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Chapter 20

Someone Like You

"It's…it's –" I want to say it's okay, that it'll work out. But I know it's not okay. And I don't know if it'll work out. I say it anyway. "It's okay, Al. Everything will work out, you'll see. Just…just stop crying, Alice."

She wails and clings tighter to me. "We're so fucked, Bella. This is not what I need-not what we need, Bella, all of us." She hiccups. "And we had sex one time one month ago, for fuck's sake! He hasn't even touched me since that night our dirty little secret came out." I wince at her words. "Jasper must have like, super sperms or something." She hiccups again. "We're so fucked." And then she starts wailing again.

I sigh and hold her tighter, rocking us both on Jasper's bed, and will myself to keep my eyes open. After Jasper called Edward at five this morning, we rushed to his penthouse and found them both in a complete mess. Alice was shocked with the pregnancy test still in her hand, staring at it like it would disappear if she stared long enough; Jasper was pulling at his hair and pacing, looking exactly like his brother. The moment we entered, Jasper and Edward retreated to his study-cum-office and banged the door shut; they've been in there ever since. Alice and I ended up in Jasper's bedroom after she threw up, and then she started crying; she's been crying ever since.

"But that's not even the worst part," she says after a while. Her crying has receded to a sniffling level, and she sounds almost human again. "The worst part is that we'll be raising a child in this atmosphere, surrounded by guns and drugs, by uncertainty, insecurity, and fear. Fear of losing your life, or worse, the life of someone you love." She takes in a shaky breath and shakes her head. "My child will have the worst life, B."

I sigh and feel my throat close up; my eyes begin to sting when I imagine the fate of my own child when Edward and I decide to have one. I lock away my personal issues right now and rub Alice's back in reassurance. "But think about it this way – your child will want for nothing. The baby's going to have everything, and you won't even have to work a single day! You can spend all your time with your baby, go out, have fun, and not worry about anything. This is going to be great, Al!"

She looks at me like I've lost my mind. "Have you completely lost it, Bella? This is going to be great?"

I bite my lip and suppress a sigh. What's the point in giving her false hopes? We know the truth, everyone does. "Okay, yes, I know I was rambling stupid shit. It's going to be tough, but I'll be there for you every step of the way." I squeeze her hands in reassurance. "Not just me, but Carlisle and Esme are going to be there to guide you. It won't be that bad. And the boys? Alice, Jas and Edward will protect you and the baby with their lives, and so will I."

Her bottom lip trembles as she stares at me with glassy eyes and then throws her arms around my neck and starts sobbing again. "You're my best friend, Bella. I love you so fucking much. I think I should just get married to you, and we'll have the baby and you can be this totally awesome mom, and I can clean the house. Will you marry me, Bella? Huh? Will you turn gay for me, Isabella Swan?"

My hands fall to the side, and my face scrunches up in confusion. What the fuck is wrong with her? Is she on crack? I hear snickering and look up to see Edward and Jasper standing in the doorway. I give them a terrified, what the fuck is going on? look and point at Alice's back and mouth, "Help me, assholes."

Jasper smirks at me, but thankfully says, "Hey, Alice, can we talk?"

She sighs into my neck and releases me slowly. She looks at me, wiping her tears, and I see that her face is red with embarrassment. "Uh… I blame that shit that just came out of my mouth on pregnancy hormones." She waves her hand dismissively and then gets up. "I still love you, Bella. And really, thank you for everything." She squeezes my hand and turns to Jasper. "Let's talk."

I stand to leave, but Jasper says that he wants to take her out on a drive, so we could just wait here for a while or we could go back to Edward's apartment. I'm ready as all hell to get a proper sleep in nearly twenty-four hours now, cuddled in Edward's arm in our bed, but Alice gives me this pleading look and mouths, "Stay here". I sigh and nod. So much for my sleep…

It's when Jasper is walking out of the room that my eyes zero in on his ass, and I notice a prominent bulge in the back pocket of his jeans. My hands fly to my mouth to suppress a gasp of shock, and my wide eyes immediately turn to Edward. He nods, giving me a wink and a smirk.

