She was nestled in the crook of his arm, spooned in front of him as he caressed the top of her head, occassionally untangling her stubborn hair gently. She heaved a contented sigh, burrowing her face deeper into his warmth, inhaling his distinctive scent. His heart beat strongly against her ears. He was rocking her slowly and humming, she could feel his chest vibrate even through his travelling cloak.

"Is this a dream?" she asked.

When he did not reply, she pulled back to look at him.

It was indeed Snape. He looked malnourished, hair all greasy and longer than how he usually kept it. So much thinner, his cheekbones were prominent. The bandage around his neck was stained and dirty with dried blood. But alive. What was important was he was alive.

She could not believe it.

Reached out a trembling hand to his face. This time he did not flinch away. He closed his eyes at her touch. Leaned his cheek against the palm of her hand, nuzzling it. As if he had dreamed of doing this a thousand times prior. She felt an involuntary shiver pass through his body, transferring to her. He was moving his lips against the palm of her hand. She thought he was kissing it but she was wrong. He was trying to speak, but no sound was coming out. He was mouthing the same sentence over and over but she could not make it out.

"Your voice..."

He removed her hand that was cradling his face and shook his head sadly, gesturing to his neck wound. Deliberately, he took her fingers and placed them against his lips. He mouthed the words again. Making sure she could discern each separate word. Eyes never breaking contact with hers.




Comprehension dawned on her features as she made out what Snape was trying to convey to her. When he saw that she finally understood him, he pulled her close, crushing his lips to hers. She felt engulfed by his passion, it felt like he was pouring out his heart and soul in the kiss. She felt his loneliness and suffering from suppressing his love for her for so long and she sobbed as he kissed her again and again, as if this were their first and last night together.

He stopped when he tasted her tears and pulled away, not understanding why. With the back of his hand, he wiped her cheeks dry as gently as he knew how.

OK? A raised eyebrow.

Hermione laughed. It was funny and carefree sound, she had not laughed since the war.

"You're alive." She took his hand placed it against her heart. "You've alive."

His other hand snaked around her waist, lifted her up to standing position, then pulled her snug and possessively against his hardness.

Come with me.

Dawn came, the first rays of sunlight casting rainbow rays across the lake. A bird chirped nearby until the Whomping Willow threw a log at it. Dew drops formed on the still fresh lily bouquet in front of the Memorial of Severus Snape. Next to the bouquet two wands laid side by side. One of it had been snapped into two.

15 inch ebony, core of dragon heartstring.
10 and 3/4 vine wood, core of dragon heartstring.

It was reputed that both wands shared the core from the same dragon.

Hermione Granger and Severus Snape were never seen or heard in the Wizarding World ever again.