviews the better chance we stay alive through this…

Connor: Wait! This isn't gonna be a one-shot is it?

Me: *shrugs* If the people think it's good enough to be a whole story then I'll write more.

R, C, and L: Please guys! Make her write more!