Wow… Jasper is… Really?

As soon as we close the door on Jasper and Alice, I turn around with my hands on the closed door and my mouth hanging open. "Jasper is going to propose to Alice tonight?" I squeal, waiting for him to confirm my suspicions.

He laughs and nods. "Yep. He loves her, she loves him, they're having a baby, and after the initial freak out, Jasper was totally floored at the idea of being a father." He shrugs. "I guess once it finally sunk in, he didn't mind it as much."

"Yeah," I drawl, "but what about the fact that he and Alice haven't even been on speaking terms since… you know…" I trail off, waving my hand about, not really wanting to say Jacob's name and remind myself of Alice and my... little lapse in judgment. "How is he ready to marry her now all of a sudden? Does he even trust her?"

Edward scrunches up his nose and stifles a yawn. I smile at his adorable face and make googly eyes at him. He stretches his arms above his head, starts cracking his neck and knuckles, and then answers me, "He's loved her since that day he saw her at Il Cigno for the first time. Really, the fucker was a goner the minute he laid eyes on her." He snorts and starts toward the kitchen. I walk behind him like there's a lead rod connecting us, making me move just as soon as he does. "He was pissed at her, but after dinner last night at my parents', Jas apparently got over it completely. He said some mushy shit about how seeing her interact with the parents made him realize she was the one, and all that." He sits down in the barstool and finally turns to look at me.

I snap my fingers and say, "Just like that? He forgave her in a minute after being pissed at her for weeks?"

He sighs and opens his arms for me. I walk up to him and settle down in his lap, letting out a contended sigh as I feel his thumbs drawing circles on my belly. "No, Bella, not just like that. You girls have been in our lives for barely a month now after seven years, and honestly, neither of us has been happier than we are now. Jasper and Alice… they had a little bump. But he still loved her… still loves her, and now that she's carrying his baby, he simply sees no reason to wait around to pop the question."

But underneath all these explanations, I can see there's a different reason. I can tell that he's omitting something. And then it hits me. "It's not just this, is it, Edward?"

"What –"

He's going to defend Jasper, but I interrupt him. "He has to marry her, doesn't he? All these laws you Mafia people have… he can't have a child without marrying her first, can he? The child would be deemed illegitimate. Am I right?"

He takes a deep breath. "Bella –"

And then another thought strikes me. I gasp and my eyes go wide. "She's not Italian, Edward." I whip my head backward and see his eyes pinched shut. "She isn't a pure blood, and he isn't allowed to marry anyone but an Italian woman. What the fuck is he doing proposing to her?" I jump down from his lap, panicked. "Oh God, we have to stop him from crushing her hopes." I pace the room. "Edward, what happened? Did you guys forget that she wasn't Italian, huh?" I let out a nervous chuckle and hold up my hand. "It's okay if you forgot. I'll just – just call Jasper and remind him. Yeah, I'll –"

He takes me by the elbow and spins me around to face him. "Stop freaking out, Bella! Yes, we know she's not Italian, and yes he has to marry her."

I'm confused. "Then what –"

He shakes his head at me. "Let me finish, Carina." I nod. "Rules change with time, every Family alters them every now and then, and certain things aren't set in stone. Baby, everything that you read on Wikipedia isn't how it truly works anymore." I blush at that and look down. Sue me for being prepared a hundred percent before committing myself to this life! He tilts my chin up and smirks at me. "He can marry anyone who's not Italian, the mob won't shun him. But, their child won't be a pure blood, so when he grows up, he won't be eligible to stand as a made man. That's about it. And really, we don't even know if they're having a boy yet. What if they end up having a brood of girls?"

"But he's marrying her because he has to, not because he wants to," I say.

