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If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.

Chapter 23

Rock It


Edward's office, 4 PM

I reply to Bella's text asking about Mrs. Frank, a small smile playing on my lips that she's finally taking her safety seriously.

My eyes scan the office I have at Il Cigno, taking notice of the time—4 PM—and linger on the two other people in the room with me—Sam and Jasper.

"He's going to go for it tomorrow morning, Skip. It's now or never," Sam says.

The smile vanishes, and I bang my hand on the table and curse like nobody's business. "Are you abso-fucking-lutely sure? I thought we'd have more time goddammit!" I seethe, irritated.

He sighs and slumps lower in his chair. "He's on high-alert now that he knows you have all his vids with the whore, and those rookies at China Town have opened their mouths. He knows he's in deep shit, and he's acting fast, EC. We have to get him tonight. There's just no other option."

I take in a deep breath and rub my finger on my eyebrow, thinking, coming up with a plan to take down Jacob Black tonight. It needs to be precise, accurate, and flawless.

I turn to Sam, who's an Agent himself, only he's on my payroll. "Okay, I need to know where Black will be at seven thirty tonight, and wherever he is, I want you to personally make sure that he leaves the place alone. I'll have Santino contact him and tell him that I want a sit-down to negotiate things—"

"But he knows he doesn't have anything we'd want, Edward. He's not going to buy it," Jasper interrupts me.

Because it's Jasper, my Consigliore, who interrupted me, I don't mind. But if someone else had done it, that would've shown disrespect, and disrespect toward the Boss is just not tolerated.

"Yes, he does. He has Bella's freedom in his hands, and he knows I'll be willing to negotiate things, anything, to get that back," I say. Jasper and Sam look appalled to hear that I'm actually willing to negotiate things with Black. I smirk at them and lift an eyebrow. "You honestly believe this? Am I that good?"

Jasper's the first one who understands as I see amusement replace the confusion on his face. He starts, "Black is only going to think that you're negotiating things with him. He's going to tell you where he's kept her passport and documents, and he's going to get the FBI off her trail. In turn, you'll promise to hand over the videos to him and make him disappear from this country." I nod, not surprised that Jasper knows exactly what I'm thinking. "But can we trust him, Edward?"

"No, we can't. That's why I need to make sure he arrives alone. If he's desperate enough to get those tapes, he will do as we say, no questions asked. Now, it's going to be in the limelight if suddenly a Federal Agent taking care of the Volterra case were to disappear. Jasper, I need you to call the reporters that we have on our payroll and send them all the dirt we have on him tonight—but wait for my go."

He nods and says, "Yes, that's fine. He can be painted to look exactly like we want him to—a corrupt agent who's better off dead."

I sit down in my chair and swirl the scotch in my glass, thinking. "Sam, I want you to make all records of Black's whereabouts in the FBI headquarters from eight thirty to eleven thirty disappear. He's not going to live longer than that anyway." I shrug. I turn to Jasper. "Tell Santino to come in."

He gets up and calls for Sonny. He comes and sits in his seat, and Sonny comes in five minutes later looking apprehensive, yet eager to be of service. He's one of my best guys.

"Sonny." I tilt my chin up in greeting. "Take a seat." I motion to one of the empty chairs in front of my table.

"What do you need me to do, Boss?" he asks. Straight to the point—that's why I like him!

"I need you to get in touch with Black and tell him to meet me at Fio's Kitchen; it's a little Italian family joint in Gerund Avenue, very public place. Tell him to come there alone at eight thirty in a taxi that I want you to personally send for him. Assure him that I just want to talk and negotiate things, and that I'll be accompanied only by Emmett. But he is to come alone, Sonny, make it very clear." I wait for him to process this, and when he nods a second later, I continue. "I don't want anyone around there. Before I whack off Black, I need Bella's documents, and I need him to absolve her of anything that might lead the FBI to her. This needs to play out exactly like I want it to, you hear me?"

He nods solemnly and gets up. "Consider it done, Boss. Anything else?"

I shake my head and motion with my head toward the door. "No, that's all. Non si scherza su questo, Sonny."

"Non lo farò," he replies, and then slinks out of the room with his phone already out.

Jasper sighs loudly. "He's a good guy. You planning to do something for him soon?"

