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I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years.

Chapter 24

Wedding March

"You know what they say about bachelorette nights?" Alice asks, staring into space.

I laugh and continue to apply my mascara. As her wedding gets closer, I get used to Alice's "you know what they say"; she comes up with the weirdest shit. "What do they say about bachelorette nights, Alice?"

She turns her eyes to me and grins, all dolled up herself. "They say that if you get drunk enough on this one night, lose all your inhibitions whatsoever, and are able to keep your hands off hot—really hot—men, then your husband will never cheat on you."

I roll my eyes and shake my head. "They say nothing of this sort, and it's not like you can drink alcohol anyway, Miss Mommy-to-be. And Jasper will never cheat on you, so that's a moot point. "

She huffs on my no alcohol reminder, then giggles and lets out a dreamy sigh. "I can't believe I'm getting married to the man of my dreams tomorrow. Is this really happening, Bella?"

I smack my lips after applying cherry red lipstick, turn my head this way and that, pout my lips, fluff my hair, and inspect for any smears. Perfect.

I turn to Alice with a grin and tightly grasp her biceps. "Alice," I say, my voice excited and giddy with anticipation for my best friend, "this is all happening. Tonight is your last night as Alice Brandon, and we're going to party it up hardcore. Tomorrow, you're going to marry your one true love, and everything is going to turn out exactly like we planned. As of tomorrow, you're going to be Mrs. Alice Cullen."

She grins right along with me and squeals loudly. "Yes, yes, yes. We're going to party it up hardcore Alice Brandon style one last time!"

I totter over to the liquor cabinet in Edward's room in my five inch heels and pull out a Grey Goose vodka and a minty fruit shot for Alice. She wrinkles her nose as I pour her a shot, and then raises her glass to meet mine in the air. "To a night we will never forget," I say.

She clinks her glass with mine and nods, the grin permanently etched on her face. "To a night we will never forget."


"Ugh, what the hell happened last night?" I whimper and screw my eyes shut tighter.

Head weighing a hundred tons—check; mouth as dry as sandpaper—check; eyes protesting against any light—check.

I have a fucking hangover.

I flap around on the covers a little, rubbing my face on the downy pillows, all the while moaning and groaning.

I hear laughter. Edward's laugh. My lips curve up automatically, and I turn on my back, opening one eye to look around for him. "Edward," I whine, spotting him by the dresser, "come here."

I close my eyes again and settle into the bed comfortably once I hear his footsteps. A happy little sigh escapes my lips as I feel my man kissing my forehead, and the smell of his aftershave makes the pounding in my ears subside. Don't fucking ask me how; it just does. I hum contentedly as he wraps his arms around me, brings me to a sitting position, and hugs me tightly.

"Morning," he breathes against my neck.

I shiver and drop my head against his clavicle. "Hold me tighter," I mumble. His arms tighten around me, and his nose nuzzles my neck. "Why do I have a hangover from hell?"

I feel him grinning against my skin as he places a gentle kiss on my pulse point. "Because you can't hold your liquor, baby," he says, chuckling and removing his head from my neck. "Open your eyes."

Pulling my face away from his chest reluctantly, I slowly open my eyes.

And now, I'm looking directly into two amused, shining, happy, and brimming over with adoration, emerald orbs with these cute golden specks. I smile like a loon and swoon like a teenager with a crush as I stare at my early morning Edward.

"You should get up, Carina, it's eight fifty. You have an appointment at the salon at…nine, I'm guessing?" he says, looking at his watch around my back. That's when I notice that he's already dressed in a grey charcoal suit, the kind he wears to work.

Did I mention he only wears Armani, Gucci, or Prada suits? Did I also mention it turns me on every morning, and he fucks me against the door on the mornings that I'm almost panting with my need for him?

No? I didn't? That's too bad. I love our early morning sex-capades. And the mornings that his tongue decides to assault my pussy… Damn, those are the fucking best morn—


Appointment at nine?

Oh. Shit.