Edward sighs and pulls me to his chest. "How many times do I have to tell you until you believe me, baby? He loves Alice. Yes, he's supposed to marry her, but he's not doing it out of any obligation. He's ready for this."

"I really do hope he is," I say, and wrap my arms around his waist. Suddenly, the exhaustion comes crashing down on me, and I start to sway in his arms. I yawn loudly. "I'm tired. Imma go sleep, yeah?"

I hear him chuckle and then he picks me up bridal style, carrying me to what I assume is the guest bedroom. He lays me down and kisses my forehead. "Rest, love. You've had one hellu'va day."

I nod and curl up on my side. I still have one question I need an answer to though. "Edward?"

"Si, Carina?"

I smile involuntarily at how he makes two little Italian words sound so sweet. "When we have a baby, he won't be a part of this thing of yours. Even though he'll be a pure blood, he won't be a part of Volterra. Promise me that." Edward comes to sit beside me and holds me by the shoulder, pulling me up in a sitting position. "What?" I grumble, rubbing my sleepy eyes.

As I open my eyes to really look at him, I see his completely stunned face. "Bella, you're not Italian," he states. "Are you?" He shakes me when I don't answer. "Answer me, Bella, this is really fucking important. Are you Italian?"

I blink as I try to focus in my sleep induced haze. "Uh…yeah. My grandfather's name was Charles Luciano, and my dad's name was Charlie Luciano until he married my mom. She was against all the Italian customs for some reason… I don't exactly remember… something to do with her abusive Italian father. All I know is that they changed their name to Swan to hide from her father." I scrunch up my face in confusion as I look at his shocked face. "Didn't I ever tell you that?"

"No, you didn't. You're Italian?" he asks, almost like he still doesn't believe it.

"Yeah, I mean, I am technically. But I don't have an Italian last name, my parents don't talk in Italian, neither do Rose and I. I don't have an Italian bone in my body, it's just a technicality. It's weird I never mentioned it before…" I shrug and wave my hand dismissively.

"Holy fuck," he curses. "Holy fucking shit, Bella. Our son can be a made man, he can be a part of Volterra. Holy shit, I –"

"What did I just say, Edward?" I yell. His eyes snap to mine, and he looks at me with a confused face. I breathe deeply and shake off my anger, the sleep now long forgotten. "Edward, I just asked you to promise me that if we have a son, he's not being a part of Volterra. I don't… I don't want this life for my child okay? He can become a tattoo artist for all I care, but he's not becoming a fucking made man!"

He shrugs.

He fucking shrugs.

"It's not in our hands, Bella. He'll become a part of Volterra if he wants to, not because I want him to. He can become a doctor if he wants to, or he can become a Don."

I splutter as I reply. "He-he-what-no-NO… NO, Edward, he cannot become a fucking Don!" I throw my hands in the air as I say this. "My child will NOT –"

He silences me with a kiss. His lips crash to mine, and he forces his tongue inside my mouth. I moan when I feel his hands cradle my face, and his hot breath makes my skin sizzle all over. I don't even know when I moved, but I'm suddenly straddling his lap. My hands fist his hair, and I pull his head back, panting against his mouth, "Our son will not be a part of this."

He chuckles, his breathing just as hard as mine from our rough kiss, and in turn, curls his fingers around the nape of my neck, tilting my head back forcefully, and starts kissing down my neck. "Our… son… isn't even in… this world… yet," he says between kissing and nipping at my flesh. I groan loudly as he sucks below my ear, I yelp when he lightly bites the skin, and I moan when he licks and kisses it.

What were we arguing about again?

I yank his head up and start nipping at his jaw, his neck, his Adam's apple. God, how I love this jaw…

"Jesus, Bella, are you trying to pull all my hair out?" he complains, followed by a moan, as I pull his head farther back for better access down his neck, placing wet, open-mouthed kisses. His scent is the most concentrated right here, and it makes me crazy with desire.