I turn to him with a sharp look in my eyes. He's obviously had a drink too many already, and his loose mouth in front Sam isn't working. "Guarda quello che dici, Jasper," I spit out. His eyes widen, and he gulps, nodding as he gets up to get himself a glass of water. "When you're sober enough, call Emmett and tell him that I need him here within the hour. If he has any surgeries scheduled…tell him to re-schedule them."

I go through little details in my mind, double checking to make sure I didn't miss anything, and that I haven't forgotten to give anyone instructions. As soon as Emmett gets here, I'll explain every little thing to him, and then we'll be on our way.

"Edward, I need to talk to you," Jasper says, staring pointedly at Sam.

I nod and say to Sam, "I expect to hear from you later, Sam. Call me as soon as you have his location for seven thirty."

He gets up, understanding my clear dismissal. "You got it, Skip."

Once he leaves, Jasper slumps down on a chair and looks at me in reproach. "Why am I being left out of the action, Edward? You're taking Emmett with you and not me?"

I knew this was coming; I was waiting for this. "Jas, you're my Consigliore, and that means you're never out of the action. Emmett is accompanying me because Black knows that he's not directly involved in the business like you are, and that's going to lull him into a false sense of security. Taking you with me would only be like tipping Black off that something's not right, and that's the last fucking thing I want to do. Also, if Emmett and I go, he'll be assured that this is solely for Bella's welfare, and we know that Emmett is more than capable of handling things."

We know this because we've trained Emmett to handle things. The man can crack your neck, and you'll never see it coming. But when you're part of this thing of ours, knowing this shit is necessary to survive.

"I want my revenge on him too, Edward," Jasper says. "I want to be there in the warehouse with you and Emmett." I cock an eyebrow at him; this time actually surprised he knows I won't kill Black on the spot, and that I'm planning on working my way with him. Jasper laughs. "Come on, man, give me some fucking credit! I'm your brother, and I know how that mind of yours works. So, can I be there?"

I chuckle and get up, straightening my suit jacket. "Yes, Jasper, you can be there. Wait for us at the warehouse, and Emmett and I will get there with Black at precisely nine fifteen."

I take out my Blackberry and call the owner of Fio, while Jasper talks to Emmett over the phone.

"Mr. Cullen, how may I help you today?" the heavily accented voice of Vitolli greets me.

"Meet me at your restaurant in an hour, Vitolli, and I'll tell you what I need," I say.

Fio's Kitchen, 8:00 PM

Emmett cuts the line and turns to me with a smirk on his face. "Black's on his way. Alone."

I nod and settle more comfortably in the worn sofa. There are only three more customers here, and they're all Vitolli's workers, just like I told him I wanted it.

"Everything needs to be quiet and subdued, Emmett. I don't wanna hear a peep out of Black, and he should not see it coming. This needs to be quick and over within five minutes," I say, bringing my third glass of scotch for the day to my lips.

He holds up his hands and says, "Hey, I'm just the muscle here. You're the one who needs to lure him out, and you'll be the one talking to gain Bella's stuff and freedom. From my side, I'll fucking choke him in the vocal chords, and you won't hear a squeak outta the fucker."

I smirk slightly as I think about showing up at home with the good news that Black's out of our lives for good. I can't fucking wait to see the smile on Bella's face…

Fio's Kitchen, 8:30 PM

"Jacob." I hold my hand out to shake his, as he approaches our table, dressed impeccably in a neatly ironed suit. Underneath that suit, he's sweating like a pig. I can fucking smell the nervousness and fear on him, but he puts on a good show.

But before he can take my hand, Emmett is standing between us. "I'll have to pat you down, Mr. Black."

I can see Jacob tense, and right at this minute, I don't want to give him any reason to doubt us. I put a hand on Emmett's shoulder and say, "Oh no, Emmett, don't worry about it. I trust Jacob to know he wouldn't bring a gun to this meeting." I look Jacob in the eye. "After all, it's not like we're carrying one either, I promise you that. This is a peaceful negotiation."

Emmett bows his head slightly and backs away, while Jacob nods and relaxes. When a Mafiosi says "I promise", it's a big deal. But in this situation, my words don't mean shit. "I don't have a gun on me, Mr. Cullen; I can assure you of that. After all…this is but a peaceful negotiation," he says, quoting my words back to me.

Once we're seated, I finally sip the last of my scotch and start, "Jacob, I think you know why we're here today. I have something you need, and regardless of how much I may hate you, you have something I desperately need as well."