"Today is Alice's wedding," I say in a quiet voice, stunned and frozen.

"Yeah…" he trails off, looking at me awkwardly.

"I'm the maid of honor."

"You are, Bella."

"I have a hangover." Last night's activities assault my fuzzy brain, and I realize what a shitty friend I've been. I got piss drunk when my best friend couldn't take a sip herself?

Oh God, I bet Alice hates me!

I freak out. "I have a fucking hangover, and I'm sitting here in bed while I should be with Alice." I hurriedly get out and rush into the bathroom. "Oh Jesus, I'm the worst best friend in the world! I should be sued for screwing up their wedding, and God will curse me with eternal damnation." I quickly pull off the single shirt I'm wearing and jump into the shower. I look to the heavens as the water cascades down my body. "I'm so sorry, God! I swear I'll make it up to Alice, just don't mess up this day for them. I'll grovel at her feet, and I'll go to church every Sund—uh…every month. Just please, okay? Okay."

I nod to myself, satisfied that I've bribed God enough, and quickly lather my body and leave my hair the mess it is. I'll just have to ask them to shampoo it for me at the salon. Hastily stepping out of the shower, I get dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, comb through my wet hair as much as I can, and then start the hunt for my phone.

"Edward," I say, jumping around on the huge bed, searching for my phone. "Can you ring my phone? I can't find it."

"Bella, I think it's still in your purse," he replies with a chuckle from his position against the en suite's doorframe, where he's been standing and watching me run around like a bobbing chicken, occasionally laughing at me.

"Oh, right," I mumble. "I knew that."

Going through my missed calls, I see one from Alice at eight thirty. Just one. She must be angrier than I thought…

"Alice called me and asked me to tell you that she'll see you at the salon," Edward supplies, appearing at my side and kissing my head, as I stupidly stare at my phone.

I nod and sigh. "Okay, I'll just head over there then. You need to go help out Jasper right? Don't you have some best man duties to take care of?"

He wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck. "Yeah, I have lots of stuff to do," he says between kisses. "I'd like to kiss my girlfriend first, then I'd like to make love to her, then fuck—"

I quickly turn my head and kiss Edward on the cheek. If he continues, we'll both be late, and right now, I really can't afford that. "Okay, bye."

I turn and slide out of his arms, laughing. I've not even taken a step when his hand catches my wrist, and he pulls my chest to his. His eyes stare into mine, and then he crashes his lips to my gaping mouth. His tongue explores my mouth thoroughly, and Edward's love exploding inside me makes me completely forget about deadlines.

"Mmmm…" I moan, and Edward squeezes my ass. He pulls his mouth away from mine, and with one last peck, releases me completely.

"I'll see you later, Carina." He caresses my cheek, and I smile up at him like a lovesick fool.

"Laters, baby," I say, thinking back to that one time I'd called him Christian Grey. We've definitely come a long way since then.

Turns out, Alice herself slipped me drink after drink last night, encouraging me to down mine as well as her share. When I showed up at the salon all apologetic and hassled, Alice smiled sheepishly at me and said, "Uh…sorry?"


"Oh my God, look at you!" Can people stop with the screeching already? "You look, like, so hot in that white gown. I mean, you also look, like, so pretty and—" A dramatic pause and gasp follows. Bimbo Bombollina (one of Edward's associates' wife) gushes, "Is that Vera Wang?"

I'm rudely shuffled off to the side as Bambi (she prefers people to call her that) rushes to Alice who is getting ready in Esme's guest room. Alice has filled me in on how dense Bambi really is since I haven't met her personally yet. The Bimbo Bambi can't stop jumping up and down around a hassled Alice who has a pained smile on her lips. I check my watch—the wedding starts in twenty minutes, and Alice still needs to do the final touch-up.

I walk over to the Jumping Jack Bambi and lightly pat her shoulder. She turns to look at me with a scowl on her face. "What?" she growls.

