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EPOV Outtake

Carry On

22nd February, 2014

7 AM

She doesn't get it…she probably never will. But that's okay. I have to do this; it's everything I've worked for, and it can't go to shit.

"It's today, isn't it?" she asks, coming out of the bathroom, her baby bump now slightly visible if you looked carefully—which I always did. We'd also found out that we were having a boy, and I was stoked.

I holster my gun and nod. "Yeah, today's it."

She sits down on the bed and rubs her forehead, looking tired and resigned. I hate that my work puts this expression on her face, but before we even got together, she knew everything. And while I wish she understood that I have to do this, I'm also glad that she's decided to distance herself from my work as much as she can after she'd learnt about what exactly that big plan for Chicago had been.

She sighs. "Edward, just…" She looks up at me, her eyes pleading and glistening. God, Bella, don't do this to me. Please don't do this to me. "They would all die," she whispers. "So many of them."

If I falter now, I know I won't be able to go through with it. But I have to do this, so I detach myself completely from the situation, from emotions. "They killed my Uncle, they killed his family, and it's time for them to pay for it."

The one Sicilian family that rivals ours, the Lazanga Family, won't know what hit them. Twelve years ago, they'd attacked my unsuspecting family, burning my dad's house in Chicago to rubble, murdering Carlisle's brother, my Uncle Rossetti, his wife, and his two little children in cold blood. They had defeated the mighty Cullens, risen to the top, while my dad was left picking up the broken pieces. My mom…she'd been a fucking wreck, crying her eyes out all day until the tears wouldn't flow, and this had continued for months. She waited and waited for Dad to come home, but he was busy, always busy. She cried for the fate of her sons, she cried for the loss of her extended family, and she cried for herself.

We'd prepared, we'd strategized, and now, finally we were fucking ready to take down every last one of those Lazangas. Every property they owned, every business they ran, and every bookie they bought, it would all be ours before the night ended. And above it all, Mario Lazanga, the motherfucker who had dared touch my family, he was going to be licking the dirt from my shoes tonight.

Bella sees the resolve, the steel in my eyes, and her own eyes shutter closed. "Go," she says, her voice quiet. "Just go."

I make no move to hug her, kiss her, touch her, or even console her, because I know I won't be able to leave if I did.

So, I just give her one last look and make my way to the door, leaving my heart in the palm of her hands.

Just as I'm about to step out, I hear her voice, "Edward!"

I close my eyes for a beat, basking in the love I hear in the way she calls me. Before I can react though, I hear running footfalls, and then Bella wraps her arms around me from behind, burying her face in my back, her hands clutching tightly to my chest. I cover her hands with mine and drop my chin to my chest, bringing her hand up and kissing her soft palm.

"Come back to me, Edward. Please," she whispers, her voice wet and pleading.

No, Cullen, don't cry. Don't you dare fucking cry.

I take a shuddering breath and close my eyes. "I should leave, Carina. It's getting late."

I unwind her arms from around my body and step outside, almost running to the car parked outside with Sonny waiting in the driver's side.

I slide in the passenger seat, using every ounce of strength I have to not look to the right and see Bella, just standing there. I can't look at her, I can't. I look at Sonny in confusion when he hasn't started the car even though I've been in it for almost a minute now.

But he's not looking at me; he's looking at Bella with a pained look on his face, his lips pressed tightly together.

"Santino," I snap.

He looks at me hesitantly. Fuck, I don't need this from him too. "Boss, I-I'm not sure…" He looks at Bella again while I grip the edge of the seat to refrain from looking in her direction. "Dammit just look at Bell—"

"Pensa a guidare, cazzo," I say in a quiet voice.

His eyes snap to mine, and he nods, takes a deep breath and zooms out of the driveway. After a mile or two, I finally loosen my grip on the seat and begin to relax against the leather.

Sonny begins, "Is Bel—"

"Is everybody at Il Cigno?" I ask, cutting him off. Today, I don't want to talk about Bella. I just want this day behind me so I can go home and bury myself in my wife's warmth. Talking about how much I've hurt her, it's going to fucking rip me from the inside.

He senses my reluctance but the fucker still presses on. "Trust me, EC, I've never seen that expression on her face. Not when you were interrogated, not when we came back from New York, not even when we showed up after randomly disappearing for four days to DC. Man, she looked…hopeless."

I close my eyes against the anger I feel against myself. My fingers ball into a fist and I punch the dashboard with a feral growl. "Shut the fuck up, Santino," I yell.

But this motherfucker has suddenly grown a pair of steel balls. "Why are you doing this to her? You know you could've let us handle it, Jasper would've been enough; your presence wasn't needed. You know it will all work out fucking smoothly…then why?"

