What if?

By Samhoku

I do not own War Horse *pouts* I love that movie. Grrr. I obviously approve of Emilee and Albert romance.

Thank you reviewers for sticking with me. (: I am going through some family difficulty.


Albert and Emilee where sitting on the wall while Andrew paced in front of him, "Why did you kiss my sister?!" Emilee said sternly, "I am not your sister Andrew. I adopted you as my brother, and I like Albert. He did not kiss me, I kissed him." Andrew froze. He shook his head over and over. Albert just stared at his friend, "Andrew, you need to calm down."

Andrew grumbled then stomped away.

Albert looked at Emilee, "Why is he so upset?" Emilee shrugged, "I don't know." She rubbed her forehead, "I just don't know." Albert put an arm around her and tugged her closer, "You are cute." Emilee whacked at his hand, "And you won't leave me alone." She smiled.

Albert released Emilee so if she wanted space, she could have it. She didn't move and just smiled, looking down at her lap.

Andrew came back, completely calm, "Okay, so I have come to the conclusion that you can court my sister."

Emilee got off the wall and walked past Andrew, "Thats good because I have decided that I like Albert." Albert smiled and shook his head, he liked Emilee, she was crazy.

Andrew shook his head and then walked back with Emilee. Albert followed them with Joey not far behind, acting like a dog.

Emilee was showing Albert's mom her red dress, "Isn't it beautiful?" His mother nodded and smiled, "Its lovely. Has Albert seen it?"

"No, but I have now."

Both ladies looked at him. Emilee started scolding him, "Albert, don't come sneaking up behind us like that, it isn't very nice."

Albert smiled and said teasing, "hi Emilee, I missed you too." Then he said, "I like your dress. You look gorgeous in it."

Emilee's face turned bright red and she looked at his mother. Alberts mom scolded him, "Albert, you made her blush."

Albert smiled, not caring, "Yeah, I did. I must say, it matches her dress."

Emilee gently whacked Albert in the chest, "Stop."

Albert said michiviously, "And you look like you need a hug."

Emilee spun away from him, "Oh no you don't." She hid behind his mother, "Please hide me."

He laughed quietly then walked out, "See you later Em."

"My name is Emilee!"

Emilee was dressed in a plain brown dress when she came out to find Albert and Joey. Albert was trying to get Joey to jump over the wall again. Only he wasn't on Joey. The horse looked amused as it watched his master try and convince him that he could, indeed, jump.

Emilee hugged Albert from behind and rested her head on his back, "It won't work Albert." Albert jumped a little in surprise and smiled at Emilee, "Hi. It never hurts to try."

"Over and over again?"

"We are both bullheaded."

"I believe it."

Albert let out a laugh and pulled her around so she was facing him, "You are so cruel."

"But you love me." She smiled up at him.

Albert said quietly, "That I do." He leaned down and kissed her.