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His lips pressed against mine in a gentile manner that I couldn't bare to resist his sweet lies and kisses that he promised to only give me.

The temptation filled me with fear that I wouldn't be able to break away from this devil.
"Trust me" he whispered in a voice as sweet and as gentile as a honey filled sea.

He was a devil in angel's clothing. He lured me in like a lost animal giving into desire. Helplessly under his control and forever in love.

[The near future]

This fairytale begins like most stories don't. With a princess of darkness and a prince of light with a dark heart who haunts the dreams of fair maidens who will never be freed from his endless nightmares.

"Why can't you make fried shrimp tonight? It not like you has a life!" Kyouhei yelled to Sunako whose hand was a little to close to the cutlery knives. " well maybe if you weren't such a self centered ass hole all the time, I would have probably finished by now but no you had to be born a natural ass wipe right?" she yelled back even louder than his voice. He laughed "and we all know you know how that feels" he said calmly. By now Sunako's hand was held tightly around a knife.

"Um... Sunako I'm hungry" Yuki cried which he found out was one of the biggest mistake he ever made in his whole life since Sunako turned to him with a totally pissed off look plastered on her face clearly. "Hungry? You're freaking hungry?" she asked raising her voice to an almost impossible tone.
" y-yes" Yuki shuddered in a small voice which made Takenga and Ranmaru face palm that Yuki would even answered such an obvious rhetorical question that would probably make them all end up in the emergency room. Again.

There was a long awkward silence that was broken by Sunako's crazy laughing "Why don't you ask Mr. Ass wipe to do it. Since he clearly knows everything". Kyouhei remained composed as he nodded in agreement " I even bet I know it's that special time of the month for you." he said making everyone gasp with fear as they backed away from Kyouhei who sealed his doom. "Like seriously an infant could even tell. It's like she ate instant bit** oats for breakfast today" he joked.

Sunako's hair covered her face so no one could tell what she was thinking until a single tear dropped on to the floor. And in a blink of an eye her hand flew across Kyouhei's face. "That's not true!" she cried before she stormed off to her room.

I hate them all. Why can't I just disappear? Why did he have to still haunt me? She thought before locking herself in her room.

[The beginning]

Sunako's Pov

It all started on my favorite day of the week. The day that gives me a purpose to live and be surrounded in blood shed and gore. Just the way I like it. Yep to night was none other than Movie night.

I skipped happily down the stairs, feeling great until I spotted the guys at the bottom of the stairs looking more suspicious than ever.

Ranmaru grabbed my hand and kissed it lightly " you look very ravishing today Sunako" he whispered. I pulled my hand away and covered my nose to keep from turning into a red fountain.

"w-what do you want?" I hissed. He smiled despite my fowl attitude" can't I give a complement once in a while?" he asked looking hurt that I would accuse him not wanting anything else. Takenga shook his head " the chance of Ranmaru not wanting anything more is zero out of infinity" he said fixing the glasses that he quickly put on his face to seem more smart. Kyouhei toke the glasses " the answer is no you can't just give out complements .Now what are you up to?" he asked.
Yuki frowned " what are you guys talking about you guys told me that we have to be extra nice because it's Sunako's dooms d-" Yuki tried to say before Kyouhei covered his mouth.

They all laughed uncomfortably "that's so funny but you know Yuki. As dumb as a brick. Blonds "Takenga said while receiving a glare from both Yuki and Kyouhei.

"Whatever" I uttered before leaving them to their stupidness.

The rest of the day flew by and I was happily sitting in my room watching one of the latest kill flick movies in the dark with all my mannequin friends until Kyouhei busted into my room for the fiftieth time in ten minutes, starting another fight but this time about his lunch not having enough ' kick ' in the sauce for his fried shrimp. So I gave it to him happily and I was reassured that he wouldn't complain about that shit again.

Night came in a flash and I tried so hard not to let their presents ruin my day no matter how blinding 'they' are until they really started to piss me off. And when I say 'they' I really mean Kyouhei who came bursting into my room once again.

"Look, for the last time you assho..." I trailed off noticing that it wasn't Kyouhei at all but a strangely familiar, beautiful guy standing by the door.

"It's good to see you my dearest Sunako. Long times no see" he said in a smooth tone that made me shiver.

He toke a few steps closer and closer until he stood before with a grin playing at the corner of his lip. "What's wrong? Don't you remember me?" he said in a lower tone than before.

I shook my head still paralyzed by his dark, alluring beauty. He laughed Then he toke my arms and pulled me onto my bed as though it was his very own. My eyes widen and I wanted to yell at him but no words came. I was still hypnotized by his looks. Who is this guy I wondered trying to struggle out of his grasp.

He chuckled then whispered in my ear softly the words I dreaded most before his lips pressed against mine "ugly"

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