His hands leave my hair, and all of a sudden, he just rips my shirt down the middle into two. I freeze in shock and look down at my thin t-shirt now hanging open down the middle. My eyes snap up to his, and I see a cocky as fuck smirk on his face. "You're an animal," I state matter-of-factly.

He just pushes the shirt off my body and sucks my bottom lip, then my upper, and then traces my lip with his tongue. "You love it, baby," he says and winks at me.

I blink.

And then I push him down on the bed and climb on top of him. "I love absolutely everything about you, Edward Cullen," I say as I slowly pull down his sweats, and then his boxers, while he pulls down my shorts and then unclasps my bra and fondles with my breasts. His cock springs free and the intense need, the raw desire that was present in our kiss zips through my every vein like current.

Right now, I don't want the sweet lovemaking. I want rough, passionate, mad and pure fucking.

I slide down his torso and take his head into my mouth. "Bella," he breathes out. Swirling my tongue around his head, I steer clear of the pre-cum. I pull back and collect his pre-cum with my middle finger. His eyes are trained on my every movement, and I stare into them as I spread his pre-cum on my lips. "Fuck, baby," he groans, and bucks his hips in the air.

I moan loudly as I lick off his juice, closing my eyes and fondling my nipples, then his balls as I continue to lick him off my lips. "Jesus, Bella," he moans as I tug on his balls. "Take me in your hot mouth, baby, please," he begs. My eyes, heavy with lust, slowly open, and I lower my head as I finally take all of him into my mouth.

I swirl my tongue around his cock, flatten my tongue on its underside as I lick right up to his head, all the while my hands never leave his balls. I hollow out my cheeks as I suck him off and pump whatever I can't take in. I bob my head up and down, encouraged by his moans of pleasure and the occasional cuss, as I feel his cock swell and his balls tighten. I know he's about to come, so I pull my head back.

"Wha-what?" he pants out, looking at me in confusion. "Why the fuck did'ju stop?"

I smirk at him as I place my hands on his chest and straddle his torso. "I want you to come inside me, baby," I say as I kiss him on the lips. I lift my bottom up, and this time when I come down, I adjust myself so that his cock is right at my center. He growls into my mouth as I move above him and wet his cock with my juices. I slide him over my opening, but don't take him in, moving down again and rubbing him against my clit.

He growls again, and his hands squeeze my ass. He breaks the kiss and looks at me with dark eyes. "You better fucking ride me right now, baby, or I won't be responsible for my actions," he says, rubbing his hand over my ass and cocks an eyebrow.

Fuck me! I groan loudly when I realize he's going to spank me. But well… I'm not really into the whole spanking thing, so I reach down and remove his hand from my ass cheek and place it over my throbbing center. I bend my head right next to his ear and whisper, "I'm going to ride you so fucking good, baby, that you won't remember your own name."

And then I lift my ass up in the air and come down on his cock. He curses loudly and pinches my clit as I sit up with my hands resting behind me and on his thighs. I throw my head back, and as promised, ride him hard.

"Oh, yes – oh God, baby… ungh… just like that," Edward shouts. I moan and, in a moment of pure genius, I decide to try my balancing powers. As my hands are resting on the top of his thighs, I move them a little farther up and tug a little on his balls. "Mio Dio, Isabella," Edward yells and starts moving his hips faster to meet me as I come down on him again and again.

His hands pinch and pull at my nipples, then the other one starts to stimulate my clit, and I'm almost there. God, I hope he's ready to come because I don't think I can hold back any longer. "Edward, I…I'm going to…come, baby," I scream as I bounce above him.

"Fuck, baby, come on my cock," he grits from between his teeth. "God, I'm so fucking close, Bella." I start to pick up pace, and with one, two, three more thrusts, I fall apart above him. Just as soon as I come, I feel him spill inside me. His hot semen fills me in spurts, and I shiver.