Bella has this effect on people; they feel this unexplainable urge to protect her. And I know that recently, Santino's been there for Bella quite a lot, so it doesn't really come as a surprise that he feels strongly for her already. I know it's nothing remotely romantic—fuck, I'd cut the motherfucker up if it was—it's more like keeping something precious out of harm's way always.

"What that fucking Mario did to my family…I need his blood on my hands, Santino," I say, desperate for someone to understand why I'm doing this. "Bella doesn't get why I feel this need for vengeance for something that happened twelve years ago. But she wasn't there, fuck, you weren't there, but I was there, Jasper was fucking there and we witnessed all that went down with our own eyes. None of you fucking know what it was like."

He stays still, not saying anything. After a while though, he breaks the silence. "When you go back home, buy some shit that'll make her happy. Chocolates or flowers or ice cream or something. Last I was there, she was begging me to buy her some Doritos and hot salsa," he puts in his two cents.

I quirk my lips up at that. Two weeks ago, Bella discovered her pregnancy craving—Doritos and hot salsa. "I will. Grazie."

He nods, turning into the street that leads to Il Cigno. "How's the little Cullen heir doing in her oven?"

I snort. "Don't let her hear you call the baby 'Cullen heir'. She'd cut your balls and string you up. The woman is fucking adamant on making him go to art school, do literature or some shit." I wrinkle my nose at that. "Bella wants to turn our baby into a fanuk."

He guffaws. "You know, no matter how much you try to distance him, he'll end up right here." He's right, hell I've said the same thing to Bella a hundred times over. But the wife wishes to live in denial. "Unless you move him to Tibet and force him to grow up as a monk, the fucking mafia is in his blood, EC."

I nod and unbuckle my seatbelt as Santino parks the car in front of the restaurant. "Same fucking thing I said." I get out of the car and nod at Michello who holds the entrance's gate open for me. "He can be a poet if he's any good, but this thing of ours, it's integrated into his DNA. He'll probably end up writing poetry about hara-kiri."

We walk through the back, into my office, and I tell Sonny to call everybody in.

Jasper's already in there though, sitting on the sofa with a glass of scotch in his hand. "Already?" I ask.

He shrugs and takes another sip. "Fucking need it," he rasps out. I nod and go to pour myself a glass as well. "How's Bella?"

I shrug. It's all the answer he needs. "Alice?"

He sighs and rubs his forehead. "Fucking terrified. Didn't come out of Teo's room to see me off, said she didn't wanna look at my face."

Jasper and Alice had a beautiful baby, Teo, on December 4th, and two days later, Rose popped out a son, William. It was happiness and celebrations all around—Christmas came early in the Cullen family, and the three women were always over at each other's place, cooing over the babies. And now with my son on the way, there were gonna be three boys in the family. Fucking awesome, I say!

I look into his eyes. "We need to come back tonight. No matter what. You stay alive, you hear me?"

He nods and claps his hand on my shoulder. "We'll stay alive, bro. For our wives and for our babies, we'll make it today."

Just then, the crew that'll be working today starts to filter in, nursing coffee and cursing me under their breaths for such an early wakeup call. I eye my most faithful men with a grin on my face—Santino, Enzo, Alonzo, Alec, Felix, Franco, and of course, Jasper, my consigliore, my right hand man.

"Motherfuckers," I call them, and all heads snap up to wait for my instructions. "You know what today is about—it's about the end of an era and the start of a new one. Live today and win today like it's going to be the last day of your lives, because fuck me, it might just be. But I know that because of the time and sweat we've put into this, we're all going to be at the warehouse tonight with Mario Lazanga's blood on our hands. Mark the start of this New Year with something no one will ever forget. Now go do your worst out there, make Carlisle, your Padre, proud."

"Fucking"—Jasper kisses his fingers—"lovely shit with that speech, motherfucker. You sure know how to rile the boys up," he says as all of them, looking determined and focused, slowly slip out of the office.

"They need this as much as we do, this reassurance. I had to give it to them," I reply, taking out my Glock from my waistband and checking that it's fully loaded. I do an inventory of all my guns—I take out the small but lethal gun from under the sleeve of the suit jacket, another one from inside my left sock, one more from my waistband, and the last one from the inside pocket in the suit jacket. They're all loaded.

"We're going to the Lazanga family home in Woodbury first?" Jasper confirms, putting his empty glass down with a thud.

I nod while placing all the guns back where they belong, and brush my hand against my pant pockets—the knife is there.

I look up at Jasper and grin. "Let's go burn that fucker down to the ground."


Pensa a guidare, cazzo: Just drive, fucker

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