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Sometimes you love a person so much that you have to be numb to it. Because if we actually felt how much we loved them, it would kill us.

Chapter 18

Lovin' It All

Chicago, 2007

"You can't fucking do this to me, Edward!" he yells, his hands fisting in his hair as he stares desperately and furiously at me.

I chuckle humorlessly and level him with a dark look. "I can do anything I like, motherfucker." I pick him up from the floor roughly, and as I shove him toward the gate, I realize how weak he really is at the moment. "But right now, I want you to fucking get out of my house and straighten yourself up."

He whimpers and clings to my legs as his knees collapse. "I really need a hit, man. Please," he begs. "No one will sell me shit. I don't have anything. This is the last time, Edward, please."

He is really starting to piss me the fuck off. "I've heard all your shit before, you fanuk!" I yell and pick him up again by the collar. "Look what the cocaine has done to you! Think of your father and fucking clean yourself up, Jake." I rub my eyebrow with my finger, tired of his bullshit. If his father wasn't a friend of my dad's, I wouldn't breathe the same air as this motherfucker.

Suddenly, he rises to his full height and looks me in the eye, trying to intimidate me. I smirk. "I swear to fucking Christ, I'll go to the Feds with all your shit. I want my junk, and I want it now," he says.

I laugh. "You, Jacob Black, seem to have grown balls." I pat his cheek menacingly. "Do whatever you want. But get the fuck outta' my face." I turn to Felix. "Take him away from here and to Billy's place. And for the love of God, tell Billy to keep his son locked in a fucking air-tight room."

About a month ago, Billy came to my dad begging him to do something for his very intelligent, attending the University of Chicago, but shit-faced son. Of course, Carlisle passed on the fucking honor of babysitting Jacob Black to me.

Felix holds him by the elbow and drags him out of the apartment. Jacob shouts, "I will fucking destroy you one day, Cullen! I swear to Christ, you'll pay for denying me my needs and fucking dumping me on that old motherfucker!"

But his real beef was that he couldn't be a part of this thing of ours. He wasn't a true Italian, and if you aren't a pure blood, you aren't shit to Volterra.

One month later, Billy Black was killed by Alec for trying to contact the Feds against us. Needless to say, Jacob Black did care for the "old motherfucker" after all.

Two years later, I heard news of Jacob Black sobering up and entering the FBI as a Federal Agent. He was always exceptionally intelligent, but how he managed this… True to his word, this man was the reason that five of our best, oldest capos were dead or behind bars.

And for this, he was number one on EC's hit-list.


I wake up to Bella placing open-mouthed kisses on my chest, and let me tell you, there's no other way a man would rather wake up. Except maybe with my cock in her mouth…

And almost like she can read my thoughts, that's exactly where she places her next kiss.

"Jesus," I gasp, my hand finding its way into her soft hair as she continues placing wet, open-mouthed kisses all along my length. I look down at her, and she looks fucking gorgeous with her brown hair splayed around her face like a curtain, her eyelashes almost touching her cheeks as her eyes look at my very hard cock. And as much as I'm enjoying this… "Bella, you don't have to do this." I place a hand on her cheek to stop her.

She lifts her head to look at me, and I want to fucking whimper at the loss of contact, but I look straight into her eyes. "I know I don't have to," she says. "But I want to."

Jesus, woman, let me be a gentleman for once! You're killing me here. "Are you s-sure?" I stutter, trying to sound like the caring guy I am.

She rolls her eyes at me. "Don't act like you're not dying to have your cock in my mouth." I hiss at her words, and my self-control vanishes. She sweetly kisses below my navel. "And yes, I'm sure."

"You know me well, Miss Swan," I say, and place my hand to her head to brush the hair away from her face. Her kisses trail all the way up, and then all the way down.

"I'm about to get to know you better, Cullen." She winks at me and takes me into her mouth then lets me go and trails the kisses up, and back down again—she drives me fucking crazy. I place my hand back to her head, hoping it'd stay there—hoping my dick could stay in her mouth, but I have no such luck. She kisses up again and down again. She even bites my nipples, pulls them, while I feel her nipples rubbing against my chest.

"You're killing me." I groan.

She just giggles, and it's the most fulfilling thing to hear her just be…happy. With every kiss she places on me, she has a smile so big on her face. It's beautiful.

She kisses down my chest, deliberately rubbing her tits against my chest. It's the sweetest torture. I moan and squeeze her ass as she finally sucks the tip of my cock into her mouth. She begins to lick around, up and down my cock, and as she comes up, she scrapes her teeth over it.

She takes me deep into her mouth, and sweat begins to break out all over me. "Don't stop, baby, ungh…" I whimper as she sucks my cock, her hands now massaging my balls.