I give a dramatic pause, sighing, as I wait for him to get it through his thick skull that I need what he has just as much—maybe more—than he needs those tapes. He sits taller and looks more self-assured as he finally absorbs this piece of information.

Jacob Black is almost too easy, I think, smirking on the inside, already itching for this conversation to be fucking over with.

"Look, Edward"—I raise an eyebrow at that—"Mr. Cullen, I mean," he says hurriedly. "With all due respect, why don't we start with what exactly it is that you want me to do? Of course…it goes without saying that once that's done, I'll get what I want too."

He needs those tapes more desperately than I thought possible. I wonder what the fuck he's doing to that chick in them.

"What I need is very obvious, and I'm sure you know it already. I'll say it anyway." The fucker thinks he's so suave; I'll show him suave. "I want Bella's passport, access to the apartment she and Alice were staying at, and any and all documents of theirs you may have in your possession. Believe me when I say this, I'll be double-checking, Black," I warn him, the tone of my voice enough of a threat. "I want you to place a call right now"—I slide an untraceable phone toward him—"and absolve Bella and Alice of anything that may lead the FBI to them."

He stares at the phone for a long time. Still keeping his eyes down, he says, "Can I see the tapes?"

I hold my hand out to Emmett, who's sitting beside me on the sofa-seat, and he hands me a large brown envelope. I tap it against the table, and now all Jacob Black can focus on is that envelope. "They're all in here," I say invitingly.

"And the photos from China Town?" he asks, and I can see the excited gleam in his eyes.

"They're in here as well." I keep the envelope down and slide it minutely toward Black, tempting him. His body involuntary leans across the table. "You do what I want, Black, and these will be yours."

"Their passport and other documents are in a safe at my apartment. The keys to the apartment they were staying at are in there as well," he says instantly. "The combination is 4-1-9-0-8-3-2, and it's in the master bedroom behind the gilded frame painting of Mona Lisa."

I look at Emmett, and he immediately takes out his phone. I had a strong suspicion Black would have it all somewhere close to him, so I already had Santino drive out to his building. Emmett repeats what Jacob told us to Santino, and we patiently wait for Sonny to call back.

"While we're waiting, why don't you make the call to your colleague, Jacob?" I say, nodding toward the phone that's still kept in front of him on the table.

He nods, and his hands shake slightly as he picks up the phone and punches in the number.

Fucking braniac this man is; I bet he remembers all the numbers in his address book. What a waste.

"Put it on speakerphone," I say, as he begins to take the phone to his ear.

He hesitantly puts it on loudespeaker, and a tight voice crackles over the phone. "Agent Frank this side."

Agent Frank? Who the fuck is—Aaahhh! Him. Of course. Frank is his last name.

"Agent Black speaking," Jacob says, his eyes shifting about nervously.

"Oh, hey, Boss, what do you need?" The voice is now more relaxed and unguarded.

"This is about Isabella Swan and Alice Brandon. I want you to delete all their records from the database, and all the research and files on them are to be destroyed immediately."

There's silence on the other side. "Are you sure, Boss?"

"Yes," Black snaps. "Do as I say, Frank, or I swear I'll fire your ass." He sounds flustered and desperate, and not very convincing. I click my fingers, and his eyes snap to mine. I motion for him to cool it, and he takes a deep breath. "It's confidential, Frank, but I can assure you that this is what's best. Trust me."

That does it for fucking Frank. He trusts his boss blindly.

"Consider it done, Boss."

Fucking finally.

"Good job, Frank," Jacob says, slightly hunching in his seat. "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Oh no, you won't, Black, no you won't.

He cuts the line and stares at me in anticipation. Just then, Emmett's phone buzzes. He talks to no doubt Sonny, and then turns to look at me.

"We have everything, Skip. Let's get a move on," Emmett says.

No sooner the words are out of his mouth that I see Jacob Black go absolutely rigid and pale.

Emmett has a gun to Black's dick under the table.

I stand up and button my suit jacket. "It was nice talking to you, Black. But we still have some unfinished business to take care of."

He laughs nervously. "What the fuck is this, Edward? I thought we had a deal."

I shrug. "I lied."

His face morphs into anger and he hisses, "You can't do shit to me with people around, asshole."

I look around at Vitolli's workers who, feeling my eyes on them, look up at me, nod, and leave the restaurant. I turn to Black and grin. "Oh, but I can, motherfucker. I can."

His face crumbles and sweat breaks out on his forehead. "Let me go, Edward, please. For old times' sake."

