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I woke up to the muffled noises of worried voices. 'What? Are you people scared you damaged the merchandise?' I thought bitterly and opened my eyes groggily.

I expected to see the typical hospital…white hospital beds, white walls, sheets, some horrifyingly sharp tools used to rip me from limb to limb, with thousands of doctors waiting to watch. What I didn't expect was to find myself lying on a cot, a soft blanket on top of me, in what appeared to be a basement with barely any people in it.

"Shhh she's waking up, be gentle" I heard someone, a girl, whisper as I sat up. 'Bad idea…' The moment I sat up, my head went swimming. I clenched to the side of the bed hoping it'll pass.

Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders, and I had a sudden wave of panic and smacked them away. "Ow! Bri! If you don't chill, we're gonna throw you back out to the cops!" I heard someone yell at me. I looked and saw it was Olivia.

I rubbed my head confused. "W-what the hell is going on?" I said. "We saved your butt, that's what happened…"

I looked over and saw a random guy. I guess he was cute, but he looked like a jerk, so I narrowed my eyes. "I wasn't talking to you…" He just shrugged and another girl I have never seen before walks up.

"Hello Bri" She held her hand out to shake, so I gingerly took it shaking it slightly. "My name's Risa. And this is Connor, and Olivia has told me you and her have already met" She smiled, and I nodded softly. "We have another guy. His name is Lev, but I don't know where he went"

I frowned softly and murmured "Well if he's anything like Mr. Grumps over there, I think I can wait to meet him…" Apparently they heard me because Risa let out a small laugh and Connor glared at me.

I shrugged with a small amused smile, and he huffed and looked away from me. I tried to stand up, but Olivia came over to sit me back down. I waved her off. "I'm fine. Just a little shaken" Olivia nodded and sat back down.

I heard laughter and looked over at where Connor was. "What's so funny?" I narrowed my eyes. "Nothing…just…how'd you get the cops on you that quickly?" He said laughing. I glared.

"If you must know, my now ex-boyfriend called the cops on me…" That shut him up and Risa smacked the back of his head. I smirked softly, and I saw Olivia tilt her head.

"So you and Joshua are broken up now?" She asked softly and I nodded softly rolling my eyes. "Well I don't plan on getting back together with him, after he turned me into the cops"

She just shrugged. "I always figured you two would break up, and you would get together with Marcus" I blushed and looked down sadly not saying anything. 'Marcus…'

Connor and Risa looked at each other and Connor shrugged. "I'm not even gonna ask who these people are…" He stood up and gestured for me to come along.

"Come on, Bri. We're gonna find food" Since I haven't eaten since breakfast of yesterday, I didn't argue since. I felt starving, so I got up and followed him out the door.

As soon as we walked out of the basement, we walked straight for the door. Upon walking outside, I realized we were in a house in the woods. It was small and ther trees hid it well, but I didn't talk until we were far away from it, just in case someone was listening.

"So where are we going?" I asked. "I told you we're going to get food…" he said sounding irritated. I rolled my eyes. "No dip, Sherlock, I meant where are we getting food?"

He looked ahead not saying anything, and eventually shrugged. "I don't know…"

Me being the sarcastic person that I am, I say "Oh well that's just perfect! Let's scour the trashcans for scraps for the hell of it then!"

He clenched his fists and turned quickly on his heel at me pointing judgingly at me. "Hey! I'm trying my hardest to help us all through this! You are not helping, and to be honest, you and that Olivia chick are baggage! If it up for me, you and Olivia wouldn't even be here!" He turned back and walked quickly. "Damn ingrates…"

That made me snap….

I grabbed him roughly by the shoulders and threw him to the ground. He turned at me, and looked like he was about to kill me. "Hey! What the fu-?"

"Don't ever call me that, do you hear me? Don't ever call me that! You have no idea what the fuck I've been through! You don't get how damn happy I am to be here instead of a hospital, or a chop shop, or wherever they do it! Dammit…"

I saw him look up at me wide-eyed and I turned quickly on my heels walking away clenching my fists not wanting to look at him. I heard him try to stand up as quickly as possible following me, but I kept walking looking down my arms wrapped around me.

'Dammit leave me alone, I already feel stupid…' I thought bitterly. He gently touched my shoulder which made me stop. Connor? The gentle type? Riiiight.

He turned me to face him and looked down awkwardly. I frowned and tilted me head. 'What the fuck is he trying to do now?'

He looked back up and patted my shoulder gently. "C'mon…let's find ya something good to eat." He let go and walked off in direction of town leaving me confused.

'What the heck was that about? Was he….apologizing?' As soon as the thought hit me, my face broke out in a small smile and I followed after him. 'I think he was anyways…'

"Maybe we won't be complete enemies…." I murmured quietly before I came up behind him.

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