I raise an eyebrow at her tone, taken aback. Clearly she doesn't know who I am either, or she'd be kissing my feet right now—that's just how it has been these days. EC's girlfriend is the shizz. Snort.

"Alice needs to get ready, so can I request you to step outside, please?" I say, as cool as a cucumber and as polite as a pie.

She snorts condescendingly and gives me a once-over. Looking at my royal blue Vera Wang bridesmaid dress makes her stop for a minute, realizing that I'm probably with the wedding party, and drop the attitude. She smiles weakly at me and says, "Uh…you are…?"

I give her a saccharine smile and extend my hand. "Hi, I'm Bella Swan, Edward Cullen's girlfriend."

Her eyes go wide, and she starts to cough. "Umm…oh. Right. Hello, Miss Swan, what an absolute pleasure to meet you." She enthusiastically shakes my hand. "You look stunning and…" She seems to be going through the pea-sized vocabulary in her brain it seems. "And…lovely, if I may say so."

I shake my head and hold in the laughter. "Okay, thank you. Now do you mind stepping outside for a while? I'm sure Ramon here can guide you to your seat." Ramon walks over to us and takes away a rambling Bambi.

With that done, I turn to Alice who looks at me in the same moment, a million dollar smile lighting her face. She smooths her hands down her fitting white lace gown, with a sweetheart neckline and a golden belt around the waist. She bites her lip and whispers, "Do I look okay?"

I have a sudden urge to cry, to laugh, and shriek with the utter joy I feel for Alice in that instant. For everything we've been through, for all the years she's loved Jasper, it's about damn time thing worked out for her!

I hug her lightly, careful not to ruin anything. "You look like a dream, Ali," I whisper in her ear, my voice thick with emotions. "A beautiful dream that's about to get better when you walk down that aisle, when you walk with your husband. And a reality that'll be better than the dream itself when you leave later for your honeymoon in Maldives."

I let her go and stand back, smiling at the look of elation on her face. "Shit, Bella, you're going to make me cry—"

"Awwww," Daniel coos, breaking the moment. His ever faithful camera is snapping away in our faces. "You girls are getting all mushy and giving me such amazing shots."

I turn to him in irritation. "Daniel, go click the guys outside."

He giggles, yes giggles. "Gladly."

"Hey, you two, are we done with the moosh already?" Rose asks, grabbing her bridesmaid bouquet along with my maid of honor one, she sashays over to us. Handing me my light blue rose and blue orchid bouquet, she turns to Alice with a grin. "You look like a billion bucks, Ali. And would you look at the heels? They make you look so tall and thin. Now, quickly put the earrings on, it's almost time."

We had all been surprised when Alice had asked Rose to be one of the bridesmaids along with Alice's cousin. But Alice being Alice had looked at us awkwardly and said, "She's like my sister too, you know, of course I asked her." After that, Rose was one hundred percent Team Alice.

And Alice, who is astonishingly mellow today, simply thanks Rose and puts the screws on the diamond solitaire earrings that were Edward and my gift to her. We'd made sure it was platinum base, since the Italian bride wasn't allowed to wear any gold until the rings were exchanged. We had decided to keep the wedding as close to the Italian culture as we could, except the Church part. Alice had a thing for backyard weddings, so a Church wedding had been a no-no from the beginning.

In Italian weddings, the bride and groom are supposed to walk down the aisle together. So, all of us hurry toward the entrance to the backyard where Jasper stands, stoic and waiting for his bride with a glowing smile on his face and an iron piece in his pocket as per tradition.

On seeing him, Alice visibly relaxes and her feet come to a halt only when she's right next to Jasper. Her eyes meet mine, waiting for my cue.

As soon as I hear the Wedding March begin to play, I step in front of the couple to enter first and say, "It's time."


"Alice Brandon and Jasper Cullen, having thus committed themselves, now wish to declare their love for one another in words that they have written," the minister says. A giddy anticipation buzzes through me as I, along with everyone else, wait with baited breath to hear the vows that Alice and Jasper wrote together for each other.