She takes me deep again, making my eyes roll back. "Bella...I'm gonna—" I try to push her away and yet she clamps on, sucking me back the deepest she can. I thrash wildly below her as I lose myself in her mouth.

Whilst panting, and wanting to kiss the ground she walks on, I grin down at her.

"May I ask what I did to deserve that?" I say, and grasping her by the shoulders, I lift her up, and she lays her head on my chest. A satisfied, almost proud smile graces her lips as she rests her chin on my chest to look at me.

"Just being you is enough," she says. And I want to give this woman the fucking world. Really, she's one of those people you couldn't find if you searched through generations. She grins and wiggles her eyebrows. "And also just because I could."

I laugh and hug her tightly to me, kissing the top of her head. "Thank you," I say. I trail my hands down her back and cup her wet, hot pussy. She squirms on top of me. "May I also return the favor, Carina?"

She shivers slightly, and without waiting for a response, I start stroking her wet slit. Since I'm going backward, I first directly encounter her opening, and seeing how wet she is, I insert a finger inside her. She begins to writhe above me, her tits pressed against my chest feel amazing as she moves in rhythm with my finger moving in and out of her.

"Oh, baby, yeah…" she moans. "Just like that – ugh – yes, Edward!"she screams when my other hand travels down her front, and I lightly pinch her clit.

"I love how wet you are for me," I whisper in her ear, as my left hand fingers her opening and my right teases her clit. She groans and arches off of me, and with a grace that's unreal, she's now straddling my waist sitting upright. I grin as her eyes close, and she presses her palms against my stomach.

"Ta-talk to me in…in…ugh…Italian, baby," she says, moving her hips in circular motion. She's fucking glorious! My girl likes dirty Italian talk! Who knew?

I insert another finger and rub her clit, thrusting my hips, desperate to find my own release. Again.

"Mi piace il tuo stringendo stretto figa intorno alle mie dita," I say, smirking as she clenches down hard on my fingers as soon as the words are outta' my mouth. I remove my right hand from her clit and use it to roll her nipples between my fingers. I then begin rubbing my thumb over her clit, with two fingers of the same hand still pumping in and out of her.

"Baby, I'm gonna –I'm gonna come," she pants, her hair sticking to her neck and chest, making her look like a fucking goddess. I can feel her walls clamping down on my fingers again and again, and I can tell she's close.

In a bold move, I insert a third finger inside her, and she throws her head back and rides my fingers, her moans going straight to my cock. Her tits bounce with each movement, and I pinch her nipples alternately, then roll them between my fingers.

With one last thrust of my fingers into her, she comes apart over me. "Oh, fuck. Oh shit. Jesus," she says, panting wildly, she collapses beside me as I slide my fingers out of her. "That was…" she breathes heavily, "Yeah, that was definitely one of the best orgasms I've had."

I smirk like the smug bastard I am and pull her into my side. "Well, I plan to give you many, many more such orgasms, even better, over time, sweet cheeks."

She grins as she turns to face me. "And I you, Mr. PussyEating Lips." She kisses me on my cheek, and then on my lips. It's sweet, not short, but sweet and fucking amazing. And she tastes fucking delicious.

I hear her stomach growl and pull away, laughing at her eye roll and slight blush. Only then do I notice that it's still night out. "What time is it?" I ask, getting up.

She lazily gets off the bed and pulls on her robe again. "It's just after 2 am," she says, tying her robe. "I'm fucking starving, so I'm gonna make something to eat. What do you want?"

I pull on my boxers and head over to the bathroom to relieve myself. "I'll have whatever you're making, love."

"Tuna sandwich it is." I hear her say as she almost runs toward the kitchen. I chuckle to myself, thinking, this girl is far too adorable for her own good.

Right now, I think we're both in a good place emotionally. Both our families know everything, so there's nothing left to hide anymore, hence no uncertainty and tension in that particular area. As a couple, I think we're doing pretty damn good and going solid. We declared… re-declared our love for each other, we're both happy with where we stand, and we both know that our future lies with the other. I haven't really asked her to be my girlfriend in so many words yet. But it's pretty obvious that's what she is, isn't it? Maybe I'll still talk to her about it though, just in case there's any confusion on her part since there sure as hell is none on mine.

As for what the future holds, I already know that I'm going to ask her to marry me. It's only a matter of when that'll be, and according to me, the sooner, the better. We've been back together only a few weeks, but falling back into what we used to be as teenagers wasn't some big feet. And over time, our love has only strengthened, matured, and bloomed into something much, much more. But before I go down on one knee and all that, this shit with Jacob Black needs to be handled. And then the whole plan I have for Chicago… that's sort of taken a back seat with all that's been happening. But now that things are falling into place again, I'm going to get back on that soon enough.

Speaking of Black… I need to call Santino and see what he's found out.

