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Regulus fingered the parchment nervously between his fingers. His silver eyes drank in its contents which he had written only moments before. Suddenly he set the letter on his writing desk and turned his head away from the page as if offended by the mere thought of its existence. To a certain extent he was. Regulus was ashamed of the weakness that had overcome him in the seconds leading up to his need to compose the letter. This small act was in its self a betrayal. He shouldn't have picked up his quill and he most definitely should not have etched that name on the parchment. As far as the Black family was concerned the person intended to receive this letter was dead, they had never existed. Regulus picked it up and hesitantly scrunched it into a ball. There. Now he would not be tempted to send it. Although just in case he was tempted even a little bit, he flung the paper missile across the room and watched uneasily as it bounced off the wall and rolled across the floor. Maybe he could send it, no one would have to know.

A small frown formed on his features and he shook his head as if to banish such thoughts. Why should he be the one to take the first step? It was Sirius who had left them. Regulus hadn't done anything. It wasn't his fault Sirius had always felt a need to stir up trouble. Regulus jumped up from his chair and ran his hand through his ebony curls and began to pace. Why hadn't Sirius tried to write to him? He knew things had been...difficult between them since his brother had started hanging out with the blood traitor but they were brothers that had to count for something. Obviously Sirius did not see it that way. He stopped pacing and blinked furiously. Salty water clouded his vision. He appeared to have something caught in his eye.

Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand Regulus perched himself back on his seat and buried his head in his arms. This was ridiculous. He was a Black and Blacks did not weep for those unworthy of their tears. Sirius was gone. Sirius had wanted to leave them, he was glad to be rid of all of them, even his little brother. It was time for Regulus to accept it and face the truth. Things would never be as they once where for Sirius was never going to come home. It hurt to acknowledge this fact for he knew that if his brother were to walk through the door any minute now he would not hesitate to forgive and forget. But could it be done? The past would forever be lurking in the shadows, perhaps things were best left alone.

Sirius was happy in his new home with his band of brothers who easily replaced the one he had forgotten. Taking a deep breathe Regulus fumbled in his robes and produced his wand. Levitating the crumpled ball across the room he plucked it from the air and smoothed out the creased parchment. One last time his eyes devoured the words he wanted so badly to say but never would. Then he touched the letter, which would never be sent, with his wand tip. Swallowing hard he calmed his nerves and quickly performed the spell in case his courage failed him. The letter erupted in flames. A silent tear rolled down his cheek as he watched the fire feasted on the parchment and soon it was gone just like Sirius and only ashes remained.

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