Jasper begins, "On this day, I give you my heart, my promise that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us, living, learning, loving, together." There is a slight pause as he takes in a breath and looks into Alice's eyes. "Forever. Ti amo."

A single tear escapes my eye as I hear these perfect words, and the love I feel for Edward seems all-consuming all of a sudden. One day, I know we'll be in the same place, feeling the same things, and saying the same words.

My eyes find Edward's shining green ones, as Alice says the same words. "On this day, I give you my heart, my promise that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us, living, learning, loving, together. Forever. I love you"

The minister says, "Please join hands, look into each other's eyes, and repeat after me." Hands are joined and the minister continues. "I, Jasper Cullen, take thee, Alice Brandon, for my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live."

Jasper repeats after the minister. Seeing the smile on Alice's face grow wider as Jasper says this is like watching the sun burst through the horizon.

My eyes lock with Edward once again and he mouths, "I love you." I grin and blow him a kiss, mouthing, "I love you too."

Just like Jasper, Alice repeats after the minister, every word ringing true and clear. Jasper looks smitten and delirious with joy as Alice ends her part.

"You may now kiss the bride."

There are hollers and claps and hoots and woots and lots of whistling as Jasper bends low to kiss Alice.

Two hours later, as the reception party is in full swing, I plop down on a chair, panting and exhausted from the crazy dancing that's been on for what seems like forever now. Taking off the heels, I rub my sore foot, and my head automatically falls back as my eyes close in exhaustion.

Suddenly, my hand is replaced by another calloused, stronger hand massaging my foot. My eyes fly open, and I see Edward sitting on the chair beside mine with my foot in his lap.

I pull my leg back, but he holds fast to it. "Edward," I say, "you don't have to do that! I'm fine."

He rolls his eyes and continues to knead my flesh with his sinful fingers. An involuntary moan escapes me as I feel the soreness leave my foot. I sigh happily and say, "Okay, please continue doing that."

He laughs, switches to the other foot, and I moan and groan along.

"Bella," he says after a while as we sit together with my head on his chest, crowd-gazing. Edward's been telling me who's who, and I have a good laugh every time someone new comes up to us to suck-up to me to get in good with Edward.


"Come with me." He suddenly gets up and holds his hand out.

I place mine in his without question, and he leads me into the house. We climb the stairs in silence and finally emerge on the terrace.

"Wow," I whisper, looking around. I've never been to this part of the Cullens' house—it's a terrace garden. There is a single, small comforter in the middle with a canopy over it. You can sit there while it rains, and there is also a mini-fridge next to it. These Cullens don't do anything half-assed, do they?

"Yeah, I know," Edward says, smirking at me, and walks over to the sitting. He settles on the sofa, and I kick off my heels once again and curl myself against his chest and between his legs. "Did I tell you, you look absolutely gorgeous tonight?" he says.

"Only about one hundred times," I say, laughing lightly. "But thank you anyway."

"This is nice," I comment a little while later, staring out into the twilight as Edward draws circles with his thumb on my stomach. "Don't you need to be down there to meet-and-greet with all the "important" people?"

"Hmm," he hums into my shoulder, non-committal.

I laugh and wrap my arms around his against my stomach. He places soft kisses along my neck, my shoulder, the nape of my neck, and then under my ear. "You're unusually content today. What's up?" I ask. He's usually a little more demanding and possessive, his sweet as sugar antics come out only when he's really happy. Like, the kind of happy where world peace exists.

"You know," he begins, "when I first saw you eating a toffee apple in the Forks Fair, my first thought had been 'Jeesh, that's one messy girl.'" I laugh, remembering the day when I'd offered him the same toffee apple because we'd been taught that very day in school that sharing is caring. We'd become friends instantly. "Never in my life did I think that you'd be the sun around which my entire universe revolves. From kids to teenagers to adults, you've been my constant, Bella. Even though we weren't together for seven years, my heart was always right where yours was, always thinking about you, loving you, wanting you, and needing you like air. Without you, I feel like I can't breathe, even with a windpipe as clean as a whistle. We've been away, but we've been together more."

