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Tug. Loneliness. Pull. Incomplete. Yank. Isolation. As the weed comes free despair settled into Harry Potter's soul. He had believed that leaving Wizarding Britain would have eased the pain burning in his magic and soul as the Wizarding World celebrates the new fear free era forgetting that Harry had been key player and had sacrificed his very life for their safety. It hurt that the very people who helped ease the pain of loneliness that he had always known had forgotten about him. They left him in the dust as they focused on each other and their family. When the pain became too much he left in quiet of night disappearing with only the goblins to know where he was.

He had found himself a perfect paradise in the United States specifically New Mexico where he was able to create his haven where a different type of loneliness settle in, he knew this type as it had been with him forever. It was a feeling of missing the other half of his soul. Harry could remember in the darkness of his cupboard thinking that God had remove part of his soul because he had been bad. His childlike thinking had only been reinforced by his relatives' taunts and slurs.

It had been strength and determination that Harry had decided he would always choose the right no matter how hard so that one day he could have that other part of his soul would be restored. But as time went on and all of his good deeds and choices were punished, Harry felt the weight settle on his shoulders but he kept to his resolve unflinchingly, standing tall and bearing the weight knowing that someday when he could rest that his soul would be whole and his pain would disappear.

He just didn't know that his soul was going to be reunited with him today as a figure fell from the sky, right through his wards into the flowers he had been meticulously weeding.


As Loki looked into his once brother's eyes and his once father's eye, he saw the forgiveness and the disappointment waiting for him should he continue holding on. He knew that Thor would forgive him and continue to love him in his own way but it wasn't enough. Thor would forget about him as he was revered in his victory on Earth and here against Loki. He remembered when they were children and how Thor had looked out for him and protected him but he could never replace the ache in his soul that felt like something had been ripped from him. He knew it frustrated Thor to never been enough for his younger brother and had sought other friends who would enjoy his frivolous past times as Loki drowned his sorrow in learning magic where the ache would dull to a distant throb as if it knew it was closer to where the missing part of soul could be. As the sorrow built up a young Loki wondered why? Why wasn't he good enough to have his whole heart and soul? Why was he cursed with this pain? As the time drew on the agony began to burn into jealously and anger as he watched Thor in his wholeness, shining brightly and burning like a candle. It was the jealously and anger at always being incomplete that led his actions in causing mischief.

Looking at Thor, Loki knew he couldn't stay due to his actions. As he let go and fell to blackness Loki knew that if his heart and soul hadn't been in the continuous throb of pain, he could see himself loving his once brother as fiercely as Thor did him.

Closing his eyes, Loki allowed his body to relax and fall to wherever his new path deemed to take him, missing the pure undisguised anguish in Thor's eyes.


Lost in his thoughts as he continued to weed his garden, Harry was startled when his wards alerted him to a presence passing through his wards. Looking around, he frowned seeing no only to be startled when a body landed in front of him crumpled in a green cloak. His frown furrowed more as Harry poked the cloak and a groan was emitted and the body shifted to reveal a face hidden behind black hair that seemed to lay flat until Harry brushed the hair back feeling the stiffness unconsciously knowing that the person had used some sort of gel to tame the hair. As the face was revealed Harry sucked in his breath as his own image was exposed.

Breathing once more Harry noticed that it wasn't his own image since this face seemed a little thinner and more angular compared to his own square-ish and full face.

As if in a trance Harry brushed his fingers along the side of the face feeling the smoothness of the cheek and feeling part of his loneliness and ache dissipate as he continued to touch the man before him. He watched as the man before him shiver and groaned as he opened his eyes. Whatever color Harry had been expecting it was not the same Killing Curse green eyes as his own filled with pain and fear.

Staring into those eyes, Harry felt as if every good deed and choice had finally been repaid. His soul and magic felt as if all the pieces were finally together. All that was needed was to heal. But Harry had hope now.

Smiling softly Harry cupped the cheek and whispered, "You're safe. I've got you."

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