I laugh. "Emmett, take him out back to the fucking car."

A warehouse, 9:20 PM

"You're five minutes late, brother," Jasper says as I enter the warehouse on the outskirts of Chicago.

"I'm never late, fucker," I say, grinning as I bump his outstretched fist. "You're always just early." I take off my suit jacket and place it on the only table in the stink, dingy room, and begin to roll up my sleeves.

"I bought everything we own," Jasper says, pointing to the various, as we like to call it—"tools of interrogation". I nod, because I can see he's bought everything with him; I placed my jacket next to these very tools after all.

I call Emmett. "Bring him in now."

"Gladly," he chuckles, and I hear Black whimper behind him. As soon as I hear the click of the phone, I hear Emmett opening the iron doors to the warehouse and ordering Black to "move it, faggot."

I cross my arms over my chest, cross my ankles, and lean against the table, a smirk on my face as I wait patiently to see Jacob Black on that single chair in the middle of the room.


A warehouse, 9:40 PM

"Bella said she fucking hated you, Cullen. You meant bullshit to her; she told me so. I bet the whore's slept with twenty men in all the time she's been with yo—"

I growl and punch Black in the jaw, my knuckles already bloody, my chest heaving up and down in anger and exertion. "Don't even fucking think about her, you cocksucker!" I yell, slicing his cheek open with my pocket-knife. "And don't you ever fucking say her name!" I take a sharp knife, inserting it in his knee, twisting it, as his screams of agony fill the room.

I stand back, taking out the knife as his blood continues to gush out from the wound. I turn to Jasper and say, "Give me the nut-cracker."

He wordlessly hands it over to me, and I order Emmett to hold up both of Black's arms. The nut-cracker is used to slice off each finger one by fucking one. "Jasper, salt up his fucking cheek and knee, as I slowly, fucking painfully, cut off every single motherfucking finger he's ever touched Bella with," I say, going to stand beside Black, taking his filthy hand in mine.

He chuckles through his whimpers and growls, through his panting and tears. "I touched her so much more than you'll know, Cullen. I held her in my arms while she told me how much she hated the Mafia, and I had her complete and utter trust, while I—"

"Shut the fuck up," I bellow, and cut off his thumb. He yells out in pain, and with the slicing of his finger, Jasper rubs a handful of salt on his cheek. "This was for getting five of my best capos behind bars," I pant out, now holding his forefinger in my hands.

Just as I'm about to cut it off, I hear Emmett's laughter fill the room. "The fucker peed his pants," he says, pointing to the ground where a wet spot is forming.

"Fucking disgusting pig," I spit out. I place the nut-cracker around his finger, and chomp it down. Jasper throws salt on his knee. Black cries out. "This is for taking away her opportunity of going to LSE."

And just like that, I slice off his fingers one by one. Each time, telling him why he's one digit less, drawing out the torture.

Once that's done, I point a gun to his forehead. "And this is for calling her a whore."

And with that, I put a hole in Jacob Black's head.


Outside the warehouse, 11 PM, Edward and Jasper

"Tell Emmett to call Santino. They are the only ones who are to know about this, and I want only them to dispose of the body, the tools, the gun, and clean the scene. Jasper, you call the reporters right now," I say, hurrying toward the car as I wipe my hands on a towel.

I hear Jasper running behind me. "Edward, man, stop! You can't go to Bella like that." He catches up to me and stops me in my tracks with his hand to my chest. "Fucking look at yourself, man! There's blood all over your shirt and pants, your shirt's torn from using the knife, and your face is covered with blood."

I look down at my shirt in surprise. I didn't realize I'd been swiping the knife so much that it tore through my loose shirt as well. I shrug, looking up at Jasper again. "It's not my fucking blood. It's his blood, and I want to wash it off at home. I have to see her, Jasper." I push him and start jogging toward my car.

Jasper runs behind me. "Edward, have you fucking lost it?!" he yells. "You'll give her a fucking heart attack!" I don't slow down, and I don't see it when Jasper catches up to me again, too focused on getting to the car to notice his hand on my chest and then his fist connecting with my jaw. "Slow the fuck down, motherfucker!" he yells in my face as I clutch my throbbing jaw.

I growl at him and push him out of my way. "Enough, Jasper."