I tighten my arms around his and turn my face up to look at him. He's staring back at me with an expression so adoring that it jerks awake the tear ducts in my eyes. "Edward…" I whisper, unsure of where he's going with this.

"You're the best thing that's happened to me, and I'm not losing out on you anytime ever." His finger trails down my cheekbone. "I love every single detail about you, and I swear to God I'm never gonna stop loving you. My feelings for you are everlasting and eternal and forever, and I really do mean it with all my heart. Keeping you happy is my only motive and aim in life now, Bella."

Tears jump to my eyes, my throat thickens, and I take in a shuddering breath. Oh God, this man… "Edward, you—"

He silences me with a whisper of a kiss. "Every passing second with you is filled with blissful happiness, and I swear I'm literally ecstatic when you're around. Trust me when I say this, I can conquer the entire world with one hand as long as you're holding the other. You know how I'm a little bit of a theist, right? Well, I really literally pray to God every day, thanking him for making you fall for me and that we never let go of each other. You're everything I could have dreamed of in the most perfect girlfriend for me."

I shake my head, the tears now running down freely. "It's all you, Edward. You're perfect, and you make me whole, you liberate me," I say, my very soul burning with the intensity of my love for him, his love for me. Combined, it's an explosive, all-encompassing feeling.

His eyes convey so much more than his words do. "Isabella Swan, you're the one that ignites my soul with one look. You make animals jump inside of me, not just butterflies. You are the one who makes my insides melt. You are the one who sets my heartbeat racing. You are the one for whom I can give my life for and take as well."

He says this with all seriousness, and the thing is, I don't hesitate when I say, "So can I."

He holds me tighter. "Please understand what I'm about to say all right? You are the most perfect artwork of God ever, and that's exactly why I want you only for me, forever and ever. Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

Oh God.

I gasp, and my eyes grow wide as Edward looks on at me with hope and a little bit of trepidation. "Yes," I whisper through the endless tears. "I love you, Edward, and God, yes, I'll marry you. You think the minister's still here? I don't think he'll be against performing another little ceremo—"

He silences my senseless ramble with a passionate kiss, and then I feel him slide a cold metal ring around the third finger on my left hand. He breaks away from my lips, panting, and rests his forehead against mine. "Thank you for agreeing to be my wife," he says. "Ti amo, Carina."

"I love you, Edward, more than life, more than anything," I say softly, my eyes staring into his soulful, vibrant green orbs, as my hand rises up to caress his jaw.

He chuckles lightly. "Don't you want to see your ring?" he asks, slightly amused and, by the looks of it, a little scared of my reaction.

I sit back an inch and look at my left hand. "Right. The ring," I say, as a face-splitting smile involuntarily spreads across my lips.

The centre diamond is set in a square base, and though I don't know much about cuts, I think it's a cushion cut. All around the centre diamond and the platinum band, there are little diamonds that sparkle as I wiggle my fingers.

"Do you like it?" he asks. I look up at him to see an insecure expression on his face. I almost want to laugh at that. How can I not like it? "The guy at Tiffany said it's a Legacy ring or something, and I thought it'd suit you perfectly. It's a classic, just as your beauty is. I think it looks gorgeous on your delicate finger, baby," he finishes his practiced spiel with a deep breath. "So," he hints when I don't say anything, "you do like it right?"

I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. "I love love love it. Thank you so much." I rain kisses on his face, as he laughs and holds me tightly against his chest. "Can we make love, Edward?"

Right now, I just want to feel him inside me, filling me with himself. "Right now?" he asks, stunned. "Here?"

"Yes," I say and pull him down on top of me, and he grinds his hips into my thigh while giving in, and starts sucking, licking and nipping at me, from my lips down to my chest.