I pull up my boxers again, exiting the bathroom, and hunt for my phone around the room, finally finding it under the TV cabinet. I dial his number, knowing full well he's far from sleeping right now.

"Yo," he answers on the second ring.

I now begin hunting around for my pack of cigarettes. "Black," I say, getting straight to the point. I don't have time for pleasantries, and Santino sure as fuck doesn't expect me to be pleasant.

"Fucking cazzo," he curses. We all have pure hate for that man, and what we've planned for him… Let's just say he'd be lucky if he died before we catch up with him. He continues, "I have information on where exactly he stands in the FBI, who are his immediate bosses, and who are the easy links in there who can be tweaked for information."

I finally find my pack and light up a smoke. "Bene. Do we know who Black does his junk business with?" Oh yes, the man still deals.

"Si. It's the Borgarta in China Town. I've talked to them, and for our protection and $10,000, they'll do whatever we want them to."

I laugh at that. "Babbos the bunch of 'em. They think we'll pay them to work for us and give our protection?"

He laughs along with me. "Exactly what I said." Of course he did. He's in my fucking crew after all. "I told them that we'd give them our protection for long enough that everyone on the street knows to back off, and then they're on their own. I also told them that their half-assed demand for payment is as useless as pants on a hooker."

I chuckle. "Good. And what 'bout that chick?"

He sighs. "She won't fucking crack, Skip. We've tried five times now, but she won't utter a single word. I'll go over again with Enzo tomorrow."

I nod, even though I know he can't see me. Apparently, there's some chick that Black engages in sex with often, and the kind of ammo she has on him… fuck, they've made videos together! If we can get our hands on that, Black's ass will be mine a hundred percent.

"Keep working. Hai fatto bene, Santino," I say. "Now get some sleep or whatever the fuck you were doing before I called. See you tomorrow."

"Grazie," he says proudly, and in gratitude. "See you tomorrow."

I cut the line, stub the cigarette, and wander into the kitchen to see Bella gobbling up a sandwich. "Hey, why didn't you call me if they were done?" I ask, and take the other sandwich, followed by a kiss to her head.

She shrugs. "You were talking on the phone, and I didn't want to disturb you. Who was it?" I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her to my side, not wanting any distance between us.

"Santino," I answer. I don't want her to ask too many questions about my work. I'll be honest and answer her as much as I can, but I still want to keep it separate.

"Well, what did he want?" she presses.

"We talked about Black."

I eat my sandwich while she waits for me to elaborate. Except that I have no plans of doing so.

She huffs. "What about him?" she asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Stuff," I say, my mouth full of bread.

She throws up her hands exasperatedly and turns to give me the stink eye. "I want to know what you plan on doing with Jacob, Edward. He's affected me too, and I want to be in on this."

I sigh, knowing that she has a valid point, but still not caring. She will not be a part of anything related to my work. Ever. "Look, Bella, I know you want in on this or whatever, but no, it's not happening. I'm keeping my work and you miles apart, so please don't argue with me on this."

She sighs. "You can't keep your work and your life here 'miles apart' as you put it. You are what you do, Edward. There's no way you can hope to brush off all your…Mafia…things… when you step in through that door every day."

As much as I wanted her to be wrong, as much as I wanted to say "of course it's possible!", I knew it wasn't. She was right. My work would always come home with me and she was a part of it whether I liked it or not. And this realization… it fucking gutted me.

"Well, then I'm going to keep you as separated from it as I can. The very thought of you being in the slightest of danger has my hackles rising, Bella. Don't you see how much you mean to me?" I beseech her with my eyes to understand and just drop it.

She starts, "Don't make this about –"

We're interrupted by the buzzing of the intercom. My eyes go wide, and my senses turn high-alert. Someone's here at 2:30 at night? What the fuck?

I motion for Bella to keep quiet and stay there. She nods and looks so terrified suddenly, that I just know now she has to be kept separated from my work. There is no other way. I give her waist a reassuring squeeze and release her.

I take out my heat from one of the cabinet drawers in the kitchen and put it in the waistband of my boxers. I walk over to the living room and press down on the button.

"Yeah?" I say cautiously.

"Mr. Cullen, a lady is here to see you," the guard says.

My brows furrow in confusion. "Who is it?"

"It's Miss Natalia, Mr. Cullen."

My mouth goes dry. My pulse quickens. Images of broken headboards, sexy lingerie, rough fucking, and booty calls flood my mind.

Fuck, this is not good. Bella's gonna flip the fuck out.


Mi piace il tuo stringendo stretto figa intorno alle mie dita- I like your tight pussy clenching around my fingers

Hai fatto bene, Santino- You did good, Santino

Babbos- idiots

Bene- good

Grazie- Thank you

Cazzo- asshole

Gang slang:

Borgarta - A small gang of petty half-assed wise guys

Heat- gun

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