My breathing is labored, and I'm shaking after my earth-shattering orgasm as I collapse on his chest. I'm exhausted, spent, but feeling so light headed, like I'm floating up in the clouds. Edward encircles his arms around my sweaty back and kisses my forehead.

"I love you the most, Isabella Swan. The most," he says, and I sigh contentedly, a smile etched on my face. "Come on, Carina, let's get you cleaned up," he says, but squeezes me tighter against him. I laugh, and that's when I realize that we didn't use a condom. My heart fucking stops for a second. And then flies off rapidly. "Bella?" Edward says, worry lacing his tone. "Your heart's suddenly pounding, love, what's wrong?"

I hold up my finger and get off of him and sit down on the bed, clearing the fog that's clouding my brain and do the math. I breathe a sigh of relief when I realize that my period was supposed to start today, but it didn't. There wasn't even any spotting, so I'm sure it should start tomorrow. My cycles are always spot on, and I've been feeling the telltale aching since the last two days, so I know we're good.

I slump on the bed in relief and close my eyes, sending up a prayer. Thank you God!

"Bella? You're scaring me. What's wrong?" He takes my hand in his and squeezes it.

I shake my head. "We didn't use a condom, Edward," I remind him. I literally feel his hand go cold and sweat break out over his palm.

"Oh fuck," he whispers.

I open my eyes and look at his ashen face. I squeeze his hand in reassurance and say, "I know. But it's alright, I'm sure my period should start tomorrow, so we're covered."

He looks at me with uncertainty. "Are you sure?"

I nod. "Yup. I'm sure."

He sighs and rubs his hand over his face. "Thank God!"

I snort, nodding again. "Yeah, tell me about it! I was afraid I'll end up preggo like Alice on a whim. But, Edward, we need to be careful from the next time. This time, we just got lucky."

He nods his head and goes to stand off the bed, pulling me along with him. "Yeah, no, definitely. We need to be more careful from now on. And I think you should start taking birth control as well."

We walk into the bathroom, and he takes out a washcloth and wets it, first cleaning me up and then himself. "Yeah, I was going to see my gynecologist this week, anyway."

Just as soon as we're done cleaning up, I wash my face and then put on Alice's robe. Fuck, it'll be embarrassing when they come back and realize what we've been up to. But, eh, it was so totally worth it.

Edward puts on his clothes, and as soon as we enter the kitchen, the doorbell rings. Edward and I exchange looks, and he says, "I think they forgot to take the keys."

I run to get the door, impatient as fuck to see a ring on Alice's finger. I wrench the door open, and standing there are Alice and Jasper with million watt smiles lighting up their faces.

Alice throws her arms around me and starts jumping. "I'm getting married, Bella! Oh my God," she screeches in my ear. I laugh, and then we're both jumping and shouting.

I look at Jasper and mouth, "Congrats". He winks at me and then him and Edward do this man-hug thing followed by a "You're whipped, motherfucker" from Edward, to which Jasper replies, "Right, you're the one to talk."

After Alice and I break apart, she finally calms down enough to show me the ring. As soon as I take her hand in mine, I hear Jasper let out a loud groan beside me. I look at him in confusion, but he's glaring daggers at Edward.

"Come on, man! Tell me you guys didn't go at it on my brand new bedsheets," he says.

I blush and fidget with my hands, but a big-ass grin involuntarily curls my lips. Alice hip-checks me and laughs, shouting, "You slut!"

Jasper points at Edward and says, "I'm sending you the dry cleaning bill, motherfucker."

Edward laughs and nods, then turns to wink at me. "It was worth every penny. Send away, asshole."

I chuckle and shake my head.

Jasper laughs this time and punches Edward on the arm.

Alice demands we all fawn over the ring and the attention be directed back toward the newly-engaged couple.

All's good.

But the million dollar question is – will all be good tomorrow, and the next day as well? Because this life, it's got a shitload of trouble looming over every step we take.

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