Edward's apartment, 12:15 AM

As a matter of fact, I think I almost did give Bella a heart attack when I showed up to the apartment looking completely bashed up and gory. What she didn't realize was that it wasn't my blood, and probably thought the worst. I didn't help matters much either by literally falling at her feet, crashing down from the high of the adrenaline rush, and the distress and exhaustion finally making itself known. Good thing Alec was here to carry my limp body to the shower.

Bella lathers up my back as I stand under the scalding shower with my head pressed to the wall in front of me. Feeling her hands on me, her presence so close to my being, it takes away most of the pain and fatigue.

"Whose blood is this, Edward?" she whispers, speaking for the first time since we came into the apartment. "I can tell it isn't yours. There are no wounds anywhere."

I sigh loudly, screwing my eyes shut. "Jacob Black's."

Her hands freeze on my back followed by her sharp intake of breath. My world tilts on its axis as I think about how major these two words were. Bella will know what a monster you really are. A few seconds later, I feel them moving on my chest. "Is he dead?" she asks, her voice surprisingly calm.

I still her hands by holding them against my chest, as she presses her body to my back. Her head rests between my scapulas, and mine falls back as her naked skin against mine feels like I'm finally home.

"Yes, Carina, he is."

She nods and moves to come around and stand in front of me. I'm shocked, and liberated, to see the relief on her face. "Why is your cheek swollen?" she asks, lightly touching my swollen jaw.

"Jasper punched me to stop me from showing up here the way I did. I'm sorry for scaring you, love," I say. I wind my arms around her waist and bring her flush against my chest, not wanting there to be an inch of space between us.

"Never do that again," she scolds me, as her arms encircle my neck. "I was scared out of my fucking mind, Edward. Call the next time before you decide to give me an impromptu panic attack." She kisses my chest and hugs me tightly around the waist.

I tilt her chin up. "I love you, Bella. The most. You're my life, okay?"

She smiles beautifully at me. "I love you, too, Edward. The most."

I grin down at my angel and bend to kiss her sinful lips. My hands cradle her precious face, as she turns the shower off, and then her hands are back around my neck. I plunge my tongue into her hot mouth, and her taste makes me moan out load. Our tongues tangle, our hands roam, and our breaths mingle, coming out in gasps.

I break apart and kiss her flawless face, her jaw, her neck, and her lovely collarbones. My tongue tastes her perfect tits, and my mouth wraps around her hardened nipple, their taste like honey against my tongue. Bella's moans of approval, and her hands pulling desperately at my hair, make my dick turn even harder.

After I've thoroughly feasted on her tits, my mouth travels lower to her wet center. I can smell her arousal, and it makes me want to lick all of it up.

So I do.

I fall on my knees, and my mouth latches to the pink lips of her pussy. I suck them into my mouth. Bella whimpers in pleasure. I bring my hands to her throbbing centre, parting her legs further on the way, and gently open her up for me. The pads of my thumbs rub her pulsing clit as I open her further for my mouth. Feeling her so wet, so ready and swollen for me, makes me go fucking crazy with need.

My tongue darts out to taste her, and I growl as her sweet, salty, fucking delicious arousal explodes in my mouth. I work her over mercilessly, my tongue applying pressure, my mouth sucking at her clit, and my lips placing occasional kisses at her entrance.

"Edward," she whimpers, rocking her hips and pressing her pussy into my greedy mouth. "Oh God, baby, I'm so close, oh yeah…" she moans. "Ungh…Edward."

My tongue circles her entrance and then plunges into her tight walls as she cries out my name. Her walls clench, and I can tell she's about to come. My two fingers replace my tongue, and I suck her clit into my mouth. "Come for me, Carina. Come now," I growl, as my fingers still inside her.

I place a single kiss over her spread, pink pussy.

She comes beautifully with a cry that sets my world on fire. I lap it all up, desperate for each drop.

"Oh God, Edward," she pants, as she comes down from her orgasm, and her knees continue to shake. "That was… Oh my fucking God… that was amazing times infinity!"

I stand up and smirk as I see her post-orgasmic face—she looks radiant and drunk. It's the best thing in the whole wide world.

"Let's continue in the bedroom, baby," I say, as I squeeze her ass.

Her eyes are full of mischief as she pecks me on the lips. She takes a step away from me, toward the door, and turns to look at me over her shoulder. "I'll race you, Cullen."

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Non si scherza su questo, Sonny - Don't mess this up, Sonny

Non lo farò - I won't

Guarda quello che dici, Jasper - Watch what you say, Jasper

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