Red symbolises action, confidence, courage and/or vitality.

"Hurry, they'll be arriving soon!" Andromeda called to her four-year-old daughter as she entered the room. She almost had a fit when she saw the state it was in. "Oh, Dora! Look at the mess you've made!"

The playroom was a mess - Dora had been drawing, which was never a good thing. Multicoloured crayons were littering the floor along with glitter, glue, spilt paint and screwed-up pieces of paper from her discarded pictures. Dora looked slightly ashamed. "Sorry, Mummy," she said.

Andromeda's face softened when she saw the picture she hadn't screwed up. It was a beautiful rainbow, vibrantly coloured with glitter liberally applied; Dora was never one to leave you wanting more of things.

"That's okay, darling," she said, smoothing her daughter's vivid scarlet hair. "Here," she said, performing a sweeping movement with her wand, which moved all the clutter to one side, out of the way. At that moment, the doorbell rang. "Just in time!" she exclaimed, as Dora bounded up to the front door to admit their visitors.

"Bill! Charlie!" she welcomed the boys in, and without wasting a moment brought them running back through to the playroom to resume the chaos.

"Hi," Andromeda smiled to Molly as she brought baby Percy over the threshold. "How are you doing?" Molly just made a face. "Keep you on your toes, don't they?" Andromeda laughed.

"You can say that again," said Molly. "Try having three of them!" But there was an affectionate tone in her voice. The two women quietly watched their children play as they passed the playroom door on the way to the lounge. "Always liked the bright colours, hasn't she, your Dora?" Molly commented, eyeing her hair.

"You got that right," said Andromeda, rolling her eyes. "Maybe she'll grow out of it."

But both of them really knew that she wouldn't. Dora was never one to worry about what others would think. She was individual.

A/N: I don't really know why I'm doing this when I have so much else to write, but this is for the True Colours Competition on HPFC, and instead of just writing one entry, I'm doing one drabble for each colour of the rainbow! (Only one will be entered into the competition, though.) I thought it would be fun to have Tonks with a different hair colour each chapter and explore the meaning of the colour.

Disclaimer: How ever much I've wished, I still haven't turned into J K Rowling.