He unzips my dress from the back, and it easily slips down my body to reveal my bra-less state. My skin breaks out in goose bumps in the night air, and my royal blue lace covered pussy is throbbing with need for him.

"Mmmm, yessss," I hiss as he pulls a puckered nipple into his mouth. His light stubble burns on my soft skin, but I actually happen to like it. I scratch my fingernails down his suit covered back and dig them into his ass, causing him to grunt in desire.

I start squirming under him and push his shoulders. I want to bury my nose right under his jaw where his delectable scent is the most concentrated, but I simply shove him once more, and then bury my face in his neck and start sucking on his pulse point. He falls back, allowing me to roll on top of him, my full body weight, slight as it is, pressing into him in all the right places.

I straddle his hips, now completely bare except the panties and my new accessory—my ring. I unbuckle his pants and take his swollen and stiff cock into my hands. I stroke him up and down, running my thumb over its head. He reaches up to cup my tits. He's teasing my sensitive nipples with gentle tugs and full palm massages, spurring me on to cry out and raise my hips. He quickly pulls my panties down my legs, and then continues his ministrations on my tits.

As I continue to stroke his cock, his one hand travels down to my pussy, his fingers coating themselves in my wetness, making me moan and writhe above him. I remove one hand from his cock and join his fingers in teasing my soaked pussy. It's heaven in its purest form.

Removing my hand as I take his along with mine, I coat his lips with my wetness on my fingers as he coats mine with his fingers. I bend to kiss him and slowly, I sink down on his hard cock and hum, pausing when my ass makes full contact with his pelvis. His eyes roll back in his head; the slick, tightness of my pussy is already starting to pulse around him.

He removes his hand from my breasts, and I thread my fingers through his. We hold hands in mid-air as I start to rise and fall, rolling my hips and whimpering every few seconds. He helps by digging his feet into the mattress and pushing his hips up to meet my downward motion.

My eyes flutter closed when he thrusts particularly deep. My mouth falls open in silence, but I'm audibly sighing and moaning in no time, fully engulfed in the passion of our moment.

"You're too far away." He pulls me forward so that I collapse onto his chest. "I need you closer," he whispers before plunging his tongue back into my mouth. His arms wrap tightly around my back, and I start riding him faster, harder. Our kisses don't cease; Edward's lips are my addiction, and I can't get enough.

Our mutual grunting is only drowned out by the sound of my ass slapping against his hips. After coming up for air from our unending lip-lock, I push up from his embrace and run my fingers through my wild mane of hair that have fallen loose from their elegant curls. His hands fly to my hips, and he assists in lifting me up and down on his throbbing cock.

"Arch back a little, baby," he grunts while his fingers run from my waist down to my clit. There's plenty of moisture gathered down there, so he teases me where we're joined and then begins to flick and play with my small bundle of nerves. I begin to vibrate, the smell of sex thick in the air around us.

"Faster Edward, rub me faster," I cry out shamelessly, as I rock above him, needing him to do…something. Oh God, I'm almost there. Seconds later, I can feel my inner walls clenching, tugging and pulsing around his cock.

And then Edward spurts his semen into me. I follow right after.

"Fuck!" He screams out. His eyes are sealed shut, and I bounce harder, drawing every ounce of delicious pleasure from him. He gasps out a "goddamn," raising his head up off the pillow to watch as I slow my movements.

Still panting from my orgasm, my hands run from my hair, down my body, grasping roughly at my tits, over my stomach until I find his abs under his shirt and begin a trail in the opposite direction up his body. Leaning over him, once my hands reach his shoulders, I give him a tug, asking him without words to sit up with me.

Silently, we sit in the middle of the comforter, exchanging breaths and sensual kisses while my fingers just graze his face. My thumb rubs over his lips, and I dip down to kiss him once more.

"Thank you," I whisper against his lips.

He laughs loudly and says, "Dammit, Bella, thank you."

I chuckle and bow my head. "My pleasure," I say.

"I bet, baby," he says, grinning and kissing me once more. "But truly, it was my pleasure."

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