Ch 2 The mysterious love rival

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Keyohei's Pov

Damn that Sunako. I thought as I walked fiercely to Sunako's room without hesitation. Why do I always find myself being pulled to her? It's not like I want to but I feel like there is something about her that makes me feel so happy and less alone.

She makes me feel loved even though she gives me cold stares and scowls at me. I feel like she's the real thing out off all the girls I've seen. But I could never say that to her face because when ever I try to tell her how much i longed for her, I would always chicken out and yell or tease her about something I really love about her. Even though I know that she would only want to be with me even less.

What can I say; I'm just a kid with a huge crush at heart. But who cares there's still time for me to grow. Plus it's not like she's going anywhere right?

That's what I thought until I was staring into the face of my new rival who had her pinned to the bed in a compromising position.

Fresh tears were streaming down her cheeks and a smile of pure satisfaction was playing on the creep's digesting face. What did he do to her? I questioned myself in hope to find the answer but it never came.

I clenched my hands into a fist as the guy turned to me with the same smile but this time his eyes held something more. A challenge. And at that moment all I knew was that I might go to jail for this because deep down I had a feeling that this asshole was gonna die...

This is a challenge that I refuse to back down from.

"You filthy bastard! Get the Fu** off her!" I yelled angrily as my fist went strait to his face with such speed and strength I never knew I had. But just as my fists were about to be satisfied with his soon to come pain I heard the most blood curdling voice.

"Kyouhei! Don't you dare hurt my poor little shun!" the voice said.

My eye flared with anger but i dropped my fist in surrender "great timing aunty" I growled as I turned around to make eye contact with rent collecting witch.

"What the hell happened here Kyouhei?" I heard Ranmaru and asked by the door way.

I smiled as I sensed a close victory for me at hand. "I'll tell you what happened." I chuckled darkly then I pointed to the creepy guy next to Sunako who still looked like she was in shock.

"This guy... No, this little bit** snuck in here and tried to d-" "Nothing" Sunako said calmly, cutting into my winning sentence.

"He did nothing" she clarified.

Everybody looked at me for my explanation to why I was about to knock his brains out. So i did the only thing that i could.

Play along.

So I slightly opened my mouth and smirked. "He snuck in here and ate my share of fried shrimp" I laughed half heartedly as on the inside I felt broken and betrayed.

Auntie sighed "That's still no excuse for wha-"

The D-bag held out his hand to indicate for her to stop talking and stood up then looked directly at Me." it's alright. You don't need to apologize just make sure it doesn't happen 'again' "He stressed the last part then held out his hand in a fake ass peace treaty.

I stood there for a moment speechless and clueless on how i should react. I can lie but I won't touch the hands that caused her pain.

So I growled and walked strait out the door. "Such bullshit" I grumbled but I knew everybody heard it especially 'him'.

Why would she tried to save someone who caused he pain…unless she wanted him to do it.

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